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  1. Sigh. Well. So much for the optimism. Sellers we be.
  2. Yah, I saw that the trade didn't work out. I is disappoint. Gibson tried to ruin the 6-0 lead that he was given, but Molitor rightly pulled him before he could lose. Well done, Moli.
  3. Twins reportedly finalizing a trade for Jaime Garcia. He's got a steep price (still owed $4.85m) and I'm a little nervous about his transition to the AL. That nervousness is possibly founded on nothing, though, as I don't actually know how the leagues stack up against each other offensively. My gut says pitching in the AL is harder? Anyway... this seems like a smarter move than bringing in someone for whom the term "venerable" could be aptly applied. I just don't think the Twins have the pitching to actually get anywhere this season, but I do like that the team is trying to make some moves and capitalize on their surprising success.
  4. This was a bit of a surprise. I had some hope with [insert name that isn't Gibson or Colon here] taking the mound, but the Twins usually play down a level or three when they face the Yankees. Waking up to find that they took the rubber match helped make my morning a bit more pleasant
  5. It's sound strategy. If you're worried about the young'un's mind get twisted about, best sit him against the likes of Colon. Can you imagine the mind-love-making that would be striking out, going no-fer against 44 year old Colon's 8.14 ERA and .338 BAA? Don't risk it: sit the young chap and bring him back against an actually decent presence on the mound.
  6. Yes. Yanks lose again But Twins are starting the immortal Bartolo Colon tomorrow. So... I like your odds? How was he the solution to the rotation woes... oh eff.
  7. I am glad that I caught a game at Fenway a few years back and I generally had a good time in Boston. A local even tried to set me up with her niece after plying me with several Sam Adams Rebel IPAs. That said, Fenway is a dump and the area around it is peopled exclusively with drunk dudes wanting to give me a wicked beatin' if they found out I didn't love the Sawks.
  8. He is. I'd love to see his partner from the pipeline (Buxton) start putting things together at the plate. He's speedy and a great fielder and if he could just get to, say, .250... Also nice if Vargas could stay healthy and keep pretending he's a young David Ortiz. All in on offense, I guess.
  9. This made me chuckle...I think most of my mornings would be better if I somehow stumbled into that picture Sano gets to the final of the Derby, and then bloops an RBI at the All-Star Game. Then Santana serves up the tying bomb. This team doesn't inspire a whole lot of confidence in me, but expectations were pretty well nil going into the season. I can't trust them until they stop handing the ball to Gibson once every five games, though. The dude is abysmal. He has had three "quality starts" this season. He's started 16 games, so fewer than 1/5 of his starts are quality. Surely that's got to be kind of like the Mendoza Line for pitchers? Ah well. Playing .500 ball isn't anything to be too fussy about in the Twin Cities.
  10. I was back in the states for a few weeks and went a little overboard maybe? New additions... Lords of Waterdeep 7 Wonders Flip City: Wilderness Tiny Epic Galaxies Tiny Epic Kindgoms + Expansion One Night Werewolf Sushi Go Eight Minute Empire: Legends Played several of them in the last few weeks. I haven't had the chance to try 7 Wonders, but the reviews are strong enough that I'm pretty optimistic. Eight Minute Empire: Legends has been a fun pick-up. It's quick to learn, has a little depth, and moves along at a good clip. Hashtag pleased at the random purchase when they didn't have the game I wanted.
  11. Most of my top picks have already had several mentions, so I'll sub in a few that I've not seen yet. Parks and Rec 30 Rock News Radio Simpsons 1-12 Archer I often wonder if News Radio holds up on re-watch. It was a great show when Phil Hartman was alive. Some incredible comedic talent on that show. And also Andy Dick.
  12. Yes, it's happening to me, too. I am also getting redirected, though I didn't pay attention to what site it was. I am glad...err... not glad, but it's... whatever, it's not just me. I will try to get screen shots and URLs next time it happens. (Chrome, Windows 10)
  13. Unless he enjoys that sort of thing. In which case... he can NOT choke on Ted Turner's dick. Mwuhahaha. Hmm. I get a little baseball-sassy when I'm drunk.
  14. Whatever. He's a "Brave." Fuck him. Glad he lost it.
  15. I had a history prof that offered his book as one we could do for an oral review/critique. I went for it and challenged some of the things he had written. He didn't mind, even agreed with some of what I'd said (though not all). All in all, most professors I had seemed most interested in helping students learn the content. I just didn't see the famed "liberal bias" that I keep hearing about. I got plenty of that bias from other students, though