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  1. Was GRRM influenced by Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series?

  2. The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

    I rushed through the trilogy this week based on your review. I found it very so-so. Not objectionably bad, but I doubt it'll stay in my memory for long. There were interesting things that could have been done, but I think the author played it too safe too many times. Lightweight is the right word to describe this series.
  3. Person of Interest - Only 13 Episodes Left [SPOILERS]

    I think Michael Emerson staring at computer screens has to be the weirdest, most brilliant bits of acting to come on TV. Another GREAT performance from him here. A good episode. I'm optimistic we'll get a good final season.
  4. WHEEL OF TIME officially optioned for television

    Mind giving us a general clue where the eight figure number is coming from? Unless it was confidential and you can't. I don't see why 150 episodes are needed for a faithful representation of the series. No one, no matter how rabid a fan, is going to insist on every scene being on the show. Many, many of the conversation scenes can be condensed without the story altering in any way. Same with any number of storylines. Take the Borderland rulers. We don't need to see things from their perspective at all. Just have Siuan report to Egwene the rulers disappeared with huge armies. Have Elayne meet them, then Rand. That takes away a few chapters. Same with any number of things. You can also, for instance, combine Gawyn and Galad (NO one will mind Gawyn not being present). Remove Berelain. Merge Amys and Sorelia. Excise the entire circus travels story for Nynaeve and Elayne... none of these are critical to remaining faithful to the tale. And heck, if they want to get really clever, they can say the TV show is from a different turning of the Wheel. Thus, broadly similar in the big details, but the small stuff varies. That's a nice in-story explanation for any discrepancies that should satisfy the most hardcore of fans.
  5. WHEEL OF TIME officially optioned for television

    Hmm... one issue is going to be juggling the climaxes. Some of them work well: Moiraine's death plus Rand's kidnapping and rescue would make great mid and end of season climaxes. But the Eye and Falme? Tear and the Waste+Two Rivers? They work less well in the same season. And these aren't things you want to cut. They'll have to work something out.
  6. WHEEL OF TIME officially optioned for television

    This is exciting news. I'm pretty sure we're going to get a massively truncated story. One that only resembles the books in the broad strokes. And that is fine. Frankly, a condensed story of the main six (Rand, Egwene, Mat, Nynaeve, Perrin and Elayne) can be pretty exciting. The great bonus here is that in every book, at least two of these people are together in the same arc. So focus on them, add in some critical locations/groups like the White Tower, Forsaken, the Aiel, the Seanchan and maybe Andor, and you've gotten yourself a fairly dense story but one you can keep control of. The other major advantage over GoT is that the writers know everything there is to know. They know how varioys arcs play out. They can make editorial decisions based on which ones worked out (the White Tower Rebellion) or which ones didn't (Perrin's rescuing of Faile), and which ones need some more spicing up (Elayne's taking the throne of Andor). They can advance some storylines, condense some others, eliminate yet others, and have a story that is very familiar to readers, while also being much more compact and less sprawling than the books. What they NEED to do is condense tertiary characters. Secondary characters are hard enough, but at least they're distinct and have distinct roles to play: Moiraine (who will be major in the first few seasons), Lan, Siuan, Elaida, Thom, Min, Aviendha, Verin. This is tier two. But tier three needs massive restructuring. They'll have to condense some of the Black Ajah hunters, some members of the Black Ajah itself, some of the Asha'man, etc. and bring them to the fore early. Have them play multiple roles that others do in the books, make them more distinct and more or less promote them to secondary character levels. The Forsaken will probably have to see some cuts. For instance, if you cut out the entire Arad Doman storyline, and plop Graendal in the Rebel Camp, and don't resurrect Balthamel, it makes perfect sense. Graendal is well suited for the politics of the Aes Sedai, Arad Doman only served to show Rand's descent into darkness, and that can be done anywhere, and Aran'gar was a wasted character who died in Arad Doman anyway. Conveniently, there are six major Forsaken as well: Ishamael, Lanfear, Semirhage, Sammael, Graendal and Demandred. Rahvin was somewhat important early on, but it seems to make more sense to combine Sammael's story with his, and plop Sammael in Andor. This way, Andor is in play till the story reaches "Book 7", which also conveniently lines up with when Elayne goes back to claim her throne. Asmodean, Taim and Mesaana can round up the rest. Location wise, there are three major places I can see it worth focussing on: The White Tower will pretty much have to be a location right from the start. The set will be too expensive to build for just a few scenes, and expanding the Tower makes a lot of sense. Many storylines can be completely cut, but still talked about in an expository manner in the Tower. Plus, some of the series' biggest shockers, like Elaida's coup and the Seanchan attack, happen at the Tower, and Elaida vs. Egwene is the central long running political story. They'd need to elaborate on this with some key secondary characters like Alviarin and Siuan. Introuduce them all early. Investing in the Tower early will pay of well, I think. The Waste and the story of the Aiel is another of these. Focus on them, and I think their strangeness, their rich history, the possibility of their horrific fate... these can play very well on TV. They may have to promote some Aiel characters with some added story early on, like show the hunt for the Car'a'carn, etc, to invest the audience right away. Lastly, Andor will obviously have to be another central place. Caemlyn is at the center of a lot of the story, and that can be expanded. Dropping Sammael in there is one major thing to do. I think if they get a bunch of writers who read the books thoroughly, and chart out the course for a 6-8 season run in the broad strokes right away, adapting WoT is eminently doable. Rand's descent to madness, and his redemption from that, and Egwene's rise to power should be the central focus, as Wert said. And that can be a fun story to watch.
  7. Fantasy lit that passes the Bechdel test?

