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  1. If you're referring to House Lannister being the heir to House Baratheon through some marriage a couple of generations ago, then I think Tyrek or someone else would be the heir before Cersei
  2. I just remembered that "Help You Fly" with Ivan from Eurovision reminds me of R+L=J, it's like Rhaegar singing it to Jon. Almost like the song of ice and fire, lol. The song starts with a wolf's howl - perfect. The lyrics are really good, basically like Rhaegar talking to his son and encouraging him to fly, like a dragon - in other words, embracing his Targaryen heritage. The lyrics really fit in. "If I can fly, then you can fly", "Leave all of the madness behind" etc. etc. Also, the song is heavily wolf-themed, which you can tell if you watch the music video and/or stage show, plus Ivan totally looks like Rhaegar
  3. I have read about the Bran = the Night King theories lately, and they are really interesting and plausible. However, if he is the Night King, I don't think he is yet. I think that the whole thing seeming like bait to lure Jon and the others there was just idiotic writing, like many other things on the show these past three seasons. If it turns out that it was in fact a scheme by the Night King to get his hands on a dragon, then that is just a completely new level of horribly evil genius.
  4. Well yeah, I've been thinking about this as well. To me it seems like he hasn't got a chance trying to manipulate the Stark children, the slightest cause for suspicion and they'd be on him. Sansa's already suspicious and doesn't seem thrilled about having him there. It was obvious that he wanted to create a rift between her and Jon at the end of Season 6 but now I don't think that's gonna happen. Unfortunately it almost feels like there's not much time left for him to trick anyone - the political climate in which Littlefinger thrived is as good as gone now. He's betrayed the Lannisters and so he can't go back to them and soon there will only be the "good guys" left. None of them (or at least very few) would trust him and soon there won't even be any scheming left because all of Westeros will have to fight the Others. In a world of honourable people who only care about surviving and who have gotten to know the schemeing villains and their ways over and over again during these last couple of years - and defeated them - there won't be any place for lies. Daenerys will get a glimpse of glory and a hollow title as Queen of the Ashes before everyone has to go North to save humanity, and then the game of thrones is sadly at an end. I'm very sad to have to say this, but realistically, he will try to do something big the next episode or the one thereafter, after which the Stark children (most likely Arya) will kill him. There are going to be a lot of huge deaths near the end of this season, I fear, and Littlefinger will have to go. I love him and I will surely miss him.
  5. Are you serious??? Aegon The Conqueror is the best character EVER; the one everyone wants to be. A tall, beautiful, mysterious, successful, Valyrian dragonlord and first King of Westeros, father of an entire dynasty, riding Balerion the Black Dread, the coolest dragon ever. He's extremely powerful, intelligent, famous, successful and rich, could have any woman he wants and do whatever he wants. He's literally on top of the world. Even if there were other characters who had even better lives (for example Jaehaerys I got to live longer and had many wonderful years with his wife compared to Rhaenys dying young) everyone wants to be Aegon. He's just completely awesome. Well spoken, mylord.
  6. It does matter of course, but I don't think the Sept of Baelor is the holiest Sept in Westeros, since it's not even 200 years old and largely just a Targaryen thing. The Starry Sept is more religiously significant and holy
  7. DAMNIT, you beat me to it by a hair's width!!!
  8. I can't believe that people are saying Chris Hemsworth, his face is weird and squashed in and he is nowhere near the Valyrian male beauty ideal. He's seriously ugly. Someone said that he looked like that picture of Rhaegar from TWOIAF and I agree but that picture wasn't good in the first place so.. Anyways, who WOULD be perfect as Rhaegar? We need someone with a somewhat oblong face I think, high cheekbones, a rather big, straight/aquiline and possibly somewhat pointy nose, a pale complexion, and a mysterious otherwordly look. Also, he should have blue or at least green eyes. I think Harry Lloyd as Viserys was quite good because he's rather symmetrical and beautiful plus him and Emilia look alike, although he didn't look that much like book-Viserys at all (Lloyd's face is too short and broad; book-Viserys has a bit of a more gaunt, oblong face when I picture him plus he's more lanky). Anyways, Lloyd looks beautiful in a somewhat Valyrian way. Ben Barnes is an all right choice, not that he would be my first one. He's got the right features with a slightly mysterious look to him, like vaguely asian or something. Tom Hiddleston - God no, why? Travis Fimmel - No, absolutely not. I like him but he's not that beautiful and certainly doesn't have the Rhaegar look. His nose is too small and inverted, Rhaegar has to have a bigger and more straight nose to me. Alexander Skarsgård is quite a good choice. Devin Oliver wouldn't be terrible but he's far from perfect. Leif Stacey, the Swedish model who noone knows the name of, looks quite good but I think he's maybe too old these days. Finally, there is a picture that really captures the mysterious Valyrian beauty of Rhaegar and I think the guy is Danila Kovalev but when I check him out in other pictures he doesn't look that good. He's got the mysterious part but his features are quite weird except for in that specific picture. You all know which one I'm talking about, it's this one:
  9. After having carefully read all of your various insightful and interesting comments, here are my two pennies on the matter: I have definitely thought about it, as they kind of stick out as the two evil, hated Great House leaders who won't want to bend the knee when Daenerys sweeps in with half of Essos at her back. They are both without allies and surrounded by enemies, so it seems like their best hope - okay, maybe just Cersei's best hope because Euron seems to be doing really good so far - is marrying and working together. I agree that it would be kind of cliché but honestly 90 % of punching holes in theories on this site is saying that something is too cliché for Martin. And besides, Martin inverts fantasy tropes, he doesn't necessarily steer clear from them, so he could still have their marriage be interesting and not a cliché. Even if it becomes a cliché, however, I feel like I might want to see it happening. It's not the worst thing he could write anyway.
  10. Haha I've read the Aeron sample chapter and I still think he could be Daario. Why would that chapter make people think it's impossible?
  11. I guess because they come from a tropical rainforest place and have very dark skin. I came to think of Madagascar when reading your question here, of course, because it's an island, but I don't normally imagine them as looking particularly like Madagascians. Probably more like Central or West Africans.
  12. OMG I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT!!! Splendid observation, WTF. I would think Howland definitely cares but maybe Jojen, being a greenseer, knows that certain things have to be. He has a special kind of responsibility, maturity and insight and probably understands that the invasion of Winterfell was necessary for Bran to fulfill his destiny. If he saw it coming, that is.
  13. I think I kind of see them as African
  14. Well yeah, I didn't mean that it was bad
  15. Oh good God haha, yeah I can totally understand what you mean. That's some serious old skool shit. Thankyou once more