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  1. I was very tempted to IM you actually...but then I wondered if it was weird. Dubrovnik is beautiful and yes warm enough to swim right now. As I said we had a lot of luck and hit a sunny spell after a fair amount of rain. We were actually forecast thunderstorms all week but only had one on Monday which was great. I live alone but in a bigger flat than before (2 bed 2 bath)as I have guests quite often. And my partner stops over too but we live apart. It's good though as I use the spare room for an office when I work from home. Where/how are you living these days? Eta: also have you visited the former Yugoslavia countries? We learned a lot just on our day trips it was fascinating. And Montenegro was beautiful absolutely stunning
  2. My first holiday with my partner has been excellent and I love her dearly....that is all
  3. Read back a little: Lany, lovely to hear from you and sorry the workload is unbalanced and the son is being a bum. I'm sure you can get him into shape though. Glad you get to see the rest of your family more! Rhae, Buck, winter is apparently encroaching in the UK from what my friends told me while I have been away. It was getting there when I left too which is sad. I live in a nice flat now though so it shouldn't be so bad as it's less drafty. Those energy bills though...
  4. Greetings all from sunny Croatia! We have been very lucky with our holiday and only had one brief rainy morning and the rest has been a week of glorious late season warmth and sun. It's been such a fabulous week, we toured the old town of Dubrovnik (yes, we saw the Game of Thrones filming locations though we didn't do the dedicated tour), I walked the city walls (Le Beau said her legs are made for sitting, not climbing) and made a friend from the Philippines. We went up a cable car and had some boogie drinks while watching the sunset, explored Lokrum. We've also been to Montenegro and explored Kotor, again climbed the old walls, went to Perast and saw Our Lady of the Rocks. Went to Bosnia and Herzegovina today and had a lovely day in Mostar sipping Turkish coffee and doing some serious wine tasting. Tomorrow is our last day so after so much packed in I think we will take it easy with a light stroll and some relaxing, maybe a spa treatment at the hotel. It's been the best time and all the better because I've not been abroad in so long. Hope you are all well!
  5. I'm confident, I don't think they've really had a bad season yet and while there's a couple of minor things I'd change I have faith they'll finish strong
  6. My coffee order has gone from £2.40 to £2.85 since January. I have actually managed to cut down though and use the coffee making facilities at work. Their coffee, their electric bill, cheaper day for me. Thats if you can even find a provider. I've just moved to a new flat and nobody will take me as a new customer because of the high energy prices. The fuck. Eta: I might be able to ring them to sort this out but fuck, this is annoying and not what you want when you're working full time and trying to move and get everything sorted.
  7. Regardless of style, size, or precautionary measures taken, the one inevitable for any new shoes I've ever bought are blisters. Such is the natural order of the world.
  8. Your next year's resolution needs to be to expand your vocabulary and come up with some new names
  9. When I was at sixth form (2012-14) there were the usual talks from various universities on why you should apply there but we also got a pretty good range of talks from alternatives to uni. I knew what I wanted to do so only attended a few but those options were certainly there. I don't know if this was the norm or just my particular sixth form
  10. Finished up the season today (bang on time, my Netflix subscription expires in 2 hours). I thought the whole season was excellent, though I enjoyed the first arc more than the second. The whole cast was excellent and, brief as their scenes were, I really enjoyed Desire in this. I thought I look forward to seeing where this goes next and will certainly be hoping for a renewal
  11. Yes definitely AG, I loved Good Omens. AG started well and then behind the scenes switch ups and whatnot sent it spiralling, sadly. Kirby Howell Baptiste, wow, what a treat she was. The "second act" of season one has set up really well and I think has set a perfect pace for the season. I'm also curious about the budget for the show, because they don't seem to have skimped anywhere and everything looks very polished. I suppose they were willing to take a risk on this. Are the comics finished now or still being published?
  12. Thank you, I will be rewatching Stardust after I finish this series. Somehow I always forget that Tristan is Daredevil. I felt similarly regarding the casting of Dream, I think it was the constant use of the same whispery monotone voice. Then I realised that's probably intentional because he's, well, Dream. So I'm fine with it now even if I think thE supporting cast have been stronger. Naturally Davjd Thewlis was a particular standout. I've just finished 24/7 which seemed like a natural conclusion to the first act of the season. Fantastic episode, as was the previous one (watched them straight through back to back). Very impressed with the series which I'm glad of given that Gaiman's last adaptation failed after lots of behind the camera shenanigans.
  13. They ran OitNB for 7 seasons, although the source material for that was only really a suggestion for most of it
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