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[TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

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On 2/11/2018 at 4:37 AM, A Ghost of Someone said:

On a related note, if Margerary manages to survive long enough, she will be considered for Aegon as well. The Tyrells and The Reach were Targaryen loyalists, although a bit incompetent with the exception of Lord Tarly.

I wouldn't be surprised lol  I think Arianne will get her claws onto Aegon first but I reckon the Tyrells will try that at the very least.  lol someone once said about her "wife to 3 kings and mother to none" could get to even 4!  I have to say, I like Marg, she is shrewed but then circumstances always beat her, a bit like with Tyrion I guess and I would like her to do well.  I trust her better than I do Arianne to be honest but, taking into account that I think Aegon will have an outstanding victory and the ovation that goes with it I think he will be short-lived, at least politically.  Marg should be married to someone she can brainstorm with as a high lady but no queen.  She likes the limelight but I think ruling from behind would be better for her lol

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Blue Eyed Wolf's essay and theory on Ser Shadrich, Ser Morgarth, and Ser Byron is probably my favorite theory on what is going to happen with Sansa in TWOW, or at least what will happen with her in the whole Ser Shadrich "abduction" plot point, which I think is going to spin in a completely unexpected direction.

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Posted (edited)

Thoughts on Harry. I've been thinking that Sansa, the ice maiden and winter's daughter, needs a suitor with a bit of life and warmth in his own background and imagery - just for the sake of symbolic balance and harmony between the seasons. Harry's not that bad in those terms: he's definitely fertile, and his children are bastards (bastards so far have proved super-strong and disruptive - just what the story needs).

Also, Harry's major feature is the complete absence of courtesy and chivalry - things I associate with winter via the Kingsguard and their snowy white cloaks, and Ned Stark's rigid code of conduct.

And a slightly odd thing: Harry is very big on the letter 'H'. Harrold Hardyng. Harry is handsome. Harry is horrible. Harry is the Heir. And more, the whole chapter seems to have a lot of H-based alliteration, more than you'd expect by chance:

  • "I hate that Harry" [Sweetrobin]
  • "... you must wed a highborn lady and father a son to sit in the High Hall of House Arryn after you are gone." [Alayne, to Sweetrobin]
  • "My father will find a proper wife for you, some highborn girl much prettier than me. You'll hunt and hawk together..." [Alayne, to Sweetrobin]
  • Harry the Heir, Alayne thought. My husband-to-be, if he will have me.
  • the Waynwoods.... Horsefaced and homely, Alayne thought.
  • "Then how do you explain this hole in my chest, from where you stole my heart?" [Ser Roland]
  • And may your horse stumble, Harry the Heir, so you fall on your stupid head in your first tilt. [Alayne]
  • "... we are hoarding our harvest,..." [Grafton]
  • Horrible Ser Harrold [Alayne]
  • "He is honourable..." [Petyr on Lord Royce]
  • "He's horrible." [Alayne, on Harry]
  • And there he stood, Harry the Heir himself; tall, handsome, scowling.

I'd love letter codes to be a thing. No idea what's going on here though.

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On 4/12/2015 at 2:30 AM, Lord Varys said:

Actually, I've no reason to believe that either Brienne or Jaime are dead. What Brienne will do in the future will completely hinge on the question what task/mission Catelyn gives her. She has returned into her service, after all. And since she already lured Jaime into a trap we can assume she is willing to serve her again.





Considering that Brienne actually has Targaryen blood I'd not be surprised if she and Jaime both eventually ended up in Aegon's Kingsguard.


I agree, any more "undeads" and I would stop reading lol Not that George would care if it is what he wants to do but c'mon!  Now, two things stick in my head re the SH, Jaime/Brie cliffhanger; one is the sword and the other the normal oath of fealty that Brienne sworne to Cat, which of course goes both ways.  The paragraph I refer to is the one when Cat promises not to ask of Brienne "anything that would bring her dishonour."  Clearly, lying and tricking a friend onto his death qualifies as this...  A lot of emphasis was put onto that oath and I certainly expect it will be part of some main plot at some point...

For Sadrith I got a lot of ideas but a bit long to spill them out right now.  Just thinking he does truly work for Varys but as an informer and he is not there to kidnap Sansa for gold but for now to gather info but more on that later.

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