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  1. I disagree 100%.
  2. Yah -- there are reasons New Mexico is called The Land of Enchantment. So much so it stands in for the fictional Wyoming Absaroka Cty.
  3. Later on, the characters are asked at least twice by others, whether violent media (that's not the term used by the inquirers, exactly -- it's more on the order if watching murders and violent porn) is a stresser (another term the researchers are using) for acting out in these horrific violent acts. It's very fast, very tentative, it's hardly there at all.
  4. I'm not sure I understood the ending of the final episode. Which I guess is a question, "Where is this going to go in season 2?" Holden's character isn't getting improved by this project, it seems -- or at least so the people around him think, it seems. I dunno.
  5. I was trying to figure out how this kind of soundtrack works with a figure and kingdom that supposedly are deeply ancient hidden African worlds. If it had been set back in 1970, yah, then it would definitely work. Though actually long since then, it does look as though if there were an actual revolution it sure as hell would be televised. Shoot, if it isn't streaming it doesn't exist -- that's the world we've entered.
  6. O my, I just saw this: HOORAY! It looks so good. But the entire series was classy and elegant (with a bit of exception for how the writers got lost, unable how to handle the character of Vic).
  7. So many of the reviews have said the first episode is long-winded and dull. How in the world? They must have seen a different first ep than I did ... particularly with linking of this kind of strangers killing strangers line of investigation, and how murder had changed since Nixon and Vietnam ... speculation about psychopathology on the rise -- and even, how billionaires, politicians, Hollywood moguls -- tend to be sociopaths who work out their pathologies in modes that are socially acceptable, rather than murder. Woo! this isn't something one sees / hears on television or anywhere in the media, and yet feels more than contemporary, right? So everything about that first episode hooked me, when I didn't expect to even make it through and was just looking at it to look. I watched the first three, back-to-back, bang bang bang. So far, so very good.
  8. From another perspective one might see you guys' reactions here as part of what he's talking about -- and the refusal to see that it is irrationality that is running much of what is going on -- which in itself is irrational. Even your anxiety to find out whether Greg was in "Nam" or not indicates that something is driving you, which is very deeply emotional, not rational -- particularly as the US presence there in that war was driven by irrationality itself, as we see over and over and over, whether or not placating Burns want to say it was a tragedy caused by well-meaning people -- well meaning in the face of fact after fact after fact. http://www.gregpalast.com/fathers-victory-pacific/ Really, you know he's been an investigative journalist for years, published by publications you all probably even read -- which is more than you all can say for yourselves. Irrationality and refusal to see what is in front our faces is driving this country, from denial of Climate Collapse to Dems still thinking that facts and speeches will defeat the irrationality. It's kinda like the guy who lost his keys over there in the dark, but looks for them over here because "the light's better." O well. Imma outta the country for a while and maybe I can recuperate and recharge a bit, even though it is work I'm outta here for. It's tragic how it is when one leaves the USA for a while in another place, just how deranged this country is, and how it's progressively gotten more so in all the years I've been doing this. Once out of here, after a day or two without being bombarded by the endless news cycles of the ever escalating crazy, one feels an enormous weight slowly lifting, from both brain and body.
  10. You noticed that Greg didn't think what the shooter did was right or justified, yes? What he did was share something he, personally knew about the guy. Very few know anything about him at all. In the meantime from where comes and of what consists romperman's enormous anger, bitterness, hatred and victimhood that he's not given what to what he's entitled? This above all should teach us that people who are wealthy and privileged beyond belief still think they're being shat upon by Others who are more wealthy and privileged. Man, that's been his entire NYC social trajectory -- attempting to be one of Those, who won't accept him. He's showin' em now, all right.
  11. Many who post in these forums do fear a signficant portion of our citizens to be delusional, yes?
  12. It's part of the argument posited by so many to explain the rise of romperman and his ilks -- how much certain classes of white people are so disrespected by the elite of whatever the elite is that is attacked. This has nothing to do with whether or not I agree with Greg's essay, just to do with why I find it of interest and of perhaps some value. For instance I know quite a few people who have had a decent career in publishing as editors, but never had a a shot at what kind of editor of what kind of books they wanted to be, because those slots all went to people who went to private schools, and then on to the Iveys, and they, due to lack of family money and background, were not able to. They were very bitter about this, and remain so. They don't talk about it all the time, but it comes up in predictable contexts in conversation. In contrast I know some people who did have the family money and background, and they just slid into these valuable, prestigious editorial slots -- and even writing columns for the NY Times, etc. -- without ever having published or edited anything in their lives. I.e. these are valid points to look at.
  13. "I Went to School With the Vegas Shooter" by Greg Palast: http://mailchi.mp/gregpalast/v3tjxbfkb4-172713?e=3aca5d2dc6 Greg thinks he may have a bit of insight into why Paddock committed such a horrific act.
  14. And influxes of people who are Dems into these gerrymandered districts favoring R's should be cruised and schmoozed constantly and thoroughly, registering the Dems to vote there. But that's all too much work for the Dems who prefer to depend on wonkery instead of boots and $$$$$ on the ground.
  15. So many friends' health, their homes, their pets, are threatened by the latest round of California wildfires. One by one it looks as though Climate Collapse will certainly help out the Destroyers in the mid-term elections as so many regions that are bastions of environmental protection and progressive action of all kinds are taken out, and people have to re-locate out of their voting districts, and rebuild their lives -- if they can. There is a lot of speculation, of course, that the relocations of at least a million Puerto Ricans to the mainland, where they CAN vote in presidential elections, so many of them in Florida, may have an impact on that election, perhaps. But that's not the midterms.