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How would you rate episode 408?

How would you rate episode 408?  

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8/10. 7 in truth, but the duel bumps it up.

Dany's scene was really good this week. Been waiting for the banishment a long time now! And we got some Barristan swag.

Alfie is incredible as always. And Sophie knocked it out of the park! I don't mind the changes to her story yet.. we'll see where they lead. And I've come to terms with my hatred of TV Littlefinger so he hardly bothers me anymore

Jaime had some really good facial reactions throughout. And maybe I'm biased because I know what's coming, but

even when he smiles, it seems like he's hiding something from Tyrion... his smiles are so sad and we know why. Can't wait for the reveal

The duel was very well done. Very intense.

I thought Tyrion's story fucking dragged on, though. And I really didn't appreciate him and Jaime bonding over mocking a mentally handicapped person. Tasteless and uncomfortable to watch.

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7 for me.

It was a decent episode that had all my friends texting and talking about the end but I had two problems with it. First, Sansa is making Littlefinger look like puddy in her hands, he doesn't even give off a hint of intelligence in his scenes and he's barely "trained" Sansa yet, it's just odd. Second, the duel didn't feel as epic as it should have, I wanted to see some kind of emotions on the faces in the crowd, give us a sad Bronn, a flicker of fear go across Tywins face with an Oberyn staring at him while questioning Gregor. Jaime smiled then frowned that was it.

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A 7 for me. Just because I liked a lot the combat.

But can't care less about Missandei / Grey Worm love story. They could use that air time to show more of Bran's story, ot some other story that actually matters.

And Sansa coming downstairs looking like Charlize Theron playing Ravenna??? WTH???

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I was going to give this a 9 but because of all the ridiculous nitpicking had to defend its honor with a 10. It was a fantastic episode , some of the issues people had with this were my favourite bits. Missandei and greyworm scenes were very believable and heartbreaking. Emilia Clarke and Ian glen were superb just about everyone was right on the mark in this episode. The duel was perfectly shot and executed. for all the nay sayers on that one think about the scene if Pedro pascal wasn't playing Oberyn and if the 2nd actor cast as the mountain were to be in that scene, then you will have a true impression of just how great it was. The reaction shots were exactly what I was looking for because in the book it was precisely what we wanted to do ,spin our heads around to gage the reactions of all these characters so heavily invested in the outcome of this duel, for those disappointed that there wasn't more elaboration on the red viper nickname.I myself always thought it was rather unimpressive to learn that he gained that scary nickname only because people suspected he poisoned his blade. I am glad they left it out and I take it that the hounds comments on poisoning was a nod to the book readers.The beetle story Tyrion told was a great piece of writing and told well , It was clearly Tyrion lamenting his own existence and helplessness against the cruelty of others for any of you that didn't get that.It is rare that an episode doesn't leave me with something to complain about It was another good performance by Aiden gillen.

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Solid 9 verging on a 10. I don't know what to make of Sansa, but I like it!!! The duel was what I expected. Arya and Sandor road trips forever! I LURVED the look on his face as she falls out laughing. Minus 1 point for wasting my time with that Tyrion / Jamie filler and WTF is up with Missendei and Grey Worm - enough already with the eunuch and servant googly eyed-love. I do love me some Grey Worm in the books, but this bit on TV is just stupid.

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The first time I watched it I thought it was at best a 4 out of 10. But then I relaxed and realized it wasn't the books, nor my own understanding of the books but a fictional TV show.

Then I enjoyed it. There were weak moments such as Gilly being spared, Grey Worm and Missandrei but it worked for the TV show. Strong moments like the sexy, Sophie Turner now, Little Finger doesn't know what he has on his hands, the weakest thing was another, "Oh, no almost!" for Arya and Sansa but the talking scene was well acted. Some great moments between them.

The Duel was great, good dialogue as much of the books as you can keep. I still wondered, where was his helmet and where were their shields, didn't make sense. But the ending was true to form. No cutting in half with his sword, and Ser Gregor passed out after the end. Maybe they will leave, "Robert Strong" out of the TV show?

But for TV 10/10 they have had some solid episodes the last two seasons, with this season on path to be the best.

Enjoy it folks, this is one of the greatest shows, drama shows in TV history. Along with ER, The Sopranos, Dexter, maybe it is the best drama in TV history? Up there with Hill Street Blues?

