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  1. All that applause and gold in Saudi and Israel puffed him up again. He's probably not hearing anything from home . . . .
  2. Cheetolini appears to shove PM of Montenegro out of the way to get in front of the NATOP photo op. https://twitter.com/AmandaWills/status/867765100454842370
  3. That sort of wanton, warrentless cruelty -- often committed out of purely malicious glee -- is the stuff of which palace coups, revolutions and blood in the night are made. I foolishly remain astonished that those who demand unquestioning loyalty don't even keep the best interests of their minions to heart. That's why they are villains? (This is why minions are minions?)
  4. Surrender, New York (2016) s a pile of steaming overlong, pretentious, overstuffed, implausible (because of how he chose to present his plot of the intersections among politics, policing and child sex trafficking). It's like he took lessons in author embarrassing himself with self-identification of dream protag from Greg Iles.
  5. Read the mayor's speech. He spells it out for ya -- just as many others have. These were erected to celebrate the war to preserve and expand slavery, and to justify Jim Crow. There are no counter monuments erected in the years these went up to honor the enslaved, the Union fighters, and emancipation. The Civil Rights era was one of literal war on African Americans in New Orleans by the very people who want to honor the memory of those people who were given those monuments. I've listened to hours of chilling stories and revelations by the people who lived through this. People say they can't understand how all this works in a society, a culture -- and historical white-washing and revisionism -- they may as well retire from the discussion because they just do not know enough to participate, and just block any honest discussion. In the meantime these are the people invoked by the Dylann Roofs and just , the white guy who killed the African American college student in Baltimore yesterday, well that's what honoring those people gets ya. In the meantime "officials decline to call this a hate crime. . . ."
  6. Mayor Mitch Landrieu's stirring speech as to why Those Monuments to the Lost Cause had to come down -- scroll down for the speech in its entirety. BTW, it's difficult to have a name more rooted in New Orleans's history than "Landrieu."
  7. I've met her more than once and I agree with that. She's also a bright and lively dinner companion. Not all authors are, and for good reasons. After lectures at our university the students keep throwing question after question and comments at her. She responds with courtesy and respect to all of them, and with a lot of patience. I know how tired one can be after doing a serious presentation for a university audience of colleagues and students -- they are always scheduled when one would start thinking of having dinner, but it's still just a bit too early, because one can't speak effectively on a full stomach. By the end of the presentation one is hungry and needs a pee desperately. But there's q&a to get through -- during which it is inevitable that a student with a particular agenda will try to 'call her out' which always needs special handling by the presenter. Then comes the reception -- and while everyone else is drinking (generally bad) wine and devouring the fruit, crackers and (generally better) cheese to take the edge off -- the presenter is signing books and talking to each person. This isn't as easy as it may look, and it never gets easier -- even though the author is very pleased to have the opportunity to do this, meet people who may teach her something, and sell more books. Dinner by oneself and bed is the most attractive option -- but the presenter has to be with a whole group of people for (finally!) dinner, who have been waiting for the opportunity to have more intimate contact with her. Hours yet, before bed. And then the next day she gets up very early on too little sleep to start the whole thing again, starting with doing her hair and make-up. Sometimes I think that's the worst of it for women doing this -- one has to always be thinking of one's appearance. To say otherwise is unrealistic.
  8. He is both an agonizing national embarrassment and a clear and constant present deadly danger. He's the curtain to keep the suckers' attention behind which the party that hates everyone who isn't themselves sledgehammer the country's destruction while turning it over to Russia and the Saudis -- who already own outright enormous parts of the southwest's land and water, which is then transported back to Arabia to feed their vast number of prized horses, since they don't have the water to grow hay and grain themselves. Among much else of this nation they own, and with a most influential internal group that wants to destroy the USA.
  9. France has a very good health care as well as excellent maternity leave and childcare. And it is hugely less expensive than the mess that is health care in the US. For a single example, a very good friend had a quadruple bypass -- his out of pocket expense was the equivalent of $3000. That was it. This included a long stay in the hospital., the surgery, the drugs -- everything. $3000. Compare that with what it would have cost him in the US -- even if he'd had Blue Cross Blue Shield. He did the math. He'd have been liable for at least $100,000 in the US. Would the French really vote to have this gone? Not to mention their incredible paid vacation leave of at minimum 5 weeks a year -- this doesn't include the holidays, btw.
  10. Weep, weep, weep. The doom promised has engulfed <sic - sick> the entire planet. Ride to ruin and world's ending ye born into the apocalypse.
  11. He doesn't see those stories because they are on media he doesn't follow?
  12. However, the obverse is at least equally true -- it's absurdly easy for Trump to turn from friend to enemy. So, why bother?
  13. The Devious Aim of Trump's Trip to Saudi Arabia By Robert Fisk
  14. I thought the series had ended already. Yay, one more. Excellent. George Gently is someone I could have fallen in love with back in his day.