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  1. Season 3 of Sex Education will stream on Netflix 17th September
  2. 1) Its a Sin 2) The Expanse, Season 5 3) Master of None, Season 3 - I really enjoyed this. Its a spin off from the First two seasons and they definitely aren't required viewing. Its a very intimate, personal story that is probably a bit slow to start for some people to get into it but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lena Waithe is excellent. [Pose, Season 2 ] [Umbrella Academy Season 2] [Schitt's Creek, Full Series] [Umbrella Academy, Season 1] [Bridgerton, Season 1 - It was fine. It was pretty easy watching popcorn costume drama. I enjoyed the acting and look of the whole thing. This was a very late release last year but I didn't watch until early 2021] 4) Shadow and Bone, Season 1 [Tales of the City - it was fine, explored some I retesting concepts but the central storyline which was supposed to tie it all together kind of brought the show as a whole down because it was...bad. Enjoyed the individual character arcs though. I would probably have said it would have worked better as an anthology with one episode per character grouping, with characters obviously crossing over from time to time. I did think the flashback episode was interesting. I'd also say there were some issues that were touched on that weren't really explored as fully as they should have been if the writers wanted to include them. For example, there is an episode where some older White, wealthy gay men are making disparaging, hurtful remarks - racist, transphobic, etc. The show very briefly addresses this in a short confrontation but its dropped and glossed over very quickly. If you're going to bring up these very real issues I feel like you should spend the proper time on them) 5) Behind Her Eyes [Dead to Me, Season 2] 6) American Gods, Season 3 Huh, I feel like I've watch a lot of Elliot Page this year!
  3. Seems on the lower side to me... I don’t watch or follow football so only hear about these campaigns/initiatives second-hand, like in this thread. BUt from your post the Kick It Out campaign sounds more passive, less disruptive, not as in your face, whereas the decision to take a knee seems like a more visible, disruptive and in your face kind of approach. So I can’t say i’m too surprised, people are often supportive of protests against in justice when they can be easily ignored or overlooked, or don’t inconvenience them in any way. Not so much with more visible amd active stands. I believe there was a related discussion on the forum before regarding causing traffic disruption during a protest. In case its unclear, I do support taking the knee and more disruptive forms of protest. Just making an observation regarding the different types of campaigns. i also think its a strange idea to judge signs of protest on how many people are supportive. Surely the whole point is to raise awareness of uncomfortable societal truths. Of course people aren’t going to like that.
  4. I grew up on Bond films and enjoyed most of them growing up but watching them as I've gotten older the list has definitely decreased. My list would be fairly similar to yours I think: Casino Royale, From Russia with Love, License to Kill, Goldfinger, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, The Man with the Golden Gun and Goldeneye. Goldeneye I love purely because of how over the top and absurd it is. I know nothing at all about poker so the collective gasps and staging of Casino Royale does a lot of work for me with those parts of the film. But oh, Eva Green, so wonderful
  5. When I see these fads, I always think to myself - was this Gwyneth again? Thanks, it stopped sometime around 7 or 8 a.m. Monday morning, having started midnight on Saturday. Presumably it was an office or somewhere that operates weekdays only but it was driving me to distraction.
  6. I loved The Favourite, I thought it was so well shot and the cast was excellent. I've also seen the Lobster by Lanthimos which I think I am in the minority for, but I didn't like it nearly as much. I think I went into it with High expectations because of the praise it was receiving. Its been a while though so I'm not sure exactly what I didn't feel worked now. I don't think Sky Atlantic exists in the U.S. In the U.K its the channel that airs various HBO and Showtime and probably some other US channel shows. I assume its the same elsewhere?
  7. What is this nonsense? Who thinks of these things? Yes the alarm is still going off, if anyone cares.
  8. Believe me I would if I knew where it was coming from. We are now approaching hour 14 of this alarm going off, I'm starting to question if it is in my mind because its the middle of the day, surely someone would have shut it off now? What. Is. Happening?
  9. Make. The. Alarm. Ringing. Stop. Seriously this alarm has been going off for more than 2 hours at this point. Why has no-one shut it off yet?! I don't even know if its a car alarm or a shop, pub, restaurant, a flat, a fire alarm. Just someone make it stop.
  10. Schitt's Creek is more about the characters and performances I think, so it can take some time to warm up to it and fall in love with the characters. Its a show i found pretty easy to binge watch, I don't know if I could have stuck through weekly watching from the beginning. I'm watching Halston, which is not bad, but not Good. It feels very surface level and I want to know more. It feels like the show tries to check off so many things and so only manages to do so in the most cursory way. I'll finish the last two episodes though, and most likely go look up more info on Halston. Has anyone watched the new season of Master of None yet? Its next on my list
  11. "No, there is another...and another....and another...."
  12. I'm not sure where this belongs because its just an idle curious thought but it relates to a Marvel movie and possibly the associated rights so I'm going to post it here. How/why is Spider Man Far From Home on Netflix? As far as I can tell all other Marvel movies moved to Disney+, right? Is this to do with the weird Spider Man rights between Disney and Sony?
  13. I don't know if this is true or not but in my case mixing drinks leads to vomiting which also tends to kill the mood...i think I'd rather someone be flaccid *insert Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her sound bite here* than throw up on me
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