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What are you listening to 25 - Passing Emergency Love


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#GeorgeMichaelOuted has been trending for a couple of days.

Well, kids, in case you didn't know, George Michael was one of the world's greatest musicians, one of the world's greatest singers, and one of the world's greatest songwriters. All at once. At one point he was as big as Michael Jackson.

Anyway, one day in 1998, George got busted in Los Angeles for getting freaky in a public toilet with another man. At the time, nobody had any idea George was gay. So, well, holy shit. What a story that was. The resulting press circus was something else, even for the 90s.

After laying low for a while, George put paid to the rumours that his career was over by coming back with this, one of the finest pieces of fuck-you disco-pop ever put on vinyl.

The entire video is hilarious. Way to own the situation. :lol:



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In the past several months I've listened to Synthwave music more than the rest of my life, I think. Why? Because of the all the genres out there, it seems to cover up the high pitch ringing tinnitus sound in my ear. Luckily I like the genre, so it's all good.


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