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  1. HelenaExMachina

    Top 10

    It holds up better on a re-read, although Lyra still seems to become regrettably more passive with the introduction of Will. Also, swapped my ranking to place Amber Souglass above Subtle Knife - though Northern Lights is easily still first, the book is lovely. However, the addition of La Belle Sauvage and The Secret Commonwealth have improved my opinion of the series quite a bit.
  2. HelenaExMachina

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    Thats not actually true Charlotte is dead. Also the other Hemsworth lives, somewhere
  3. HelenaExMachina

    Top 10

    I too was lost at Eragon, then jumped ship at the word grimdark
  4. HelenaExMachina

    First Quarter 2020 Reading

    I’m confused, which one have you read?
  5. HelenaExMachina

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    Don’t think we have had any Guns’n’Roses covers yet. Certainly not that i remember anyway, and i listen to the soundtracks most days er, sometimes
  6. HelenaExMachina

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hindsight in 2020

    Its on Amazon Prime. eta: had to look that up because i couldn’t recall which service i watched it on. Interestingly, Netflix have their placeholder and a “remind me” option for the tv series already
  7. HelenaExMachina

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    The correct answer. Bonus points for looking like Tessa Thompson will get more screentime. And of course the music for this is perfect once again
  8. HelenaExMachina

    UK Politics: Unboldy Go There Where No Country Has Gone Before

    This was actually quite a bit above the NMW for 2002 (3.50 or 4.20, depending on your age) unless my maths is way off. Which is entirely possible.
  9. HelenaExMachina

    First Quarter 2020 Reading

    I think you have confused A Room of One’s Own and A Room with a View. The latter is E.M. Forster, the former Virginia Woolf. Inread Room with a View recently too, and enjoyed it, although its not Forster’s best by any means - more a statement on how i rate his other work than a criticism of the text though
  10. HelenaExMachina

    UK Politics: Unboldy Go There Where No Country Has Gone Before

    Workers rights are at a reasonable(ish) level but there are also an unfortunate number of people doing jobs where employers try and deny them worker status (and associated rights). But don’t worry, we get a completely toothless legislative update on this in April so pats for the government, problem solved!
  11. HelenaExMachina

    Top 10

    Not much to change. Not sure why i missed it at the time but i would add The Dagger and the Coin series by Daniel Abraham. I would swap out Bleak House for this. And having reread now as an adult, I would add His Dark Materials plus the book of dust. I would swap Harry Potter for this.
  12. all the clips so far have been pretty scarce on the supernatural, hopefully they are just saving this for the actual show. Though i do recall some comments that this delved much more into the social issues of the time than the original
  13. HelenaExMachina

    Sometimes you feel like a Chump

    Again with the cultural differences. When the males in our class got free condoms after a sex ed lesson they almost inevitably used them as water balloon or spat in them and stuck them to people’s backpacks. Teenagers are the worst.
  14. HelenaExMachina

    UK Politics: Unboldy Go There Where No Country Has Gone Before

    Well, that Labour leadership debate was rivetting stuff... I actually don’t dislike any of the candidates. But none of them make me enthusiastic or fill me with any particular hope for the future of the party.
  15. HelenaExMachina

    UK Politics: Unboldy Go There Where No Country Has Gone Before

    i am sure someone will be along shortly to say how this is all A-OK and the real problem is the backlash pushing Sabisky to resign. That there is no racism problem with Johnson and we are all over-reacting...