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  1. Pentapodichi

    The Final & 3rd Place - FRA v. CRO / BEL v. ENG

    Its not the first time a referee has messed up the handball rule in this tournament. Maybe VAR makes it look deliberate but still very poor refereeing. Very unlucky Croatia.
  2. Pentapodichi

    Round of 16: : LET THE (Knockout) GAMES BEGIN!

    Yes. Poor performance from Spain. You need to be able to do more with the ball.
  3. Pentapodichi

    Round of 16: : LET THE (Knockout) GAMES BEGIN!

    And it will be a very hard game to call between France and Uruguay in the quarters. France is going to face a very different challenge, while Uruguay can be Uruguay. It was also interesting that Portugal had so rarely played Uruguay before. Argentina had beaten France a couple times in the World Cup but last time in 1978. While today, Spain should beat Russia. Russia should be the perfect opposition for them. And Croatia should be able to knock out Denmark. Too many good players.
  4. Pentapodichi

    Round of 16: : LET THE (Knockout) GAMES BEGIN!

    Yes. Great goal. Which helped ensure a surprisingly decent game. Portugal don't look like scoring.
  5. Pentapodichi

    Round of 16: : LET THE (Knockout) GAMES BEGIN!

    Hmm. If ever a game looked less likely to have 7 goals, it is Uruguay v Portugal. But congrats to France. I thought they were going to blow it there for a minute. It will be interesting to see if another generation of Argentinians can come through now. They have way too many 30 somethings in that current squad. France always had more options today but Argentina were their ideal opponents, as they allowed them a lot more room. Whoever wins the later match, will give them a very different test. Probably Uruguay though. Edited to add. Higuain didn't look good when he played but Aguero's absence was weird.
  6. Pentapodichi

    Round of 16: : LET THE (Knockout) GAMES BEGIN!

    France look like the better team but threw away the impetus when they went ahead. Now we'll see they can bounce back from that blow. Argentina have shown resilience but haven't created much except for that wonder goal.
  7. Pentapodichi

    World Cup 2018: Celebratin' Your Nation.

    I'm late to the party but it is difficult not to celebrate the amazing Mexican team. Great win over our predecessors as World Cup champions and a good win over South Korea. Every team has one bad game, so i'm glad that is out of the way too. I'm excited to see how many goals we'll win the next game by.
  8. Pentapodichi

    2018 World Cup - Get a Team to Support Here!!!!

    Sure. I shall try to give this a go! :)
  9. Pentapodichi

    Rugby IV - Striking Hookers Are Back In Fashion

    It takes a bit of luck to win a Grand Slam and while we haven't played amazingly attractive rugby, it has been very effective. We have some very experienced players but with also have young players breaking through to give us an opportunity to get even better. They were very resolute in this championship and clinical in enough cases. At the same time, England went from Grand Slam winners to 5th in 2 years. So we can't say we weren't warned. But we need to finally achieve something in a WC.
  10. Pentapodichi

    Rugby IV - Striking Hookers Are Back In Fashion

    That sounds right. Time for a really good performance!
  11. Can I be added too? I may as well consider it at least. Thanks.
  12. Pentapodichi

    Old Worldcons

    Hey Os. Sadly I can't be of help. But hopefully somebody will come forward with the pictures.
  13. Attending is the plan!
  14. Pentapodichi

    The Lodestar Award

    After all these years, we finally have a Young Adult award at Worldcon. I know a number of people on this board have spent a lot of time on this especially LugaJetboyGirlirra. It got ratified today with a provisional name of Lodenstar, with the name to be ratified in San Jose. But there will be an award next year. I'd name some of the others on the committee but I am bound to miss a few. Congrats to those involved, those who helped and those who voted. Somebody else who knows more about this can give further details about all the work done. I do like the idea of a Lodey award...
  15. Pentapodichi

    Rugby IV - Striking Hookers Are Back In Fashion

    Yes. Unbelievable. A big boost for Ireland.