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NFL Playoffs 2024: How The Hell Are The Lions In The Final Four??? Inconceivable!

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Yeah I think the coronation of Jackson was a bit premature. He still can’t get over the hump. And while Mahomes didn’t turn it over Baltimore’s defence adjusted and gave Lamar a shot which well he didn’t take opportunity of.

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Jackson deserved both the MVPs he's won, but this was not an MVP level performance from him tonight.  Or from basically any of the ravens.  The defense was poor early and poor late.  The offense kept making mistakes.  Tons of undisciplined personal foul penalties.  And most of all, three turnovers.  Not gonna win that way.

Shame, this was a real good Ravens squad and they sure didn't look it.

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Kind of a weird kicking game for Detroit, they are using the punter Fox on kickoffs and the kicker Bagley on xtra's and fg's according to my gamecast?

Historically weve always used our kicker on kickoffs with the punter strictly on punts unless someone gets injured.

Bagley is accurate but I dont think he has cannon like range like some of the guys around the league.

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