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  1. Fair enough. I do agree that them agreeing to all share him was iffy as fuck. My point with the incest thing was not that it wasn't iffy, but that it barely generates comment anymore, let alone controversy. As for it serving a purpose... I suppose one could argue that those bonds all helped Rand with not devolving into complete lunacy, but that's barely critical. It was just a way for Rand to have three women he banged but not be judged for it. I'd be happy to see it go. Maybe Aviendha and Elayne just fall for each other, and decide that they'd rather have each other and leave Rand to Min?
  2. I don't know how they'd handle it, either. I agree the three agreeing to share him is weird. But as someone else pointed out, if you can actually show straight up brother-sister incest on GoT, and no one gets super judgy, I guess they could find a way to handle this too. In some ways, the books do work to make this work. Frankly, Elayne spends more time with Aviendha than she does Rand, so it isn't like she agrees to this purely for Rand's sake. Min does, it feels like, though she spends a lot of time with Elayne too. Frankly, things would be easier if they just paired up Elayne and Aviendha. Have them hook up with Rand, but then fall for each other. Then nothing major changes, except that Rand and Elayne have kids...
  3. Well, I think Dumai's Wells would be way cooler if we can see the weaves AND the effects. Parts of Dumai's Wells, like Rand breaking through his shield, NEED weaves shown. The Asha'man and Aes Sedai fighting... there it isn't strictly necessary but can add to the effect. The Cleansing of Saidin will obviously need to show weaves. I'd say weaves make sense when someone is making cuendillar too. Another place where weaves would be good is when Healing is done. Another thing to consider is how to show a character embracing the Power. The women are supposed to have a silver-gold nimbus. I'd make this common for men and women, to avoid confusion, but it needs to be done well, or it will just come across as tacky. I agree that Dr. Strange was a great model for how to make weaves, except the weaves need to be more 3D. As for the colors of the Five Powers, RJ has already told use what they are: Red for Fire, green for Earth, blue for Water, yellow for Air, and white for Spirit. These are just supposed to be tints, not solid colors. The base is the silvery glow of the One Power. I'd add these colors as light tints, and add diseased black spots or something for saidin till it is cleansed.
  4. Not always. When Nynaeve fight Moghedien, or Rand fights Lanfear, a lot of what's going on isn't obvious. They could change this, of course, but I think that might just make some of these fights more run of the mill than it needs to be. Sure, in big set pieces like Dumai's Wells and the Tower, show the giant explosions and fire and lightning. But other situations will demand weaves, and they should have it.
  5. I agree, but that needs to be handled carefully. Take Rand and Lanfear fighting in the docks of Cairhein. You'll need to show both saidin and saidar weaves. They'll need to look different. I think one thing they could do is make saidin weaves slightly laced with darkness, till they get to the cleansing.
  6. A lot of the magic is using Air to move something, etc. but a lot is not. The question is do you show weaves. If you don't, it feels like "magic" and that takes away a distinct flavor of the world. I think that's the CGI challenge. But the bigger cost will be locations. Early on, there are few, but once you have to do places like Tar Valon, Rhuidean, etc.... you're really going to have to shell out a lot of money. All said, this has the potential to be a very expensive show. I hope they fund it, and I hope that means they work hard to make it good in other ways. As for the Bowl: you can remove the Sea Folk from that story. Make it so Elayne and Nynaeve have to figure it out on their own. The Sea Folk's ultimate role was entirely offscreen, where apparently they used the Bowl to keep the weather stable for the Last Battle despite the Dark One trying throw out massive storms. It is a detail that can be excised without a problem, but there are two ways in which I think their absence can hurt: 1) They bring much needed racial diversity. While Tairens, Altarans, Domani and maybe even Malkieri, Saldeans and Shienarans can easily be cast as non-white, the Sea Folk are explicitly completely non-white. I guess if they truly have a mixed casting, they don't have to worry. After all, Elayne says the first Queen of Andor was as dark as any of the Sea Folk, so why not have a truly mixed race casting. In story, there's enough history to support a very mixed population in terms of skin color everywhere. 2) Mat releases Sea Folk damane from Ebou Dar while he kidnaps Tuon and makes away. I feel this is a fairly big moment. It gives them the cover they need to sneak out unnoticed, and it is a major moment for Mat. If they remove the Sea Folk, they should come up with an alternative bunch of channelers for him to help.
