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  1. HelenaExMachina

    Jon Arryn's opinion of Lyanna

    Venturing into what if territory here, in which there are so many variables its hard to say what would happen (particularly - what does Jaime do in this scenario? Doesnthe wildfire plot happen? Etc) anyway, with that caveat out of the way, I’ll indulge the rebels may have been strong enough to take KL, for the purpose of this argument I’ll assume they were. However, without Tywin: 1) Gates are shut and defenders prepared. The Rebels would take heavy losses. 2) Taking KL is not taking the Red keep, which can hold out a while longer. And Madgor’s can hold out even longer once the RK falls...perhaps enough time for Mace to March North and save them. 3) The Rebels, without Tywin as an all you to bolster them, and having been further weakened assaulting KL, are likely to lose in a battle with Mace Tyrell’s forces. As I said though, the variables of Jaime and Aerys make this a tricky what if
  2. HelenaExMachina

    Should we lower the age of adulthood in the US to be 16?

    Yes but this isn’t just affecting the child or acting in their child’s interests, which is where the comparison with education, diet etc. falls short. This isalso giving their vote greater weight than someone without kids and saying what they think has greater importance than others. I’ll admit a bit of personal stake in this because it brought to mind my post-Brexit experience in a leave constituency. I.e. many older people saying “we’ve done it, voted to take the country back for our kids.” Uh, no... But even aside from that, I don’t think anyone, regardless of their views, should be given a more meaningful say than others when it comes to voting. I can even foresee some legal challenges already - for example, you can’t have kids because of a disability, is this discrimination on that basis (using disability here as it was the easiest PC to think of a rationale to challenge with)
  3. HelenaExMachina

    Should we lower the age of adulthood in the US to be 16?

    DISagree about the parents voting on behalf of kids. Just speaking personally but that’s would have resulted in my existence giving the likes of UKIP extra votes - which isn’t absolutely NOT something I have ever wanted. I don’t see why parents should have more say over the current government than anyone else. I’m not convinced such a vote is on the child’s behalf, it’s more just giving the parents two slices of the pie. And since you proposed it, i’ll indulge my curiosity and ask how you would organise it. Do both parents get an extra vote? If not which parent does? What about step parents? Why stop at 35? Plenty of emotionally immature 35 year olds. Some very noteworthy emotionally immature persons double that age. “More responsible decision making” my left tit, it’s just disenfranchising a major demographic. And one that’s going to be impacted by these policies for the longest
  4. HelenaExMachina

    Quaithe Farman?

    I don’t think so. If Quaithe turns out to be “someone” it’s not going to be a character who was not once mentioned or even alluded to until Fire and Blood. Quaithe has been a part of the story since Clash, when Martin (presumably) had reasons to include her and knew who she was. There isn’t really any indication Elissa Farman even existed in his mind back then.
  5. HelenaExMachina

    How powerful were the Manderlys in the Reach?

    Nothing in the books to say. But I can think of two possibilities. 1) The Riverlands was too close to the Reach geographically. They may have feared repercussions/attack from their rivals and foes if they didn’t get further away. If they travelled by land, the Vale may have proved inaccessible because of the mountains. 2) maybe they did try and settle elsewhere, but only the Starks agreed to grant them land. This idea sits well alongside Wylla’s ‘the promise’ speech.
  6. HelenaExMachina

    Careerchat III

    Just an add on/update to this. I had sent a standard follow-up email thanking this lady for the interview, as well as asking the best way to get in contact after my degree - should I contact her directly or apply again via the job vacancy board? Reply today was to contact her directly as she would be recruiting throughout the year. So yes, seems my paranoia/pessimism was unwarranted. Thank you to @Iskaral PustPust and @Erik of Hazelfield
  7. HelenaExMachina

    Should we lower the age of adulthood in the US to be 16?

