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  1. Samyaza

    George hates hero worship

    Desertion, which he is guilty of, is oath breaking. He deserted and his friends had to take his ass back to the wall. He's also guilty of assaulting and attempted murder of a superior officer. Jon has broken his oaths. With the matter of Mance and Janos, he failed to carry out his duty to serve justice to the men of the watch. Don't forget, Mance Rayder is a man of the night's watch. He is held to the same standards as they are. Sending him to get Arya from the Boltons, which Jon did, is an act of treason. Mance Rayder, a sworn brother of the night's watch, commits murder while conducting a mission under Jon's orders. Mance and his accomplices murdered Roose Bolton's servants. They broke guest rights while acting under Jon's orders to get his sister and bring her to the wall.
  2. Agree. Jon's attachment to the Starks and Arya in particular make him blind. He lacks objectivity. He allowed his feelings for the Starks to affect his judgment of Janos Slynt. He made that even worse when he let Mance Rayder go despite the man's more serious offenses. His own thoughts betrayed him. Had one of the brothers asked about his sister, Jon would have said it was none of his concern. Yet Jon himself could not live up to the standards. He failed to maintain standards. Jon is at fault here. His actions are not the actions of a good protagonist.
  3. Samyaza

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    Jon Rayder. He's the bastard son of Mance and Lyanna.
  4. Samyaza

    Favourite chapter from each book

    AGOT - The last chapter. Daenerys hatching her dragon eggs on the Dothraki Sea. ACOK - The House of the Undying. ASOS - The death of Kraznys mo Naklos. The duel between Oberyn and Gregor is a close second. AFFC - The Kingsmoot. ADWD - Daznak's Pit.
  5. Samyaza

    Dance of the Princelings

    They're little boys who should have gotten proper raising. They got their animosity from their mothers. That carried over to their own attitudes towards the half-brothers on the other side. It's been awhile since I read that scene but Aemond meant no harm to Joff. And Joff only told Aemond to stay away from his own dragon. Matters escalated and things got out of hand. It happens when boys are unsupervised. I gotta say, I like Joffrey. A 3 year old who can wake up early to be with his dragon. I like that.
  6. Samyaza

    George hates hero worship

    He let Mance Rayder walk. This is a travesty to justice especially when you consider what he did to Slynt. To kill Slynt and then let an ever worse criminal go is not justice. The lord commander had a duty to execute Mance Rayder. That's one. Then he stuck his nose in the politics of the kingdom when he interfered with the Boltons. Jon sent the wildlings to fetch his sister. His purpose in this was to hide Arya from her husband. That is a violation of the Watch's neutrality and taking no sides. Jon later creates a Wildling Attack Party (WAP) to attack House Bolton. Which is illegal. The watch is supposed to protect everybody in the kingdom without bias or prejudice. Jon is clearly biased and prejudiced against the Boltons.
  7. Samyaza

    Top 5. Who will die in The Winds of Winter

    Enough to trap the light ala black hole. Samwell will be the cause of the long night!
  8. Samyaza

    Quaithe Farman?

    Somebody will lead the survivors out of Westeros too. A modern day Nymeria who will lead people to the safety of Essos. One of her descendants could. I don't think Arrianne has it in her to lead but time will tell. We may get a mirror image and Nymeria is male this time. For example, Trystane Martell.
  9. Mushroom is an insignificant man who found a listener. Now if that listener was also buying him drinks. Mushroom had good reasons to embellish his story. It was in his interest to keep the listeners captivated. It makes him important. I expect he took great liberties. He's mostly smoke with a little flame. He spun enough yarn to clothe Balerion from nose to tail.
  10. Samyaza

    George hates hero worship

    I disagree. There should not have been a predicament. Arya was no longer his concern. What he did violated his oaths and placed the NW in danger. He stuck his nose where it doesn't belong. Bowen Marsh killed him because he was getting ready to start a war with the Boltons. Bowen was right.
  11. Samyaza

    George hates hero worship

    All of those you listed are solid gray with the exception of Arya and Tyrion. I say Tyrion may lean more towards the blacker side of things. Arya is really black. He's very biased towards the Starks and that compromised his judgment. He commits an act of treason for Arya and broke his vows. And probably the NW as a result.
  12. Samyaza

    Quaithe Farman?

    It's a good theory and gives the background for who Q is and what her motivations are. Otherwise all those pages written about Elissa Farmen and her adventures are wasted.
  13. Samyaza

    Lucamore Strong the oathbreaker

    Mance is Jon's daddy. It's a reverse of what happened between the original Bael and his Stark son. The Stark son allowed his wildling daddy to go unpunished. It's not unlike Robb letting Catelyn go unpunished after beheading Karstark.
  14. Samyaza

    Quaithe Farman?

    It would be awesome if her boat is still in Asshai with a cargo hold full of dragon eggs.
  15. Samyaza

    Greenseer/Weirwood Sacrifice Theory

    Whew that was a long post. You've got stamina. I'll make a few comments on some of the topics covered in your lengthy post. Weirwoods grow in Westeros. I do not recall them in Essos. Might be they were all cut down and eradicated in Essos. The people in the east seem to know more about history. They reasoned out long ago the dangers of these trees and cut them down for firewood. The Valyrians were practicing genetic experiments. I don't see anything hinting that they used skin changing. It's more sophisticated than that. Skin changing is tied to the old powers. The Valyrians were the technologists of their time. Ghost looking like a weirwood probably doesn't mean anything. Only the fact that he looks different and was found away from the others. He and Jon will be shunned by society for Jon's crimes against the Night's Watch. Ghost is the lone direwolf and Jon will be the lone wolf.