  7. A better thing to do would be to try and blend it with the quest for the Lion Throne. Maybe have the Bowl be located somewhere in Andor. This does complicate things with the Seanchan and Mat meeting Tuon, though.
  8. 1. The Aiel: I'd still rather have them introduced early as they are in the books. There's no reason they can't infiltrate the Stone the same time the Seanchan are besieging it. Only makes them more badass. 2. Hmm... I'm not sure not having the girls is a good idea. They may not contribute all that much at the Eye, but their absence later in Falme would be very weird. Egwene not rejecting Rand and helping him hide from the Amyrlin Seat and the Aes Sedai is pretty crucial to their relationship, I think. And the girls' knowledge that Rand can channel is a pretty important motivator for their leaving the Tower, and also for their immediate antagonism with Elaida. Nynaeve also needs time around Lan, and time to learn about his past, for their romance to make any sense. On the way to the Eye and Fal Dara are their longest stretches together before they get married. Also, what would they do in Tar Valon? Sidelining them so quickly in the first season would be counterproductive I think. 3. Keeping the Seanchan relevant is certainly a good idea, but I wonder if the better idea is to have Tuon introduced much earlier. Will also make it easier to increase the cast diversity early on, unless they sensibly cast blind to race and make this a moot issue.
  9. Haha thanks, but trust me, there are WoT fans way more qualified than me to do this, and they'd do well to hire some of them for help. Over at Theoryland, someone suggested combining Falme and Tear, so the threads of Books 2 and 3 are woven into one. The Seanchan attack Tear, Egwene is captured and kept as a damane there, Rand goes to rescue her, in the process breaks into the Stone of Tear (which manages to hold against the Seanchan invasion), the Horn is blown, Rand fights Ishamael in the skies with Callandor, Egwene is rescued, and Tear comes under Rand's control. The idea is rather neat. In both Great Hunt and Dragon Reborn, you have Rand running away from his identity (as a channeler, then as the Dragon Reborn, but both can be combined). You have the girls leaving the Tower to help Rand, and the same Black Ajah crowd manipulating events to draw Rand into a trap. Combining the storming of the Stone of Tear and the Seanchan being pushed back would make for a really explosive climax, while preserving a lot of the story, and removing many repetitive elements in books 2 and 3. This also means Season 1 can develop book 1 more. Maybe involved Tar Valon earlier, and the Forsaken, maybe flash back to Moiraine's hunt for the Dragon Reborn too to set the stage, and help tamp down the overly-LotR feel of Eye of the World.
  10. I think something in the middle is more appropriate. Ie, some seasons have more than 2 books, others less, and then get to a total of 7, at worse 8, seasons. For instance, I'd say 1 and part of 2 make for a good Season 1. End on Egwene captured, Nynaeve and Elayne hiding from the Seanchan, and Rand and co. stuck in the Portal worlds. Then wrap the Seanchan story, and jump to Dragon Reborn and finish with that. I feel Shadow Rising is too different in tone to Dragon Reborn for them to fit into one season. The "Dark One" dead and Rand acknowledging he's the DR makes for too good a season finale, and too poor a mid-season stop, too. Then Shadow Rising can make a great Season 3. You end with the Two Rivers saved, Rand gaining leadership of the Aiel, Nynaeve battling Moghedien, and Elaida taking over the Tower. I'd say something like Rand learning the history of the Aiel in Rhuidean can be an episode in itself. I might make sense for Rand to reach the outskirts of Cairhein by the end of the season, though, or maybe skip that part entirely. Season 4, I think, would make sense as book 5 and the starting third of book 6, which is pretty slow and can be dispensed with in an episode or so as a kind of slower finale coming from the high of the battle at the docks, and Caemlyn taken by Rand. This is where I would start switching things up a bit. In the grand scheme of things, I think things like the takeover of Illian make more sense if they come before Rand is kidnapped, as that marks a very dramatic turning point in the series, and shouldn't be buried mid-season. Post taking Caemlyn, I'd have Rand start the push for Sammael and Illian right away, while also dealing with the two embassies, in Season 5. This