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  1. Knight Of Winter added a post in a topic Do you consider these characters villains?   

    1) Sure he can (be given credit for starting WOT5k). First of all, Catelyn didn't abduct Tyrion - she arrested him under a suspicion of two grievous crimes. She did so in capacity of acting Lady of the North, so there's much to be said that she had an authority to act. Now, how did Tywin react? Did he confront Ned and demanded an explanation? Had he gone straight to the king, the one who caves in under any kind of pressure and is actually in your financial debt? Had he taken primitive but somehow twistingly "fair" eye-for-an-eye approach and abducted a Stark? He did neither, instead choosing to basically start a terrorist campaign against Riverlands smallfolk. In addition, he completely senselessly murdered Masha Heddle for a "crime" of owning an inn where Tyrion was captured.
    I don't think that anyone can describe this as fair or just response.
    2) There is every difference. Just like how there is difference between defeating an opposing sport's team in a match vs drugging their drinks the night before.
  2. Knight Of Winter added a post in a topic Daemon and Alicent's Relationship?   

    That's exactly why I can't bear any sympathy towards her. All of her misfortune is of her own doing.
    Though I wonder - besides marrying a king, she was also rumored to have affairs with Daemon and Old King. There's a good possibility that last two were made up by her enemies after her side lost the war; in an effort to paint her as "vile seductress femme fatale" type of villain.
  3. Knight Of Winter added a post in a topic Best/ Worst Bromance   

    Winter Knight's thread ruined it for me. I can't even think about Ned and Robert without remembering the thread and starting grinning
  4. Knight Of Winter added a post in a topic Which character do you most identify with, and why?   

    Several characters, but most of all Arya. Small wonder she is, along with Jon, my favourite character in the series.
    So much similarities between her and myself when I was her age. Similar sense of right and wrong, similar slight hyperactivity, similar penchant for physical activities (sports and such), similar experience of being verbally bullied by peers (even ones otherwise close to you), similar "pay evil unto evil" attitude (though Arya is way more proactive than me here) etc.
  5. Knight Of Winter added a post in a topic Your Random ASOIAF/TWOIAF/D&E Opinions, Confessions and Dirty Secrets, 666   

    Is it a new trend on this board to use font size 30+ to write a signature? I see increasing number of such cases.

  6. Knight Of Winter added a post in a topic Family Screw-Ups   

    For Lannisters it would definitely be Tywin - for failing to raise his kids properly and making an emotional mess out of them. Small wonder House Lannister will crumble swiftly now that Tywin is dead.
  7. Knight Of Winter added a post in a topic Bridge to Essos   

    Even troll topics require some effort and skill to be interesting. This one lack both.
  8. Knight Of Winter added a post in a topic Assuming R+L=J, has Tyrion worked out Jon's parentage?   

    I don't think anyone in Westeros, who wasn't at TOJ, knows of Jon's parentage. Not Varys, not LF, not Tyrion, nor anyone else. The only possible exception, the only one who had any way of learning the secret is the first place - would be Bloodraven using his weirnet.
  9. Knight Of Winter added a post in a topic Is Rodrik a knight?   

    Are you sure about that? I've never heard of septons/priests bestowing knighthoods, neither in ASOIAF nor in real life.
    IIRC, Martin said that knights can only be made by other knights, or by king.
  10. Knight Of Winter added a post in a topic Do you consider these characters villains?   

    It's hard to define what constitutes a villain. I'd probably say it's a character driven by selfish goals who causes pain and misfortune of other people in its pursuit, knows this and accepts it. I'm well aware that this definition (as well as pretty much any other) isn't perfect and probably has a number of loopholes.
    On my list, I'll go with that definition, coupled with my personal assessment.
    Jaime Lannister - in the first two books, defnitely. He's well on his redemption road by now.
    Tywin Lannister - definitely. He's vile as vile goes.
    Tyrion Lannister - no (so far), but he's maybe heading in that direction.
    Cersei Lannister - villain for sure and psycho to boot.
    Petyr Baelish - of course.
    Varys - this one is very edgy. I'm slighty leaning towards no.
    Theon Greyjoy - he has his moments, but generally not.
    Victarion Greyjoy - yes.
    Aeron Greyjoy - probably not, although his heartfelt support of the "Iron way" is pretty disgusting
    Bran Stark - ?? Why is he on the list? For warging Hodor? Not his most stellar moment, but he is miles away from any villainy.
    Arya Stark - no. Although I can't be unbiased here - Arya is my favourite character whom I'd support no matter what she does. I still think she is definitely not a villain.
    Stannis Baratheon - no
    Daenerys Targaryan - no. She should be "hero with lack of patience, experience and anger management".
  11. Knight Of Winter added a post in a topic Anyone Besides Me Disturbed by Dany's Age   

