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  1. Wow... that is an excellent encapsulation of the problems in Sanderson's writing. He has a limited repertoire of character traits that he seems to mix and match to create, in the end, minor variations in each of his stories. It really can all be boiled down to an appendix list. Some rare characters do rise above this, but mostly this fits. I was incredibly frustrated over the whole Shallan being attracted to Kaladin thing too. Especially since it went absolutely nowhere in the end. Why end up doing this to your character if there aren't any real stakes to this? It is almost like he just went through the motions for the heck of it. What particularly frustrates me is that in this series, Sanderson is writing all his main characters as all having some kind of mental disorder. That can be great, but Sanderson reduces it almost to a gimmick. Multiple personalities don't just pop up, and you do not have communication between them and control to the level Shallan has. I agree with whoever said that Radiant didn't even seem a real personality, an almost perfect example of a cardboard cutout character.
  2. Yeah, I flubbed that one. Spiderman does show a new cooperation between these guys. Maybe they'll do it for Wheel, again. As for the Middle Earth prequel... everyone seems to want to Silmarillion, but I think it'd be terrible on TV. The timescales are very, very long. If they were to take all that out and try compress this, the grandeur and tragic sweep of the story will be lost completely. They could take a particular story, like Beren and Luthien, maybe. There's darkness there, sure, but it is also a fairly straightforward romance story. Turin's story is certainly dark, but it is also a complete tragedy, devoid of anything approaching humor or joy. Grit is one thing, but a thoroughly depressing story? I doubt it will sell as well. I think they'd do far better to mine the fall of Numenor, the making of the Rings, the politics between Celebrimbor, Galadriel, Sauron and Gil Galad, Moria's fall, the establishment of Arnor and Gondor, all leading to the fall of Sauron, and ending with Isildur's death and the loss of the Ring. There is quite a lot of detailed storytelling surrounding this Age, and its ties to LotR would be obvious, yet it is a story with many nuances that the movie audience simply does not know, as well as room to expand beyond the notes. There's room for politics and moral grey areas, too. And it would nicely tie in with the start of Fellowship.
  3. What about Disney's new channel? They have Star Wars and Marvel. Adding a huge fantasy franchise would certainly help immediately catapult them to a top tier streaming service. And since this is Disney, I can totally image Disneyland getting in on the action as well, as they have with HP. Not sure if Sony and Disney would work together though.
  4. Hmm... one thing a TV show will emphasize is the lack of good female characters in LotR, especially in Fellowship. you have Galadriel, and maybe Arwen, and that is it. I sincerely hope we don't get another elf-dwarf love-triangle to compensate.
  5. Tonight's episode was definitely the best one yet. The crew finally felt like a crew, I found the character interactions to be fun, and the overall story was good too. If they continue to have the Klingon war as a backdrop for this kind of storytelling... this can actually become quite good! Also:
  6. I agree that I sensed another mutiny coming. The scientist in me just died at the realization that the season is going to focus of effing space fungus. I guess one thing they haven't modernized is in making the "science" more believable. And when Stamets was explaining to Burnham that at a quantum level, biology and physics are the same, I had to wonder how the heck Burnham got to being an expert in quantum physics without knowing that yes, biology is physics, and not just at a quantum level. I know all this was for the audience's benefit, but they could have done it more smoothly. Burnham came across as quite the idiot there. >I recall Fuller saying he wanted to be as inclusive as possible with this show and I think most of us leapt to LGBT but I think it's cool they are potentially including developmental disorders like autism and aspergers in the future as things that simply require embracing/channeling. Feels like they're doing both. Stamets is gay, and we'll even see his partner, who also serves in the Discovery, apparently. It looks like they'll treat his homosexuality as a banal aspect of his character, and I like that we didn't see it at all this episode. Tilly was interesting. She was all kinds of awkward till things got really dangerous, and then she seemed to calm down. I'm hoping Burnham stays her roommate. Lorca was interesting, and I'm really glad they're going to explore what happens when Starfleet's exploratory and military purposes collide. Some interesting tensions in the cast, there, with Burnham and Stamets probably falling on one side, and Lorca (for now) on the other.
  7. I think the question is, since they've made a profit already, why not air it on both CBS and All Access? Kind of how HBO got HBO Now going: have the normal TV broadcast for those who haven't cut the cord, but suck in cord cutters with new original content they can watch simultaneously with the broadcast. Obviously, one big reason is that HBO has a much better content portfolio and a brand that would draw people to HBO Now, whereas CBS just doesn't. But if they'd worked on it, I think they'd have found more success this way.
  8. Sure, that part was reminiscent of the movies, but unlike the movies, where Kirk just comes across as a total dick who saved the day by being a dick, Burnham came across as someone who did something awfully stupid in a moment of emotional vulnerability, and it didn't work, and she's paying for it, and seems completely crushed at her own stupidity. I don't think they read as the same at all, barring the "escapes from sick bay to warn the crew" bit.
  9. I'm not someone with huge investment in the Trek universe, so maybe I don't get some deep in universe reason for why her action makes no sense, but to me the episode clearly communicated that she was behaving irrationally because she has deeply negative memories associated with the Klingons, who killed her parents. Even in her training in Vulcan, we see her failing when those memories are brought up, which I thought existed only to show that Vulcan training or no Vulcan training, Michael is very very human in how she regards those who killed her parents. So, after her explanation failed to move the captain, she decided to take matters into her own hands, because she saw yet another bunch of people she was close to dying if she didn't do so. It never came across as being presented as the right thing to do. Desperate and foolish and not motivated by evil is the best you can say about it. And it looks like she'll pay the price for it, and these actions will form the core of her character arc over the season. So I'm confused at all the hostility towards that scene by Trek fans.
  10. They're releasing 3 chapters a week from Oathbringer every Tuesday, on Tor.
  11. So in the Justice League TV show, she's said to be Hippolyta's daughter with Hades. Hades tricks Hippolyta, who helps him, and the Gods punish her by banishing her to Earth to rule over the Amazons and with them keep the gates of Hades shut. I was kind of surprised the movie had Aries killing all the Gods. That made little sense, since it takes away the most powerful threats/allies for Wonder Woman in her future films. Maybe it'll all be revealed as story, and keeping Hades at bay will also be shown to be part of the Amazon's job?
  12. Don't they also show that scratch on her arm early on healing on its own, and that healer comments on it? I think she's likely bulletproof, but maybe more like Wolverine is rather than how Superman is.
  13. I thought this was addressed. The initial story was just that: a story, as Hippolyta tells Diana when she says she wants to go fight Ares. It anyway never made much sense for Zeus to be dead thousands of years ago and also be able to grant Diana's clay statue life/impregnate Hippolyta so recently.
  14. Well, given how big a success the movie was, I hope we'll see more female superhero movies. I guess it would be too much to ask for a Legend of Korra movie though. Black, bisexual muscular female lead movie is probably a ways away. But the possibility has gotten stronger, one hopes.
  15. Saw it last night as well. I definitely think it was the best DC movie, but the ending was just stupid. Seriously... love is the answer? They seriously couldn't come up with anything better? The story they set up had so many better directions to go. Why does it have to be love? Also, I'm mystified, given Wonder Woman's heritage, and the time period they chose, that we didn't get to meet any suffragettes. I['d have thought that would be better time spent in London than 5 minutes of Diana choosing clothes. Still, the Themiscyra parts were actually fun, and well done. Gal Gadot owned the role, and she and Chris Pine had some actual chemistry.