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  1. Can't condemn them because of the fine people in those organizations. After all, so many are such strong Christians.
  2. Of course they'll forgive Trump anything. They've annointed him as their Cyrus, a pagan king who does the Lord's work. Christianofascism really allows you to rationalize whatever you want. May these fuckers be abandoned by their children and wander in the wilderness forever, wailing and gnashing their teeth.
  3. So we're invading North Korea now, yeah?
  4. Well, yeah. Picking on the Colts is one of the few sources of joy left to my jaded, bitter heart.
  5. Their McDaniels-selected defensive coordinator probably sees potential in him.
  6. Belichick historically goes shopping after all the big contracts are up. And they're short on cap space. Solder's Giants contract would basically eat all their free space. But damn. Solder's not spectacular but he is reliable and the line already felt like they were doing it with smoke and mirrors. Maybe they think Cameron Fleming or LaAdrian Waddle can do the job, but I think both those guys are free agents too.
  7. Well Rock, at least Nate Ebner is coming back. I actually like Ebner but his primary value is being the second best guy on kickoffs. At least they'll have some nice compensatory picks at the end of the third and fourth rounds next year!
  8. Good. I hope they get that piece of shit Hannity too.
  9. They have sacked the people responsible for sacking the people responsible for the titles!
  10. Was gonna say I feel bad for you Washington fans, as every facet of the franchise is tainted, but then I realized we as Americans have been living that fandom as our lives for a year and a half.
  11. I assume he's just getting played by the North Koreans, probably with Russian and Chinese connivance.
  12. Craster is a real libertarian dream come true.
  13. But Christina Hoff Sommers is still a liberal?
  14. Is it unfair to say then that these people value their access to guns more than they value, say, the lives of children?