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[Poll] How would you rate episode 610?


How would you rate episode 610?  

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2 hours ago, CrypticWeirwood said:

I am so, so, so, so glad that Lyanna Mormont knew that House Cerwyn is a Celtic name and therefore pronounced it properly,with an initial K sound, as all Keltoi know.

I’ve been telling people this for years and years, and nobody believed me.  

Vindication is a sweet thing.

Ummmm what??

For nearly 20yrs, some ppl have been saying 'Slay Sir-win' instead of 'Cley Cerwyn'????

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9, because the only things that were kind of out of place were the random teleports of main characters. I'm sure they could have found a way to make it seem organic, but it seems like they didn't even bother. Besides this, probably one of the, if not the best, episode of the series. The music was wonderful, the cinematography excelent, and the acting brilliant....And that "Light of the seven" theme....wow!!!!!!!

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Hello everybody

I gave it a 10! I thought after the previous episode i would be surprised, but there so many OMG moments.

My favorite moments:

  1. Jon being named the King in the North!!! and the theory confirmed about R+L.
  2. Arya killing the Frey, i never thought it would be her, but I was so happy when she took off the face, he deserved a worse death but I am so glad she did it!

I didnt expect Tommen to kill him self, i was king of shocked but didn´t feel sadness, felt more bad about about Margaryn.

I can´t believe next season Dayaneris would get to Westeros!!!!!!!




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A clear 10/10

Yes L+R=J being finally revealed was anticlimactic. It will blow show only watchers away I suppose. We still have the mystery of what was whispered though.

So many satisfying conclusions to so many plot threads though. The Freys, the North, KL etc

They even made a library seem magical and made you realise that is what it would be for a would be scholar in those times.





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A Gentleman's '2' -- After the first 20 or so mins, I thought it might be a 9 or 10, but once the episode hit the North and Mereen. all was lost.  Not only was the writing bad at a high (plot) level, but most of that actual dialog was painful as well.


Seriously, KitN instead of QitN?  Littlefinger just spelling out what he wants (when he pretty much made it clear in season 4, where Sansa was supposed to have become a player, but is still just getting played).  Mellisandre should have been axed (or burnt) around episode 2 when her purpose (resurrecting Jon Snow) was finished, not as the result of an implausible reveal from episode 9.  And letting murderers off with exile?  Not exactly what I think of as Northern justice.  Not that the death wasn't legal, as it was done by the King's command.  But, hey, whatevs, Davos can join Catelyn on CSI: The North.

Although I was glad to see fake Daario tossed aside (and cry) like the bitch he is (even if he kept the tears off camera).

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The best episode of the series so far! Absolutely perfect! 

to tip my hat to Ramin Djawadi. The music was spectacularly beautiful and emotive, especially the sequence covering the 1st chapter scenes in Kings Landing. The man has outdone himself. 

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10+++++ Fantastic episode for so many reasons!

Some of the great moments for me-

The music throughout the episode was fabulous and seemed to enhance the mood perfectly. Lovely use of violin.

The R+L=J finally revealed beyond any doubt. Case Closed.

Cersei, Cersei, Cersei, pulling a frikn Michael Corleone and settling all family buisness in one beautiful fell swoop of burning Septons, Sparrows, and KL shitheels. Lena Headey was, is, and always will be the regal dark straw that defines KL. Bonus/Bonus backstabbing Tommens swan dive and the Septa who will not get off quickly. She will experience that "Shame, Shame, Shame" slowly and thoroughly.

Arya serving Frey pie. She's so close to Nymeria, Nymeria was said to be roaming the Riverlands, I will continue to hope for Arya to find Nym and her pack.

Lady Mormont is such a eloquent and righteous character, "The North remembers", also we see Manderly. Jon is named King of the North in the Hall at WF, very emotional stuff.

BenJen leading Bran to the Weirwood where he tells Meera he is the Blood Raven now, very well done.

Even Sansa came across as the loyal Stark this episode, i'm usually critical of Sansa, but I was quite pleased with her team player, not stick in the mud, dialogue this week. Big improvement.

Jeezus and theres more still, the Dornes and Tyrells and Dany's army crossing the sea with Drogon. Just extraordinary what HBO pulled off with this episode.

"Winter is Coming" an instant classic! 10+++++++



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2 hours ago, Tastes like Frey said:

That transition from baby Jon's face to him in Winterfell's great hall, oh my god. And when they referred to him as "The White Wolf" I thought I was going to have an asthma attack for the first time in over 10 years.

Where's the damn 11 option!?

Lol me too ! I was crying throughout that scene. This was a spectacular ep.10 for me. Horribly tragic ending for Tommen. The wildfire expolsion was pretty amazing and horrifying at once. I suspected that was Arya after a few minutes in the Jaime Bronn scene was so happy to see her ....Even the sand snakes scene was tolerable thanks to Olenna.

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1 hour ago, CrypticWeirwood said:

Aegon reigned with two queens, Visenya and Rhaenys, at his side.

Danaerys will reign with two kings at her side, Tyrion and FJon. 

It will be one of them, more likely Jon and Daeny. I could see Tyrion falling for her but like in the books they'll change Arya for Dany. Seems probably near the truth.

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10/10 for me.

I didn't like the fact that neither Sansa nor Jon mentioned Rickon, or even acknowledged his (former) existence, nor even considered using Melisandre to bring him back. Nor did they apparently even have a funeral service, and just dumped his body in the crypt. He was supposedly their brother, but he might as well have been Nameless Extra #3 for all they care.

