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  1. Wait this isn't on Sky Atlantic in the UK this year?
  2. The deity, I am fully in a Janelle Monae dive right now
  3. I could see it as a new intro too but either works for me
  4. FatM seem to be doing a cover of Just a Girl with some kind of connection to this season. That is all. That makes me happy.
  5. My 21st Century Blues, by Raye. the whole album really just hits in all the right places
  6. Its not strictly spoilers but I'd leave off the Wilful Princess until after reading the Golden Fool as its...context-heavy?
  7. I didn't happen across this until I was older, I think 9 or 10 and it still horrified me
  8. l didn't love the show but didn't dislike it strongly enough to give it too much thought or discuss in great detail. But the eruption and the number of survivors bothered me more than Galadriel swimming for days. Both were a bit stupid but I was able to just handwave away as I wasn't too invested one way or the other
  9. I've started watching Shrill, the Lindy West comedy series starring Aidy Bryant as the lead. Really enjoying it so far, forgot how much i liked the short format comedy episodes. Writing is clever and very funny, performances are great, look forward to seeing the plot progress
  10. Yes, the final battle in the show was probably the most disappointing part to me. In the book the battle is epic, chaotic, everyone's involved, its a convergence of all three books. Whereas this was just a lot of flashy lights. I assume thats probably budget but its disappointing when thinking what could have been
  11. I do not understand this and don't know that I want to delve into it. This country is nuts
  12. I missed a few things from the book, but most are understandable for logistics. Overall I enjoyed the season and I think the performances of Will and Lyra really carried this. The whole cast was excellent though. Lyra leaving Pan was heartbreaking and I thought the final scene of the season was beautiful
  13. I also thought the 90's film was compulsory viewing in the UK or has that rule changed? I can still recite that film line for line as I watch
  14. I've really enjoyed their album this year, full of ear worm-y songs. Excited to hear more of them. 2022 has been a great year for music for me, Florence had a new album, Rina Sawayama, Tove Lo, Wet Leg,Muse, to name just a few
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