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(Spoilers) Sons of the Dragon Reading at LonCon Today

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This isn't very coherent please explain; "in fact, Princess...." what?

I can't understand why people go to conventions and spend so much time drinking. I don't. I've had bad experiences at scifi panels (unrelated to ASOIAF) in which co-panelists I was relying on showed up late and hammered. It is a business, not a party.


P.s Obviously, the ruling princess of Dorne didn't support The Vulture King, ie was against his actions, claim etc. Officially, Dorne wasn't in it. That much is clear.

Lady, yolkboy, Arataniello and Lord Varys have my (ours, really) deepest thanks. Not everyone is kind enough to actually break from a proper fun to post on a forum.

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This isn't very coherent please explain; "in fact, Princess...." what?

I can't understand why people go to conventions and spend so much time drinking. I don't. I've had bad experiences at scifi panels (unrelated to ASOIAF) in which co-panelists I was relying on showed up late and hammered. It is a business, not a party.

I'm guessing that the . was a typo, in which case you read

"His supporters came from all over the place, not Dorne. In fact, Princess Deria did not officially support the VK."

Typos happen to me all the time. Sober. So it isn't weird it they happen to others as well.

Seeing as the term "Princess" is used, I'm going to assume that Princess Deria is a Martell, in which case the statement is that House Martell did not officially support the VK.

Properly explained?

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Well, let the fun begin.

I will summarize the reading and add my comments and speculations in [] brackets. Do not repeat or take the stuff in brackets as fact.

The report is based on my notes, and the notes of my lovely girlfriend Jaenara Belhaerys.

Some specs: The reading covered the entirety of the reign of Aenys I, beginning with the childhood of the sons of Aegon, but not covering all that much about Aegon's rule. It seems that George read more this time than he did the last time. The reading ended with Aenys' funeral and Maegor's return to Dragonstone.

The spelling is confirmed unless I indicate otherwise.

Aegon I did indeed have only two children, Aenys (born in 7 AC) by Rhaenys, and Maegor (born in 12 AC) by Visenya.

[i might be partially responsible for the confusion of Aegon's alleged daughters, since I found - and still find - it somewhat strange that Aegon should only have two children by his two sister-wives despite the fact that he was already married to them prior to the Conquest. Back when GRRM read 'The Sons of the Dragon' for the first time, I asked the attendants of the Con very specific - and perhaps suggestive - questions. This may have actually confused and obscured things...]

Aenys Targaryen was indeed a sickly and weak child, with spindly arms, watery eyes. He always wept, and refused to be fed by midwives which is why Rhaenys was forced to feed him almost exclusively herself [that could be an explanation why Aenys did not get a little sibling after his birth - women do not conceive while they are still breastfeeding].

Rhaenys dies when Aenys is three years old (i.e. in 10 AC). This event apparently shatters young Aenys - he cries all the time, and his father grows desperate. There are doubts whether the boy will live. Aegon is asked to take another wife, because Visenya is supposed to be barren. Apparently many young women are presented to the king, but Gyldayn doesn't really know what's happening there, since Aegon eventually refuses to remarry. In 11 AC, Visenya is pregnant, and announces that the child will be a very strong boy long before he is actually born. At his birth, Maegor weighs twice as much as Aenys - he is a big and healthy boy.

[speculation: We know that Visenya was supposed to be into magic and the black arts - my guess is that she was indeed barren - or had very serious troubles to conceive (especially since she was about 40/41 in 11 AC) - and used a spell to ensure that she did conceive a male child. She would have done this, at this point, most likely to give Aegon another son to ensure the survival of the dynasty - not because she was overall ambitious. Visenya does not strike me as a woman who was all that keen to be a mother.]

