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[Book Spoilers] EP406 Discussion

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What a fucking episode. Peter Dinklage I tip my cap to you sir.

Peter Dinklage's Emmy episode for sure.

Am I the only one really surprised that Only Cat will be in 4x07 and not 4x10? I guess the episode title should have been a tipoff, but I sort of thought they would save that for the finale.

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You find a necklace with what appears to be semi-valuable stones with a dead man; do you hand it over to the guards? I have a hunch the dead men wouldn't be telling no tales anytime soon.

If there was a reward out for information on the location of Dontos Hollard (which I guess there was, though we didn't hear anything about it, based on their knowing he escaped with Sansa), the fisherman would.

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Peter Dinklage delivered. That was superb. The trial was very well done. The looks the characters gave: Tywin's knowing expressions that the fix is in, Jaime's doubt, Margaery's conflicted look. And the Red Viper perking up when Tyrion demanded trial by combat. Well done.

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