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  1. Suddenly you who never cites anything wants a cite. The Guttmacher institute. But you could research yourself, couldn't you. But -- you don't. What's really weird is that this same research shows that fewer women are having abortions but insist that the lack of available services has nothing to do with that. Here's how it works. Roe v Wade is the law of the land. You, a woman, in the middle landia of the land, such as the northern midwest -- there is not a single planned parenthood clinic anywhere in the state, except, maybe, ONE, hundreds of miles away. There are no hospitals anywhere around -- except maybe a hundred miles away. There aren't even any doctors around, except a hundred or more miles away. I have many female relatives who live like this.
  2. Good grief this ep was such a stupid that the brilliant black nerd recapper couldn't even make it funny. He could only, basically, weep. http://blacknerdproblems.com/game-of-thrones-recap-beyond-the-wall/
  3. Absolutely!!!!!!!! Ya! let the Dems do more and more of what they lose on every damned time.! In the meantime, as of 2014 over 60% of childbearing age women had no resource for an abortion, which also means reproductive health care. Just drop your pearl clutching convictions that laws of the land mean shyte out there in the land.
  4. To argue that 'libs, progs, Dems' whatever you call them should desert women's rights to choose and reproductive health also ignores the stated objective of crazyconfederatenaziwhitenationalistssupremacists that women are to be pregnant as early and as often as possible to breed the white race into dominance, and that any woman who declines to do so is not a real woman, and then even more less than a man than she was in first place. It's also impossible not to notice that the same people who worry more about what might happen to the same crazyconfederatenaziwhitenationalistssupremacists if we protest them in all the ways possible to protest them are the same people who are not -- or believe they are not -- going to be affected by anything these same crazyconfederatenaziwhitenationalistssupremacists want to do to everyone who isn't crazyconfederatenaziwhitenationalistssupremacists, whether women who decline to have multiple children, who are LGBT, Afridan American, Mexican, Jewish, Muslim, the impoverished, you name it because they are none of the above. It's like the white people who kept telling African Americans to just wait a while longer for freedom, for rights, like everyone else, and who told and tell women the same thing. None of this affects these white guys so they just don't think it matters. So for the sake of electing some damn Dem who won't help the rights of women who decline to have multiple children, who are LGBT, African American, Mexican, Jewish, Muslim, the impoverished, you name it, the same women who decline to have multiple children, who are LGBT, Afridan American, Mexican, Jewish, Muslim, impoverished, you name it, are obligated to not care about their own conditions and situations for the greater good. Which turns out, who knew???? not the greater good at all, but just for some pearl clutching white guys who are terrified that their stable little lives will be disrupted and their comfy days sitting all day at computers, watching tv and blowing will be more difficult to maintain (while probably some woman makes their dinner and washes their clothes too).
  5. That is one of the most stupid thinks I've ever read, and by now lordessa have we read super, ultimate stupid stuff! And what part of abortion, contraceptives and reproductive health care being nearly impossible for multiples of many women in multiple of many places in this country right this minute are you not reading, heeding or comprehending? And that people who still sacrifice themselves to provide these fundamental health care services being doxed, stalked and even murdered, along with their families?" What you wrote is the same writing give the poor hungry for chicken coyote in with the hens to keep them safe from him harming them. Without these basic necessities of women's health care, what health care is there? how is the family strengthened? how the state? Right this minute the ranking of the US for infant mortality is about number 50, the women who die or have permanent damage from pregnancy and childbirth and NO Postpartum care is in the stratosphere. This country is like a third world country in these matters for at least half of the population if not more.
  6. It was the 2008 Gommorah. Thank you for clearing this up for me. It also means I haven't seen Suburra, so there's that to look forward to.
  7. It also ignores the long established fact that he is anything but inspiring. He's no politician at all. He also hates politicking. In NYC he paid for his own campaign (yet another one of those you all want?) and had the support of the people who run this city, the developers and Wall Street, and he has the support of the techies. These are not the people who put the orange over into the Oval. The people who did that are the millions and millions who watch(ed) The Apprentice and believed that what was made-up on tv was real. Bloomie won't and CANNOT do that -- and he ain't on TV, he ain't even in the country. There is no way in hell he'd get elected. Anyway, he won't run. Get over this silly pipe vape dream. Clinton was a terrible candidate. Bloomie would be even worse, because, unlike her, he doesn't even want the job. Also, when it comes to abortion -- and just generally women's reproductive health? It may be the law of the land, like many other things are, but it isn't available for the majority of women who aren't well off because the powers that be made sure it wasn't in many states, by intimidation including murder, fund cutting both locally and at federal level, free speech rights -- see intimidation --, lies, none of which has been rolled back by the legality of abortion.
  8. Perhaps I have it confused with another work which was billed as the forerunner of Gommorah? It takes place in the same location and milieu, but much more grainy with a documentary approach
  9. I wanted to post it here but stupid search function didn't find this topic. Grrrrrrrr. Well, I hated the music and came back home and have watched the first three eps. They didn't fool around, right into it they went. Arrrrggghhhhhhhh! I was caught right back into that world blam from the opening of the first scene of the first episode They do like blades in this series don't they? And I would say that Suburra is to Gommorah what The Corner was to The Wire. The second ones slick and fictionalized and emotionally gripping, in ways that the proto previous ones were not, so to speak. Because, yah, more money, better cast, more everything.
  10. And richer. And more powerful. If Bloomie wantys to do something useful in terms of opo to the insane ones who are now in charge, he should fund a very large media conglomerate that hires and pays writer, thinkers, commentators on the scale that the other sides does. That is the most effective and powerful thing that can be done -- and would help so much in changing the gerrymandering and other voter repression strategies.
  11. Season 2 of Gommorah is now streaming on netflix -- YAY! But I have to go out and hear music tonight so it will be a day or two before I get to it.
  12. Watched these 2 guys' interactions for a very long time by now. Bloomberg will / would never take on the orange mano a mano in an election. Funding movements and research and campaign ads, yes, he has and will do that. But not f2f. That's just not how Bloomie works, He'd never open himself to a f2f confrontation with that unhinged deranged boundrey-less entity. It would make him sick.
  13. He is also possessed of negative charisma.
  14. Bloomberg also played a large role as mayor in selling off NYC to the Russians and other obscenely wealthy kleptogarchs and reducing the housing stock enormously. Notice, he moved to London to advise the English how to do the same thing. He doesn't even live here. And he's too old.
  15. OTOH, maybe it's a good thing that so many people learn through their own efforts that what they've fondly believed about themselves and their family heritage isn't true, particularly if they a bigots / racists of any kind? Really and truly there is no such thing as 'pure' blood or 'race', sexual behavior of both men and women being what it is. There really isn't. We're human and we mate as our hormones dictate (or as slave masters, fathers, invading rapists, etc., depended when and where one lives and whether or not one is the gender that gets pregnant). Also -- 100% in favor of a younger person running for the Dem POTUS nom. But NOT Cuomo! His baggage in NYC, though not at the level that the orange's was and remains, is still negative. NYers know him and he's not a good guy. He's not a Roosevelt, or even a Grover Cleveland, that's for sure! And not Bloomberg either -- the last think the White House needs is another wonk. Wonk is not political. What the Dems need is a policy, an agenda, something to stand on. They got nothin'. BTW -- Glad DanteGabriel remains!