    Way too much strawmaning going on here. It seems that if you oppose some pairings in ASOIAF, you're either not accepting romance or refuse to accept girls as sexual beings. While, in fact, there are good arguments for this opinion.
    The thread title mentions Dany's age, so I'll start with that. No matter how well it's written, no matter how much actual hints GRRM put into it, I'll always find these romances and implied romances between girls entering puberty and adult men creepy and inappropriate (I'll refrain from mentioning word starting with -pedo and ending with -philia). Such pairings deserve the exact same opposition as if they were in real life: namely that they can't be a relationship between equals. Adults are by definition more mature, smarter and more stable then children. And before anyone accuses me of denying complexity of children or children's characters - I'm not, I'm just stating a simple fact of biology. Compare 13-year old self to your adult self and you'll see what I mean. All in all, if an adult is truly mentally at the level of an 13-year old, that adult has a problem.
    Second factor is that it's unrealistic. I know plenty of people in their twenties, being one myself, but I don't know even one who is sexually or romantically attracted at boys/girls half their age. And yet, it's ever-present in ASOIAF-verse: Sandor, Tyrion, Petyr, Illyrio, Viserys, Drogo, Raff, random men in Braavos... you name it. Perhaps GRRM truly wrote a fiction where human behave like humans in our world, have some psychology and biology as humans in our world, and for all intents and purposes are exactly like humans in our world (which is one of the best things in the series, but I digress) with the sole exception that their sexuality works differently and it's normal be be attracted to pubescents. Maybe that's the case, but I still find it creepy.
    The other thing is how lot of these relationships come of as (or start as) flatly abusive. For example, this Dany/Drogo supporting quote, somehow conveniently fails to mention this:
    Even the nights brought no relief. Khal Drogo ignored her when they rode, even as he had ignored her during their wedding, and spent his evenings drinking with his warriors and bloodriders, racing his prize horses, watching women dance and men die. Dany had no place in these parts of his life. She was left to sup alone, or with Ser Jorah and her brother, and afterward to cry herself to sleep. Yet every night, some time before the dawn, Drogo would come to her tent and wake her in the dark, to ride her as relentlessly as he rode his stallion. He always took her from behind, Dothraki fashion, for which Dany was grateful; that way her lord husband could not see the tears that wet her face, and she could use her pillow to muffle her cries of pain. When he was done, he would close his eyes and begin to snore softly and Dany would lie beside him, her body bruised and sore, hurting too much for sleep.Day followed day, and night followed night, until Dany knew she could not endure a moment longer. She would kill herself rather than go on, she decided one night … Does this sound like a happy relationship at this point? Does this look like consensual sex to any of us. To me, it just seems that Drogo has sex whenever he wants and completely ignores Dany's pain and wishes. Replace Drogo with Robert and Dany with Cersei and you basically get a description of royal couple's sexual life which Robert (rightfully) gets lambasted for. But here, such rape and abuse is not a dealbreaker, it simply an obstacle Dany should overcome. You see, if you could only ignore this  "abuse" silliness and suggest your husband a different sex position, everything will be fine. He'll even start to fall for you. Attagirl. And frankly, I find this very disturbing, to say the least. 
  12. Knight Of Winter added a post in a topic First Men and Andals   

    What I listed were not just language but ethnic groups as well.
  13. Knight Of Winter added a post in a topic AGOT foreshadowing Jon as the last hero?   

    Hi, and welcome to the forums

    I would bet that the line is here deliberately, that it was not just put there randomly by GRRM. After all, in his first version of Jon' chapter, GRRM had Jon simply hand Janos instead of beheading him.
    However, I think that the line refers to Jon's "heroic" nature and personality, rather than him being the Last hero (which he may or may not be, but the line above is irrelevant in that).
  14. Knight Of Winter added a post in a topic First Men and Andals   

    By now, all the ethnic groups have so intermingled with each other that I don't think that anyone notices or cares about Andalness or Firstmanness anymore.
    Why? In modern Europe, do you see any antagonism between Slavic and Germaninc people? Or between people of Celtic and Roman origins? Do you see e.g. Hungarians being ostracized as an ethnic group?
    Give them a few hundred years, and people of various ethnic groups will intermingle to a degree that they're basically the same people (unless some group is actively trying not to mix with other groups, which wasn't the case in 7K.). And in Westeros, First Men and Andals have been around for thousands of years.
  15. Knight Of Winter added a post in a topic What would you do if you were rhaegar?   

    No, that's apparently what only you want.
    For all his stupidities with regards to Lyanna elopement, let's keep in mind that Rhaegar is repeatedly described as quiet, melancholic and intelligent person. It's notable how literally all the characters in the series, barring Robert, hold positive or at least neutral opinion of him. And yet, ignoring all of this, here you set him up to be manipulative and thoughtless jerkass who has no qualms with murder.