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[Poll] How would you rate episode 610?


How would you rate episode 610?  

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this long episode was ok. the scene in which jon is declared king of the north is complete mac n cheese, littlefinger trying to divide sansa and jon is a bit too obvious, even for sansa and may very well cost him his life in the end. a high bodycount this episode that cleans the table on several fronts, which is a good thing. no more tommen, margaery, loras, mace :(, pycelle, lancel and walder (+sons) to care about.

getting rid of the high sparrow was totally welcome. and the septa getting tortured for the whole 7th season is worth my 10.

i would have rather liked to the white walkers taking down the wall as a cliffhanger. danys fleet felt a bit shallow to me. so what, shes going to kings landing now? its about time isnt it?

varys in the last scene felt somewhat displaced but still i dont see any signs of teleportation like many others do. time is being compressed a bit for drama, to me thats ok. while varys returned from dorne, the fleet was prepared which may have taken quite a while. so even though varys appearance felt a bit rushed, i will give this scene a pass.

others also enjoyed the soundtrack pretty much, which i did not. i thought it was too often too cheesy.

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Maybe it's the book purist in me, but I'm not a fan of the way subtle things in the books become so hamfisted in the show. Those details probably count down more than they should in my enjoyment of the show. At any rate, I didn't feel surprised or shocked at what happened, rather a slight sense of disappointment for some of the hit and miss of the story elements this season (Won't lie, killing my favourite Kings Landing character, Margarey, in such a fashion does cost a point).


The episode itself wasn't bad, this 6/10 serves as both a rating for the episode and the season in comparison to the last few years. I think it'll fit the show well to have fewer episodes for the final 2 seasons, with the right writers and directors and less filler - they might give it a decent closing.

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Amazing, I was honestly surprised, this season has been pretty disappointing for me but I absolutely LOVED it! So much happened and only a few plot holes. So upset about Margaery though, loved what the show did with her and I was so shocked to see her go :( Finally Dany comes to Westeros, was afraid she would pull another "lol actually ill go even further east". Arya's revenge, I loved. Sansa and Jon's exchange was a little weird but Jon being crowned was awesome. Little finger better not screw his and Sansa's relationship :/ Cersei being crowned was an amazing scene, though I'm not sure if she is the next in the line of succession? I'm not sure if that's how it works, though I assume she just claimed it like Robert did. 

I sighed when I was Dorne again but it wasn't too bad. Olenna telling the sand snakes to shut the hell up was so satisfying and the "fire and blood" made me smile...even if it was from a teleporting Varys lol (seriously was questioning that). Excited to see this four house alliance though, Dany has made friends with so many people in the space of 2 episodes, it's quite ridiculous XD I also remember that the Martells and Tyrells are supposed to hate each other, but that is not important to the show and even if it was mentioned, It really was Olenna's best option imo.

I hope Jaime kills Cersei, you could tell he was looking at her with absolute disgust, at least in my opinion. I am 99% sure it will go down that way in the books so it would make sense, though they really should have included Tyrion's "Cersei is a whore" thing to Jaime in Season 4, still disappointed about that even though 4 was my favourite season.

R+L=J finally confirmed, maybe all the bullshit tinfoil theories will stop now. No doubt the purists will deny it just because the show did it though, lol. 

Oldtown looked GORGEOUS. Seriously, and the library looked beautiful. So impressed with that.

Loved the music too, it was different and it worked, in my opinion.

Am I missing anything? I forget, so much happened lol. But anyway, rated it 10/10 for enjoyment factor, 8/10 for objectivity. So pleased with this episode. Lady Stoneheart would have made it 9/10 but with Arya around now there's really no use for her...disappointing :(

Also really sick of the "ugh this show is so feminist now" complaints. I mean, I'm anti SJW, but I can sort of see where the feminists are coming from with bullshit statements like these. Oh, so there's queens now, so fucking what? I can only imagine what Sansa being crowned would have done to the creeps in their basements lol. You guys seriously need to stop giving feminists reasons to hate us men, I honestly thought that sexism was almost eradicated but you losers are really pushing it.


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Never given a ten till now. I don't believe in the "tens", because you need to be so flawless, that is soo rare.

This episode was brilliant. Every bloody scene was brilliant.

Okay, a little girl pretended to be a grownup again. But... well, kids are that way. Just a brilliant epsiode. I feel like being high...

