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  1. Especially if you're a lazy piece of shit.
  2. *steeples fingers* Yesssss.... Unless this is another sneaky jynx setup...
  3. "Take THAT, Phil Jackson!"
  4. One or the other of Bradley or Smart was going to go. I think Bradley is a better player, but Smart is still developing and seems to come up with a handful of plays that only a suicidal asshole who totally commits his body could pull off every game. Of course, he has made some really bad plays too, but I think he's doing less of that. Now, though, I'm seeing rumors that they might be shopping Smart to New York, which makes me wonder which guards besides Isaiah they actually want to keep. I like that they got depth at power forward. Hopefully they can get something for Crowder too.
  5. The first comparison that came to my mind is that the other teams are like the other 16 Republican primary candidates poking each other in the eye while ignoring the polling leader. Maybe that means Danny Ainge is Jeb Bush? Disturbing. Thread title is harsh, but accurate. All Star Team lineups will look funny.
  6. Yup. Indiana has been really dumb about George. And I think Ainge offered way too much for him! https://www.sbnation.com/nba/2017/7/1/15907324/paul-george-trade-pacers-what-about-the-celtics
  7. I see now the extended gymnastics you went through to pooh-pooh the Celtics' moves. You have more faith in the Lakers and Kings than I do.
  8. Eh? What happened to the Lakers' 2018?
  9. Wait, their #1 pick this year magically degraded into a #3 this year? They didn't get anything for that?
  10. So Celtics went Tatum over Jackson. Hope it works out.
  11. I'm also hearing that Ainge is targeting Jonathan Isaac and may trade down again. I don't know much about any of these prospects so I'm just watching the shadows on the wall, but it is a little fucked up to see all this when I've been hearing for months about how great the top four or five guys are and about how Fultz is in a tier by himself. I hope Ainge is about to pull off another McHale-Parrish...
  12. The scuttlebutt I read said that Griffin was in the middle of negotiations for Jimmy Butler when he got the news that he wasn't coming back. The fact that LBJ didn't know this was coming ought to chill the hearts of Cavs fans who want to keep their guy local.
  13. Yeah, so target 2-3 years down the road. Hell, that's probably about when Jaylen Brown and whoever they draft this year will start to become real players. From the outside, trying to read the tea leaves, it seems to me that this makes it more likely LeBron leaves in a year.
  14. I didn't know Bonesy had passed. Enjoy Valhalla, LoB.
  15. And loses to the Warriors in the Finals? There's not enough defense or rebounding there.