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  1. I'm open to suggestions for a better title. Last thread was nearing closing. She-Hulk trailer
  2. As someone who has worked two jobs and worked in an industry where that was something very common I feel like I should add onto this that the tax burden of having two jobs is an absolute bitch and taking into consideration how much of your time and energy and how much stress working two jobs takes thisis a whole heap of horseshit.
  3. This might be my favourite song on the album which is saying a lot. Edit: You didn't really expect me to not post something on release day did you?
  4. You're all watching Scream for the wrong reasons if you're going into it for high quality storytelling. Just sit back and enjoy the overwrought nonsense and have fun. Scream 3 obviously deserves the top spot for Gale Weather's hair alone and nobody can tell me otherwise Edit: I just rewatched a few scenes on YouTube to see the fringe again and I'm cackling
  5. By saying the words "I'll have an Aperol Spritz." Joke, I'm sure they're good for some but not for me. I worked late tonight to meet a work deadline and have just got home. I'm going to treat myself by opening a bottle of wine* and drifting off to the new Florence album. *A bad idea, probably, I will undoubtedly throw up and have an awful hangover tomorrow but I have no spirits left and didn't have my card when I passed the shop so cheap wine it is. Edit: Ended up drunkenly weeping while listening to music, but a good cry every now and then does the mind good
  6. I liked season 3 and excited for this new season. The only issue is the wait between seasons has made me forget a lot
  7. While I obviously can't speak for her the answer is almost inevitably gluten and lactose.
  8. Someone decided it was a good idea to have a drink reception after our firm's charity event. Ah good bye.
  9. Did you watch the show that beat it (Time) for best miniseries? I hadn't heard of it or seen any chatter about it online anywhere so don't want to judge but was very disappointed that it didn't get a single award
  10. Yeah not the look to take further shots at trans people for their justified anger at the way he has spoke about them in the past. I haven't seen/heard any details on what prompted this person to attack Chappelle but it speaks volumes to his character that this was his immediate reaction.
  11. Hi! Glad to hear things are going well. Your thesis sounds very interesting, obviously very relevant to queer communities but equally applicable to all kinds of atypical/chosen family setups. Kind of silly but I once listened to a podcast discuss the film/book Matilda from a similar perspective of Matilda as a queer child, discovering their 'powers' (querness), being rejected and misunderstood by her birth family and eventually discovering her chosen family through school and Miss Honey. Anyway, rambling, good luck with the thesis! Hopefully not too stressful, I know mine drove me to the brink when I was doing it but I had a lot going on back then. Fingers crossed on your creative writing too. @Buckwheat @RhaenysBee long overdue but I agree with your assessments on Bridgerton. Apparently Kate is a fan favourite in the books (which I have not read) and I was watching just thinking how terrible she was. Edwina all the way for me. Rhaenys, the final season of Killing Eve....I...no words.
  12. Recently watched the final season of Killing Eve and season 2 of Russian Doll. Killing Eve: has never reached the peaks of season 2. There were some good moments in this season though and of course Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh are always excellent. The ending was such a waste as everyone seems to agree. Russian Doll: Excellent, I actually enjoyed it more than season 1. The underlying "what has happened will happen" narrative kept the show more focused than season 1, imo. The last two episodes got really trippy and I enjoyed them a lot. Natasha Lyonne was wonderful throughout and the soundtrack was excellent. Next for me will be the final season of Grace and Frankie
  13. I was doing a Google search for a street name at work (deciphering a document that was handwritten, unsure of the exact spelling) and the top result was a porn site which I had the good sense not to click on at work at least*. Point is they do show up quite easily whether you want them to or not. *Naturally I looked later, on my personal device
  14. "You ever throw an illegal christmas party on cocaine, Mr. Prime Minister? Its nice."
  15. Yes I think it was last year sometime, the questions are now more about whether you have had more than one sexual partner over the last three months I think? Long overdue but glad it was changed
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