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It is a 10 for me, from the music to the story. Everything was almost perfect, and even knowing all the spoilers I have enjoyed it fully. Can't wait to see it again tonight with my wife, she knows nothing and will be blown away.

I prefer the do only 5 episodes next season instead of 7 is they all have this quality, and you don't feel they are saving budget in every scene.

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9 for me.  Very strong episode and things are really moving along now.

Only real concern for me is that if the show is following the same timeline as the books then this lines up with GRRM's original (or always!) intention that Dany will invade Westeros BEFORE the Others breach the Wall.  And that's bad news for the books.

In a previous episode Mel told Arya they'd meet again.  Guess we know how now!  They'll be passing each other going opposite directions :D

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4 hours ago, of man and wolf said:

How did Jon avenge the red wedding? Roose wasn't around and Arya got to the Freys.


Again, I can't give it 1 because the production values are incredible, I love most of the SFX and most of the actors are superb, but the writing is just beyond stupid.  None of their plots hold together, their characters flip-flop all the time, and they are ham-fisted and cheesy in so much of their execution. I am weary of their hacking away at this amazing story.  I'm not even sure I find it funny any more, just tiresome.


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I nearly enjoyed every scene fully, albeit there were too many, but the standard of acting in this episode was very high imo and it was very well shot, executed and edited. A very enjoyable episode, I wish it was this standard every week.

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This episode proves that B&B are awful at portraying development, subtlety, and low key situations. But when it's time for big spectacular climaxes they are able to deliver. Also, Sapochnik is one of the most capable directors of the show.

The "king in the North" scene was poorly thought and terribly written. The acting in the Daario-Dany farewell should have been much more emotional (although admittedly the show has not done much for the Daario-Dany relationship). Exiling Melisandre made no sense (either she is a valuable asset against the others and you keep her, or she isn't and the law is applied). For these three "failures" I'm giving it a 7. But still it's the best episode of the season, by far.

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Well, one of the more entertaining episodes of the season, because stuff happened.

But it also provoked quite a lot of facepalms, eyerolls and chuckles. Kind of reminded me of the first episode this season (which was the only one I gave a 1 so far), rushing through plotpoints, (literally) nuking some storylines and killing off characters.

Sapochniks directing deserves praise though. Also Sams arrival at the citadel was pretty nice.

Not sure yet, if that put's it into positive rating territory for me.

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One of the 3 good eps in a mostly poor season. Only 2 things sucked, Arya and Tyrion - Arya because her kill lacked context and wasn't earned and Tyrion coz he annoys the fuck out of me now. The rest was good - sure, Varys can now teleport like Littlefinger but meh, who cares - perhaps that final scene was 3 months later or something.

Of special not this episode - the music was excellent, best in ages.

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It was completely paint by numbers.  Pretty much every scene played exactly as predicted.  However, it was well executed. 

-1 for the return of Bad Pussy Triplets

+1 for Jaime's return to being on track

-1 for insane geography (the Vale being in the north, teleporting Varys...)

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I gave it a 10. What an episode. The KL scenes were superb in combination with the music...what a track! For me this was easily the best season finale of GoT. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire 69 minutes, that doesn't happen often. The best scene in my opinion was the one with lyanna mormont in itxD, such a great character. In short: Miguel Sapochnik has done it again....every episode he's directed was amazing, I hope he gets an emmy for his work.

And yes, seeing varys on the ship in the end was a bit strange, but who knows how much time has passed? These are just minor flaws in my opinion.

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I actually find it more funny than sad now, that an episode like this still gets 1s from some people, I would love to see these people in person, lol.


Why vote at all when you are just going to act like a child and not give it a realistic and honest vote.

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10.  Even with the teleporting.  Superbly done.  Hope this guy directs at least two of the season-of-seven next time around - I know it's not logistically feasible but I wish he could direct all of them.  These last two episodes, along with The Door, were the standouts this season, and the two he directed last season (7 and 8) were the standouts last season.


The score was outstanding and brilliantly used. The only weak acting performance was Baelish - this was well written (within the confines of teleportation) and even Dorne didn't entirely suck, probably because it was very short and mostly Diana Rigg.


The cold look on Arya's face was terrifying.  I thought she was going to taste Frey's blood for a minute, she pushed her finger into his throat wound.

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