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  1. Oh damn. I am ignorant of your league politics but a Phasma comparison is practically nuclear.
  2. Depends on how good these premium QBs in the draft are. If the Giants managed to shit themselves in the right year to get the next great franchise QB, that's the wrong kind of karma. Just for good measure, the Giants should be forced to keep McAdoo as HC for a couple more years, or at least hire Jeff Fisher to replace him.
  3. Definitely. There are many rich and complicated flavors of schadenfreude to savor here. I have to chortle every time I think of Jerrah's surprise, outrage, and betrayal over the Elliott suspension, just a couple years after he told Kraft to shut up and take his Ballghazi medicine. I hope, I really hope, Kraft takes the opportunity to subtly troll him about it. Can we have this somehow blow up all over John Mara too?
  4. Jones ain't wrong about Goodell's failure as a manager and the bloat and incompetence of the league office, though. How many times can the Keystone Kops earning seven figure salaries in the league office fuck up a player discipline issue? And it seems, every time it happens, from Brady to Josh Brown to Elliot, that they fuck up even worse than before. But that's what they wanted Goodell for, the one-stop player justice shop, to bring the hammer and let the owners avoid the hassle of disciplining their own employees. The owners created themselves a golem and that golem is stomping on their toes. People rightly said that Kraft's earlier support of Goodell during the Ray Rice debacle blew up in his face with Ballghazi, same shit is happening to Jones. And it is delicious. I no longer wish for Goodell to be run out of the NFL, especially if he's the one holding the line against forcing the players to stand for the anthem (though part of me would love to see what happens if the league tries). Let him dangle around the owners' necks like a dead-eyed albatross. Let him remain in his cold war with Jones.
  5. Last night, when the game ended, Kyrie gave Jaylen Brown a close, tight hug, like a blood brothers kind of hug. I noticed how intense it was and thought they must have been really overcome to win that game and because Brown played his ass off and might have been the best Celtic on the floor. It turns out that Brown's best friend had just died... https://deadspin.com/jaylen-brown-helps-carry-celtics-over-warriors-with-emo-1820532358
  6. Really juicy OTL story on Jones vs. Goodell. Something tells me these guys aren't going to play nice any time soon. http://www.espn.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/21441056/nfl-commissioner-roger-goodell-bitter-battle-saw-coming-led-dallas-cowboys-owner-jerry-jones
  7. Celtics Warriors was so sloppy on both sides it's hard to call it a great game... but that was a great game.
  8. Has anyone else mentioned this? Settlements paid out for sexual harassment suits against members of Congress or staffers are paid for with taxpayer money. The records are sealed, naturally. You have to be a very special Congressperson to open them. We deserve to know what we're paying for. Tell us which public servants are paying for sexual assault with our money. I'm sure there are plenty of Democrats. Just rip this rotten thing open. http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article184870288.html
  9. I don't expect the Celtics to beat the Warriors, but watching Jaylen Brown block Durant and Marcus Smart block Pachulia in the space of a minute was wonderful. Especially stuffing Pachulia, that fucking piece of shit.
  10. Sounds like the biggest public moralists are the ones with the harshest view of their own private morality, the ones with the most that they feel they need to spiritually atone for. And I guess that makes sense. If I was as fucked up a scumbag as Roy Moore, I'd be seeing demons all over the place and in everyone too.
  11. This should happen regardless. Even if neither the Eagles nor Pats are involved.
  12. Reality blows up GOP excuses every nanosecond. Doesn't stop them. Again, do stuff if it is right and proper, not because it will leave you vulnerable to GOP criticism (they'll make up something to trash you anyway) or because you think it'll make them look hypocritical (in Republican brains, "hypocrisy" is an oath doctors take). Decadesof evidence that trickle down is bullshit hasn't stopped these motherfuckers from peddling it, do you think Al Franken resigning will somehow shame the Pussygrabber Party into acting right?
  13. I don't know what made you think it was appropriate for you to appear in this thread.
  14. Whether or not Franken resigns, do it on its own merits, not because it gives ammo to Republicans to say mean things. Doing something because you think it'll keep Republicans from criticizing you just means you do what they want and they criticize you anyway. Time for the Democrats to act instead of reacting to some imagined backlash from troglodytes who have no interest in fairness or consistency.