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  1. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    I know the title says "deed", but can I just pick whole character of Pycelle? Basically, what Pycelle did was to choose toughest bully in the courtyard (Tywin), earn his good graces by extensive ass-kissing, and then used said bully's cover to pick on and bully everyone else. His entire character is one giant "I am THE coward" bright neon flashlight right over his forehead.
  2. Tywin not remarrying makes no sense

    I know and concur, both you and Danelle made fine points in that thread. It's just that, well, I think that absolutely everything implies that Joanna was not a willing participant in Aerys' advances. From Aerys' comments and Tywin's personality, through Tywin's brothers' remarks, to Joanna's behaviour when confronted by Aerys- everything points out to the conclusion that Joanna wasn't interested in Aerys. This scenario relies on logic and has every character behave consistently: Aerys behaves exactly like a petty arrogant womanizer whose crush turned him down, Joanna behaves exactly like a women confronted with very much unwanted advances, Tywin behaves exactly like a man in love unable to directly confront the guy who molests his beloved wife, his love of Joanna points out towards lack of manipulation of Tywin's feelings from Joanna's part (we know how Tywin deals with women who he suspects of using Lannister men to advance in power - Ellen Reyne, Tytos's mistress, Tysha...) etc. Opposite opinion, IMO, doesn't provide the same. As for trying to free Jaime from KG after Robert's rebellion - I think it's one of these "emperor is naked" moments. The social taboo of "KG serve for life" is so strong that almost nobody ever considers that it can be broken at all - much like "guest right" or "septons do not take wives". In Tywin's (and everyone else's) mind, releasing Jaime from KG is not an option, since KG "must" serve until they die. Tywin basically said as much in ASOS to Jaime: "Well, only now that Joffrey dismissed Barristan, we can use that as a precedent and dismiss you from KG". Else, I agree that asking Robert to release Jaime from KG in return for dismissing Crown's debts to Castelry Rock would be a perfect solution. And while we're at it, I can't help but notice that Tywin, for someone so thoroughly obsessed with Lannister name and legacy, does an awful job of maintaing it. Crucial to every dynasty is the concept of heirship, and Tywin utterly fails there. Let's say that he suddenly got killed in a hunting accident in the beginning of AGOT - who exactly would succeed him as Lord of CR? Jaime, who was in KG? Cersei, who is a women in a partiachal system and currently a queen? Tyrion - whom Tywin hated and explicitly did not want him as a heir? Cersei's kids? Kevan or his children? Somebody else? While every other lord in 7K made his heir obvious and apparent to all, Tywin didn't. I honestly have no clue whom exactly did Tywin plan to be his successor? Whoever that was, he made no preparations whatsoever.
  3. Tywin not remarrying makes no sense

    Again, all of these only prove that Aerys was infatuated with Joanna and made his advances, while Tywin was furious with Aerys for attempting to bed his wife. There's not a single line, besides unsubstantiated rumors, that imply Joanna gave in to his advances. In fact, she seems more like a victim ("was humiliated", for example) than as a Aerys' partner in "crime". I'd wager that, if it indeed was something going on between Aerys and Joanna (and I don't believe it was), it was not consensual.
  4. Tywin not remarrying makes no sense

    "The scurrilous rumor that Joanna Lannister gave up her maidenhead to Prince Aerys the night of his father's coronation and enjoyed a brief reign as his paramour after he ascended the Iron Throne can safely be discounted. As Pycelle insists in his letters, Tywin Lannister would scarce have taken his cousin to wife if that had been true, "for he was ever a proud man and not one accustomed to feasting upon another man's leavings." " As for the other passage, there could be a number of reasons. Maybe Joanna and Rhaella had a fight. Maybe Joanna had some urgent private reason to leave. Maybe Joanna was scared of Aerys' advances and asked her friend to send her away as a pretense to leave KL and move away from Aerys. Maybe Rhaella thought Joanna and Aerys had an affair while in fact they didn't. Or maybe they did indeed have an affair and Rhaella heard of it. But all of these are maybe-s. The passage doesn't prove anything, only lends itself to various speculations. So again, what proof, or at least backed-up speculation / educated guess do we have that Aerys and Joanna had an affair?
  5. Tywin not remarrying makes no sense

