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  1. Yeah, I've always had such a close relationship with her. I've just tried to keep myself busy over the past few days but I keep finding myself thinking of her, dredging up memories and remembering all of the wonderful things she ever did. She did so much for me. I remember once when I was first admitted to hospital on the general ward; it was the fortnight before Christmas, weather was terrible (we even had snow), and she was in her early seventies. And every day she would take two buses (I don't know if this is just my family but as soon as someone says they took two buses you know its serious), battle her way through rotten schoolkids and Christmas shoppers (she had to go into the town centre and then out to the hospital) and then come and sit with me all afternoon, just to keep me company. And then my mam would come and take her home around 7pm. At the time I was in such a mental state that I didn't realise how much she was doing for me but I see it now looking back. Another time I remember being at university, I was having a hard time financially. When I came home for a break she could see I was stressed and upset so she asked me over, sat me down and wrung it out of me that I was near broke and too afraid to tell my mam. She told me not to worry and gave me enough to get me to my next student loan and said it would be our secret (and she stuck to that - I asked my mam if she knew over the weekend). I paid her back for that when I started working but she was just so selfless and doted on me endlessly. I think what has made this so hard is how much she went through over the last few years. There were many times we all thought it was the end, and she managed to pull through. To live through all of that, and to get to where she was able to go outside again and this is where it ended for her? It was all so very sudden, and I'm so grateful i spoke to her the night before. She was so excited because she was going to Dunelm Mill with my mam and my aunty to pick out some new bedding (her favourite thing to buy, I swear when we clear the house we'll find a wardrobe with a new duvet cover for every day of the year) and then they were going to put flowers on my grandad's grave, then drive to the beach and sit and have a coffee and watch the waves. She never got that last little joyful experience but I know she was happy before she died. And after such a hard few years for her thats all I can really ask for. Well fuck I wrote more than I expected, but I could reminisce for hours. I've actually moved in temporarily with a friend. I don't trust myself not to fall into unhealthy habits and behaviours right now and having someone around acts as a deterrent.
  2. Um, please, not Lumpkin. I believe the correct name is Ample Swelling
  3. A metro overpass has collapsed in Mexico City, killing 24 people. Apoarently there were prior concerns about the design and construction and an investigation is going to be carried out. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-56985164
  4. Well hello there... I enjoyed Shadow and Bone more than the Witcher which I could not finish (haven't read either series). It certainly didn't blow me away but it improved towards the end of the season and I'll continue watching if it gets renewed. The bumping of the last kingdom thread made me realise I never watched the last season that aired. I've also forgotten season one and two so I'm going to start a rewatch
  5. 1) Its a Sin 2) The Expanse [Pose, Season 2 ] [Umbrella Academy Season 2 - Enjoyed it more than season 1, I felt a better connection with all of the characters this time and the plot still had me engaged. Number Five was once again a standout but honestly I grew to like most of the Umbrella Academy, except maybe Luther who continued to be rather uninspiring. Special shout out to Klaus who was so much fun to watch] [Schitt's Creek - I've now finished the entire series and loved it, start to finish. The character growth while still remaining true to who the characters are, they often understated dry comedy, the cast. Loved it.] [Umbrella Academy, Season 1 - Enjoyable enough though I had issues with some of the central characters feeling bland and unlikeable in a way that was difficult to connect with. The plot was interesting enough to keep me coming back though, and Number Five was the standout. Since I watched season 2 straight after, I will also say that Hazel and ChaCha were excellent in this season and far more interesting as the evil henchpeople] 3) Shadow and Bone, Season 1 - A decent fantasy series from Netflix. Some poor pacing and occasional sloppy writing. Some characters felt extraneous but the Crows were definitely my favourite part. I'd watch another season. 4) Behind Her Eyes - It was fine, nothing I would revisit or go out of my way to recommend. I already feel like I have forgotten all of it. [Dead to Me, Season 2 -I enjoyed season one but this was just completely off the rails and terrible. So much nonsense] 5) American Gods, Season 3 - it was a flop for me. I watched two episodes before dropping it. I had a similar experience season 2 so maybe I will try again later in the year but it wasn't doing anything for me. So disappointing after how much i loved the first season. Shows in [ ] are not from this year
  6. I didn't really understand why Milo was needed for that first crossing. Did I miss something, other than Milo being used as a comfort goat for Jesper's nerves? My overall impressions are that this was a decent series and I would definitely watch a second season. As has already been said the casting was very good in general. I found some parts of the series a bit tedious and felt they didn't add to the story, in particular Nina and Matthias. That seemed to be an awful lot of set up to have Nina on hand to work with Kaz, Inej and Jesper... Assuming, based on comments here, that they are relevant for another storyline down the line I can't see what couldn't be told in two minutes of exposition or flashbacks. Which would have allowed more time to be spent developing other characters in this season. I also wasn't a fan of Mal. I think it was the way the character was written, but he just felt like a complete waste of space and everything he tried to do just seemed to make things worse. Him and his two forgettable friends searching for the stag was a bit of a bore and I just wanted to skip over it. I did buy the connection between him and Alina though. I agree some things were rushed. The political side of things in particular felt very rushed and glossed over until episode 7 when suddenly surprise, they were plotting against the King all along! I also felt like we could have done with a lot more time spent on the Grisha, on Baghra, and the goings on of the Little Palace. The crows were my favourite part of this without a doubt. Kaz, Inej and Jesper were a joy whenever they were on screen and I found myself wanting more of them than we got. There were a couple of instances where the writing was a bit sloppy (I think Ran mentioned Inej killing the brother, the sister knowing that somehow, and Inej very rapidly overcoming her no kill rule as one example) but overall they were great fun. Ben Barnes was great too.
  7. I think previously you dropped out at the weakest part of Orphan Black (S3). I still enjoyed that season, particularly on a rewatch, but imp it picked up again after that. I really want to rewatch too now. Currently watching Shadow and Bone which is fine but not exciting me too much. I'm always ready for a break at the end of each episode rather than wanting to binge through
  8. I had to go back and read that bit again actually. How did the defence establish that one of the protestors genuinely believed there would be consent to the vandalism? I'm just curious from a legal perspective what evidence they put forward for that because it sounds unlikely in the face of it. Otherwise I agree with mormont and the others regarding the verdict
  9. Dead to Me Season 2. What am I watching and why am I subjecting myself to this? Its been over a year since I watched the first season but I remember liking it. This is...not good.
  10. At university I once got to talking to someone at a bar and we ended up discussing at length the ins and outs of Bull & Bull v Hall & Preddy. I've never been so turned on by someone before or since. Which, to be a bit more serious for a moment, I guess makes a lot of sense. Someone who shares my views, my interests, is intelligent...all worked for me. However, the sex was bad and he had an unfortunate amount of Coldplay in his Spotify playlist. So that fizzled out...
  11. Or the filmy coating of icing sugar that was like biting into chalk. I'm shivering judging thinking about that feeling. Of course I still bit all of their heads off and lined the bodies up in a morbid display of childish cruelty. Or sometimes I would squeeze them and try to make them pop.
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