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Acrophobia #42 - Dear John and Jane Letters

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You put down on paper what the three women in Tyrion Lannister's life might say to him when they tell him to hit the road, Tysha, Shae or Sansa. 

1.   Your Dad’s funding me. Have fallen very in love. - Shae AssHat Ahai  1+1+3+2+2+2+1+1=13

2.   You don’t fulfil my hopes for valiant, ideal lover. - Sansa  Julia H.  1+1+3+3+3+3+2=16+3=19

3.   Eagerly awaiting your ineluctable tragedy. Sincerely. - Sansa  Lilac & Gooseberries 1+2+1=4

4.   Essos, Tyrion. I'm going. - Tysha  Ser Not Appearing  1+1+3+3+1=9

5.   “Lady”. Elevated, titled, ladeda! My destiny! - Shae  Castellan  1+1+2+2+1+1+1=9

6.   Your dad f***s more heartily. Facts vindicate, itty-bitty lion. - Shae  RhaenysBee  1+1+3=5

7.   Every time I groaned. - Shae  Dolorous Gabe  1+1+2+1=5




1.  Castellan  60+9=69

2.  AssHat Ahai  50+13=63

3.  Julia H.  40+19=59*

4.  Dolorous Gabe  35+5=40

5.  Lilac & Gooseberries  29+4=33

6.  RhaenysBee  27+5=32

7.  Ser Not Appearing   9+9=18

8.  Howlin' Howland  7

8.  a free shadow  6+1=7

10.  rocksniffer  1

We had no changes in the ranks this week but they tightened up a bit. Julia H. won the round by using words we can all imagine Sansa used, and AssHat Ahai struck what I considered to be a nicely cynical note from Shae. Ser Not Appearing got his answer about where Tysha may have gone in ahead of others, while Castellan gave another great response from Shae. RhaenysBee and Dolorous Gabe gave responses that were pretty blunt, and Lilac & Gooseberries entry didn't get enough love.

Congratulations to everyone for a strong round!

As usual, please check the points and the math!  


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Oh dear, oh dear, what can the matter be between Lyanna and Rhaegar, the couple that moved armies across Westeros?

1.   Prophesy included sadism? Masochism? Roleplay? Dominatrix kink?!?

2.   I hate to say, over your "visions"!

3.   Packing immediately, since my roses dried. Kisses.

4.   I have this sense of yonder violence.

5.   Please, I’m saving myself. Robert’d definitely know. 

6.   I hate the sound of your voice!

7.   Playing is satisfactory. Marriage? Really don't know.

8.   ?


Another very strong round! Thanks, everyone! I am still hoping we'll get an eighth entry in. :)

Please vote for your top three choices, by Friday, August 6th at 11:00 pm EDT.  

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Let's look at things from both sides in this round. The Prince of Dorne, Doran Martell, toured the Free Cities in his youth, and when in Norvos met his future wife Mellario. They married and had three children, but apparently Mellario did not like certain Dornish customs, particularly the idea of sending very young children off to other houses to be raised. This is given as the reason why she left Dorne and returned to her native Norvos.

However, there was definitely a certain amount of discussion between husband and wife, and Doran seems to have tried to make her happier, but failed. Who really gave up first? Did Doran tell her to hit the round after she said he didn't do enough? Or did Mellario just truly get fed up and called it quits? Choose one or the other and give a reason.

Here are your letters for this round.





Can't forget the bonus!


Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work we go! Please try and get your entries in by Friday, August 6th, by 11:00 pm EDT. You may have noticed I try to be very flexible about the the time!

The next round will be Round 7 and, I think, our last, unless you are gluttons for punishment and want more. :) 

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