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  1. This is an astounding medianic moment: President Trump’s Lies, the Definitive List https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/06/23/opinion/trumps-lies.html
  2. It's coz Napoli has been the cross roads of Greek, Norman, French, Spanish, Islamic (Arabs and Turks!), and Latin brutality for centuries, so they got all the bases for cruelty, ruthlessness, greed, corruption and scheming covered. Not to mention -- in season 1 I noticed at least one of the characters was named Atilla, which shows what an impression his invasion of the peninsula made, that people are still being named after him in the 21st century.
  3. How did you all watch season 2? I watched season 1 streaming from netflix, and was looking forward immediately to season 2.
  4. Thanks for clearing that up. Sense8 evidently didn't do that well for netflix? Went to Go90. Other than B-5 there's nothing there I would ever watch, and I can watch, yet again, B-5 on dvds from netflix. It would be nice if it streamed on netflix too, but there ya go, which is why I keep the dvd services as well as the streaming service.
  5. From what many who know him understand about Michael, he's all about forever having entire control over every aspect of what he does. If there's a big pay-off come in the future, he owns it, not somebody else.
  6. Does J. Michael Straczynski retain all the rights to the monetizing of B-5 himself? If this is so, it could explain why it's not available from a large streaming service with a blanket fee like netflix.
  7. A lot of the problem with jobs i-- and housing -- is centralization. They go to where the big cities are, so people with the skills, people who have acquired the skills, who live in less populated areas are forced to move out, whether they prefer to or not -- where it is more expensive all the way down the line, starting with housing, because there isn't enough. This tight centripetal centralization is all part of the conglomeratization of technology and industry. It's how pop music got less creative and original, once the record companies in NYC started to buy them up, and big radio congloms bought up all the radio stations and their bands, the big non-news corporations bought up all the local newspapers. It's also why so few hinterland communities have decent health care or We need more localization instead of the con$tant cry for the efficiency of centralization of everything -- because it makes more money and co$t$ less. Except of course where it would do both, such allowing single payer negotiation with Big Pharm for medications, etc.
  8. No Sam again . . . .
  9. Speaking of boats: Sam is absent from both season 7 trailers. Is he boating with Gendry now?
  10. No Sam in either of the season 7 trailers, as far as I could see (but I have impaired vision).
  11. But really, the Dems are quite feckless in this time. They refuse to see what's in front of their eyes and keep doing the same bs over and over, at least the national leadership does. They only manage to pull stuff together as in CA when going their own way. This piece has some interesting observations that the Dems should take care to pay attention to: http://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/small-towns-resent-cities Again, it's the economy stupid. Nothing can be handled unless the nation as a whole pulls together to work on a new economic model -- it's poverty that is increasing everywhere. But as the Kochs etc with all the money already are determined to get the last few cents in others' pockets into their own, and they are in charge, I don't have much if any hope for this.
  12. The War of Southern Aggression happened in HoC. In fact, the FU ancestor who fought in the war plays a role in one of the plot lines of the last season. Which created a whole buncha other questions re plotting and so on from viewers like moi.
  13. Well, to be fair that was over a half year ago, and at a moment when I likely wasn't around? I hadn't re-read It Can't Happen Here for quite some years -- this time around, in light of current events, I couldn't see even Sinclair's tendency to go upbeat be engaged. Or perhaps it's because I'm imprisoned at home with the flu. Which is why House of Cards's Frank Underwood as a Dem from SC made / makes NO SENSE whatsoever.
  14. Has anyone here read Sinclair Lewis's 1935 political warning novel, that begins with the Pres cons for the election of 1936? It is filled with characters who keep saying, "It's not that bad, it's never been that bad, it won't be that bad and, of course the title line -- It Can't Happen Here. All Lewis does is take what is there in the year he wrote the novel, including media and newspapers, and every thing else that we have, including the snake oil charlatans harnessing the religious, racist and sexist tendencies and give them the candidate they want who allows them to unleash their hate. This novel, despite what some readers want, does not have a happy ending, including for the narrator, who was too smart and cynical to actually do more than write snarky editorials as the forces coalesced, while in spite of that, the forces of his local capitalist and elite groups, still realized he would go along to get along. Until that wasn't allowed any longer. And no those people who voted the fascists in actually didn't get their $4000 cash up front and good jobs, and the very wealthy were not limited to $500,000, etc. But the educated people who knew stuff -- they went to concentration camps. It Can't Happy Here is more informed by the fear of bolshevism than we are now. Yet, somehow, Russia is still the player. In the meantime we're now in hurricane and tropical storm season without a head of Fema or NOAA -- and no funding for FEMA either.