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  1. Yes. Most of my memories are of the good moments. Those are usually not even really special, but just small things. Little "Ah-ha!" moments for someone trying, or a class getting really into an assignment or discussion. There are bad memories, but they matter so much less.
  2. I've been teaching for more than ten years. I cannot imagine doing anything else. Every day brings new, unique challenges. If I'm in a bad mood, the kids can make me smile. If I'm in a good mood, it often rubs off on the kids. I get to encourage them and watch them grow, watch them develop their own ideas. I explicitly tell them not to believe me for everything and find ways to make their own decisions. The time off is nice. It is a lot of time off. I find it's kinda necessary for a recharge, though. Every day of work is a combination of lecturing, mentoring, cajoling, public speaking, entertaining, and counseling. Every day is spent trying to get large groups of teenagers to agree to do things that they really don't want to do. And to listen to parents, and adhere to/enforce policies that I often don't agree with (like I give a damn if my student's uniform isn't buttoned to the second button???). I don't need the overly-long summer, but a couple weeks to just reset...yeah. I am a lucky man to have this job. That said, the prospect of teaching in the US is appalling to me.
  3. My friend picked up a baseball game from 2003 for his PS2. AJ is on the Twins and he is straight-up mauling opposing pitchers. Sports are weird.
  4. I am too drunk to get into this.... so I leave you to consider that the Twins used to employ a pitcher named Boof Bonser. Boof. Legal name. Maybe. Probably. Look, stop hassling me, I don't know waht I'm on about. Boof.
  5. Pff. It's a perfectly cromulent name.
  6. I loved the idea of signing a Korean player, for I love the kim-chee. But. Did it have to be him?
  7. Sano and Dozier can mash. So can... Korean dude from last year that was basically Kennys Vargas but way more expensive and way closer to my heart on account of being Korean? I might be fdrunk.
  8. I am even more confused than you. I am enjoying the bizarre run they are making, and thankful that I am not back home to hear my brother cynisize* about it every time we chat. *Screw you, Chrome. It's my language, I'll verb** whatever I want. **Thank you Calvin/Bill
  9. Twins gave up on the season... then Byron Buxton remembered that he's supremely talented. He's bumped his BA nearly fifty points since July 1, added about a hundred to his OPS, and hit nine of his 13 HRs since then as well. This despite missing fifteen games injured. Hope he can keep this going. Buxton and Sano should be a terrifying combination, but Byron's struggled mightily trying to figure out how to swing the bat in the majors. I hope he can keep this up and achieve his full potential.
  10. Sigh. Well. So much for the optimism. Sellers we be.
  11. Yah, I saw that the trade didn't work out. I is disappoint. Gibson tried to ruin the 6-0 lead that he was given, but Molitor rightly pulled him before he could lose. Well done, Moli.
  12. Twins reportedly finalizing a trade for Jaime Garcia. He's got a steep price (still owed $4.85m) and I'm a little nervous about his transition to the AL. That nervousness is possibly founded on nothing, though, as I don't actually know how the leagues stack up against each other offensively. My gut says pitching in the AL is harder? Anyway... this seems like a smarter move than bringing in someone for whom the term "venerable" could be aptly applied. I just don't think the Twins have the pitching to actually get anywhere this season, but I do like that the team is trying to make some moves and capitalize on their surprising success.
  13. This was a bit of a surprise. I had some hope with [insert name that isn't Gibson or Colon here] taking the mound, but the Twins usually play down a level or three when they face the Yankees. Waking up to find that they took the rubber match helped make my morning a bit more pleasant
  14. It's sound strategy. If you're worried about the young'un's mind get twisted about, best sit him against the likes of Colon. Can you imagine the mind-love-making that would be striking out, going no-fer against 44 year old Colon's 8.14 ERA and .338 BAA? Don't risk it: sit the young chap and bring him back against an actually decent presence on the mound.
  15. Yes. Yanks lose again But Twins are starting the immortal Bartolo Colon tomorrow. So... I like your odds? How was he the solution to the rotation woes... oh eff.