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  1. You may consider waiting a bit; the newest PS5 is supposed to be coming out Real Soon, and at that point prices should come down and/or be more available.
  2. So did Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker. And Mandalorian did better than both as far as Disney is concerned.
  3. Yeah, I don't agree with that. The story starts with a guy faking being an actual knight, stopping someone from being raped, and ends with the noble heir of the kingdom dying gruesomely. It is definitely not the kind of feel-good story I was talking about; it is a story of nobility and honor and the consequences of those actions - and those consequences not being the most awesome thing; point of fact, I'm pretty sure that's precisely what GRRM was going for with Dunk and Egg - an homage to the honorable knight set in Westeros and showing the hypocrisy and consequences of it. Another way to say it: I would not expect an 'edited' version of Dunk and Egg where the heir doesn't die a horrible death or the real bad guy to basically get away scot free to happen. If I'm reading Westeros I expect there to be grey in morality, grey in choices and grey in outcomes. If that doesn't happen it would feel wrong. I think this is a fair reading, though I also have school-age children and they (and their friends) are pretty obsessed with Mandalorian and some of the more recent films, including...sadly...Rise of Skywalker. That said, I think it might be better to say that it's targeted towards the children who watched those shows and the feeling you got when watching. Some of it is for kids - but some of it is recapturing that nostalgia. And if you're watching something that says Star Wars on the tin, you're not expecting blowjob jokes or tits out or blood spraying everywhere. You're expecting, largely, space samurai to be doing bad-ass things, crazy adventures with no real plans somehow working out due to chutzpah and gambling around possession of slaves. And if you deviate from that at all - having things like heroes going dark, or women existing - then you may have a bad time. I think Andor is still on the edge there, but I think it's probably as far as they're gonna take it unless it proves absurdly successful.
  4. Yeah, Hedge Knight is a great example of it being a story about what a noble knight is - and what happens to him and those who he supports. Not a super awesome happy ending, was it? Counterpoint: reaction to Last Jedi and how that shaped the entire Star Wars brand, and reaction to Mandalorian and how that spun off, like, 5 different properties based on Clone Wars.
  5. This in marketing is called 'diluting your brand' and is in general Not a Good Thing. If all Disney was was Star Wars then I'd agree with you, but they already have several brands for that. Disney itself is not the thing they're targeting serious adults with (that is, again, Hulu) - Disney is already the brand of youth, young adults, and largely fun experiences. Hulu is more serious, prestige-level things, serialized dramas, etc. And to be clear here - this isn't me making this shit up, this is marketing 101 stuff. And Disney is an absolute master at marketing and branding - one of the best in the world. They are willing to try things and expand brands to a point, but only to a point - because the risk is that someone who thinks 'Star Wars' watches something that isn't what they were expecting, and then gets turned off that brand entirely. An example of this might be someone who watches Marvel movies seeing Thor Love and Thunder and thinking what a weird movie this was - and then not trusting watching another Marvel movie. Or someone who loves Marvel getting upset because She-Hulk has women in it.
  6. For Disney you absolutely can, and you're missing the point of what Disney is selling. Disney is selling the Star Wars brand. If the people who buy Disney for Star Wars aren't getting what they want from it, they'll stop buying Disney. If people want something like Breaking Bad or Sopranos or the Wire there are a lot of non-Disney options out there, including things on Hulu (owned by Disney). If you want Star Wars, though, you go to Disney and you get that reliable thing. Disney is about selling a specific brand and being true to that brand; it is not about diversifying the kinds of stories and viewpoints in a brand. You don't see a darker, grittier Mickey Mouse out there, and you won't see a raunchy sex comedy in Marvel either. Now, I think that this might be okay for Star Wars and Andor is an experiment here to expand it a bit more - but it's entirely possible that this experiment will fail. That it will not appeal to the kids enough or get enough actual eyeballs watching, or that the people who loved Obi-Wan and Book of Boba Fett absolutely hate a show with no space wizards, armored ninjas riding Rancors or babies deflecting fire and eating the babies of other species. It's also possible that it will add even more people into the mix, in which case cool! But my point is that Disney is not just going to look at critical acclaim or people watching it to measure its success.