Aenys seems to bond with his dragon, Quicksilver, shortly after the death of his mother (i.e. while he was 3/4). After that, his condition improved, 'and as the dragon grew, so did Aenys'. Due to the fact that Aenys was such a weak and sickly child, rumors circulated that this boy could not have been fathered by Aegon the Conqueror - who was a very manly warrior - but rather by one of the many singers, dancers, and mummers who surrounded Queen Rhaenys before her untimely death. Those rumors died when Aenys bonded with Quicksilver. [History repeats itself - when Rhaenyra's three elder son all bond with their hatchlings, this is taken as a sign that they are legitimate. Nobody seems to utter aloud that this may just work because they have Targaryen blood through their mother - as would Aenys through Rhaenys. The thought that all the Targaryens do not, in fact, descend from Aegon the Conqueror would be quite funny...]

The brothers were not close as children. [i imagine the age gap would have ensured as much, even if the other factors hadn't been there.] Aenys was raised by Aegon I, and trained by the knights of the Kingsguard. As Heir Apparent to the Iron Throne, he accompanied his father always on his royal progresses, resided with him in KL when the king was there. [it seems that the early Targaryen kings were essentially traveling kings, keeping the vast Realm together the same the early kings/emperors of th Holy Roman Empire did - on horse back! This would have changed only, I think, during the reign of Jaehaerys I.]
Aenys loved songs, was a fine singer himself, was clever - although not in a scholarly way - and liked to ride. His favorite mount was, of course, his dragon, Quicksilver. Aenys was no great warrior/knight, but did also not disgrace himself in tourneys. [i guess he would have been somewhat better than Prince Valarr in THK, but not all that much.] He was also interested in alchemy, and other obscure things. Aenys could also make friends very easily, and was very popular with the women.
Aegon occasionally gave Blackfyre to Aenys to train with the sword.

Maegor, on the other hand, resided with Visenya mostly on Dragonstone, and thus became in time known as 'the Prince on Dragonstone'. [it's obvious that the title 'Prince of Dragonstone' derives from this fact, and was originally not the title of the Heir Apparent. We'll later learn how and when that changed.] He was trained by the master-of-arms of Dragonstone, a knight of House Corbray [Didn't catch the first name, perhaps somebody else got it.]. Maegor had no true friends, and sadistic tendencies (he supposedly killed a cat in a Joffrey-like fashion, and finished off a horse who kicked him). In 25 AC - when he was 13 - Visenya gave Dark Sister to him [For reasons I can't discuss here, this is strange, but I guess Maegor returned the sword to his mother after Aenys gave him Blackfyre.] Maegor's skills with weapons were unmatched.

Now I have to stop, since I'm actually at this Con to have fun, and not to write down stuff which I can just as well write down when I'm back at home.

Continuing: Incest was never tolerated by the Faith of the Seven. The Valyrians practiced incest. The dragonlords led the way, but the custom was not restricted to them. Sister to brother was supposed to be ideal, failing that uncle, aunts, nieces, nephews or cousins were chosen. Sorcerer princes also practiced polygamy, but that was not as common as incest. [That could mean/indicate that Aenar Targaryen was a sorcerer as well as a dragonlord.] There was a saying that in Valyria all gods were honored, but none feared - perhaps indicating that the Valyrians practiced religious tolerance and/or didn't give a fig about religions at all.

The High Septon who anointed Aegon died in 11. Six HS followed until Aegon's death. Aegon was always careful to keep up glood relations with them, but they did neve declare his polygamous and incestuous marriages lawful - nor did they openly speak up against them. The common septons still preached to the lords and smallfolk that incest was a vile sin. Due to the fact that Aegon had no daughters the incest issue did not come up when Aenys was married. In 22 AC, Aenys Targaryen was married to a cousin, Alyssa Velaryon, the fifteen-year-old (meaning she was born in 7 AC, too) daughter of Aethon (sp.) Velaryon, Aegon's Master of Ships. [i'm pretty sure that Aethon was the son of Daemon Velaryon, the Master of Ships who died during the Conquest. Aethon would be of the same generation as Aegon, whereas Daemon would be closer in age to Aegon's father Aerion.] This marriage raised no objections, since husband and wife were only cousins, not siblings. Unfortunately we don't know if they were first or second cousins, but my guess is the latter (i.e. I expect that Daemon Velaryon had a Targaryen wife). Alyssa had the silver-gold hair of the Valyrians, nothing on her eye color, though.