I also am wondering at the foolishness of having Varys go to Dorne, then apparently return, only to head back to Westeros with Dany's navy. What sense does that make? Couldn't he wait for them on the Westeros side? D&D make Planetos seem so small and easily-traveled.

Despite these two quibbles, these mistakes didn't ruin what was otherwise for me an amazing episode.

Also, how awesome was the library at Oldtown? Loved the astrolabes hanging from the ceiling. Loved the books on chains. Loved the six(?) levels. Just incredible. Would love to spend some time there!



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This episode was a solid 8. There were a couple of great scenes, but the Sand Snakes are back, and therefor I can't give it a 10. The end of the season would've been a great moment for a montage, and they didn't go for it, so that takes another point away. Arguably though, the entire episode was kind of a montage. We didn't check in with Brienne, and that sucks. She once again didn't really have anything to do the entire season. We also didn't see what Euron is up to. That's why a montage would've been great, you could've shown a quick shot of every major character and where they are, starting with Cersei in the throne room and probably ending with the shot of Dany's fleet.

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I read this from a comment and it summarized the season pretty well: Fan-Service, the season.

For me, the quality of the season has dropped harder than the stock market will this lovely day. Ever since season 5 the show has been building up to a grand finale, merging characters and having characters do things that don't make sense for their motivation, but the writers need to tick these "boxes" on their list of events, making the quality sloppy while staying mostly true to the show's themes and plots.

I liked the "Hold the Door" episode and the Euron episode mostly, i'd wager the season finale was my 3rd favourite because of the cinematogrophy and soundtrack, some pretty cool shots here and there. Still, when you really sit down and think about the episode, it's just as messed up with plotholes as the previous ones: How did Cersei become Queen? She was Queen Cersei Lannister, so if it was the Lannister name than Jaime Lannister should come first, and are you really telling me after this entire season showing how much the people loved the Sparrows and the High Sparrow, there wasn't an open revolution againts the Lannisters? Unbelievable.

Varys teleporting this entire episode was freaking hilarious.

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I gave it an 8. I found the northern lords change of heart contrived. The High Sparrow not allowing people to leave the sept was contrived. After all, why would he not allow the spectators to leave if they wanted to? The sept blowing up was spectacular though. I suppose Cersei could crown herself, however it is a mystery where she gets her power from. I like Sam and Gilly at the Citadel. I didn't like the Frey pie. Why would Arya take the time to do that? Didn't mind that she killed Walder. I didn't mind Varys going back and forth. I just accept time passed. And you could see Tyrell, Martell, Greyjoy and Targaryen sails. It was obvious he had kind of a direct ride back to Meereen. I suppose the mop up in Meereen was okay. I guess leaving Daario was enough.

Some have said this was about fan service and I agree. Really, none of these events were particularly surprising as they have been discussed around the fandom for years. Just about the only sub-fandom that didn't get what it wanted was Sansa's.

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2 hours ago, Tears of Lys said:

That's what I was wondering too.  I guess they're figuring that what happened with Ramsay is some sort of proxy vengeance.  :dunno: 

I'd rate the episode a solid 8.  There were a couple cornball moments.  I don't like what they're doing with Sam, for instance.  And hasn't Gilly's baby gotten HUGE all of a sudden?  Something on the order of Rikkon's growth spurt, I'd say.  And what's Bran and Meera supposed to do from this point on?  She's gonna get tired awfully soon having to lug him around like a sack of potatoes.  What was going on in that scene where Dany's talking to Tyrion?  It looked like some sort of forced perspective going on, but I couldn't figure out why they needed it. 

But, really, these are just some quibbles.  I enjoyed the vast majority of the episode.  Good job.

Technically Ramsey avenged the Red Wedding, but I think they are talking about taking down all of house Bolton.

Bran is actually at the Wall, he dropped them off at the Grove, they are right by Castle black on the show.

Rikkon, Bran, Sansa, Arya have all grown kids grow, so do babies, that's kind of how it works the sneaky little monsters. What are those kids doing growing, something funny is going on around here.

What was going on in the scene with Dany and Tyrion? They were having a conversation, one arc was ending and a new one beginning. It's the transition scene.  Tyrion is now hand, would of liked to have seen the Varys/Dany intro. It also sets up another parallel to Jon and Sansa. They really like doing those. You see that Dany is more comfortable around Tyrion, the trust is clearly growing and that relationship is moving forward. I actually really enjoyed that scene, they took the edge off Dany.



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One of the better episodes of the season (not that that really says much, the bar is sooooo low).  I want to sleep on it before I rate anything, but God, I feel like there was so much that just happened for seemingly no goddamn reason this episode, and a few things that were a little over the top (I get that we need to bullshit a way to have a viewpoint for the wildfire.  The stab (but not finish) and crawl only to just miss it was ridiculous though.  Two brand new rulers crowned for reasons.  "The North Remembers" being thrown out there for serious by someone when it's pretty patently clear the North doesn't fucking remember a damn thing.  For as much as show Sam LOVES Gilly, he sure left her there pretty damn fast.  Also good to know Randall doesn't care enough about his super special sword to hunt down a carriage on the main road. Personally, the music got overbearing several minutes into the Kings Landing scenes.  Glad to know there are absolutely zero ramifications about Cersei withholding information that arguably got her brother killed. 

Some bad, some wtf, a whole lot of meh, and very little redeeming about the whole thing.  Definitely won't be a high score.

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