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How would you rate episode 401?


How would you rate episode 401?  

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It was ok. A bit slow throughout most but that was pretty much expected. Curious about how they are going to frame Arya's arc this season since they moved up one of the biggest scenes. Wasn't too much of the stuff they did with Jaime due to his arriving in KL early.

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Very good premiere, best since the first season. Oberyn Martell's introduction was a little over the top, but his discussion with Tyrion was excellent. I really liked Arya's scene at the end; it was definitely a better adaptation than I expected, given the Tickler's death in season two. Jon's scene was OK. Sansa+Dontos was a bit rushed, but at least they're setting up for the future. Jaime's scenes were pretty good, and I liked what little we had of Brienne. There are a couple of weak-ish points to the episode. The reforging of Ice was done with little fanfare, but the series hasn't made much of the importance of those ancestral weapons. The introduction of the Thenns felt a little clunky. Daenerys was just kind of there, and so was Tyrion, I felt, but I know not everybody can have action every episode -- things take some setting up.

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