    I'm not sure I understand the hot and cold cognition reasoning. Surely there is an emotional drive/motivation behind most voting? Most of us have some kind of emotional investment when it comes to making a decision on how to vote - maybe it's a low income worker voting against a candidate who wants to cut their benefits/social security, or its LGBTQI+ voting for someone who promises to advance their rights. There is a logical and rational factor to those decisions but they are surely motivated by emotion too... I don't know if I'm just misunderstanding. Is the argument that the decision shouldn't be emotion driven? Or that 16year olds are 'worse' with emotional decisions? (Which I guess begs the question of what worse means here). (Noting the irony here of me, in the 16-25 bracket, arguing in favour of emotion driven voting, perhaps supporting Ormond's point Strip away her vote! )
  8. HelenaExMachina

    Poll: Did Jojen Die Off-Page in DANCE?

    That quote shows time has passed. It tells us nothing about what Bran, Meera or Jojen did in that time. You could speculate that Bran didn’t see them in that time but...why would you unless you were already looking for something nefarious? Surely when we next tune into Brans thoughts (I.e, the paste scene) we’d find out he hasn’t seen his friends in days. We learn no such thing
  9. HelenaExMachina

    Secrets best left buried (Fire & Blood)

    We get plenty of small council meetings though. Such a major raid would warrant a mention, especially given the proximity to King’s Landing. And as Maia said, the Celtigars are not famed for having a suit of Valyrian steel armour. Such an impressive treasure would surely be mentioned along with things like the kraken horn
  10. HelenaExMachina

    Careerchat III

    Thank you for the input my post sounded a bit pissed off at the recruiter but I didn’t mean to, she was actually lovely and I liked the experience of it. Afternoon so much rejection I guess I’m just slightly paranoid. Its not my first choice of place to work after my degree, but if that doesn’t work out, which is likely, then I will definitely get in touch
  11. Once again, we are in agreement. Shakespeare in Love winning so much that year all the evidence I need to show this “dud nominees” is not a recent phenomenon. Why would you hate Gaga winning so much? I mean prefer Colman but she was really very good in A Star is born, it certainly wouldn’t be the biggest ‘crime’ seen by the oscars! Also, why is it a token nomination when a mediocre film focusing on black people is nominated but when awful films starring straight white people are nominated it’s just a shrug and move on?
  12. HelenaExMachina

    Careerchat III

    So my telephone interview was a little strange. The advertised position did not state the working hours, so I knew there was a possibility it wouldn’t be suitable. This was brought up in the first couple of minutes when I was asked what kind of work and hours I was looking for. I explained, nothing more said. went through my CV, which for once actually went well (I recently gained some small experience which has proved very beneficial as it gives me loads to talk about). Spoke about my experiences, then my education, my interests, then told me more about the role and company. Asked if i was interested, and why. Interview wound up, she said she thought I was a great candidate and she was happy with how I hadn’t performed. But it was a full time Monday-Friday role, so she couldn’t put me any further, but I should get back in touch once my degree was over. Which I don’t exactly mind...but why take me through the whole interview if you already knew that in the first couple of minutes? Was it so she could potentially add me to a bank of “maybe” applicants for future reference? Or was she just making an excuse to let me down gently? Is there some policy in place that meant she had to go through the motions anyway? Or did she really have nothing better to for 30 minutes than conduct an interview she knew was pointless? Maybe just overthinking it...but if she was genuine about getting in touch after my degree (and, in fairness, she did say early on they were going through significant growth and recruiting throughout the year) it’s certainly a role I want to pursue
  13. Eh, can’t say the list is outstanding for having a bunch of bad films, especially when you look at the list of nominees in previous years. I mean this is the award show which gave Shakespeare in Love 7 awards including best picture so let’s not pretend there’s have always been an outstanding crop of nominees for these awards
  14. I hope Where the Lost Things Go wins best original song. A mediocre film with ear-wormy, catchy but largely forgettable songs but that one really was great and brought a tear to my eye This has potential to be an interesting night...I don’t think there are any clear Favourites (budum-tch heh) for most categories (few seem pretty locked now though...Spidey verse for animated, Roma for foreign language etc)
  15. HelenaExMachina

    Poll: Did Jojen Die Off-Page in DANCE?

    Bran is confirmed for at least one more POV