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  1. The fifth name, after the three Enterprise captains and Georgiou, is Commodore Decker from TOS's The Doomsday Machine.
  2. Not being some anyone's heard of does sound like it would be a massive advantage.
  3. The Catalonian regional parliament decided to have a referendum on whether Catalonia should be independent from Spain. The Spanish national government and the constitutional court said that without the national government's permission, which they didn't have, this would be illegal. The Catalan government went ahead anyway, and instead of just letting it happen and ignoring it, the national government sent in the police to try and stop the people from voting, which didn't go well.
  4. I liked these episodes, but the fact that the Discovery itself doesn't make an appearance makes it all feel like prologue, and thus completely unrepresentative of what the rest of the show is going to be like. I also agree with the sentiment about preferring a more traditional Star Trek show with the exploration ethos, but you can't really go where no one has gone before in a prequel series. Finally, the design ethos seems too much Enterprise and not enough TOS. If this is so close that Pike's Enterprise is already out there and The Cage has already happened, then there should be a lot less blue in the uniforms and a lot more of the raised-nacelle ship designs.
  5. I've now got attending membership for Dublin.
  6. Puts a whole different spin on John constantly referring to himself as "the disciple whom Jesus loved".
  7. Legendary raids now include Entei.
  8. For a more recent change, just go back to 2015 and make the UK General Election follow the expected polls and result in a Labour led coalition. The Miliverse (No Brexit, No Corbyn, No Clue) but more serious.
  9. I'd hope not. There should be good actors around of the right age for Them. Stranger Things found some, no reason Good Omens can't.
  10. Arriving Tuesday evening, leaving Wednesday afternoon. Ask @Maltaran about hotels, but I think it's a city centre one.
  11. The Time Gem was already introduced in Doctor Strange. The Soul Gem is the only one not seen so far.
  12. This video is not available.
  13. The superstructure had been completed on the first 3 (and each was salvaged for use in building the next one), but I don't think any of them were anywhere near habitable when they were destroyed.
  14. It was announced in advance that Ecclestone was leaving at the end of the season, but I don't recall if they named Tennant as the replacement.
  15. Nuttall's resigning. Does this mean Farage is coming back like a bad smell?