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[Poll] How would you rate episode 505


How would you rate episode 505?  

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8 / 10

Building up nicely to some major events.

Jon & Tormund heading to Hardhome.

Stannis heading to Winterfell.

Sansa heading to a wedding.

Meereen heading to some interesting events.

Looking forward to the next few episodes.

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On Jorah's greyscale:

They wrote out of the whole Connington/Aegon plot, but there are a lot of similarlities between Connington/Aegon's and Jorah/Dany's relationships. All the series is doing is melding those together so Jorah = Connington and Dany = Aegon. Jorah now goes back to Meereen, joins back up with Dany, and plays the "I am going to spend the rest of my short life doing everything I can to get you on the Iron Throne" bit.

Some people are calling that a random event from the books being misapplied, but it just looks like a standard character merge to me. #Shrug

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A little sad to not get "Don't make me rue the day I raped your mother" but I guess that is one more to the pile of great quotes never used.

Why did I think they already used that line in the show? I could have sworn they already used that line in the show.

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7/10 Meh it was solid I guess. Sansa'a scenes were good, Myranda's jealousy seems pointless and just an excuse to fill the boob quota. Tyrion and Jorah were good and I liked Jorah getting greyscale. Jon's scenes were good.

Pointless until he gets "bored with her" and he has Sansa skin her alive. Some people have guessed that she'll do something evil to "play along" with the Boltons so that they think she's with them, and that will be one of the "more traumatizing scenes than the Red Wedding" that they keep talking about this season. I don't think it will go that far, but perhaps he'll make her cut her throat or something to put her out of her misery after he's tortured her? Or make her hunt her with his dogs, like Myranda has done with him so many times?

I don't know. RW was pretty traumatizing. The things people come up with to one-up the red wedding are pretty insane, but I kind of could see this scenario happening. THEN her jealousy wouldn't be pointless.

Guess we'll see. I'm honestly not very excited aboutt he rest of the season, but I'll admit that I'll be watching it.

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9/10. Its good to see they're speeding up Dany's arc somewhat, although in hindsight its weird to see her dragons being somewhat tame compared to the first episode, where they literally chased her out. Valyria was underwhelming, but thats understandable considering they have a very tight budget. The interactions between the characters were fantastic. None of them were poorly done/looked weird/out of place.

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I feel like "The Smoking Sea" is something that is more evocative in words than in CGI. I just think trying to replicate continually bubbling volcanoes and steaming whirlpools and red smoking skies would have made it look fake, and our characters would have look displaced in a non-reality. (Kind of like how the Harryhausen-esque skeletons stuck out like a sore thumb).

This was a good move, combining the Sorrows incident with the Valyria exposition. Understated, atmospheric, and the actors really sold it, along with the Drogon siting. Nice staging for the stonemen attack.

ETA: Also they telegraphed the Sorrows/Valyria merger with Stannis's dialogue about Shereen in the previous episode. Show World is not Book World.

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I liked or loved ALMOST everything in this episode, still had some issues here and there, but mostly smaller ones; so much great stuff, loved to get a North-centered episode, I could list now all the awesome stuff, but I'll keep that for the Positive Nitpicking thread - For me not only the definitely best episode of the season so far, but also probably one of my general favourites (But I'm also a completely biased Stannis/Davos/Shireen/Jon/Sam/Gilly/Theon/Roose/Boltons/Wall/TeamDragonstone/Winterfell fan, so this episode was quite a Schmankerl for me) -> 9/10!

ETA: And I forgot to add, B-Cog proves again that he's definitely the best writer :bowdown:

ETA 2: I just yet re-watched it and now love it even more! Reasons why / Positive Nitpicking will come tomorrow, it's now way too late here and I'm so tired atm.

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I gave it a 9. This and ep 3 are runaway favourites this season. For some reason I just couldn't engage last week. Loved the fewer, longer segments and loved Tyrion/Jorah. The Wall stuff remains awesome. 9 not 10 because of the suddenness of Dany's decisions - no motivation or insight, Emilia Clarke does well but those scenes needed more work to be credible, for me. Love the change of power between her and hubby-to-be but I wanted insight into her thoughts and feelings and the script didn't allow EC to show that.

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I am giving a 9 to Bryan Cogman. This is the best written episode of the season. We will have see how this goes since Cogman wrote E6. I have seen this before D&D seem to drift while Cogman stays focused. I am thinking D&D will do well on E8 and E9, not sure about the rest. Was not impressed with Dave Hill's effort.

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Yes I have read the books and even if I were to agree with you about book Roose I don't feel they portrayed tv show Roose to have a sadistic sense of humor with the exception of the young wolf joke he shared with Walder Frey in season 3 but apart from that he has always come across on the show as a no nonsense Character

But Roose trolling Jaime was great!

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I gave it a 7. It was the weakest episode so far this season for me. Meereen had major narrative and storytelling problems. Winterfell was a Northern King's Landing of interpersonal feuds, and the Wall had problems with the theme of killing the boy and implications for Bran's S6 storyline. The only story that was mostly well-written here was the show version of Valyria.

I'm writing way more on it than this, but man, it's kind of a frustrating critic because you really have to tear the surface of the episode apart to expose why the structural frame is a mess and overall it just comes off as unsatisfying. I have loved Cogman's episodes in the past, but this one just didn't do it for me.

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