In 23 AC Aenys first child is born, his daughter Rhaena. This birth caused trouble for the succession since it put Maegor behind Rhaena in the line of succession. Visenya tried to resolve this by marrying Maegor to infant Rhaena to ensure that Maegor would be in charge of the continuation of the Targaryen line. [My guess would be that Visenya intended to counter the claim a son of Aenys would have - even if Alyssa would give birth to a son - with the argument that Maegor/rhaena should succeed because Rhaena was the eldest child of Aenys, and Maegor her son by Aegon I.] The High Septon rejected this match as an abomination and suggested his own niece, Ceryse Hightower, instead. [We don't know whether the HS was a Hightower by birth or the brother of Ceryse's mother.]

Maegor and Ceryse marry in 25 AC - Maegor is 13, Ceryse ten years older. Maegor boasts that he has taken Ceryse multiple times in the wedding night, and that 'he has made a son for House Targaryen'. That son is born in 26 AC - by Alyssa, named Aegon. In 29 follows Viserys, in 34 Jaehaerys, in 36 Alysanne. Maegor is now clearly behind Aenys' three sons in the line of succession, 'and some say behind the daughters as well'. [That would be the Andal custom - a daughter comes before an uncle.]

Maegor distinguishes himself at a tourney in Riverrun in 28. He is knighted by his father with Blackfyre. Youngest knight ever - age 16. Maegor also assists Aethon during a campaign on the Stepstones (pirates).

By this time half a dozen hatchlings had hatched on Dragonstone, but Maegor refuses to claim any of those dragons. [This strongly indicates that the dragons still procreated naturally, i.e. no eggs were given to the Targaryen children.] Alyssa mocked Maegor because of his apparent cowardice. Maegor declares that only one dragon is worthy of him.

Aegon kept up good relations with Princess Deria of Dorne, and visited Sunspear on Balerion with Aenys/Quicksilver. In the 30s Aenys and his children began to make the royal progresses in Aegon's stead. In 35 AC, Aegon moved the court to Dragonstone, to build the Red Keep. He commanded Visenya to oversee the construction because, according to Gyldayn, he could not abide her presence anymore.
The three known Hands of Aegon I are Orys 'One-Hand' Baratheon, Osmund Strong, and Alyn Stokeworth - the latter is also involved in the buildinig of the Red Keep. We don't know if there was another Hand between Orys and Osmund. In 37 AC Aegon I suffered a stroke and died - he was just telling his grandchildren Aegon and Viserys stories about the Conquest. Maegor spoke the eulogy, and Vhagar incinerated the pyre. Aenys was on a progress at Highgarden at this time, but returned quickly on dragonback to Dragonstone. Grand Maester Gawen proclaimed him king. Maeglor reclaimed Blackfyre from the flames, and Aenys gave the sword to his brother as agift, and proclaimed they would rule together.

More stuff later.

Continuing again:

Aenys starts a progress, first to the Iron Throne in KL - apparently the thing could not be moved when Aegon decided to build the Red Keep. He is cheered and loved by the smallfolk, and continues the progress to Highgarden and Oldtown. The High Septon anoints him, proclaims him the King of Westeros, and crowns him with the new and elaborate golden crown that was made for him.

But there are whispers that Aenys is not fit to rule. Rumor has it, that Queen Dowager Visenya wants Maegor to be king. Another version of the common 'Blackfyre tale' goes around. Didn't Aenys himself prove that he was not up for the kingship when he gave Blackfyre to Maegor?

Another problem is that there are still many lords, knights, and people who are not exactly happy with this new Targaryen rule. They want either back to the old days, or have grievances against the Targaryens or their allies. The fact that Aenys is considered to be weak greatly encourages those tendencies.