spices up the slower lead up to his kidnapping, and gives Egwene more to do than twiddle her thumbs till she's asked to be Amyrlin. I'd fold in Mat and have Perrin come from the Two Rivers too, and basically have the focus of this season be Sammael, which works since even the Aes Sedai in Salidar were aware of him and worried about him. And rather than have Elayne and Nynaeve find Moghedien right away, have them take time to track her in Salidar, which gives them something to do this season. You have a mid-season big blowup with Sammael being killed in Shadar Logoth, and Egwene taking her penance with the Aiel and going to Salidar to be raised Amyrlin. At this point, Rand feels stretched thin and wants Elayne in Caemlyn, so he sends Mat and the Band after Egwene to get Elayne. We're kind of where book 6 was at with Rand and Perrin in Cairhein. At this point, I'd have Rand kidnapped, and I'd accelerate Egwene's season 7 storyline of taking control of the Aes Sedai, so Season 5 ends with Dumai's Wells and the first Aes Sedai swearing to Rand, matched with the Aes Sedai who swear to Egwene, and Nynaeve and Elayne using the Bowl of the Winds. Season 6 then covers most of books 8, 9, 10 and most of 11. I'd have Perrin with Rand as he attacks the Seanchan, and quickly get to the point where Rand's insanity has him nearly destroy his own army along with the Seanchan. This precipitates Rand running away to try cleanse Saidin, leaving Perrin with most of his army which Perrin has to slowly march northward to Andor, neatly excising the Shaido, and giving Perrin good reason to be where he's supposed to be for book 13's events. Egwene meanwhile dupes the Aes Sedai into declaring war on Elaida and Travels her entire army to Tar Valon, while Elayne's Andor storyline gets a radical acceleration, sans any bathing. Mat kidnaps Tuon, and most of their adventuring till the end of book 11 can be covered here. I'd end Season 6 on Rand's encounter with Semirhage, Egwene captured, Mat parting from Tuon, and Elayne winning the throne of Andor. Season 7 can be Books 12-13. None of the added silliness of Rand meeting Egwene and giving her a one month ultimatum would be needed. Just have Rand and Egwene be the focus of the story, with Perrin, Elayne and Mat getting their more important events added to make this a pretty great season leading up to... A shorter Season 8 which is just the Last Battle.
  12. I rushed through the trilogy this week based on your review. I found it very so-so. Not objectionably bad, but I doubt it'll stay in my memory for long. There were interesting things that could have been done, but I think the author played it too safe too many times. Lightweight is the right word to describe this series.
  13. I think Michael Emerson staring at computer screens has to be the weirdest, most brilliant bits of acting to come on TV. Another GREAT performance from him here. A good episode. I'm optimistic we'll get a good final season.
  14. Mind giving us a general clue where the eight figure number is coming from? Unless it was confidential and you can't. I don't see why 150 episodes are needed for a faithful representation of the series. No one, no matter how rabid a fan, is going to insist on every scene being on the show. Many, many of the conversation scenes can be condensed without the story altering in any way. Same with any number of storylines. Take the Borderland rulers. We don't need to see things from their perspective at all. Just have Siuan report to Egwene the rulers disappeared with huge armies. Have Elayne meet them, then Rand. That takes away a few chapters. Same with any number of things. You can also, for instance, combine Gawyn and Galad (NO one will mind Gawyn not being present). Remove Berelain. Merge Amys and Sorelia. Excise the entire circus travels story for Nynaeve and Elayne... none of these are critical to remaining faithful to the tale. And heck, if they want to get really clever, they can say the TV show is from a different turning of the Wheel. Thus, broadly similar in the big details, but the small stuff varies. That's a nice in-story explanation for any discrepancies that should satisfy the most hardcore of fans.
  15. Hmm... one issue is going to be juggling the climaxes. Some of them work well: Moiraine's death plus Rand's kidnapping and rescue would make great mid and end of season climaxes. But the Eye and Falme? Tear and the Waste+Two Rivers? They work less well in the same season. And these aren't things you want to cut. They'll have to work something out.