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New TWOW sample chapter - coming soon [CHAPTER NAME SPOILERS]

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I really want to hope it's a Sansa chapter, but I know I won't get one :(


The chapter's name is "Mercy", so it could be either Theon's chapter where Stannis spares his life, or perhaps Mel's POV where NW doesn't want to kill the women. Perhaps maybe even Brienne's hiding Jaime... OMG, so many possibilities...

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Aren't chapter titles named after people? It's not about the act of


but about someone considering him/herself as such.

I think it's


but that would be too obvious.

I dunno because you had

'The Sacrifice' which was about a sacrifice. But then there are those who suggest it could be foreboding for Asha to be sacrificed or Theon as he appears at the end of the chapter

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Not Arya. The FM don't judge their marks so, unless she's already ditching them, it's not up to her give "mercy" in the way of killing someone.

I hope it's not about the Battle of Mereen, we've have too many of them already. It doesn't seem to be related to Aegon/Dorne.

I'd say the likely options, IMO, are

Theon's execution. The Gods (well, Bran) ask for mercy in the form of a multitude of ravens. Who knows what Stannis does. The thing is, the battle of Ice should be upon them. Will the chapter solve one cliffhanger to end with another?

Brienne's cliffhanger. This should be obvious, Brienne asks mercy for Jaime.

Sansa. I don't think how "mercy" is related to her story. For herself? For Robert Arryn, who's likely not in immediate danger? Maybe for the Blackfish if he makes his way to the Gates of the Moon and someone points that he should be executed for his actions during the Wot5K?

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This i think means it´s not Asha, Theon, Tyrion, Barristan, Arianne or Victarion

Daenerys giving "mercy" to khal Jhago?

Oh, yes, that's another likely option. And it could tie with the resolution of the Battle of Mereen. D&D could have been shown the characters as GRRM insisted on keeping Jhago alive in the show.

BTW, any news of when it will be up?

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