Aenys himself was not involved in the crushing of any of the four rebellions listed below. In fact, when he involved himself, he either was no help at all, or made matters much worse. His problems was that he could not make a firm decision when pushed, especially not since he did not understand why people were rebelling against him. At one point he intended to sent envoys to find out why the rebels were rebelling against him...
Various Lords acted on their own or on Visenya's advice to deal with the rebels.

Four would-be rebel kings come forth:

1. Harren the Red, a self-proclaimed grandson of Harren the Black - of dubious heritage, since he only proclaims himself King of the Rivers because he not Ironborn.
Harren takes Harrenhal through a postern gate, opened to him by a man whose daughter suffered from Gargon the Guest's habit to attend every wedding in his domains (to claim the right of the First Night). Gargon was the grandson of the founder of House Qoherys, the former master-at-arms on Dragonstone. Harren kills everyone in Harrenhal.
Aenys hears of this while he is still on his royal progress in the Riverlands, a guest of Lord Tully. Tully suggests that Aenys deal with the rebel the way Aegon dealt with Harren - descend on the castle on Quicksilver and torch it and all its inhabitants. Aenys is reluctant and instead sends Lord Tully with some men to deal with them. When they arrived at Harrenhal, Harren is already gone, and only corpses remain in the castle.
Eventually, Harren is brought down by the Hand of the King, Alyn Stokeworth, who is slain by Harren. Benard (sp.) Brune, Alyn's squire, avenges his master.

Harren the Red was the first and he was also put down as the last one.

2. The self-proclaimed priest-king Lodos, living son of the Drowned God, who has finally returned from a rather long talk with his father in the Watery Halls. Apparently this guy isn't the real deal - just as the real wasn't the real deal, either - and Goren Greyjoy, Vickon's son, deals with him. He sends his pickled head as a gift to Aenys, who, in turn, grants Goren the boon to expel all the septons and septas from the Iron Islands.

3. Jonos Arryn, the younger brother of Ronnel Arryn, took his brother and his family captive in the Eyrie. At first, Aenys intended to send Lord Alyn with a strong fleet to the Vale, but then he rescended that order and commanded him to hunt for the Vulture King with way too few men. In the Vale, Lord Royce took matters in his own hands, and started to besiege the Eyrie. But this only led to the execution of Lord Ronnel and his family via the moon door.
Maegor eventually saved the day on Balerion. Jonos is moondoored as well, the other traitorous rebels are all hanged.
Hubert Arryn, a cousin of Ronnel and Jonos, continues the Arryn line. He has six children by his Royce wife.
Aenys names Maegor Hand in reward for his actions in the Vale.
Shortly thereafter hatched two dragons on Dragonstone, which is considered a sign for the lasting union of the Sons of the Dragon. [Those dragons could be Vermithor and Silverwing, we are still in the year 37 AC.] Sadly, that's not going to be the case.

More later.

And the final piece:

4. The final would-be king was the so-called Vulture King. His lair was in the border region of the Red Mountains, between th Dornish Marches and Dorne. According to Ran, there are Dornish Marches in the Reach as well as in the Stormlands. My careless line of him getting support from 'all over the place' was obviously supposed to mean that he got support from people in those regions, not from the Riverlands, the North, or the Vale. I really thought that would be obvious... A few early victories against the Marcher Lords led to a vast swelling of his ranks, at at one point he had about 30,000 men.

Princess Deria assured Aenys that she was not supporting/backing the Vulture King, but there was talk that she may have provided him with provisions and money.

The Vulture King successfully took and burned Blackhaven and killed Lord Harmen (sp.) Dondarrion. His downfall began when he split his army into three parts, thinking that they could still crush any foe. Orys Baratheon took care of one army, and successfully captured Walter Wyl in the process, whose father was apparently responsible for the loss of his hand [i imagine during the attempted Conquest of Dorne which also led to the death of Rhaenys Targaryen]. He cut him to pieces, and although he died on the march back of wounds from the battle, his son Davos, who was with him [we don't know if he was his eldest son, and the successor as Lord of Storm's End] when he died, said that he looked strangely content when he looked at Lord Walter's rotting feet and hands...

