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[Poll] How would you rate episode 610?


How would you rate episode 610?  

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6 minutes ago, fael097 said:

I don't usually vote straight 10s, so I'll just vote a big f u to the "all episode are a minus a hundred because the books are better" haters. Just wish I could see their faces when winds of winter come out and it's just like the show they hate so much. So my vote is a big middle finger to them because even though not perfect, this is the best show ever on television and the best adaptation from the books there could ever be made. Yeah.

go home you're drunk

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Great wrap to a great season. Gave it a 9, only because I really wanted to see the Night King coming. Instead, we got jokes about how long winter has been coming. Granted it was funny, but...not the note I would have ended the season (yuk, yuk) on.

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I did not have much in the ways of dislike for this episode. 8.5, I can skip on the Arya teleporting as Braavos is not that far away and they got me, did not see that coming. They gave her Frey pie which was a pro and con for me, I thought Arya was going to be a bit more sane, but killing and cooking the Freys was pretty ruthless. -.5. Though taking him out and giving Jamie the oh boy you are just what I am looking for look was fun.

Varys getting to to Westeros, ok I gave that a pass, but getting back to Dany. That should of taken him over a year. -1. And really that was about it. The teleporting bugged me with Varys and Frey Pie Arya.

I thought the Dany and Darrio scene was good, but I really liked Tyrion and Dany there, they finally took the edge off her and got back to complex Dany, they were really good together in that scene and once again juxtaposed to Jon and Sansa.  The little nod of fear, her caring about Daario but glad it was over. I really like that scene that's all I can say.

I liked Jon being crowned and the look on Sansa's face that goes from being happy to looking at LF who has that I told you so look, oh Sansa.

Jon has a mommy, and it only took a couple of decades.

Finally Cersei from the books was back, oh how I missed her. Tommen, I know it's wrong but as soon as I saw him in front of that window we were all laughing, Tommen was going to fly. That's so wrong, can't be helped.

The return of the Little birds.

Sam and the Library, the Library and Oldtown looked great.

The Sand snakes getting ripped apart, how in gods name is Tyrion going to deal with them. They had a pact.

Dany and the ships, oh Cers the Curse your reign is going to be over before it started, Varys is going to teleport the whole Army there within one episode. Maybe Dany stops in Pentos, or Braavos. Doesn't matter, I hope she takes back Dragonstone, and goes from there.

Oh and NO MORE MEEREEEEEEEEEN! Thank god that's over.

Oh and in the episode that Dany is making her self free for Marriage, Jon gets a crown, the only eligible bachelor on the show. There is Jon and there is Euron and Euron is a walking corpse.

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Holy crap, that was a powerful episode and a lot to get excited over. I was literally on the edge of my seat the whole episode. A weak season over all, but it went out with an epic finale. Perhaps the most epic episode of GoT ever. The whole Wildfire plot was just chilling to watch unfold, and the music captured the moment perfectly.

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