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[Poll] How would you rate episode 505


How would you rate episode 505?  

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Was leaning towards 8/10, but the Jorah/Tyrion scene put me over the edge. It was odd not having any Kings Landing (was that the only time besides the Battle of Castle Black where that happened), but by skipping it and Dorne, it really gave the various Northern scenes time to breathe. Mereen sucked I thought, but I realize I'm inherently biased against that storyline so I'm not a fair judge; Dany going superdark at the beginning was pretty welcome though.

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7/10 Almost an 8 as the dialogue was generally better, and I did like that we took a break from the mess that is King's Landing now. But the Bolton conversation was a bit drawn out, and worse, the conversation that gave the episode its title felt rushed. Egg really should have been mentioned, but I knew something was up from the "previously on" sequence.

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6/10. Good but I had some issues with it. Most notably the stuff at Winterfell. Long and drawn out when they could have gotten the point across w/o a stupid scene between Ramsay and Myranda. Such a waste of time and no one gives a damn about it.

Missendei/Grey Worm? *Yawn* At least he is alive, that is good.

Missed Kings Landing tonight. Fortunately next week we'll have Cersei/Margaery/QoT, Littlefinger and the Sparrows. That'll be good.

Stuff at the Wall continues to be solid. Loving Jon this season.

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9/10. My week long mourning of Ser Barristan disappeared as this episode had me absolutely glued to the set. Only thing keep me from giving it a 10 is the Miranda storyline. Meh.

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6. Dinner with the Boltons was delightful. The Valyrian scenery reminded me of the movie Anaconda, lol.

I'll say this, the Pod and Brienne scenes this season have been utterly horrible. This is better than the LS plotline?

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There was not a single scene in this episode that I hated or disliked

every scene felt like it advanced the plot or at least was setting up future events and all of the actors brought their A game

yes that includes even Emilia Clark lol

another thing I noticed was that the episode did a good job focusing on developing a few storylines rather than trying put every storyline into one episode.

So all in all I thought it was a good set up episode and the only real flaw is that some may not care for its slower pace.

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Better than last week's pile of fecal matter, by far. So it got a 7. Jon's stuff was good and it was interesting to see the Theon/Sansa interaction. Myranda can go and stay go though. Is it necessary for me to see Ramsay's arse? I do not want to see his arse. However, the Fat Walda Bomb is amazing and yes. YESZ.

RIP Jorah. *cackles*

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I'm no unsullied but I'm enjoying this season as I have absolutely no idea what to expect in these episodes. Awesome dragon footage tonight! Loved Valyria! Enjoyed Roose/Ramsey/Sansa/Walda/Theon scenes.

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First 10 of the season. Loved it from start to finish.

Agreed the first ep this season that I didn't hate. In fact I liked it. No Cartoon Loras, No honorless Jaime on mission unfathomable, no batfinger and no Sand Snakes. Even though I don't like the dreadfort sansa plot for logistic/plotting reasons all the scenes there were great. Too bad next ep seems like it'll focus on all the parts of Game of Thrones I find tiresome.

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