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How would you rate episode 302?


How would you rate episode 302?  

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I liked the episode at lot. Catelyn only feels/felt that she ought to have been Jon's mother out of pure jealousy, not out of any affection for him. There isn't any love or affection and never was. She only felt guilty because it's pure evil to wish death upon an innocent baby and she knows it. Her continued hate for him after he healed is proof. The only reason that the is feeling guilt now is because she is heartbroken and fearful about the fate of her children, not that it is really her fault, but she is superstitious.

I loved Gendry giving Arya grief over her three choices. Classic. It's what everyone has always said.

It looks as if they've merged Thoros and Tom's characters into one. I won't bitch about it because I understand why.

Liked Orell, he looked pretty much how I expected, except for the white eyeballs.

Jaime and Brienne were awesome.

Felt bad for my Sam. Love Edd.

I forgot to add, Lady Oleana was awesome! I loved the way Margaery is playing Joffrey. Me thinks Joffrey protests a bit much about his uncles "perversions".

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The whole Talisa story is intrusive, IMO. Once again the writing is servicing the actors instead of the story (as Elio "Ran" describes it.)

Also as Ran describes, unlike the book, if you 'scratch the paint off' the characters to get at their motivation, it rings true in the book. Sometimes not in the show. I don't think they're handling Roose very well.

I heard somewhere (another Ran clip?) that GRRM discussed 'the butterfly effect' with the show runners. All these little changes they're making are going to make it harder and harder to stay consistent to the novels as they add up. My fear is that by books 6 and 7 they'll be separate products.

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Hmm... I have to give this episode a 6. (I gave the last one an 8)

All scenes were ok, but few stood out - only two great scenes stood out:

+ Brans initial dream was great, and the callbacks to the pilot episode

+ I also thought the Joffrey/Margaery scene was great

Otherwise most of the scenes were just quick shortcuts to get the characters into the places needed for the real meat of the season to start. And a lot of forest encounters. :)

Oh, one more thing. I *REALLY* like Kaye(?) as Thoros of Myr. I'm looking forward to seeing more of him.

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What I loved --------------

The Brotherhood. The portrayals of Thoros and Anguy were especially interesting. Sansa's conversation with Margaery and the Queen of Thorns was also very good.

What I didn't like / didn't get --------------

The pacing felt a bit rushed at the beginning. Theon's introduction should probably have been delayed a bit further. The torture scene wasn't too effective, and Alfie seemed to hold back this episode. I didn't get the scene between Shae and Tyrion. And while I haven't complained about Shae before, lately I've started to cringe every time she opens her mouth. I had heard about Cat's scene and was seriously worried, but it didn't turn out all that bad.

Some bad stuff -----------

- The line "You never seen a warg before?" by Ygritte and "Where were you this time?" by Mance.

- "Of course, if you don't stop ... you'll probably die too" -- D. Edd.

Disclaimer: I don't mind change, and I might change my mind.

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I give it a 6; not bad, but not particularly good either. Too many storylines not given enough time all crammed into one episode with not really much happening. I liked the Queen of Throns, liked Thoros (who I think they're merging with Tom), liked Jaime and Brienne's interactions, and liked the introduction of the Reeds. Still, not all that much actually transpired other than Arya being outed by the Hound and Jaime and Brienne fighting.

Still, nothing stood out as being bad either, so 6 is appropriate. Hope the next episode is better.

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Someone earlier in this thread said something about Tyrion and Sansa marrying??? I don't recall seeing that in the TV show... confusing... I'm not rabid about spoilers, but now I feel like I missed something, somewhere along the way. Did I?

A small thing but noticeable: two people got knocked down a peg or two this week - Cersei and Arya. Joffrey is like an ugly little monster who's outgrowing his handler - he put Cersei in her place and let her know he's just about done with her controlling manipulating guiding him, and Arya got her sword knocked out of her hand - serving notice that she'd better step up her game if she's going to make her late, great dancing teacher proud of her.

EDIT: Forgot there will be book spoilers on some forums.

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It's tough to rank any Game of Thrones episode below a 7 by average TV standards, but I'd say this was a really satisfying episode(if still having a bit of that season premiere feel to it)

I feel the same way! I liked the Cat scene. How else would she mourn over the possible loss of her sons but feeling guilty? She did leave Bran before he woke, and has been feeling bad for it since forever. The fact that she told the story about Jon just shows the extent of how much she really wanted to have a whole, intact family, which she never had in the beginning, and will never now (and of course the feeling guilty that she could not get over the fact that Jon was not her son). The Red Wedding is going to be just so much more heartbreaking.