The Vulture King's other armies were brought down by an alliance between the new Lord Dondarrion, Lady Caron, and Lord Samwell 'Savage Sam' Tarly, who fought with Heartsbane in hand. The Vulture King was captured in what became known as 'the Vulture Hunt'. Savage Sam caught him, and chained to rock to die there. Talk goes that vultures devoured him, but it seems that he died of thirst in truth.

He was but the first of many Vulture Kings. The name was used by many outlaws/bandit chieftains in the region, and it's not known if they were related to each other. Another Vulture King must have wreaked havoc during the days of Daeron II, when Ser Arlan helped bring him down in the service of the father of Lord Manfred Dondarrion. [Ran actually told me that GRRM originally had the idea to have another Vulture King kill Maekar I, but that's obviously no longer the case.]

After that came a short section highlighting the differences between Aenys and Maegor:

- Maegor lived for war and battle, Aenys wanted to please, be considered a good and nice king

- Aenys trusted everyone, whereas Maegor trusted no one

Aenys was also very receptive to everyone's suggestions, so the decisions the king made depended often on his last visitor, which essentially made his politics looks very erratic. Although Maegor's reign was not covered by the reading, it's quite clear why now, I think, why Maegor was a much worse king than Aenys ever could be.

[in my personal opinion, Aenys could have been a average/decent king during a later era, when Westeros was already accustomed to the Targaryen rule, and not intent to challenge its monarch and/or considering and indecisive/not bloodthirsty king a weakling. Under other circumstances a king who carefully weighs any decision could have been a good thing.]

Aenys and Maegor kept a close relationship, with the latter serving as his Hand until Queen Alyssa gave birth to another girl, Princess Vaella, who died shortly after her birth, in 39. This additional proof of Aenys/Alyssa's fertility apparently shattered something in Maegor. He decided that his wife Ceryse must be barren, and marries Alys Harroway, the daughter of the new Lord of Harrenhal, on Dragonstone. No septon agree to officiate the ceremony, which is why Visenya did it in the old Valyrian fashion [i guess this was also the way how Aegon I married both his sisters back before the Conquest] without King Aenys' leave.

Both Aenys and Lord Hightower were not exactly happy with this situation. The High Septon demanded that Maegor leave 'the whore of Harroway' and return to his lawful wife. Aenys commanded Maegor to either set Alys aside in favor of his true wife, or to leave Westeros for five years exile in Pentos. Maegor chose the latter, and took Alys with him. When he left, Aenys demanded that Maegor return Blackfyre to him, but Maegor apparently responded that he would have to take the sword from him, if he wanted it. Ceryse remained behind. Aenys appointed the reputed miracle worker Septon Murmison in Maegor's stead as Hand of the King to appease the High Septon. Murmison failed to make Ceryse fertile, and she eventually rejoined her father in Oldtown.

More and more people began to dislike King Aenys.

In 41 AC Aenys announced the marriage between his daughter, Princess Rhaena (then 18), and his eldest son and heir, Prince Aegon (then 15). This caused a major uproar among the Faith. Visenya was also pissed, because Aenys named Aegon 'Prince of Dragonstone' in Maegor's stead [that would be the promised explanation as to how and why the Heir Apparent to the Iron Throne is usually styled 'Prince of Dragonstone]. Visenya left the court in King's Landing and went to - Dragonstone.

After their marriage, Aegon and Rhaena began a progress throughout the Seven Kingdoms, but they soon faced troubles in the Westerlands. The High Septon expelled Septon Murmison from the Faith (he had officiated at Aegon and Rhaena's wedding), and proclaimed King Aenys a tyrant. When Aenys asked him to reinstate him, the High Septon addressed him as 'King Abomination' in a letter. The Warrior's Sons fortified the Sept of Remembrance on Rhaenys' Hill [possibly named so in memory of Rhaenys - the sept stood on her hill, after all], and a fortnight later Septon Murmison was dragged out of his litter and hacked to pieces by Poor Fellows. Aenys made preparations to leave the capital for Dragonstone, but he and his family were attacked by Poor Fellows who scaled the walls of the half-completed Red Keep and attacked the royal family in their sleep. Only the intervention of the Kingsguard, namely Ser Raymont Baratheon, saved Aenys and his family.

