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  2. baxus

    Football: Jules Rimet Still Gleaming

    @Notone First of all, Liverpool ended in top four for two seasons straight now so they are a top four team at the moment. We'll see if they remain a top four team after this season. There's a lot of questions regarding every single team and that's not limited to Premier League. The transfer window is still nowhere near finished and a lot of teams will sign a lot more players so everything can still change and change significantly. Will Hazard and Curtois leave Chelsea? What will the new manager make of Arsenal? Will Mourinho have his dreaded third season once again? Will all the key players remain healthy and fit for key matches? Will they hit form and when? How will new signings adapt? Will City players maintain the level of motivation they displayed last season when they bossed the competition? How drained will players who had long runs in the World Cup be? If we knew answers to all of that, who would bother watching the matches?
  3. Mexal

    Football: Jules Rimet Still Gleaming

    Well played Liverpool. Spending a shitload of money but cleaning up some areas they need to clean up. Should be a great squad this season.
  4. cyberdirectorfreedom

    The execution of Janos Slynt was personal and it was not justice.

    I don't want to continue pushing this discussion off topic, but I have a thought on this, so since you asked, I thought I may as well answer. Whether or not Stannis believes that the law ends at the Wall, it's not really true. Starks have often fought wildlings, but regardless of that, if the law ends at the Wall, it still covers Mance. He's a brother of the Night's Watch who has deserted. As Ned showed when he executed Gared, execution of deserters is not the sole domain of the Watch, but the duty of all lords. Ned wouldn't execute a man unless he had to, right? If Mance was just some wildling, I suppose Stannis could do as he pleased. But as Stannis purports to be the true King of Westeros and that there is a false King on the Iron Throne, surely Stannis must abide by the laws of the Seven Kingdoms. Therefore, it's his duty to execute Mance, when he has him, and Stannis is known for doing his duty (and expecting others to do theirs). Now, this leads me to two conclusions, each of which favour a different viewpoint regarding Stannis's knowledge: I don't really favour either one over the other, I'm really not sure whether or not Stannis knows of Mance, arguments both ways have merit. Now, conclusion one is that Melisandre might've believed that Stannis would never be able to be convinced, and so made the elaborate hoax of executing Rattleshirt in Mance's place, to trick Stannis and the men of the Watch. Conclusion two is that Stannis is aware, but to save his reputation, and to avoid causing additional tension between himself and the men of the Watch, comes up with the elaborate hoax (Stannis wouldn't want to be seen to be avoiding his duty, especially since his desire to claim the throne is based on it being his duty). It's plausible that Stannis would believe it to be more difficult to do his duty at the Wall if the men of the Watch hate him or are actively pushing to have Mance executed.
  5. Cas Stark

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    It's one of the least egregious fault of the show, but some of the recent seasons, it got a bit crazy, like Gendry running to Eastwatch, c'mon man. But, its a weird comment for someone to make about spoilers, since as you say, 'travel time' went by the wayside many years ago in the show. I didn't find much revelation in that spoiler, we already know that WF is burned badly and that there is a huge battle in KL. The only real spoiler there is the idea that the White Walker resolve will be deeper and more interesting than 'killed the zombies, yah'.
  6. 3CityApache

    Andrzej Sapkowski II

    @MyrddinWhat C.T.Phipps said. You should have read The Sword of Destiny before Blood of Elves and if you still felt disappointed then it's definitely not for you. Another matter, that from what I heard, the quality of translation definitely improved in later books.
  7. Why do you think it started him on the road to ruin? Just curious. Because he could've easily done this: focused on the adult and/or the new POV characters in Feast (i.e. Brienne, Cersei, Samwell, etc.) have those stories take place for a year (i.e. Cersei rules as Queen Regent for a year, Brienne searches the Riverlands and the Crownlands for a year, it takes at least six months for Samwell to get from Castle Black to Oldtown because life happens, etc.) Jon, Dany and maybe Arya could possibly be cameos, seen through the eyes of Melisandre, Davos, Quentyn or Samwell Sansa and Theon could maybe be hiding in plain sight as Robert Arryn's babysitter Alayne Stone and the Bolton manservant Reek, their true identities remaining a mystery until the final third of Feast and then in Dance, he can pick up exactly where he left off with the adults and the newbies and still get the time jump for the Stark kids, Theon, Dany, Jon and maybe even Tyrion that he coveted so much.
  8. SpaceForce Tywin et al.

