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  1. GRRM updates WoW at "NotaBlog"

    Look, he takes his time. We all knew that. I think the delay is precisely because he wants to avoid going over 7 books. Frankly, I'm all for that.  Meanwhile, I'm not sure Benioff and Weiss can do justice to GRRM's story any more than it turned out Brandon Sanderson could to Robert Jordan. In that there will certainly be spoilers for events that GRRM will include, but I doubt the execution or the emotional heft of those events will match what the creator of the story could manage. So I'll be reading what GRRM publishes, whenever he publishes it, anyway.  I just hope fan reactions to some of those plots on TV don't push GRRM into making too many changes to his vision.
  2. Christopher Paolini is working on a sci fi novel

    I have been inspired to re-read Eragon, and review it here. Anyone wanna join me?
  3. Christopher Paolini is working on a sci fi novel

    Having rich parents who will publish your crap because they think you're special. Also, the "other" Paolini is almost certainly the same exact guy. I can't believe Dickens and Steinbeck have to suffer the indignity of having this hack write a foreword for them.
  4. Christopher Paolini is working on a sci fi novel

    Too harsh? Twat is being too kind to him. Frankly, he always reads like a spoilt child who grew up and didn't realize he isn't all that special. 
  5. Best SFF Heroines

    Thanks for the rec. That does seem a fascinating perspective. Will check it out.    
  6. Best SFF Heroines

    Good point, that.     
  7. Best SFF Heroines

    Only in a world like ours, though. There's no reason, in an entirely different world with a different history of how women have been treated in society, for women to be inherently less violent. All evidence we have for differences in male and female brains show that they tend to be very small, and rarely binary in nature. Rather behavioral tendencies follow a continuum across genders, and societal pressures superimpose on these to give rise to actual behavior. If you have a medieval type society that isn't backed by systemic sexism... why would there be greater peace-making tendencies among women? Dorne is a decent counter-example in aSoIaF, but within the larger genre, I wouldn't say there is a trend. And I wouldn't say badass individual heroines necessarily counter this, since in most cases they are considered singular and pushing against the norm. 
  8. Best SFF Heroines

    Agreed. Robb just ignored that his fight with the Lannisters was about more than what happens in the field. Reading those chapters, one gets the feeling that the only person even aware of that was Catelyn. I definitely feel she is one of the more unusual and very interesting heroines. I applaud GRRM's decision to let us see the events surrounding the Northern invasion primarily from her PoV rather than Robb. I loved her PoVs, and contrasting them with Cersei's only makes it all the more obvious how clever Cat was. The loss of her PoVs is definitely felt in the next two books. Regarding female characters who don't use violence... I do wish that didn't become such a trope, though. The woman is always the voice of caution and peace, and while I'm all for caution and peace, I wish author's would branch out from that mould.
  9. Best SFF Heroines

    That's all I'm saying. 
  10. Best SFF Heroines

    And I'd say your tendency to ignore much of the books to force across your view of them is also well established. Neither of us has much claim to objectivity, it seems, but this, after all, is a thread about a subjective question... 
  11. Best SFF Heroines

    I'd say that is true for some, not all. Moiraine, Egwene and Nynaeve, at least, are competently written characters, and they do kick ass, a lot, and are central to the story, and in many ways great female characters. And no, the fact that some of them have repetitive tics that the author uses to convey some emotion of theirs doesn't make them completely bad characters. That's some bad writing, certainly, but it isn't the sum total of these characters either.
  12. Has anyone read The Way of Kings yet?

      The two biggest issues with his works. He has interesting ideas. But he just doesn't execute too well most of the time.
  13. A long-winded explanation of why I don't like Gandalf

    One of the worst changes in the movies. Book Denethor dislikes Gandalf for his meddling, but is not foolish enough to dismiss his aid. And he is not at all a raving lunatic.
  14. A long-winded explanation of why I don't like Gandalf

    I went through half of this, then stopped. Too much that made no sense.   The entire wall of text doesn't address that Gandalf spent the 18 years between Bolbo's departure and his return to the Shire hunting Gollum. He's the reason Aragorn found Gollum, and they knew the full history of the ring, and that Sauron knew the name Baggins. Being quite non-idiotic, Gandalf correctly prioritized not letting Sauron find out about the One Ring (if that is what it was), rather than satisfying his own curiosity first.   Could he have had the time to take a trip to Gondor? Possibly. And there is, in fact, no hint that he did not. Faramir certainly met him many times, and if the last time he met Gandalf was 18 years ago (when Faramir was 17), nothing in the books suggests it. Gandalf may simply have not had time to do a thorough enough search in those times, and could afford that time only once he knew Golloum was already captured.   As for the events in the Hobbit, the explanation is in the Unfinished Tales. As Gandalf tells the Hobbits, he was very worried that the rising power in Dol Guldur would claim the Dragon, and then Smaug would rage over the North, and destroy Rivendell. So he set in motion a two pronged attack. He sent a sneak team to fight Smaug, while he himself pushed the White Council to send Sauron far from Dol Guldur.   As for the rest, a lot of this seems to expect Gandalf to just take over. Any overtly heroic act from him would make men worship him, and that was something explicitly forbidden. Nevertheless, he certainly didn't sit on his ass. If he is known for bringing bad news, that implies he has given bad news to the Rohirrim many times. And a large number of Gondorians recognize him on sight, again hardly possible if he just visited a few times.   Gandalf's duty was to aid and give hope to the people. Not by directly saving them, but by evoking the best of their abilities. This, he seems to have largely done. From Faramir to Aragorn to Billbo, the very best of the men and Hobbits of the world sought wisdom and comfort from him. His mandate changed after death, which is why you see him be more active.   As for his death, he obviously wouldn't have brought a Balrog to Lothlorien, which was the only bulwark against an invasion from Dol Guldur to Gondor. We know that even in the First Age, killing a Balrog was a hugely difficult task for even the mightiest of Elves. Glorfindel died fighting one. As did Ecthelion. Feanor fought five of them, but he too lost his life. Any attack by the Balrog on Lothlorien would have only ended if Galadriel herself came out to fight it, and then she would have been either severely weakened or killed, leaving nothing in the way of the Nazgul led invasion from Dol Guldur.