  7. I don't think that's really true, and I think Andor may actually show us why. If you start to get into 'interesting, highly political' material you start running into the issue of invalidating all the other shows existence. For instance, you can't show a super repressive, competent empire in one place and show Obi-Wan in the same universe where he can just walk into the most tightly controlled place in the galaxy with a trench coat as a disguise. You can't have rebels as terrorists without exploring why everyone went along with the rebellion and the new republic later. You also run the risk of alienating the star wars fanbase - which are still, largely, kids - with something too serious, too dark, and too grey. Star Wars at its core is about very black and white morality and values, and while the audience has matured the property has largely not. Making the Empire look too sympathetic, or making Rebels look too evil, is going to be off-brand and possibly a problem. It's as tonally incorrect as having something in Game of Thrones have heroic knights regularly saving the day and being all honorable and noble and not being exploited; it might be an interesting story, but it isn't right.
  8. My fear is that the conscripts are going to be used as the police and guard units in lpr and dpr to suppress the populace, which will in theory free up slightly better trained troops - but mostly will allow them to kill civilians faster. The referendum will allow those conscripts to be deployed to lpr and dpr of course.
  9. Ultimately doing it via visas isn't the right way; the right way is for those people to ask for asylum, which is an international process specifically for doing exactly this. You probably want to keep some border traffic to make it easier but you don't actually need to provide tourist visas for this. And it is largely irrelevant as Russia is denying most visas to men aged 18-65 anyway.
  10. I think the problem is that I stopped at ep 2. Ep 3 apparently picks up the pace some, which is also likely why they released the first three as they did. But the first two eps are slooooow
  11. Correct. The planet they're currently on in the 5BBY timeline isn't the one that Andor is seen on as a kid. That's some failed mining operation where he was stranded or hosed, probably like 15BBY or something like that. He's on a totally different system now.
  12. I would phrase it a different way. They may not know that they're wasting their time because as far as they're concerned their goal is whatever they were told. The people who question those orders or grouse about it or even do things differently are often drummed out quite quickly out of the system because compliance with orders is the most efficient thing, period. This is especially true in countries like Russia, where Putin has massively encouraged sycophancy and loyalty as the absolute most important goals in underlings. China, by comparison, still has a long history of meritocracy and competence that has not been obliterated. Now from what I know of Russian society the folks under all of this are resourceful and creative, and will do a lot to figure out how to get things done (or at least get the illusion of things done). But those higher up officers and government officials? They're there because they lick boots the best.
  13. You're assuming that there is a goal of getting good soldiers, or even improving the military performance. This is in error. The goal as it is with almost every autocracy is to appease the wishes of the ruler. Putin wants a mobilization, so the people under him need to be showing that they're mobilizing people. They have quotas to fill of people to be mobilized and sent to be trained somewhere so that's what they're doing. There is no guidance on what makes a good soldier or that there is anyone training them or that they have any equipment. Their goal is to get people and the only metric that they care about is filling that quota. A secondary goal is to punish those who are not well in alignment with Russian orthodoxy. Again, from a military perspective sending protesters to go fight for your country is an incredibly stupid move that will likely get more officers killed or have more defections happen. But it is great for a political goal. This is entirely consistent with the top-down and whatever he says, goes behavior we've already seen in Putin's Russia, and is also nicely aligning well with the traditions of central planning and hitting goals set by people having no idea what is going on that characterizes a lot of Soviet-style economies.
  14. Also, you'll be shocked to know that Putin's order for partial mobilization is a lie, and Russians are reporting being given draft papers despite having no previous military experience. It looks like it's being used as a combination of retaining existing people, punishing protestors and grabbing whoever they can. Meanwhile major reports of huge lines at most visa-free countries to Russia (Georgia, Kazahkstan) and all flights to Istanbul from Russia are booked. And other reports of people getting on busses and getting to their arrival point and having zero idea of what to do there, who to meet, etc.
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