After arriving on Dragonstone, Visenya demanded that Aenys unleash his dragons on the Warrior's Sons in KL, and the Starry Sept of Oldtown, or that he give her leave to attack the places on Vhagar. Aenys sent her to her chambers in Sea Dragon Tower, and commanded that she stay there. Talk is that he may have been reluctant to use the dragons in battle due to the fate of his mother.

In King's Landing, the Warrior's Sons stopped the construction of the Red Keep, and ruled the city in every effect, and when an envoy from the Iron Bank of Braavos had to discuss matters with the King of Westeros, he looked for him in Oldtown, and talked to the High Septon - the true King of Westeros.

Prince Aegon and Princess Rhaena have to seek refuge in Crakehall Castle, which is then besieged by the Faith Militant.

On Dragonstone, Aenys falls ill suddenly. Something is wrong with his bowels. Grand Maester cannot improve his condition, so eventually the Queen Dowager Visenya takes over his care. For a time he seems to get better, but when he learns that Aegon and Rhaena are besieged in Crakehall, he has a breakdown. He dies shortly thereafter. [This whole thing looks pretty much like the Tears of Lys, if you ask me.] He is 35 at his death, but it is said that he looked like a man of 60.

Alyssa, and her children Viserys, Jaehaerys, and Alysanne attend Aenys' funeral. He is burned in the Targaryen fashion. Visenya is not present, an hour after Aenys' death she mounted Vhagar and flew to Pentos. She returns soon thereafter, accompanied by her son, Prince Maegor, riding Balerion.

End of the reading.

[speculations about the continuation of the story: The fact that Aegon and Rhaena aren't on Dragonstone/in King's Landing seems to indicate how Visenya can install Maegor as king. And if Maegor can successfully retake KL from the Faith Militant, this should be the first step to prove that he is a powerful warrior-king in the eyes of the lords. Eventually, Prince Aegon will be able to muster an army to challenge his uncle, the usurper, but the fact that Aegon and Rhaena were besieged at Crakehall strongly suggests that Rhaena did not take her dragon, Dreamfyre, with her on the progress. How Aegon eventually bonded with Quicksilver, the dragon of his father, should be an interesting story. He should have been with Aenys on Dragonstone when he died, I guess, if Quicksilver was not left to his own devices in KL when the royal family fled the capital. I doubt that Prince Aegon can just simply return to KL/Dragonstone after Maegor has taken the throne, to bond with the dragon of his father. Quicksilver most likely sought him out/stumbled on him, not the other way around.

Back in the very early excerpt from the Worldbook, the Tyanna woman was called 'Tyanna of Pentos'. This should be a hint that Maegor/Alys met this woman during their exile in Pentos. She most likely accompanied them back to Westeros.]

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*snipped some nice notes and speculations*

As to 'The Dragon Demands':

You better do not demand anything of me ever again. I do not drink, but even if I did, or made spelling errors because I was drunk, it is in no way acceptable to me that you talk to me, or anyone else in that fashion - in fact, the spelling errors come from the fact that I use a tablet to write my postings when I'm not at the hotel, and this blasted thing has does correct stuff automatically into my native language). If you had read my other posts since I traveled to London, you would know as much.

Thank you very much Lord Varys, your time and effort is appreciated. :) Very detailed notes, enjoying reading your speculations too. Enjoy the rest of the Con!

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Thanks for the write-up!

Targ fertility (or perhaps desire to reproduce) seems to be somewhat limited between the Doom and the Conquest.The family lists we've seen for that period don't show large families, although we may not have complete lists. I find it very strange that Aegon I and Rhaenys had no children before the Conquest. (At that point he was 26, she was 24-5. Later Targs often started families in their middle teens.) Dragon fertility seems to parallel this. Five escaped the Doom; only three mature alive at the Conquest (although that last bit is a guess). After the Conquest things pick up, both with people and dragons. Curious.