    The value of going to college at different times

    One additional thing. One of the major problems is the qualifications companies want these days. I just saw a job posting that paid $35k a year with no benefits. The minimum qualifications were a four year degree and five years of experience working in an office setting. The preferred qualifications were a master’s degree and eight years of experience. FOR A $35K A YEAR JOB. You see examples of this everywhere. A friend found one the other day where a job that paid $12 a hour had a minimum qualification of a four year degree and two years of sales experience. Most people I graduated with just went from part-time to full-time at their college jobs. That combined with college debt and high rent results in a soul crushing post-college experience for a lot of people.
  9. 3CityApache

    Exercise and Fitness: Keep On Keepin' On

    I've signed up for a City Night 2018 10k race in Berlin on July 28th. My first foreign race. The say it's a good race to beat a PB. Shame I have a knee problems of late and won't be fully fit. I'll try nevertheless.
  10. Dragon in the North

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Fast travel times have never bothered me, with maybe one or two exceptions. Fast travel has been a part of the series since the very first episode, so I’m not sure why people continue to have a problem with it.
  11. SpaceForce Tywin et al.

    The value of going to college at different times

    @Ormond I completely agree, and that’s why two years ago I bit the bullet and moved back in with my parents. I make about $40k after taxes and excluding benefits, and I couldn’t save more than $100 a month when I was living on my own. That made it impossible to either save up enough to buy a house or go back to grad/law school. The current structure traps most young people, regardless if you go to college or not. And frankly I don’t think you can even compare the value of getting a degree in the 50’s, 80’s and today. There are too many variables, but as you correctly identified, cost of living and education are major drivers. You do realize that a lot of people don't go to college just to make a lot of money. Many just want to learn about something that interests them and/or go into a field where they can help people rather than seeking financial gain. Do my buddies with engineering degrees make more than me? Yes, for the most part. Do any of them have the same level of critical thinking skills as me? Not even close. Do they know anywhere near as much about the world as me? Ha! Most of them can’t even name all fifty states.
  12. Notone

    Football: Jules Rimet Still Gleaming

    I am not forgetting them, that's why wrote deals. However I think you are selling City a bit short here. They walked the league last year with record goals and points. If Keita, Fabinho and Alisson are working the way they are supposed to, that will definately strengthen Liverpool, but I don't think that will turn them into a 100 points team. Ok, whether City will post a 100 pointer again, that is another question, but I'd think you'd probably need a 90 points +x season, if you hope to win it. To stay in that metric (of hypothetical league points), I think Liverpool might be in the bracket to post a 80+ season. Which should be good enough to finish ahead of any team in the league, bar City. And I think top four team is an improvement over top 6
  13. Frankly, it was a bit hard to understand exactly what you were suggesting, so I was picking at you for a clarification. The fact of the matter is the right, particularly the American right often, tries to invoke "freedom" for it's preferred policies. But, as you rightly acknowledge, the right doesn't really have any particular superior claim upon freedom. And particularly after all the shennigans that is going on with Trump, any further talk of freedom by the American right, ought to be met with a big old horse laugh. And of course the right has it's own set of "simplistic" solutions. I wasn't sure if you were merely accusing the left of this.
  14. Dofs

    Was Tywin Lannister a villain?

