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  1. US Elections: My religion Trumps yours

    Maybe you could actually answer the question posed instead of resorting to stupid bullshit plumber analogies that reveal more about your ignorance and neuroses than they do about the candidates involved.
  2. US Elections: My religion Trumps yours

    RNC revokes credentials of Illinois delegate who tweeted racial slurs under the handle "whitepride." I hate Illinois Nazis. http://chicago.suntimes.com/news/sweet-gop-revokes-delegate-credentials-racist-fb-post/ The Trumpublicans are shocked, shocked, to discover that there is racism going on in this party! Apparently this peach of a numbfuck has been known to post under that handle since May, but they only acted against her when the Chicago Tribune wrote an article about her tweet.
  3. U.S. Politics: The Bipartisan Dismemberment of the VA

    May history be as fair and balanced to him as he was to his enemies.
  4. US Elections: My religion Trumps yours

    Okay, following up on what the Trump camp was thinking when they let Cruz speak -- looks like they were prepared for it and actually wanted to boo down a show of disloyalty live on TV (and in the process completely overshadow their own VP nominee's speech). Another display of Maximum Leader Lion-Mane's dominance, a ritual challenge and defeat of the Weasel King, even though he had to step on the throat of the White Boar of Indiana to do so!
  5. US Elections: My religion Trumps yours

    Of course it is -- he's been staffing up for 2020 for weeks now. Even with that acknowledged, I give him credit for holding out against an unacceptable and dangerous candidate instead of openly toadying, like Christie, or half-assedly signing on in the most transparently self-serving way, like Rubio. What else astonishes me about this turn of events is that the Trump operation had pretty clear foreknowledge that Cruz wouldn't endorse, and the "vote your conscience" language was in the speech released to the press beforehand, so they just... let all this happen and play out in public. Did they think this public fight in the party would be useful somehow? Or just not care? In any case, even if Trump were a candidate with vanilla GOP policies, like a Mike Pence type, his organizational chaos would be reason enough alone to consider unfit for the office. Imagine Trump handling a meeting with Putin. His staff would let him agree to play rounds of golf with Putin for Baltic republics.
  6. US Elections: My religion Trumps yours

    So, uh, Ted Cruz just doubled down on last night. He was live, taking questions from some audience, and saying he wouldn't be a servile puppy to Trump after the personal attacks, especially on his wife and father. Sweet Jesus, I am rooting for Ted Cruz -- maybe in the same way that one might have rooted for Wormtongue knifing Saruman, but still. Ted Cruz's singular assholishness has made him a socially useful figure for once in his life.
  7. US Elections: My religion Trumps yours

    I can't. This election has blown out my outrage sphincters. What is there to say about this shameless shitshow of uniformly awful people and the relentlessly vile muppet they have dug out of the bottom of the barrel of the Reagan coalition of racism, false piety, chickenhawkery, and moneymongering? Trump is the distillation of every fearful, vicious, and greedy impulse that right wing demagogues have sold us for the last couple of generations. I am sad for this country in a way I never thought I'd be. I used to always say I wasn't cynical -- I was a disappointed idealist. Fuck it, this election has turned me cynical. We are a doomed nation of spoiled children. A collection of frogs in the pan of water, turning the heat up on ourselves because it is either entertaining or profitable to do so. Fuck us, that we would allow this to happen.
  8. Is David Eddings any good?

    I didn't read his earlier series. I did read the Elenium and Tamuli series, in high school, and loved them. Then I spent part of an afternoon in my early 30s picking through an anthology... It was awful, hackneyed tripe. All the good guys speak in more or less the same snarky, too-impressed-with-my-own cleverness voice, and all the bad guys are one-dimensional morons, except the one bad guy who used to be friends with the good guys, who had the Good Guy Snarky Voice.
  9. US Elections: My religion Trumps yours

    Yes, because the Republican dream is to privatize every public good in America.
  10. MLB 2016: Chia Pet Un-Safe Zone

    Credit where it's due, Giants fans representing pretty well at Fenway tonight (during a wild game). I saw a bunch of people in Giants gear when I was walking around Back Bay this afternoon. I made sure to graciously console them for their team getting shut out last night.
  11. MLB 2016: Chia Pet Un-Safe Zone

    If a fan did that at Fenway I'd roll my eyes. Since he did it at Yankee Stadium, I'd say that is a feature, not a bug.
  12. US Elections: My religion Trumps yours

    A headline that in so many ways captures the current state of the Republican Party: Karl Rove calls airport security on Alex Jones.
  13. US Elections: My religion Trumps yours

    That Trump-Pence logo is such a tour de force of unintentional prurient comedy -- Trump must have designed it himself, yes?
  14. U.S. Elections: American Hitler 2016

    Make great strides against the Republicans in midterm elections. They consistently dominate midterms and thus control Congress because the sort of voters who get so swept up by candidates like Sanders forget that elections happen outside of Presidential campaigns. When progressives turn out in those years, then you'll be able to convince me that a REVOLUTION is possible.
  15. Alton Sterling shooting.

    I found this to be a well written opinion piece, by a black cop. It is pretty brutal about the realities of policing and the built-in biases of many police forces. http://www.vox.com/2015/5/28/8661977/race-police-officer Of course, I am sure Peterbound is still grittier and tougher and more knowledgeable than the cop who wrote that story.