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My pessimistic theory- TWOW will never be released, and isn't being worked on. "Winter is coming" has been the only constant, the only maxim agreed upon by all characters and readers, but in a series so full of deception and ambiguity, wouldn't it be the best (worst) joke if turned out that winter is NOT coming? 

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I used to think A Dream of Spring was a somewhat hopeful title. Dream and Spring are very lovely words and the mention of Spring implies it’s near.

But after a very bad winter, I realized that this was all wrong. You only dream of spring when winter is very bad and seems endless. If spring is really near, you have no need to dream of it: you enjoy the moments of the odd slightly less cold day, the air smelling a little less like winter, the sun being a little stronger or realizing that you're seeing the sun truly shine for the first time in a month, the odd crocus, that sunset is now well into the evening rather than late afternoon like it used to be. I’ve only ever dreamed of spring when winter felt like a real world equivalent of the Long Night.


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