    Seems like a pretty clear cut to me - Tywin loved Joanna and didn't want to remarry after her death. He does come off as glaring hypocrite considering that he wanted to force politically opportune marriages onto all of his children completely disregarding their feelings while unwilling to do the same thing himself, but that's Tywin for you. How do we know this? All ASOIAF and WOIAF make clear is that Aerys was a womanizer and had a thing for Joanna - I've seen nothing that suggest Joanna reciprocated.
  6. Preston Jacobs and the Purple Wedding

    I won't try to challenge the official "LF+Tyrells killed Joffrey" theory - the evidence is just too overwhelming - but I think there are indeed few stupid holes in their plan, namely from the Tyrell side. 1) The Tyrells want to kill Joffrey - that's fine and logical - why why exactly do they need LF to achieve it? LF's whole contribution to their plan was that he sent poisonous hairnet via Dontos and Sansa. Couldn't Olenna just ask her maester for the poison? Or buy it on the black market? Or rob maester's lodgings? Why involve LF in whole poison-getting scheme where there are hundreds of simpler ways to achieve it. 2) Related to the issue above - what if Sansa decides she doesn't like the hairnet and doesn't wear it at the wedding? What if she thinks that Dontos' vague "this hairnet is vengeance and justice" speeches are good enough of a reason to wear it? Entire plan is in shambles. 3) If anyone suspects poisoning, Sansa will be the obvious culprit with her poisonous hairnet. I understand that is exactly what LF would want (he wants to have something to blackmail her), but why would Tyrells wish for that? Sansa is extremely important pawn in their plans - whey mean for her to marry Wyllas and give them North - so why would they risk implicating her in regicide where there are hundreds of other possible fall-guys? The ones who aren't crucial to their plans.
  7. A Dance of the Dire Wolves

    Ok, these circumstances could theoretically happen, but in that case I can't imagine neither Jon nor Sansa willingly waging war against the other one. Nor against Rickon.
  8. Preston Jacobs Dornish Master Plan

    @Lord Wraith - thanks
  9. A Dance of the Dire Wolves

    This would go completely against all of Stark children's personalities established in the five books. I can't imagine anyone of them going to war against any other. So no, all of these Jon vs Sansa, Arya vs Bran, Arya vs Jon theories are not going to happen
  10. Preston Jacobs Dornish Master Plan

    Which video does PJ talk about Royces and Alayne? I'm trying to find it, but with no success so far.
  11. Roose Bolton's inevitable end

    Roose is a goner, and that's one of the very few things I'm certain about in ASOIAF. He has way too many things going up against him, and very few allies to count upon (his own troops, Freys and maaaaybe Dustins and Ryswells) Yes, and how many other Westerosi lords have done these or similar things? Only three come to mind - Ramsay, Gregor and Tywin, and they are not exactly the bar for your average Westerosi lord in terms of morality. I think books make it very clear that Roose is a monster, by modern and by medieval standards
  12. Characters I am sad never met.

    Domeric Bolton and pretty much any Northern character. The way he was described, he was the last hope for a decent and likeable Bolton lord, and I'd be curious to see how would be interact with e.g. Robb, Manderly, Glover, Maege, Greatjon etc.
  13. Dothraki vs westerosi infantry

    I'm not sure. I'm leaning towards Westerosi, but I think it's a far more closed call than most of people here assume - and I could easily be wrong. Here's a quote from a Westerosi war veteran who certainly knows how both armies work and is familiar with their composition: "Now," the knight said, "I am less certain. They are better riders than any knight, utterly fearless, and their bows outrange ours. In the Seven Kingdoms, most archers fight on foot, from behind a shieldwall or a barricade of sharpened stakes. The Dothraki fire from horseback, charging or retreating, it makes no matter, they are full as deadly … and there are so many of them, my lady. Your lord husband alone counts forty thousand mounted warriors in his khalasar." "Your brother Rhaegar brought as many men to the Trident," Ser Jorah admitted, "but of that number, no more than a tenth were knights. The rest were archers, freeriders, and foot soldiers armed with spears and pikes. When Rhaegar fell, many threw down their weapons and fled the field. How long do you imagine such a rabble would stand against the charge of forty thousand screamers howling for blood? How well would boiled leather jerkins and mailed shirts protect them when the arrows fall like rain?"
  14. Is Doran a paedo?

    This sums up my opinion of this idea:
  15. Should Baelor Breakspear have fought for Duncan?

    Yes, definitely. People who fight and take risks for causes they believe in deserve more respect and admiration than people who stand aside and watch injustice just happen while preaching agianst it. Otherwise, I agree with BBE that Baelor could and should have used his authority to e.g. order Aerion and Dunk to fight 1v1.