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  1. Raised by wolves is not actually worth sticking with and gets significantly stupider. It definitely is off the rails, but it has plotting consistent with a 7 year old coming off of dental anesthetic being prompted about what they think about mom.
  2. @Werthead, I think that's unfair to Russia. Russian aims are absolutely against giving any military leaders any power or any independent thinking or encouraging using judgment. That could potentially be a threat to putin. Can't have that.
  3. Yeah, there definitely does seem to be at least one person who is oblivious I will say that @Lord Varys has a fair point - if the other language dubs don't have the stupid Carribean dialect or the horrible generic Asian accent they're probably not nearly as obvious. In that case it's probably better to acknowledge that and not assume that's the case for all the translations.
  4. Also, imo, watto is not nearly as bad as jar jar and that whole race of primitive spear and ball throwing natives speaking a Carribean patois, or the Charlie chan bullshit that was the trade federation for no actual point.
  5. They really aren't real world accents - they're hugely overexaggerated caricatures of them. The better way to do alien accents is literally how the OT did - all aliens speak different languages and everyone responds to them in English.
  6. Lord varys is also shocked to find out people think the crows from Dumbo are somehow racist stereotypes, because they are not human they are crows! How could one thing somehow represent another, different thing?
  7. The issues around the caricatures were a pretty big deal when phantom menace came out. This isn't coming out of thin air, and shockingly minorities who have experienced abuse do actually look for signs of abuse.
  8. This is by far my kids favorite line from the entire series.
  9. That was cute. Holy crap are people gonna hate him though. I did appreciate extreme democracy.
  10. I think that's reasonable. At the same time I think that Luke decided to follow in the footsteps of his only real teacher - Yoda. He didn't really have a ton of time with Obi-Wan (and that fucker gaslit him every chance he got), so his only real experience with a real Jedi for any length of time was Yoda. And they both went into exile after largely failing the people they taught. I guess for me Luke being that kind of curmudgeon was definitely different than the Luke we knew, but it was a pretty natural extension of him. That it played into both Rian Johnson's types of humor and Mark Hamill's humor parts was another big win.
  11. This is another part where I just disagree with most folks; TLJ had by far the most things that stuck out for me and I keep remembering of the ST. Leia looking crazy amazing in her more regal General persona stuff Most of Luke's humor, from starting with tossing the saber to the 'can you feel it' part to him just being a wiseass to Kylo Ren Leia getting sucked out of the ship The entire Snoke throne room fight sequence Krait and the cool white salt and blood red crystals Obviously the amazing lightspeed ram Basically all of Luke's sacrifice, from the "MORE" bits to that whole fight and the small details like Luke not kicking up any salt Yoda and his great line of 'there is nothing in those books that she does not already possess' The fucking gorilla AT-ATs Luke taking down the bullshit Jedi, finally I can remember things from TFA, and can...kinda remember things from TRoS, but nothing really sticks out aside from Kylo freezing blaster shots and Chewie being awesome.
  12. Honestly the misplaced discussion about batman morality is still better than the constant idiotic and wrong rehashing about how tlj doomed star wars.
  13. I mean, the fucking trailer has she hulk literally picking up a guy to date and this is somehow not showing a strong woman?
  14. I think @Werthead really hit the nail on the head with what makes Aliens so amazing. It shares this with the Thing as well - a number of very competent people are put into a situation where they do largely smart, heroic things and they are still 100% fucked. Ripley not being listened to and Burke being a douche sucks, but most everyone is making fairly good decisions. Prometheus by comparison requires some of the dumbest fucking things to be done in order for anything to happen.
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