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The only thing I disliked about this episode was the ridiculous love story between Missandei and Grey Worm, everything else was done well.

Thanks Pedro for a great performance as the Red Viper :cheers:


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Some of the added content was really hard to watch. The duel was good...could've been longer w/o the beetle speech. In fact, I wish they had a scene with Tywin raving about duel, acknowledging that it'll turnout bad for House Lannister no matter the outcome. The scene with Littlefinger talking to the Vale Lords about whose left to contend with the Lannisters left it wide open for Tywin to now express the inevitable shitstorm that could errupt in Dorne.

The Bolton scene was great, Father and Son. Theon was also really good. I only wish we could've got a Victarion, or Euron namedrop/reference here.

Instead of all the really bad filler content, why not use the book material? It's not that difficult.

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6 or 7 for me.

I think it was the worst episode of the season, but still pretty decent. There was A LOT of filler dialogue that I hated, but the scenes that were good, were REALLY good.

I think they just expedited Sansa's story because all of her time in the Vale was filler anyways. They don't want to bore people. I don't think they will get too far ahead in her story. It's not unheard of for them to leave a character out for multiple episodes in a row. We haven't seen Bran but a handful of times. I think Sansa will now be Alayne, but she will have the support of the Lords Declarant. I don't think that will change her story much. She will still go on to scheme with LF. I think LF will use SR until he either dies or is killed. Since it hasn't been written about much in the books, we don't know how important HTH is to the story. I could see the show replacing HTH with SR, but I could also see it going the way the book does. You never know.

I think Theon/Reek going to Moat Cailin was a great scene. True to the books, but once again hopping even further into AFFC/ADWD territory.

The scene in Moles Town is just prepping the battle at the wall, and making us think that the Night's Watch is hopeless. It's also showing us a softer side of Ygritte, which will make people feel extra bad for her in the next episode.

Obviously the best scene in the episode is the Trial by Combat. Without this scene, the episode is probably rated a 4 or 5. The duel was very true to the book. Down to the dialogue, movements, etc. A few things may have been changed here and there, but nothing major (I didn't mind the absence of vomit. I thought Tyrion's blank stare was perfect). It was excellent. I think it could have been a little longer, but what are you going to do. They decided to waste time on other BS scenes. All I know is that the duel had my heart racing, even thought I knew exactly what was going to happen. The end was surprisingly gory. I didn't think they would show that much blood. And his screams.......wow.....those were haunting.

I'm not 100% sure what the whole beetle scene was with Jaimie and Tyrion right before the duel. I don't remember that from the book, but I could be wrong. Someone please tell me if they have a better idea. It was just weird in my mind. I was waiting for some deep metaphor to come through, but I didn't see anything. Not even a thinly veiled metaphor.

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So more people voted 10 than any other score?

I guess it's just as I've been saying all along: People fall so completely in love with a show they simply cannot be objective and some of the posts in this thread clearly verify this again. Even a few people pointed out several (and some more than several) major things they didn't like but still gave it a 9!

As for me, I gave it a 7.

Most of it was so-so as lots of time was spent on relatively unimportant side stories (that yes, do have bigger consequences down the road, but on their own, right now, yawn),

- Arya/Hound, brief but good as always.

- Sansa/Littlefinger was done well but again, not really gripping me in terms of the overall story.

- The duel was the best scene for me, I was surprised they made as brutal as they did but kudos for tackling it head-on (pun intended) but preceded by an over-long beetle story by Tyrion.

- Hey, have you heard Mance is probably moving on the Wall. I can imagine Unsullied viewers thinking "Yeah, but the White Walkers have been marching since S1 and they're not there yet either..."

- Dany/Jorah. Again, fine, but since we knew he was a spy already the scene lacked dramatic impact.

So a solid, unspectacular 7. I'm hoping the last few episodes really pick it up.

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Gods that was an awful episode -- possibly the show's worst yet. One giant mishap that ended on a note of comedy. That fight, like most of the others on the show, was poorly handled and ended in something that looked like it came out of a cheep horror movie (the new Gregor actor is also terrible).

