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Pictionary 41: Summer is coming

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Welcome to round 41 of Westeros Pictionary!


Here is an opening post mostly copied from the last thread because I am lazy.

I would like to thank all previous hosts of Pictionary in particular the Bear for the last game.

Do check out this pile of awesomeness from the previous games. As you can see artistic talent is not necessary. We love new players so don't be shy.

If you are new to the game please feel free to join and the normal rules are as follows:

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1. Send me a PM entitled *YOUR BOARD NAME* - Pictionary containing a starting sentence.

2. Once we have enough players I'll send you someone else's sentence. You'll have around 72 hours (3 days) to draw (or depict) the sentence and send me a link to it in the PM chain you started in #1.

3. You'll be sent someone else's picture. You'll have 48 hours (2 days) to send me a description of the picture in the PM chain.

4. I'll keep sending round the pictures and sentences in alternating rounds. I am looking at 9 rounds this game (5 sentences + 4 drawings).

5. I'll post all the chains for your amusement and delectation.

Sentence rules

Your description should only be one sentence, not a paragraph. Don't go crazy with the subclauses. The spirit of what you think is being shown is more important than the details - your interpretation is what we want!

Picture rules

Any kind of visual art which has been completely created by you is great. Most people will either draw on paper and photograph/scan it, or use digital drawing software such as MS Paint. But feel free to unleash your creativity.

The only restrictions are:

Please keep the images fairly clean.

Use of letters in drawings is not allowed.

It must be entirely your own work - there shouldn't be any kind of copying/pasting from google images (though using them as reference material is fine).

Please link me to a PNG or JPG hosted elsewhere (e.g. people often use imgur). Send me a link directly to the picture, not the gallery. Make sure the picture link doesn't give any clues to the image or its origins. It should be a size where we can easily see it, and should be rotated to be the correct way.

I am looking forward to everybody's contributions. :)


Participants (bolded have finished their task for the current round):


Count Balerion





Jez Bell

She Who Must Be Obeyed


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Some additional info:

1. This game won't include any scoring.

2. Please notify me if you won't be able to meet a deadline/you need to be replaced. Ghosting people is not nice IRL, and not in this game either.

3. All potential Harry Potter depictions must be properly dressed.

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3 minutes ago, RhaenysBee said:

No theme OR scoring? 

No scoring, because that is just hard.

Well, here is a theme for you: starting sentence must be a quote from a book you have recently read.

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2 hours ago, RhaenysBee said:

I’m in too, but dude, I haven’t read a book for months :( *walks away in shame* 

Then open a random fanfiction site on the Internet and choose a quote from the first text that grabs your attention. ;)

2 hours ago, Vin said:

I'm in . 

When should we start sending the sentences  ? 

As soon as you can think of one!

And welcome to the game.


;) :P

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19 hours ago, HelenaExMachina said:

I'm in, but can I choose a song lyric I recently heard instead of a line from a recent book?

Of course. Especially if it was sung by any of our favourite friends from West Covina. :P

No, seriously, I thought of a topic just because Rhae asked about it. Really anybody can write a sentence about everything (just make it sure it won't go into NSFW territory in the second round at least).

A good guideline for new players: a sentence should be something you can visualise. Think about how you would draw it - if you can't think of a way to depict it, chances are other players won't be able to either.

So visual, physical nouns = good. Abstract topics = bad.

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I was wondering when the Pic would come back.

A book we recently read, is it? Uh-oh.

I'd better check what we're meant to put in the subject header.

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I have three sentences already. They are all fairly ... abstract. So basically you are all allowed to go anywhere between "Rocksniffer bakes cookies" and "The poetic function projects the principle of equivalence from the axis of selection to the axis of combination".

And if anybody can tell me whose that quote is and what it means without googling, they automatically win this game.

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I'm sharpening my crayons, as we speak.  Thanks Buckwheat!

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I decided to have another go and did use the first sentence of the first book I opened.


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