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Thanks for the write-up!

Targ fertility (or perhaps desire to reproduce) seems to be somewhat limited between the Doom and the Conquest.The family lists we've seen for that period don't show large families, although we may not have complete lists. I find it very strange that Aegon I and Rhaenys had no children before the Conquest. (At that point he was 26, she was 24-5. Later Targs often started families in their middle teens.) Dragon fertility seems to parallel this. Five escaped the Doom; only three mature alive at the Conquest (although that last bit is a guess). After the Conquest things pick up, both with people and dragons. Curious.

Maybe on Dragonstone they saw o reason for large families as they weren't trying to make dynastic marriages, their ''kingship'' over the island was secure. So maybe instead of having large families with too many kids to know what to do with they had smaller families that were easier to manage in such a small place and could intermarry to keep the dragons within. Later with more kids they seemed to use some of those kids for dynastic marriages and also to have more riders for the dragons being produced.

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[Continuing from where I left off, with some overlap with Lord Varys' posting]

Aenys' gifts lay elsewhere (i.e. not martial). He was a good singer, with a "strong, sweet voice". Young girls doted on him. He loved to ride, but his favourite mount was always his dragon Quicksilver. Maegor too was a good rider, but he didn't have a dragon. When Maegor was eight, he was kicked by a horse in the stables. He killed the palfrey that kicked him, and took off half the face of a stableboy. His skill was "unmatched" at tourneys, and he unhorsed many older lads. When he was thirteen, half a year before his marriage, his mother gave him Darksister.

[at this point there was some discussion about the Faith's attitude towards the Targ marriage customs].

in 11 AC the High Septon died, by which time the realm was "accustomed to Targaryen marriage customs".

In 22AC Aenys married Alyssa Velaryon, daughter of Aegon's Lord Admiral. Alyssa had Valyrian blood [and I think quoted something about Aenys and Alyssa being cousins via the Velaryons....?]. Their daughter Rhaena was born the next year. Many wondered, was Maegor still heir? Visenya proposed that Meagor be betrothed to Rhaena.

in 25AC Maegor married Ceryse Hightower, niece of the then High Septon. He was 13 and the bride was 23. All who saw the bedding agreed that Maegor was a "lusty husband". Even so, Aegon and Alyssa gave birth the next year to Viserys [and then the other spratlings, as detailed in my earlier post]. Each birth pushed Maegor down the line of succession.

There was great tourney at [xxxxx]. At the end of it Maegor was knighted by his father with the sword Blackfyre. He was sixteen years old. Shortly afterwards, in 31AC Maegor won renown when he defeated the robber knight known as The Giant of the Trident. Maegor still lacked a dragon - even though there were many hatchlings born on Dragonstone.

The king had always spent half of every year making a royal progress around the realm, dividing the rest of his time between King's Landing and Dragonstone. Increasingly, the royal progress was undertaken by Aenys and Alyssa. In 35AC, Aegon moved all the court to Dragonstone, determining that Aegon's Fort should be torn down. The Hand of the King, Ser Alyn Stokeworth and Visenya are in charge of the building of the new castle (which would become the Red Keep).

Then, in 37AC Aegon died. He had a stroke in the chamber of the Painted Table, with two of his grandsons with him as he showed them his conquests [GRRM named the grandsons, I didn't note them down]. Maegor did the eulogy; Blackfyre was placed on the pyre with Aegon, and Vhagar started the pyre.

At the time of Aegon's death, Aenys was in Highgarden. Quicksilver took him back to Dragonstone. Aenys said to his brother "we shall rule together, you and I". Aenys said Maegor was "more fit" to wield Blackfyre, and gave him their father's sword (which was darkened by the pyre]. From Dragonstone, Aenys went on a progress - to King's Landing, Riverrun, [one more place], Highgarden and then Oldtown. In Oldtown he was presented with a new crown by the High Septon.

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