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  1. Farseer all day every day and three times on Tuesdays thank you very much. Everyone else's opinions are irrelevant. My slightly unpopular opinion is that the Witches series is the best of the Discworld stuff. By unpopular I don't mean people necessarily dislike that series, it's just far more common to find, the Watch is most popular. I also include the Tiffany Aching books in that series too, for obvious reasons. I think Wintersmith is my favourite Tiffany Aching book
  2. I think when you've read them all it's pretty hard to deny that at least one side of that was perhaps more than friendship. The Fool is pretty explicit about that in Tawny Man too. I would still class unreciprocated love as a type of romance. And it's not precisely unreciprocated, it is just returned in a different way. That's kind of what I love about the romantic side of Hobb's books though, some things can be read as romantic love, but there are so many other kinds of love and relationship explored and toyed with. As I said, there are also numerous other romantic subplots running throughout the series, most of which work very well. The pacing criticism of Hobb's books is quite common and I definitely think it's valid, I just love her writing and characters too much to care how slow the pace is. I could read hundreds of pages of them sitting in a cabin watching the world go by and enjoy it (hey that happens in the Tawny Man trilogy! ) I love Clara so much and just thinking about her character makes me want to revisit that series again. Its one I haven't reread so I can always justify that! The Broken Earth trilogy by NK Jemisin has several romantic "subplots" I guess. They aren't exactly subplots, more a larger part of the character acts and the resultant relationships are definitely part of the overall plot because of how they affect the characters. But very interesting imo, the moreso because they explore different kinds of relationship, not just straight and monogamous.
  3. Just watched episode six and I feel like for at least the last thirty minutes I didn't even blink because I was so on edge. Damn. Nathan Lane, Adam Martin Rocha and Daniel Zovatto, just fantastic. So much tension and suspense throughout the entire episode with them. Mamma Vega and Mateo absolutely broke my heart. So moving and difficult to watch. More original series evoking with Mrs. Craft being committed to the asylum. And to call back last episode for a ment, sex on the grave of the recently murdered "husband" felt very much in the original series style too. I'm thinking Dorian Lily and Justine having a threesome drenched in blood kind of thing (though the closer call back to that is Rio, Bi Rico and Mateo having a threesome after the brutal revenge killing of Riley). The more I'm watching of the show the more I'm enjoying it just as much as the original. Definitely a very different show, but the mind of John Logan as creator is clearly at the heart of this. He also gave other writers more opportunity to write for this series, as I think he only skipped two episodes or something throughout the original. I don't think doing so has hurt this series at all though (as evinced by this post - this episode was not written by Logan, despite being very heavy on the monologues he so loves). As a final note on this episode, I am obviously watching after it originally aired on Showtime. Just wanted to point out that this released, as I understand it, the week George Floyd was murdered. Which, well, timely and I imagine made for uncomfortable watching at the time.
  4. The first Harry Potter was after Game of Thrones wasn't it? And even then I'm not sure the series really started to take off as the giant it became until maybe the third book? Or were you referring to the show? Ha, this made me think of Neil Gaiman's Stardust novel with the singular use of "fuck" in tiny letters (I hope I'm not misremembering that)
  5. Robin Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings books. Its arguably not a sub-plot but Fitz and...I’ll leave that for you to interpret (though it is clear enough for me, and if you say different you’re wrong ). A quote to give some context: But even setting that aside, there are a lot of romantic subplots throughout the series, some of which i don’t want to mention in case you’ve not yet read the as they’re somewhat spoiler-y. And when I say Realm of the Elderlings series, i mean all of the series: Farseer, Liveships, Tawny Man, Rain Wilds, and FatF.
  6. Well at least your stint in the theatrics sounds positive, or at least neutral. The only dramatics i was ever a part of was my infant school nativity play, where, in front of the assembled parents and the rest of the school, I walked backwards off the stage, tearing down the artwork and falling in a crumpled heap (i was physically unharmed. My pride though...) To this day, I can’t meet people i went to infant school with without them saying “Do you remember that nativity play...” yes, Bethany, yes I do. It is forever seared into my brain thank you very much
  7. It's definitely not a scene that approaches that excellence but it does have a similar feeling. I'm probably not conveying what I mean very well. I think the show is worth checking out though on its own merits. Just don't think of it as a continuation of the original. ETA: ha, and episode five begins with some scenes reminiscent of the season 2 sex compilation where we have Dorian/Angelique, Malcolm/Evelyn and Victor/Lily (and then Vanessa/Ethan getting a tantalising and dramatic staircase stare ) Eta: oh shit, how the hell did I forget to mention the callback to the fabulous Mr. Lyle and “All those photographs. So indiscreet...”
  8. Wow. I just watched episode 4 and what an hour of television. I’ve really enjoyed the show up to this point but this was the first episode that has really had that “can’t look away” quality i experienced with the original series. From the opening scene of Santa Muerta silently watching the indiscriminate slaughter in Mexico right to the end I was gripped. And I don’t think it is coincidence that i felt a lot of similarities/parallels to the original series in this episode. E.g. The music. There were several scenes where i could hear distinct similarities to the original score, albeit with a twist that suits this new setting. Elsa and Peter Craft gave off Vanessa and Dorian possession sex and/or Vanessa seducing Mina’s intended. Creepy Magda child terrifying Craft’s son Tom - definite Madame Kali terrorising Gladys Murray vibes. Sister Molly giving her sermon - Vanessa at the Seance, though obviously not quite as wild (that scene is just so...i can’t even describe my love for that and the whole Possession episode, my god just silent applause for Eva Green and the entire team for those....anyway...) Mateo Vega killing the officer - absolutely feeling Dorian and Lily egging on Justine to kill her abuser, especially with both going OTT with the stabbings. These reminders of scenes I loved from the original series obviously helped keep me engaged but I also felt it was new enough not to be repetitive. And Im loving the perfor,ance of the whole cast, although Nathan Lane in particular is killing it. Can’t wait to see how this all plays out
  9. After his many antics, you think Rothfuss cares about pissing off his fans?
  10. Oh to have been a fly on the wall when you first watch that
  11. If you know people who produce it that way, great. But the way it is generally produced is through force feeding the duck/goose and then slaughtering it.
  12. My favourite reunion will surprise nobody by being Crazy Ex Girlfriend.. @Buckwheat...
  13. 1) Yes. 2) Also yes? If it's misogynistic now, it's misogynistic then. I guess what you mean is "Was it wisely recognised as misogynistic"? 3-5) N/A I'm a youthful soul... 6) No, but I can already guess several posters who will respond yes, and their 'reasons' why
  14. Because she loves animals and loves them? Interesting, thanks. I think in my mind I am possibly conflating vet bills/maintenance bills for horses with, for example, equestrian costs. The equipment etc she had for those was hard to swallow for me. On your cats, do you have the option to cover them under some kind of insurance in the U.S? It's been invaluable for us and others in my family. We've been fortunate with my current two dogs that they mostly just need checkups and boosters, but my aunty's labs are plagued with so many problems which have all been covered. Not sure how it works in the U.S
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