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  1. Browns are favored in a game for the first time since 2015, against the Colts. I guess that Grigson hire is paying dividends.
  2. It's early in his career, but Romo is making a strong push to be my favorite NFL commentator. The insight he provides is unmatched. Simmons had a pretty good anecdote in his podcast about how he and Jimmy Kimmel got to spend an afternoon watching Romo play Madden, diagnosing plays and changing plays constantly. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2017/9/11/16291480/tony-romo-madden-broadcast In other news, the Pats only dressed three receivers this week, Hogan's been gimpy, and now Gronk seems to have a groin injury. Oh, and now Dorsett is getting some medical treatment too.
  3. Funny to see Brady dictating penalties to the refs now. He was right, but still an odd sequence.
  4. I thought I read something that said Zampese was in his second year? I didn't mention anything about whether or not plays were going to his stars. I suspect getting shut out in the opener and failing to get any traction against a wounded Houston pass defense had more to do with his firing. This does seem a little early in the season to do something like that, but didn't the Bills fire Greg Roman after two games and then get progress on offense almost immediately after? If Dalton is the problem and they're promoting Dalton's position coach... well, good luck. Unless Zampese has been holding those guys back, which is certainly possible.
  5. There's the previously requested scapegoat for a mid or end of season firing, and it would actually be a legit football move.
  6. York is a callow moron, but still pretty young, yes? I had my head pretty far up my ass at his age. Niner fans can at least hope he learns on the job. Irsay and Snyder are garbage people and fucking morons and will never be anything else. Snyder seems to be a worse person and also more of a meddler. Irsay cut Manning and is destroying Luck, but Snyder already destroyed RG3 and alienated Cousins. And for all the stupidity we've seen from the Colts front office, it's hard to compare it with the straight poison in the building with Allen and Cerrato. I think it's gotta be Snyder.
  7. There's going to be lots of needed infrastructure spending in the coming years, and I imagine he'll be eager to don his pristine work boots and a hard hat for the photos and the opportunity to remind everyone that he is a Builder of Mighty Works. Not to mention all the cranes and bulldozers he'll be able to ride at these photo ops.
  8. I'm practically dictating the topics to Michaels here. Just don't get any more guys hurt. Even the punting sucks. On to a shootout in New Orleans. Have fun with Hunt, AFC West.
  9. This isn't that different from how they looked in 2014. Brady was worse that night.
  10. Lol, at least the 16-0 shit will stop.
  11. Wow, that's nice perspective on a new player, thank you. It's no question he's suffering from being behind in preparation. I hope he can pick things up quickly in the coming weeks, especially with Hightower's injury history. Hard to properly judge a discombobulated defense, but I've barely seen offseason pickup David Harris except behind some running plays. Lots of people talked like it was another thumb in the Jets' eye, but maybe they actually knew more than Belichick this time.
  12. Hightower's replacement, Cassius Marsh, has black crosses tattooed under his eyes? What is that?
  13. I could tell you how Brady is going to avoid that fall-off, but first I was wondering if you'd be interested in coming to a TB12® sports science and lifestyle seminar with a prestigious First Team package with competitive financing rates... I like Mike Gillislee. Please don't break Amendola. Oh Jesus what the fucking Cassius Marsh?
  14. It's hard to know what to make of Trump's entire life -- he clearly has some kind of low animal cunning, and learned well from a ratfucker like Roy Cohn. You may be right about overestimating him, but people have been underestimating him for too long. It can't just be Rich White Manhattan Asshole Privilege that's allowed him to skate free of the consequences of his own monstrous traits for so long.
  15. I can't help but feel like cooperating with Trump is going to backfire on the Democrats. If there's one skill Trump has, it's cutting deals that eventually fuck over his partners and leave him without consequences. No one ever profits from working with him, except other amoral monsters like Putin. I sure as fuck don't trust Pelosi and Schumer to maneuver this situation with any skill.