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  1. He looks like a good talent evaluator if you only look at 2012. Unfortunately for the Colts, he also got to make their picks through 2016. They've gotten like four useful players out of those drafts.
  2. Ryan Grigson has found his level and joined the Browns as a personnel executive. Suppose they kind of took care of him in exchange for the Richardson trade? http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/05/24/browns-hire-ryan-grigson/ I think it's great there's so much cross-pollination between these teams.
  3. I think Isaiah injured his own hip to teach his teammates how to play well without him.
  4. You're generally right about Smart's offense, but he's the Celtics' scoring leader tonight. A very Isaiah-like 27 points. And holy crap, Bradley with the killer!
  5. Whatever happens, the Cavs got taken to the wire when they had 4 of the 5 best players on the floor at any given time.
  6. At last an exciting game in this series. Well, an exciting second half, at least.
  7. You know what's funny about the All-NBA team list that can help set a star player's next contract? There's one person in that group of 100 who didn't vote LeBron for First Team.
  8. I think tonight makes it less likely the Celtics give Isaiah a max contract.
  9. Maybe Jaylen Brown (after he puts on a few pounds of muscle) at the 4. I don't see Paul George happening. Maybe trade Isaiah, as suggested, put Fultz at the 1 and Bradley at the 2.
  10. Indeed. I'd never heard of anything like this before. Some of the other articles I've seen on the topic righly point out, that is a lot of power over players' careers, in the hands of 100 writers.
  11. The All-NBA Team lists have been released today. The most salient point to me is that Gordon Hayward did not make any of the teams. If he had, the Jazz would have been able to offer him way more money on an extension than any other team. Paul George was also left off the list, but he can still get on the list next year. The numbers for these Designated Player Veteran extensions are ludicrous -- John Wall, by making the third team, is eligible for a 4-year, $168 million extension. Jesus Christ! https://www.si.com/nba/2017/05/18/all-nba-team-awards-lebron-james-stephen-curry-paul-george-gordon-hayward
  12. This is what I'm hoping for, yes. I hope the draw of his old college coach will be enough for Hayward.
  13. Same. The certainty that he'd leave town as soon as possible was my main objection to a pricey George trade. I dunno if George would have made a difference last night, but I'm even more convinced that keeping the picks and drafting Fultz and aiming for two or three years down the line is the best strategy for the Celtics.
  14. The threes aren't falling either. Wait till Isaiah starts taking the secret magical free throws the league gifts him to manufacture his stardom, tho.
  15. For what it's worth, I agree entirely with this assessment. And those are the same trade terms I heard bandied about too.