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  1. That's just from all the killer robot rampages
  2. YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY HERE! today is a good day because I was able to sell some of my holidays at work that i didn’t want to take which will be rolled into my pay. This was company policy last year, then for COVID related reasons we weren’t allowed to sell, and now the policy changed back.
  3. UK Politics: A Thread Opened by Two Councillors - Illegally
  4. This is an old post now but on the bold, part of my job requires me to review documents submitted by clients of our client and its really quite shocking how difficult some of these people find it to either submit properly scanned documents (I've had upside down pages, pages scanned down the middle so the text is cut in half, horizontal pages)or sometimes fail to submit the full document (its truly shocking how often we receive only the odd or even numbered pages of the documents). And these people are professionals who do this kind of thing regularly. Which is all a long winded way of saying I'm not shocked that 14/15 year Olds are not managing this
  5. Excellent episode. Dominique Tipper was fantastic They tied off the Alex/Anvar stuff pretty well, all things considered. They made the best of the situation that they could. Amos only had a couple of small scenes but as ever was perfect The ending was great and going back over the spoilers, those of you who read the books have been wondering if non-book readers would pick up on these things. The answer for me, is nope. I know, shocking, I'm usually soo keen at spotting these things The visual effects were great too. All in all a solid finale and I want the next season already.
  6. People can have different opinions and they are all valid blah blah blah but @Veltigar disliking Spiderman 2 tells me all I need to know about him. I hear he hates puppies too! Edit: Expanding a bit so this isn't just a joke post, I never really followed comics and growing up I had a vague understanding of the superhero genre through the old Christopher Reeve superman movies (thank you Channel 5? The Bounty in the celebrations box of TV channels, whoever thought I would be grateful for Channel 5?) but outside of that not much. However I did see Spiderman 1 and 2 and watched them repeatedly on DVD. I just loved them so much, they were everything they needed to be. Were they deep, meaningful and focused on realism? No. Were they trying to be? No. And if you went into them expecting that then its unsurprising you didn't enjoy them. But for me there was enough action, slapstick, emotion and fun to deliver the perfect movies for me. We don't talk about Spiderman 3...
  7. As I alluded to previously I fall into this category of person who doesn’t fully understand what is going on (though i got the gist of the rocket launch for the reasons you and mormont have outlined). I will sometimes seek clarifications here or elsewhere online but for the most part I just accept it as sure, i believe this could happen and the science behind it is sound. And if its not it doesn’t bother me, though I get there are people who want that from the show.
  8. This made me cackle because when I was at Uni i would always say i was from Newcastle or Durham rather than admit I was from Sunderland. (Just barely though, its a Sunderland/Durham boundary)
  9. Today was good because I met the Mothership and the dogs and we went for a nice walk. It was cold but bright and sunny and we were out for probably 2.5-3 hours. Then we dropped the dogs at her house, she drove me to my flat, I made us coffee and she cut my hair. She used to do hairdressing for a living before I was born so its been a while but it was not a bad effort at all and looks much tidier than it did before. I was getting pretty desperate and couldn't have gone another month (at the very least). The walk, seeing my mam, and seeing the dogs all boosted my mood a lot, and having my hair cut makes me feel less self-conscious about my appearance.
  10. I hope like a true Brit you are complaining loudly to all who will listen and will of course be ordering from the same takeaway again tomorrow. The funny habit I notice a lot with friends and family is going out for a meal and between paying and telling the server everything was lovely and getting to the car, the meal goes from 10/10 excellent service to awful we should have complained it was so disgusting. It always makes me chuckle
  11. I kept reading "Olly Alexander, Years and Years fromtman" in various media and promos for Its a Sin and in my mind just assumed that was the TV mini series I looked up his previous credits and the one that caught my eye, because I loved the show so much, was Fenton in season 1 of Penny Dreadful. anyway, I haven't finished It's a Sin yet but made a start and agree with you so far. I'd also just add that it also has the occasional bleak humorous moments too which are worked in in a way that complements the story really well.
  12. The HS2 protests are kind of wild to read about: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/jan/27/hs2-protesters-hope-to-occupy-euston-tunnel-for-weeks “You were tunnelling? The hole time? The hole time? The hole time?!”
  13. Honestly I've really loved these little gems throughout this season and they've largely been with Amos and Clarissa. I think the only scene that fell flat with them for me was the weird shaky cam attack. Also this show does sometimes make me feel unintelligent and remind me I paid no attention during science/physics at school. Should I know what Naomi was planning at the end? I thought the stuff with Amos and Clarissa was great, not just for the action parts but also the character growth with Amos. He's still an arse at times but he isn't so cold and detached. I liked it. Avasarala, as always I loved her and just wish we got to see more. Holden Bobbie and Alex, I agree they have just been extras this season but I'll be honest, I didn't miss them at all, except Bobbie, and she has still managed to get some great scenes anyway. Holden and Alex I haven't found myself thinking "What's up with them?" so it's fine by me Whatever Naomi was planning, I loved this episode and can't wait for the finale.
  14. Am I having Deja Vu? Did you or someone else also post something like this recently (last few months)? Regardless, yes, it's the worst. Especially if it happens mid-argument and you have to manually search for your last post
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