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- Loved the duel. The sudden and horrific nature of Oberyn's defeat in the books was a huge shock moment for me, and one (unlike the Red Wedding) which I didn't see coming, so i'm really glad they got it right in the show and didn't tone it down at all.

- The Sansa / Littlefinger scenes in the Vale were excellent.

- The Moat Cailin scene was great. Alfie Allen did a fantastic job of showing Reek almost falling apart while presenting himself as Theon Greyjoy in front of the Ironborn. The scene wouldn't have been anywhere near as compelling if he'd just strolled in and out of there confident with no signs at all of the frail, broken person behind the masquerade.


- The love story between Grey Worm and Missandei is just awful. Pointless filler content that's probably going to drag on into the next two episodes.

- Arya and the Hound arriving in the Vale seemed like a pointless deviation to me, and the way Arya bursted out in laughter seemed so forced and random.


- The attack on Mole's Town was forgettable.

- Not quite sure what to make of Tyrion and Jaime's conversation before the trial. I was waiting for some kind of point to the whole bug crushing story, but it never arrived. Perhaps the writers deliberately left it a mystery to get fans talking and coming up with crazy theories? Who knows.

- Jorah getting caught and banished was okay. Certainly not Emilia Clarke's worst performance this season.

Edit: Perhaps i'm being a bit generous giving the episode a 7/10 going by previous scores i've given this season. There was a lot of pointless filler content and bad deviations. I'm sure once i'm over the excitement of the duel scene the episode will probably seem more like a 6/10 to me.

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i didnt like tyrions' pre fight scene with jaime and i thought that the stuff with grey worm and missandi was completely awful. also i thought that yelling arya stark's name in the vale was stupid...how hard would it e to say my lord i have some serious business to discuss...could I speak to you without so many people around

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I thought this episode was terrible. I'm not a book purist, I don't mind changes when changes are necessary. But half of this episode was made-up filler that made no sense and had me wanting to fast forward to the end to watch the duel. I'll get to the duel itself later.

I don't like that D&D are diminishing Littlefinger's evil genius factor. He knows what people are going to do before they do it. To me, the LF/Sansa dynamic is like a "student surpasses the teacher" vibe, and in the show they are just throwing that out and making Sansa become a player before she learns how.

The ENTIRE Meereen storyline is just hard to watch for me. Emilia Clarke has the same tone and emotion whenever she is on screen, whether it's ordering for mass crucifixion, telling Daario to fuck her, or banishing her most trusted advisor. Yuck.

The scene where the Hound just announces that his "traveling companion" is Arya Stark of Winterfell and nobody seems to give two shits about this had me scratching my head. I also don't like that they seem to be forming some sort of bond, which to me will ruin their final scene together.

The beetle speech. What the hell was that? I don't see the purpose of that scene. Maybe it's just me, I don't know. But I could have done without all of that.

And then there was the duel. One of the most pivotal moments in the whole series. It just felt rushed. The Mountains grunts and groans where making me laugh in a moment that should be very tense and serious. Oberyn's unnecessary jump/spin/twirl moves were just not doing it for me. I felt like they should have spent a little more time on this scene emphasizing Oberyn's skill and how he was toying with the Mountain.

Maybe I just can't enjoy the show because I love the books way too much. I don't know. But I feel like D&D had the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth, and they struck out swinging.

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6 or 7, pretty underwhelming.

Some Blizzard-tier character development with Sansa and Littlefinger. "Shit, we need to show how much more adept Sansa is becoming. Let's make LF derp his way through an interrogation and require Sansa to save his ass. That'll do it!"

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I gave it a solid 10, unusual for me, and I also liked Dany's scenes, for once. I know it doesn't further the plot, but I do really like the invention of the Missandei - Grey Worm scenes.

I thought the scene between Ramsey and Roose was well done, and glad we got a view of the North, with non-readers given a change to know how vast it is. I liked that Ygritte spared Gilly, but I have no idea why they decided to introduce that business of Sam taking her there in the first place. Took up valuable space. I 'overlooked' the poor staging of the raid on Moletown.

The Red Viper (and his stunt guy) was awesome, though I may never get the picture of his utterly smashed head out of my mind.

Liked Arya's hilarity when she discovered that Sandor couldn't "collect" from Lysa, either.

ETA: didn't quite understand the why of the smashing beetle story.

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