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  1. I like it less every time I see it. Especially the last sequence. What if Bond did Home Alone? Not seen the new one yet, I might give it a try for completeness. I don't like dangling threads
  2. If you aren't dislocating your shoulders or ripping off your own arms, you're an inconsiderate passenger.
  3. This is somewhat belated but I haven been here for a while. I got promoted. And not just to the regular pay grade for the position I was promoted to, but with +10% because of my experience and work leading up to this. I'm so happy in the new role and I've worked in the role for just over a month now. I'm so happy, its going so well and my feedback from my manager has been great. It did come as we started to return to the office and its a heavier workload so I'm still figuring out a healthy work-life balance but I'll figure it out soon enough.
  4. I finished season 3 of Sex Education. There was a definite drop in quality overall with less laugh out loud comedy and clunkier writing. There was also a lot of repetitiveness with certain storylines, sometimes within the span of a single episode.
  5. This is high art. I snorted out my tea when the Vought+ ad started.
  6. It was the Great North Run today (which is a half marathon held every year up here, 2020 excepted) and had the realisation that my drunken weekend had also resulted in me drunkenly sponsoring someone. Oh well, there's worse things I could have done! I also ended up going for mid-week drinks because a trainee from London had come up to work with our team and see what we do and well, Thursday was a bit rough after that. That will likely be all for a while though. I like to take breaks after a bit of excess so I know I can
  7. Someone asked me if I was in the queue at the coffee shop today and my response was "Sorry. Yes. Sorry!" To which they responded "Sorry, I'll just squeeze in behind you then." Delightful
  8. I have not been well and truly drunk for a good long while now but I was out with a friend yesterday and whoa boy, we went on a journey. I had far more than was good for me, but it was a good day. I got bought several rounds of drinks by men and woman and got told I had a pretty smile
  9. "No worries..." "Yeah, no problem..." "Yeah, I know what you mean..."
  10. Yep. And let's not forget the horrible abuse that came to light front the U.S coaches. I have all the sympathy and empathy in the world for her and the pressure she's under. I competed nowhere near that level and there were times I'd finish a routine and run and cry in the toilets because I was so anxious. Piers Morgan criticising while he walked off a morning talk show for *checks notes* being confronted for something he said. Pathetic. Very happy she was able to compete on beam today though, excellent routine as always. The bronze was a nice bonus but I'm sure it felt good to her just to feel able to compete. I really loved the gymnastics, as I always do. The coverage on the BBC was so frustrating though, especially in the women's team all -around. The coverage left out so much talent to focus on a select few. My understanding is that the BBC only have limited control over what footage they get though
  11. Season 3 of Sex Education will stream on Netflix 17th September
  12. 1) Its a Sin 2) The Expanse, Season 5 3) Master of None, Season 3 - I really enjoyed this. Its a spin off from the First two seasons and they definitely aren't required viewing. Its a very intimate, personal story that is probably a bit slow to start for some people to get into it but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lena Waithe is excellent. [Pose, Season 2 ] [Umbrella Academy Season 2] [Schitt's Creek, Full Series] [Umbrella Academy, Season 1] [Bridgerton, Season 1 - It was fine. It was pretty easy watching popcorn costume drama. I enjoyed the acting and look of the whole thing. This was a very late release last year but I didn't watch until early 2021] 4) Shadow and Bone, Season 1 [Tales of the City - it was fine, explored some I retesting concepts but the central storyline which was supposed to tie it all together kind of brought the show as a whole down because it was...bad. Enjoyed the individual character arcs though. I would probably have said it would have worked better as an anthology with one episode per character grouping, with characters obviously crossing over from time to time. I did think the flashback episode was interesting. I'd also say there were some issues that were touched on that weren't really explored as fully as they should have been if the writers wanted to include them. For example, there is an episode where some older White, wealthy gay men are making disparaging, hurtful remarks - racist, transphobic, etc. The show very briefly addresses this in a short confrontation but its dropped and glossed over very quickly. If you're going to bring up these very real issues I feel like you should spend the proper time on them) 5) Behind Her Eyes [Dead to Me, Season 2] 6) American Gods, Season 3 Huh, I feel like I've watch a lot of Elliot Page this year!
  13. Seems on the lower side to me... I don’t watch or follow football so only hear about these campaigns/initiatives second-hand, like in this thread. BUt from your post the Kick It Out campaign sounds more passive, less disruptive, not as in your face, whereas the decision to take a knee seems like a more visible, disruptive and in your face kind of approach. So I can’t say i’m too surprised, people are often supportive of protests against in justice when they can be easily ignored or overlooked, or don’t inconvenience them in any way. Not so much with more visible amd active stands. I believe there was a related discussion on the forum before regarding causing traffic disruption during a protest. In case its unclear, I do support taking the knee and more disruptive forms of protest. Just making an observation regarding the different types of campaigns. i also think its a strange idea to judge signs of protest on how many people are supportive. Surely the whole point is to raise awareness of uncomfortable societal truths. Of course people aren’t going to like that.
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