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  1. Well, that's the attitude of someone who thinks being sodomized, starved and denied water by his betters is great!
  2. Then there's this -- is it real concern or is it just playing to the gallery? https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/mar/19/no-10-very-concerned-over-facebook-data-breach-by-cambridge-analytica
  3. The UK seemingly is taking this very seriously (or it could all be posturing, as political things mostly are): https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/mar/19/no-10-very-concerned-over-facebook-data-breach-by-cambridge-analytica
  4. More about FB and C Analytica's very close collaboration, which is still in place, in a sense due to fB hiring on a CA employee: https://slate.com/technology/2018/03/one-of-the-data-scientists-involved-in-the-cambridge-analytica-mess-now-works-at-facebook.html
  5. It gets more interesting all the time as the reactions to Jessica Jones's second season continue to resonate differently between male and female watchers. I posted one above in this thread that discussed the centering of mother-daughter relationships in season 2. Here is another interesting piece, that this time deals with women's anger in terms of JJ's second season. As all women learn very early, anger is the most taboo feeling for a woman to express and, even, to feel. https://slate.com/culture/2018/03/jessica-jones-season-2-female-rage.html
  6. Well, for viewers like myself, who don't in the least follow the Marvel universe, mythology etc., it was good that they didn't. I would have bogged down pacing while not contributing anything for us. This was this story and it existed marvelously -- ah-hem -- in it's own narrative. As with Luke Cage, when I watched JJ's first season I didn't even know they were comix, and I still didn't know at the end of it. Luke Cage, about the middle of the season, changing course from the splendid first episodes, went 100% into comix formula, even talking about other supers etc. and gave itself away. I didn't care for the narrative at that point at all. It took me months to finish the rest of the episodes, when I was just waiting to do something else and didn't have enough time to do anything else meaningful.
  7. We should be doing this RIGHT NOW. And not only with those two.
  8. Question: ultimately won't the EU decide? The EU isn't going to allow the UK to dither about staying or going and negotiating the terms of either forever. The other members have their own nations' and the EU's welfare to consider. From the outside the level of the UK's arrogance in this seems at least at the levels of how the USA might regard their privilege about anything to do with other nations.
  9. In the meantime, starting Friday, the media here is also all over Jared's skanky shenanigans, that involve lying to the various agencies that govern housing real estate about the rent regulated apartments in buildings of his -- not reporting those tenants, etc. This is probably something that isn't of much interest outside of NY, as not many cities have various levels of rent regulation. But it's fully part of the business as usual patterns that govern the orange aid soda, his family -- as well as, of course, most landlords. https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2018/03/19/us/ap-us-kushner-cos-false-documents.html
  10. Well, they've been all over the papers and the radio (I don't have tv) here, including this recent, different one, which is a trip wire and more sophisticated than the package bombs previously.
  11. Everything at our university is via online. At this point it's even being pushed to smart phones only -- which, for many reasons including tracking, have been kept out of our lives all along. But tickets are now supposed to be via the phone, even increasingly for movies. Soon the subway will run that way too. People are forced into these situations where they can be tracked for everything all the time. And yes, fb did and does push fake news and right wing and rethug stuff because they paid more. That's one of the scandals revealed last month, that fb, twitter and google do that. They denied, then were shocked shocked shocked to learn it was so.
  12. Good . . . grief.
  13. Ever since I watched the first season of The Americans I've been curious as to who way back in the chain financed that thing. It was always disturbing to see characters who were part of the Big Scheme to take down the US be regarded as sympathetic figures because it was all about family -- just like we are -- while wait, what about killing and subversion and all the rest?
  14. Well, as I mentioned above, the nazis and fascists were using what they blatantly called false news way back in the last century to push people into hate and supporting them, and not supporting those they had deemed enemies.
  15. Not in this country -- libel laws are different here than in the UK, where so many were always concerned with protection of the upper classes being made fun of by the lower, and even just catching them in lies.