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  1. Responding to @Rockroi here: I hang around mostly for the community, but in a lot of ways my community here is mostly the NFL thread, so I get what you mean. You don't even have to wait for the wheels to come off to take your lumps -- I know we both took it all in from posters here after the Super Bowl losses. I'm not sure where I'll be when the Pats' incredible run ends, but I didn't anticipate being on these boards for twelve years when I first joined, so it's probably a good bet I'll be around. Do you suppose the next book will be out before the Patriots have a losing season?
  2. As I recall, it went pretty badly for King David's eldest kids too, so not sure that should be the desired comparison.
  3. Word is that In Touch is going to publish the 2011 story and there might be some, uh, physical descriptions shared. If there's anything unflattering, imagine how difficult it would be for him to avoid responding or lashing out.
  4. I think, if we can have a national political reconciliation in the model of Pats and Colts fans, it would have to start with the reduction of one side to a non-competitive dumpster fire, like the last couple Colts seasons. And maybe that's what's coming for the Republicans in the fall. One can hope, anyway. (This is a tough comparison to make given the Kraft, Belichick, and Brady's past support for Pres Shithole, but humor me)
  5. I knew it was you. I remembered you asking about good places to move to a while ago, and have been wondering how it's been for you. If you ever do wish to infiltrate Belichick Country, I've got some local contacts you might find helpful. Things are good for me. I've got a son now, born just hours before the Pats' first game of the 2014 season, which made it super convenient to tell how old he was those first few months. I don't even hate the Colts that much any more! I mean, mostly it's their competitive irrelevance, and they've probably suffered enough, and I do wish well for Jacoby Brissett.
  6. I'm trying not to get so hot and bothered by criticism of my team or fandom, so go to town, WF. I, for one, will never object to a Colts fan turning to the Jags (unless the Jags become perennial contenders, and then fuck them). It's hard to be hostile to the Jags given their history, and their owner seems like a decent guy? Plus all their shit-talking after beating the Steelers was magnificent. https://deadspin.com/the-jaguars-talked-just-ungodly-amounts-of-shit-1822092085
  7. So what I take from this is... you hate us cause you ain't us. Cool. No, seriously though, I get it. As my Boston-raised friend said one night after a night near some obnoxious meatheads, "There's no asshole like a Boston asshole."
  8. Do you only ask stupid questions?
  9. He may have noticed that the convenience and power of our smartphones has convinced us to invite private companies to surveil and manipulate us in a way far more comprehensive than the government in 1984 could possibly have dreamed of. But what do you think Orwell would say about social media?
  10. Remember when Evangelical Christians thought character and moral standing mattered in leaders?
  11. I agree with your assessment of Mularkey's head space. I thought it was pretty remarkable that he out and out said he didn't feel supported by management before that Chiefs game. But I don't think the team is wrong to want to find a better coach for Mariota. "Exotic smashmouth" will only go so far. I wonder if the Titans are going to make a play for McDaniels? Or has some other team already got him locked up? You know what's the second-best part of watching the Steelers embarrass the shit out of themselves against a team they'd overlooked? All the hand-wringing coming out of Pittsburgh today after weeks of chest-beating about a rematch with the Pats. Was Mike Mitchell really taunting the Jags outside their locker room before the game? The stupid motherfucker. Dirty player and a fucking dipshit to boot. May he never recover from this self-ownage. And that goes for all the big-talking pants-shitting Steelers, coaches and players, from Sideline Patrol Tomlin to Todd Chuck and Duck Haley to Joey Chickenshit Porter on down.
  12. There are good journalists out there doing good work. They're just a little harder to find. It's not surprising you'd wave your hands and say "they all suck" and stop paying attention (mirrors your lazy attitude to politics) so you can continue to issue proclamations based on your own discerning analysis of the scent of your own farts, though.
  13. I thought, "If they can put that many points on the Steelers, they can put that many on the Pats." But in the balance I'm still glad Pittsburgh is out.
  14. Somewhere Jeff Fisher is tasting the flop sweat dripping off his moustache as two QBs he utterly failed to win with are in the NFC Championship.
  15. With Graham, I think there's a high probability that the Russians have some kompromat on him.