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  1. NERDS! Nominations for the 2018 Hugo Awards open soon. My to-read list from last year is still so looooooooooong. Give me some of your favorites! I'm calling YOU, @beniowa and @Mlle. Zabzie and @LugaJetboyGirl-irra and EVERYONE ELSE. Are we nominating for YA this year? Are we? ARE WE? Nebula recommended reading list is here: It has helped me figure out which category stuff goes in. I'm thin on short stories this year. Not surprising. I moved and had to work early in the morning. Early in the morning is when I usually eat short stories.
  2. GUYS! YESTERDAY THE CROWS CAME. CROWS! CROWSCROWSCROWSCROWS! There were 4 of them ground feeding under the small seed feeder (which is finally getting lots of love). One of them kept flying up to the fence rail that the feeder is hanging from and giving it that LOOK. You know, the look like, "You will not win, unreachable tiny feeder." Can I expect them back? I hope so! Gonna get some unshelled peanuts! Still nobody at my nice suet feeder, although that shit is probably frozen solid right now.
  3. Picked up The Bear and the Nightingale. Still need to read Autonomous, got a hard paper copy of it and I can't remember where I put it.
  4. Home on a snow day! Caught a flash of yellow with my ground-feeding sparrows. Got a profile look at the little thing. Round like a big puffball with a yellow throat. Then BAM! Gone again. Stupid birds.
  5. I'm sorry. Let your family go for now. Even if it means sacrificing a bit of your future. I have NEVER regretted the 2500 miles that I put between me and my parents. They have been cruel to my son (by neglect), and I'm just sorry that I involved them enough to allow that kind of sadness in his life. My hard break healed my wounds with my parents, but after I mended fences, they've hurt my son. I applaud you for severing ties. Godspeed.
  6. Blondes I need your help. I'm about to update my color. I've seriously enjoyed my silvery platinum run, but I'm getting a fair good bit of breakage. Time for an update. I love this color, but worried about maintaining both silver and red at the same time. Should I start with a honey? Gonna pull the darker color through SOME of the platinum, but keep most of it for a blended grow out. Fun fun fun. Please give me some ideas, help. My hair's a short angled bob right now.
  7. Hehehe. Don't have to tell me twice. Still no sign of him. New song in the yard today. Sounds like, "hoo-li-CHANK!" Repeated either 3 or 4 times. I got a good sense of what direction it was coming from but couldn't spot the singer. So frustratiing. My new strategy to cover all of the fence posts with black oil sunflower seeds is paying off. Lots of cardinals, sparrows, jays and mockingbirds. The starlings showed up to ground feed on what I scattered as soon as the sun hit the yard. Nobody is touching my suet or nice small seed feeders yet.
  8. I HAVEN'T SEEN HIM AGAIN!!! BEEN IN THE YARD ALL MORNING. Now I am at work, but I will keep looking for him. He was small like a sparrow. He was by in the afternoon, so I'm hoping to make this a short day and be back out there by 330. It was bright lemon yellow under the wings. So surprising I didn't look at his face or breast.
  9. NEW BIRD IN THE YARD! It looks like a sparrow with the highlights on the wingtips but under the wings it's bright yellow! It's a ground feeder. Left before I could examine face and throat markings. Goldfinch? Warbler? Come back bird!
  10. brook already handled the problematic bit of this quote. RBPL, please make sure you clarify that you are talking about YOUR experience. As to the bolded, get thee a FetLife account. There are lots of discussion groups for transvestites. Some of the people on FetLife are great and some are truly awful (just like real life), but after a bit of practice it's pretty easy to find groups and people with common interests. Best of luck to you. My attraction and romantic interests have been wildly influenced by things like hormones, weather and current events. Mostly lately I just have soooooo little patience for straight men's expectations of women and especially the women they date. I mean, are people seriously wearing a strapless dress and heels in this fucking weather? Seriously? It's colder than fucking Mars in parts of North America right now. I know @brook and @karaddin recall a recent straightish-attracted period that I had which was DEFINITELY hormone related and I swear to God I had a massive identity crisis. I really felt like I was just NOT ME ANYMORE. This was after agonizing for decades about coming out. Agonizing for decades over internalized homophobia and misogyny. I tend to be very forward and aggressive and I did not hit on girls for a long, long time because I felt like I was pressuring them into doing something naughty / dirty / shameful. I finally got over that and still felt like I wasn't "gay enough" to have a girlfriend of my very own. I still struggle. I still have a lot of pain and I still deal with moments of terror and social anxiety. Biphobia is crippling to people like me. I jumped on the term "QUEER" a slur I battled as a kid just because it was more appealing to me than bisexual. It runs that deep.
  11. Just finished The Clockwork Boys. I liked it, but it's half a freakin' book. Also finished Pullman's Book of Dust I. I liked it, but that boat journey was too loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong. Is it time for a Hugo roundup? Lemme check my email for the deadline.
  12. My dear, I'm much more concerned about the size of his..."WIND", since my face would also be at rump level.
  13. Bookings at less expensive places are sold out / selling out. I'm at the Fairmont 8-15 through 8-21. Hope to see you nerds there.
  14. I would pay to not see it. Since I would probably be 4' tall it'd be wagging all up in my face.
  15. If I were Queen, I'd put him in my menagerie and have him give "horsie" rides to all the little children.