    Oops forgot the Draco part. Then yes, it doesn't fit the parameters of the test. Conversations between women are alluded to, of course, like McGonagall and Hermione discussing her time turner, but I don't think that counts. Just did a Google search, and one conversation fits: Harry, while imprisoned, overhears Bellatrix torturing Hermione. They're discussing a sword, so it appears to pass the test.
  8. Fantasy lit that passes the Bechdel test?

    Harry Potter has that scene between Narcissa and Bellatrix, and one between Lily and Petunia, though Snape is the subject for part of the conversation at least. So it kind of does pass, but is restricted by its focus on only Harry as a PoV. As for Wheel of Time, I fail to see how it doesn't genuinely pass with flying colors. Like a few chapters in, Egwene and Moiraine have a conversation about the One Power and Egwene becoming Aes Sedai, and that's just the first of many many conversations where women talk about all sorts of things not related to men. Just because it has other issues related to how women are portrayed doesn't mean it doesn't pass the Bechdel test.
  9. GRRM updates WoW at "NotaBlog"

    Look, he takes his time. We all knew that. I think the delay is precisely because he wants to avoid going over 7 books. Frankly, I'm all for that. Meanwhile, I'm not sure Benioff and Weiss can do justice to GRRM's story any more than it turned out Brandon Sanderson could to Robert Jordan. In that there will certainly be spoilers for events that GRRM will include, but I doubt the execution or the emotional heft of those events will match what the creator of the story could manage. So I'll be reading what GRRM publishes, whenever he publishes it, anyway. I just hope fan reactions to some of those plots on TV don't push GRRM into making too many changes to his vision.
  10. Christopher Paolini is working on a sci fi novel

    I have been inspired to re-read Eragon, and review it here. Anyone wanna join me?
  11. Christopher Paolini is working on a sci fi novel

    Having rich parents who will publish your crap because they think you're special. Also, the "other" Paolini is almost certainly the same exact guy. I can't believe Dickens and Steinbeck have to suffer the indignity of having this hack write a foreword for them.
  12. Christopher Paolini is working on a sci fi novel

    Too harsh? Twat is being too kind to him. Frankly, he always reads like a spoilt child who grew up and didn't realize he isn't all that special.
  13. Best SFF Heroines

    Yup. Which is kind of why I brought up WoT. The series is hardly perfect in this regard, but some of the women, at least, escape this trope, especially Moiraine and Egwene. True. Actually, the best male character I've seen in this regard is Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender. Gender issues in general are just so much better handled in that show and Legend of Korra. Its a shame that some of that sensibility hasn't rubbed off on more SFF authors, who can explore these issues with greater depth than a kids show in Nickelodeon. Good point. I remember those days. I did find some of Breinne's chapters in aFfC trying, but this was also true of most of the other PoVs in that book. As a character I find Brienne fascinating, and one of GRRMs most successfully drawn female characters. Thanks for the rec. That does seem a fascinating perspective. Will check it out.
  14. Best SFF Heroines

    Fair point. Not that this fact isn't yet another issue with SFF... Exactly. But those associations themselves are sexist. When you blindly take them over to your created world, as an author you're either admitting you didn't think this trough, or that you think these are inherently masculine/feminine. Good point, that.