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  1. I had a history prof that offered his book as one we could do for an oral review/critique. I went for it and challenged some of the things he had written. He didn't mind, even agreed with some of what I'd said (though not all). All in all, most professors I had seemed most interested in helping students learn the content. I just didn't see the famed "liberal bias" that I keep hearing about. I got plenty of that bias from other students, though
  2. Same uni, same problem. I had a Shakespeare professor spend most of a lecture talking about how great Bush and the war in Iraq were. On the other hand, I had an African history professor who would actively shut down political discussions when they got too close to asking her opinion. She said she'd be happy to discuss things away from her work, but that she couldn't get into it in the building, let alone during class time. And she was an outright hippie.
  3. He was loud, abrasive, confrontational. He was brash as all fuck. He was the best of us. To you, LoB. This being an odd year perhaps the Giants find a way to win it all, in your honor.
  4. "I thought if he has the guts and the audacity to smoke marijuana in front of the five-year-old girl, and risk her lungs and risk her life by giving her secondhand smoke ... then what care does he give about me?" - Former Officer Yanez (source) Yep. Once Yanez realized that Castile might have smoked a joint!!!!!! around a child, there were literally no lows to which he might stoop. Murdering a police officer - sure. Now, the officer himself said that the four-year-old was in his line of fire, but marijuana?!?!? Did you know that seven hundred million people are murdered every year with marijuana? Facts. Yanez also says that Castile matched the physical description of an armed robbery suspect. He couldn't remember what the description was, other than African-American and dreadlocks, and he says that he couldn't see what Castile's hairstyle was (cornrows, dreads, or straight), but he sure as fuck was black with a busted tail light. Case closed, execution conducted. Well done shit head.
  5. Oops. He panicked and manslaughtered a guy. Why is Chrome underlining that? It's the technically correct term. I should know better. In a fit of passion, despite being a highly-trained English teacher, I chose an incorrect word. Luckily, no one lost their life because of my mistake. Just for karma's sake, though, perhaps I should be imprisoned?
  6. Yep. He panicked and murdered a guy. But hey, he lost his job, so I guess that's time served to that jury.
  7. I just watched it. I heard an interview with one of the jurors who said the jury was stuck at 8-4 (didn't say which way), but that Yanez just seemed like an honest man, and that's why they voted to acquit. I wonder how perfectly I could deliver a line about how I feared for my life after a year of practice. This was a cruel parody of justice. How anyone watched that video and saw it as anything other than criminal is mind-boggling.
  8. And I couldn't possibly ask you to sacrifice yourself... the world needs you. Would you at least consider finding Ryu some grilled meat and spicy fermented cabbage? I am worried that without his natural food sources, he is losing his potency.
  9. I Googled what that was. I don't think I like that. Make that thing not be, please, oh Goblin King. Take that band far away from me.
  10. The thing is...with the way that kids forget things all the time, it's easy to insist that they just misplaced the appendage when they were focused on their Pokemons Go and Leagues of Minecraft. That said, I am not willing to admit "in the mix" at this point. Last season was okay until the wheels came off in the second half. And then the rims went. The axles snapped. The oxen got dysentery and died. Ervin died of cholera. The ferry that we hired to take us across the river sunk and Phil drowned. It was a rough year. We did shoot a lot of bison.
  11. I collected the heck out of baseball cards growing up. It was an exciting way to follow the game and waste some pocket money. Then packs started costs two arms and three legs... I might have stuck with it, but the limbless. neighbor children were starting to stand out a bit and raise questions. Twins split with Mariners, with bizarre results. I'll take this season as a blessing thus far - never imagined MN would be above .500 at this point in the season.
  12. When I first saw that this season, I thought I had stumbled upon a blog or a parody site. That MLB thinks it is a real thing is concerning. I hope we don't start seeing it listed as a sortable stat, or on the backs of baseball cards. Do baseball cards still exist?
  13. I hate their Statcast crap. I like the MLB website for scores and standings and yes, stats. But every single one of their write-ups has to have three to five mentions of Statcast. The amount to which I care about the speed at which a ball left contact with a bat is smaller than a Red Sox fan's ability to shut it. Just stop.
  14. You may be a filthy Yankee fan... but I'll drink to that (cheers) eta: where the ssf is our Cheers emoji!??!
  15. Always has been. Always will be... never want it to change (too much).