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  1. OP, have you seen this old thread? You might find it interesting, it has quite a lot of great speculation about your topic
  2. What is the second most likely theory of Jon's parentage?

    Mostl likely alternative to me would be Ned+Ashara=Jon. But it's still miles behind RLJ in the terms of likelihood.
  3. AFFC=A Feast of Burns

    Myranda had some memorable lines: "That must have been dreadful, my lady. Him dying. There, I mean, whilst . . . whilst he was . . ." ". . . fucking me?" She shrugged. "It was disconcerting, certainly. Not to mention discourteous."
  4. ASOIAF is not Justice League of America...
  5. Small Questions v. 10104

    He was advocating buying a slave army of Unsullied to a girl who hates slavery to invade the continent that abhors slavery. Dany replies that this is not the way, that people who fought for Rhaegar were free men who believed in his cause, not slaves. Jorah responds with the quote. To answer the original question: basically what aryagonnakill and LM said.
  6. What if there was no Walkers?

    Sure. Even if Others were completely cut from the story, I'd find it equally enjoyable and worth reading. To be frank, Others have done pretty little so far (which is one of the reasons they could be cut so easily). At this point, they are reduced to vague threat and off-screen danger. All the other aspects (characters, military aspect, intrigue, symbolism, mystery etc.) are much more immersive and important (for now, at least).
  7. The Dornishman's Wife Foreshadows Abel's Fate

    Hm...pretty interesting stuff. But I think your theory would work better with Roose instead of Ramsay. 1) Mance is a high criminal here - he just captured Lady of WInterfell and spirited her away. When he is captured, soldiers will bring him not to Ramsay, but to the main honcho - Roose. 2) Ramsay is a pure sadist. There was not s single occasion where ha had the opportunity to inflict pain in others without consenquences, but refused to do so (ergo, he would surely just torture Mance to death without giving a damn). And we already know that he'll keep his sadistic ways even when it's far from politically opportune (how Northern lords who have to listen to FArya's constant cries). This kind of careful political maneuvering and dealings smells way more like Roose than Ramsay, IMO.   Also: 3) why would Mance have such a drastic change of heart? Planning a revenge against Jon and Stannis is understandable, but selling wildlings' loyalty to Boltons goes pretty much against everything Mance stood up so far (he genuinely wants what's best for wildlings - that's why he leads them south, and he tells to Jon that they all will refuse to kneel to any lord) 4) Melisandre implies she has some degree of control over Mance. To the point where she tells Jon that Mance can't act against them.   Otherwise, pretty good read. I liked the idea of Mance exchanging Arya for his son.
  8. Small Questions v. 10104

    No idea. In his last WOW update, Martin said that there's still good amount of work to do and that he doesn't know when he'll be finished. And he has stated many times before not to trust any other sources (other than himself) who claim the book is finished and/or put publication dates.
  9. The Dornishman's Wife Foreshadows Abel's Fate

    Mance as an author I could understand, Ramsay too, but Mance and Ramsay? Can you elaborate?
  10. Arthur+Lyanna=Jon

    I've read this theory a few years ago, and then-OP's idea was Rhaegar had problems down there, so he asked his best buddy to perform instead of him.   That aside, I don't think it's remotely likely - mainly due to sheer amount to hints/evidence pointing out towards RLJ. Any theory that wishes to compete should have comparable amount of evidence behind it.
  11. Inconsistencies on Doran Martell's part?

    By the way, have you read fantastic essays by Adam Feldman about Doran, his plans and his vengeance? It deals with lots of stuff you're writing about here.
  12. Would Elia be okay with Rhaegar+Lyanna?

    There is zero mention of any fond/warm feelings either. In fact, there is zero mention of feelings of any kind. We simply don't know anything. absence of evidence (of ill feelings between E and R) =/= evidence of absence
  13. Jon Snow - What I see coming. What do you see?

    Why doi you think GRRM will choose to copy another character's arc from another book series?  
  14. Crazy Theories you really like

    This ancient theory that says Varys framed Antler Men in order to keep Westerosi society from progressing. Half-mad, half-brilliant theory an great for a laugh or two      
  15. Would Elia be okay with Rhaegar+Lyanna?

    But this is seperate issue. I just listed two reasons why would Elia possibly be "okay" with Rhaegar's actions. Your reason number three is "not okay, but powerless to stop it"