    I am pretty sure the books did tell us that Tywin did not take part in the actual planning and that it was a job of some Freys, Lothar Frey being one of them. A horrible, horrible man and also a clear villain, as I have written in my original post. Still, there are many levels of evil and Gregor is, imo, much more evil than Tywin. Gregor is an unhinged monster who would kill and rape just because, while Tywin is someone who doesn't care about morals or what's right, or other people except for very few, in order to achieve his pragmatic goals. He is still a huge asshole but I believe some others make him out to be much worse than he actually is (which is still pretty damn bad). For example, I don't believe that Tywin ordered to rape and kill Elia, for 3 reasons. Firstly, he understood the norms of the society and hence knew that the marriage wasn't Elia's choice. Secondly, he knew that Elia's murder would greatly complicate their relationship with Martells which was absolutely unnecessary. And finally, by that point he should had been happy that Cersei didn't marry Rhaegar, given how it all turned out. So holding a grudge against Elia given all that seems to be so illogical to me, it's almost cartoonish.
  15. The way I read it is that Tyrion didnt know at all who Aemon was which is strange because Tyrion would have read a LOT about the Targs.
  16. Battle at Ashford was the last battle of 282. After it ended, Robert went to Stony Sept, and Mace Tyrell went to Storm's End. Distance from Ashford to Stony Sept is identical to distance from Ashford to Storm's End (approximately 570 miles). So the two of them arrived to their destinations at about the same time - either in very late 282, like in December, or in early 283, like in January. It is known, that Battle of the Bells happened in early 283, and that Ned and Cat married not long after that. Robb was conceived on their wedding night. And he was born later that same year. So the latest possible time of their wedding is 40 weeks prior the end of December, and that's - last week of March. So Ned and Cat married between January and last week of March, and Robb was born between last week of September and last week of December. In AGOT14 Robb is still 14. And Jon turns 15 in AGOT19. Bran turns 8 in AGOT24. Robb turned 15 sometime prior AGOT37. Bran turns 9 years old, sometime prior ACOK28, and he gets news about Robb's victory at Oxcross (the battle happened in 299), in his next chapter, in ACOK35. In ACOK32, when Sansa has received news about Oxcross, she is still 12 years old (her 13th birthday of that year (299) didn't happened yet). Robb turned 16 in ACOK55. On her wedding night, in ASOS28, Sansa said to Tyrion, that she will turn 13, when the moon turns, so either by the end of that month, or when the next month will begin. In ASOS53 Tyrion received news about Robb’s death. Last day of 299 was depicted in chapter ASOS59. Joffrey’s wedding, that happened on first day of 300, was depicted in ASOS60-62. So, based on info given in the books, their birthdays are in this order: 1. Jon. 2. Bran. 3. Robb. 4. Sansa. Jon was born earlier than Robb, and Robb was born between last week of September and last week of December. Queen Rhaella was sent to Dragonstone prior Rhaegar's death at Trident. Dany was born 9 months later (pregnancy lasts 9 months and 10 days), so she was conceived about two weeks prior departure to Dragonstone. GRRM said, that Jon is 8-9 months older than Dany. After Rhaegar's death, Ned went to KL, and arrived there shortly after the Sack. Then he went to Storm's End, and lifted that siege. Then he went to the Tower of Joy, and arrived there, when Lyanna was dying, after giving birth to Jon. So Jon was born, when siege of Storm's End was already lifted. Jon was born earlier than Robb; Robb already turned 16, prior he died in 299; based on Joffrey's words, Robb died at least one month prior Purple Wedding (because Joffrey wanted Robb's head to be delivered from the Twins to KL (distance between them is 835 miles, it will take at least 3 weeks to cover that distance), as his wedding present). Thus Robb died earlier, than in December. And he has already turned 16 years old, prior that. Thus his birthday is between last week of September and last week of November. Jon's birthday is before that, and Storm's End's siege ended even before that. Thus SE's siege ended not later than last week of November, or maybe even earlier than last week of September. The battle at Ashford was the last battle of 282, after it ended, Mace Tyrell went towards Storm's End, it took him 2-4 weeks to get there. He arrived there either in December of 282 or in January of 283. And siege ended not later, than last week of November of 283. Thus it lasted maximum 11 months, from December of 282 until November of 283, or from January of 283 until November of 283, or maybe it was as short as from January of 283 until August or September of 283, and thus lasted only 8 or 9 months. After Ned left KL, it took him approximately 10-20 days, to get to Storm's End (435 miles), and another 14-30 days to get from there to the Tower of Joy (570 miles), to arrive there in time for Jon's birth. Thus siege ended at least 14 days prior Jon's birth. And, as I already wrote many times - Jon was born earlier than Robb. Siege was lifted at least 14 days prior Jon's birth; Robb was born later than Jon; Robb was born earlier than in December, so the latest possible time, when siege was lifted is in the middle of November. And there's NO WAY, that Mace arrived to Storm's End as early as in November of 282. Thus siege lasted 8-11 months, which is LESS THAN A YEAR.
  17. That is my question My top five 1. Judith Durham (Australia) Born 1943 2. Linda Ronstadt (American) Born 1946 3. Karen Carpenter (American) Born 1950- Dead 1983 4. France Gall (French) Born 1947-Dead 2018 5. Patsy Cline (American) Born 1932- Dead 1963
  18. I think the increase in debt recent college graduates have may be combined with the increase in housing costs in explaining this result. The traditional American pattern is for young persons just starting in their careers to rent while they are saving money to buy a house. Relative to income, rents have increased amazingly over the last couple of generations, with the % of people being excessively burdened by rent costs now being around 50%: https://www.apartmentlist.com/rentonomics/rent-growth-since-1960/ Meanwhile the trend of people in their 20s living with parents has increased, but it has gone up more among blue collar young people than among those with college educations. I think that psychologically it's harder for those with college degrees to want to live with parents while they are starting out -- plus geographically more of them simply wouldn't have found jobs in the city or town their parents live in than those without college educations. http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018/04/05/a-record-64-million-americans-live-in-multigenerational-households/ Living with one's parents (even if one pays them some rent) undoubtedly allows for more savings and wealth accumulation than living on one's own and paying rent to a landlord. So the combination of college debt and high rent would make wealth accumulation more difficult for college grads relative to their blue collar age mates than it would in the past. As someone who is now 67, I am appalled by both the levels of college debt and by the rent situation. I live in Omaha, where housing costs are supposedly more reasonable than they are in most other metro areas. Yet it seems that almost all the new apartment complexes being built here are "luxury" ones where the rents for efficiency apartments are $950 a month and of course those for larger apartments well over a thousand dollars a month. I do not see how most young people starting out can afford those rents, pay down their college debt, and save for the future effectively all at the same time. Certainly there would have to be two people with two good incomes, either spouses or roommates, sharing the rent on the average two bedroom apartment for this to even begin to be affordable.
  19. Mexal

