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The books coming out in 2023/2024

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My picks for September.Anything else interesting coming out this month in SFF?

City of Bones — Martha Wells (Tor) - revised edition/author's preferred text

Godkiller — Hannah Kaner (Harper Voyager)

A Sword of Bronze and Ashes — Anna Smith Spark (Flame Tree Press)

The Hexologists — Josiah Bancroft (Orbit)

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22 hours ago, Garlan the Gallant said:

Has anyone found that the search on Amazon for books by publishing date doesn’t seem to work anymore? I used to use this frequently to check out what was coming out, with a longer run way. It doesn’t really work any longer. The change must have happened over the last week.

Just tried it and works for me, although my method is a bit different.

I type in the publisher name, hit search and then from filter options, I choose either 'coming soon' or 'publication date'.

Having searched for Orbit Books , I got results till late 2024 and as a bonus KJ Parker released a new book on the 3rd of this month , first in a new trilogy, with the 2nd and 3rd books out in November and December!

The Corax Trilogy (3 book series)


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