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  1. UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    Is Michael Gove standing for a reelection? Does he have a chance?
  2. German politics xth attempt

    It should be mentioned that Turkish politicians including Erdogan did campaign in Germany in the past. My guess is that the fear of inciting unrest among parts of the German citizens (those with dual citizenship mostly) overrode the desire for a amicable relationship with this quasi-dictator. I have a feeling that this decision might backfire
  3. German politics xth attempt

    Whether they are really or just pretend to be just to appeal to their electorate does not make a difference. They quack like an AfD and certainly look like one. I guess you have to to leave Bavaria to see from outside how despicable they are. They are leeches riding on the economic success of the state.
  4. TO avoid the the impression that we are in the habit of marching into all the other European threads, let's start with this one: is there any party in Bavaria that is actually electable? Every other year I have the same issue. If there would be a "Everything But The CSU" party, I would love to vote for them. All the others are more or less incompetent, even more provincial, or - believe it or not - even more right. Let's see if Martin Schulz is a better choice than the Steins or Gabriel. I just don't know what to think of him. He doesn't give me the impression that he has an agenda besides getting into power. But I have to say that I was very impressed how easily he maneuvered into his current position. Maybe that kind of skill is needed in the current state of affairs. (sorry for the lack of paragraphs. A linefeed seems to destroy all my inputs)
  5. UK Politics: A Farcical Aquatic Ceremony

    Don't you think that this post was rather rude?
  6. Rogue's Gallery Re-open For Business!

    You can't have an ego and be photo shy at the same time. Sorry.
  7. Introductions

    OMG! :rolleyes:
  8. Introductions

    more canadian gals, eh? hurray!
  9. who are you? :)