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    I agree with the other Bengals fan. Great movie.
  20. GallowKnight

    Upcoming TV Series of 2018 - Your most anticipated shows

    First proper trailer for Sons of Anarchy spin-off Mayans MC
  21. I love owner operated businesses. I think it the way to get employees invested in their companies and to avoid top heavy management control that discounts the value of labor.
  22. Sure, but the question becomes when do you think that equilibrium existed. 1950's? 1960's? 1970's? Obviously starting in the 80's is when the problem has blown up, so I'd assume that this equilibrium point was sometime before that. So if one of those time periods was when there was an equilibrium, what are the 'non-radical' policies that were in place that helped foster that environment? Because from what I see there were 70-90% tax brackets; HUGE government investments in infrastructure, science, and technology; and extremely strong unions in both the private and public sector. Talk about any of those things today and you get painted as having views that want to shift to the 'radical opposite'. Or maybe we never had an equilibrium in your POV and it's something else entirely.
  23. polishgenius

    Football: Jules Rimet Still Gleaming

    From what I've seen and know of Keita he's a great signing and could be the one to genuinely push Liverpool into contention.
  24. Jabar of House Titan

    Areo Hotah - The Most Boring Man in Westeros?

    Yes I do. Remember the very first Dornish chapter we got? The people were throwing half-rotten fruit at Doran when he came into Sunspear for the first time in what? Two years? It was so bad that Areo actually had to do something. Actually, all of the Dornish chapters we got basically told us that the Dornish people - noblemen and smallfolk alike - are not happy with the way Doran Martell has run Dorne. Prince Doran, while popular among readers, is actually infamous for being "very good at doing nothing." This assessment of him - while not entirely true - is very common. Largely due to the fact that Prince Doran's communication skills are awful and the fact that he is a naturally slow-moving, methodical person. I don't think the popular uprising against House Martell (maybe all of the nobility) will happen until Dream. Maybe Aegon/Arianne's war with Daenerys will beggar Dorne. And I say Dorne because the Reach is likely going to be picked about by Cersei and/or Euron so they will already be beggared, the Stormlands have been mostly worn down by the Wot5K so there's not much there to begin with and the Riverlands … well, enough has been said about that. But I think that whatever it is that House Dayne is up to (there's no way the Darkstar is working alone), why Rhaegar was in Dorne for so long during the rebellion (I don't believe the honeymoon phase excuse) and what really was going on at the Tower of Joy....it's going to be connected to the anti-Martell sentiments. Areo is actually the perfect POV character for this because, unlike Catelyn and Davos, he's going to do absolutely nothing but follow orders and watch the disaster unfold until it's absolutely too late for him to do anything about it...
  25. zionius

    Errors in the WOIAF

    http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Errata_of_The_World_of_Ice_%26_Fire#Appendix https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Artos_Stark
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