I also love the scene between Margaery and Joffrey. He just seems so confused around her ahaha.

And why my dear Reeds. You just had to have the most badass entrance? I do agree that there were some unnecessary scenes, like the Tyrion/Shae one. Although it was cute, I feel like they could have done something a bit more...useful?

I loved all the Arya parts though.

Overall, a solid 7.

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I loved this episode and gave it a 9, just because I'm a hard grader. :cool4:

I missed Arya and I am glad her character is picking up. Arya scenes are always active and exciting, take interesting twists and highlight great characters.

Margery /Joffrey dynamic is developing nicely. That cream cheese on lemon cake made me hungry. :-) That was a great refreshing conversation with the grandma.

Jamie and Brienne scenes were great. I expected to Brienne to knock Jamie unconscious and drag him to the woods, but oh well.

Not much going on beyond the wall, I'm glad they kept that short.

I also noticed that the Imp scene was off, perhaps because Shea did not deliver. Nonetheless, I like all their scnes and I am a fan of Shea.

I liked the Cat scene too, albeit Tulisa's character is boring.

Great fun episode.

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This, this was the season opener. I had a good feeling about this episode from the 30 second shot of Jaime, Brienne, and 'the Throne of cocks', and I rarely have good feelings :drunk:

Mance was better, starting to make him greater.

Queen of Thorns was terrific. Just pure amazing.

Joff and Margery were excellent.

Bran and Jojen were great.

Jaime and Brienne were just amazing.

Theon and his 'helper' was pure win.

*Arya threatening the BWB was very booklike, which my Puritan friend immensely enjoyed.

*Arya, the Hound, and the BWB was exceptional, moves the story along perfectly.

*Tyrion and Shae, yes, slowed it down, but I didn't pay it any mind, especially since it nods at Tyrion's perversions to Sansa in the book. Similar to the nose last episode, I thought. That said, I enjoyed it.

I even liked Catelyn. Why?

They are "nicing up" Cat to make people feel worse later this season.

:agree: Notice how Robb seems like a chump, arguing amongst his subordinates, compared to ASOS? They're switching the pity roles, imo

Edit: Added more favorite scenes.

Everything about this episode was what should open the series, so I'm dubbing the last episode as Season 2.5, and this as Season 3.

I'm extremely disappointed there is no number above 10 to vote for, so I'll make due with 10.

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The trailer really made me pumped, but I was let down by the episode itself. I gave ep-1 an 8, with definite 9 potential. I give this one a 6.

  • The Cat scene went off the rails when she mentioned how she may have caused the whole war. I could accept the changes in her character up until that point. It was like a train wreck, then cut scene.
  • Arya should not have been so upfront with the, 'my grandpappy's the Lord of Riverrun' and then have Hot Pie react in the Inn when he hears about the Stark B* from the Hound. Something like "f* me, a Stark" with his mouth agape in astonishment.
  • The duel was more about technique than a brawl, eh, whatever.
  • The Sam scene was weak. I agree with a previous poster that they should have made it at night or even maybe dawn. He was exhausted, but I didn't really didn't feel that while watching.
  • Shae, Shae, what can I say? If they want me to believe Shae is only a whore (sic), I am beginning to see it because her lines are so awful that it could only be good acting in, well, porn. I've tried not to assassinate the actor's character in the past, but the lines and her performance are cringe worthy and lacking and are actually getting worse. This is GoT. Surely you can kill her already and get her off the set.

That said - I give the ep a 6 and hope not to be to let down in the future.

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Loved it. Lots of book deviations but oh well. 9/10

The Cat & Talisa scene was a bloody disaster. As was the Shae and Tyrion one.

QoT was just awesome. I adore Ellie Kendrick as Meera and Jojen came across like young-Voldemort in the HP movies at first. Although, I think his dynamic with Bran will be cool.

Natalie Dormer was amazing again.

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I liked the bran scenes would that they could've been longer, loved the Sansa scene. Though they cut out my favorite song and the potential marriage (they also cut out ser dontos bit) and whats up with ser Loras not being KG? Kinda important. Loved the hound/arya adaptation.

