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  1. Concur! I left our gay club to a couple of straight women who had more time to get it together sooner, the results were awesome student government and that shit is running itself. I'm so proud of our students and I am proud of yours! Honestly, if you just give the kids a bit of room to breathe, they'll do all the work! Kudos! I can't tell you how much relief I've seen on the faces of students who have had me just show up for their events. Knowing faculty has their back and are risking themselves first was a huge thing on our campus. Great work. Geez! This post is from about forever ago and my browser saved it. Apologies if it's a repeat! I got back home last night from a work conference that crashed into my girlfriend's HUGE debut back into her field after a 7 year hiatus. I cannot tell you how relieved I was that she managed it without me. I felt like a piece of SHIT not being here. It was so last minute and things have been so crazy (end of term, this conference was planned months ago, etc.). She had to attend a gala $400 ticket type of affair and she has social anxiety, so that was AWFUL. She actually had a nice time, made some good connections and best of all, got a ticket for an artist friend of ours who absolutely WORKED the crowd for his benefit. Seriously, a ticket would have been wasted on me anyway. Absolute win. I am so glad. I was really worried that we'd be doing constant my career / your career tradeoffs. I'm going into finals right now and it's actually better that she is also swamped with work. Yes, @Dr. Pepper, I made a mess on my way out, but I scrubbed both bathrooms and vacuumed the whole house before I packed. Spending today fetching supplies, putting away the clean dishes and doing laundry (but not folding or putting it up).
  2. Butt comfort. :snickers:
  3. I don't remember who warned of the dangers of too-small panties, @Fragile Bird? But I was wearing a pair yesterday and all I could think of was LYMPH DRAINAGE!!! Yikes they were uncomfortable. My gf and I are different butt sizes. Time to go shopping.
  4. And New Orleans has a woman mayor. May God Have Mercy on her Soul. First one in 300 years.
  5. New Orleans just elected their first female mayor out of two WoC who were both over-qualified for the job. The campaign was so nasty I actually switched my vote several times. Interesting times. Yes, I'm crying.
  6. It got worse this weekend. Faculty fodder. My guts, MY GUTS!!!!
  7. Lima do a runner and get oats of here.
  8. You're a silly goose.
  9. I just looked up your falcons. Is Pale Male still there? I'd link, but still travelling home. Such a cool history of the birds in your park!
  10. That thing has me hawking up my lunch.
  11. Great Egret for the win. Could swear it had a black eyestripe, though. Shape is definitely right. Good lord those necks are long when they're all stretched out. Gotta run back to the convention before I look up my not-pigeon. The underbelly looked speckled like a thrasher's but with shades of black. It was really active and in the third story eaves, so it was hard to really make notes on tail shape and beak. Beak was black and like a crows. Will report later! Color was VERY distinct on head. like a purple oil slick.
  12. There's still a few pelicans in the lake here. I didn't get out of work until nearly sunset, so ALL I can say is that they were brown. I also saw a tall white stork/egret/ crane thingy. I'm having a beer, but when I get back to the hotel I'll try to identify it. Yellow beack, black legs and eyestripe and BIG FEETS. It had a kink in its neck that made me think of flamingos right below it's head. I drew a picture to try to capture just the shape. All white. I saw it's wings when a jogger startled it. It's call was a scolding, "KohHoo!" Or at least that's what I wrote down. Really hard to remember sounds. I also saw a purplish black headed not-pigeon.
  13. Sorry to make you fire up the flax capacitor.
  14. This is absolutely the final word on ducks. Language NSFW, but they are mightily feared here.
  15. Just sowing some wild oats before the new year.