Still no Sam the slayer, nor obsidian (also crucial information) moreover the Jaimie Brienne fight scene was awful! She does not make him look like a child with a rattle seriously unimpressed gave a 7

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I was reading stuff on here before I saw the episode, and I set my expectations really low, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the episode. Some things could have been done better, sure, by overall it was great and I prefered it a lot over the first episode.

Thoros isn't anywhere close to how I imagined him, but I still like him.

I was surprised by how much I liked the Joff and Marg scenes.

I felt a twinge of nerdiness because of how excited I got when they mentioned Howland Reed.

I also think that we may actually see Mace Tyrell in the show at some point, due to how much the QoT mentioned him.

A great 9/10 for me. A lot better than I thought. I also didn't hate the Cat scene as much as I thought I would, and I'm one that hates nearly every deviation. I still cringe whenever Talisa speaks though. I hope she is at the RW.

I also loved hearing Edmure's name get mentioned for some reason. I'm very excited to see the Tullys. The Jaime/Brienne fight was poorly directed though, and was very underwhelming. Jaime's comments in the whole episode were great though.

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This episode was great, with few flaws, but nothing too important

1. Bran - touching scene at beginning, nice introduction of Reeds, all in all nicely executed arc

2. Cersei/Joffrey - like the scene, but nothing special

3. Sansa/QOT - This was amazing, and I don`t know who was better - Sophie as Sansa or Dame Diana as QOT. Perfection

4. Catelyn scenes - OMG, this is either dealbreaker or something absolutely beautiful. And I have to say I am torn. IMO, this wasn`t done so people could sympathize with Cat, it`s more to show her as a mother - I couldn`t love motherless child. It`s so great on one level, and so disasterous on another

5. Joffrey/Margaery - Forshadowing

Purple wedding

I genuinly enjoyed this scene. Especially its end

6. NW and Wildings - Nothing special, and I have to admit I dislike the use of `I forbid you to die` line so early.

7. Arya - Like it, especially her confidence and strength mixed with fear and newly founded powerlessness. Also enjoyed Sandor`s appearence

8. Tyrion/Shae - this was amazing. I am sorry but I missed classic Tyrion humor.

9. Brienne/Jaime - these two have something. I don`t know exactly what it is, but it`s good.

10. Theon - almost forgot it. This is just an intro to a very promising storyarc

All in all, great episode, I like they are cutting the storylines from each episodes. We haven`t seen Dany or Stannis, and honestly I like it better this way. All congratulations on acting goes to Dame Diana Rigg, Sophie Turner, Michelle Fairley and Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

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A solid 9! Queen of Thorns was awesome, so were Jaime and Brienne. The much hyped Cat character assasination monologue was actually very good, and Shae playing jealous was nice.

For a while there it looked like Jojen was about to drop R+L=J hints... but he didn't :P


I think Tywin will be a lot more familiar with that crossbow than he would like, by the end of Season 4

What keeps it from a 10 is...

Vargo/Locke... Y U NO LISP?

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Gave it a 9/10. One of the best GoT episodes ever.

I didn't like lady Olenna's dress. She looks too much like a septa. Otherwise she was great. Better than I expected after the reviews etc. Really liked Thoros as a character. All of the BWB scenes were great. Grenn/Edd/Sam scene was awesome too.

Worst scene in the episode? Cat talking about Jon Snow. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't interesting and it went pretty far away from the books.

I dislike Mance. He looks old and grumpy. Tormund looks like Tormund but he's gotten too few lines at the moment.

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So, yeah, it's a significant change.

Moreover, you literally have her taking the view that maybe this is all her fault. Those who are inclined to believe that, either through latent misgoyny, a lack of empathy, or a preference for simplistic narratives, are just going to latch onto it. That's not what I think the writers expected, but it's what they're going to get.

you called it. i wasn't fond of Cat's going on and on, i see that they're trying to make us more sympathetic at some point, but this is one of those moments where i wonder why when they wrote it, they didn't anticipate other ways it could go.

i gave the episode an 8 because i enjoyed meeting Jojen, he comes across as more assertive than i imagined he would be. i also thought oleanna tyrell was fantastic (she reminds me of my grandma), and i really liked thoros. also, the look ygritte gives Jon, 'you haven't met a warg?'

and jack gleason, always fantastic. how he manages to create a character we love to hate - more and more- every week is pretty amazing.

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