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How would you rate episode 504?


How would you rate episode 504?  

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Do you want to expand or do you need to cool down some? I actually enjoyed it, but I am holding out Selmy is pulling a Belwas. Just don't throw any tables.

Im gonna wait until the rant thread opens. Cuz O M G. Barry going out like a chump sucks and is gonna cause issues. I think its G Worm that gets to be the Belwas. I dont think hes dead.

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8/10. Overall, it was a very good episode that put a lot of pieces in place for what I expect later in the year. That said, I do absolutely loathe that ending, I have to admit.

Yeah that ending made no sense. WTF was the point of ending the episode like that ? The way it was set up was really awkward and I feel nothing for those characters.

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I gave it a 5 and wonder if I'll respect myself in the morning...

There were a few things I liked; Stannis and Shireen, the conversation between Dany and and Barristan, the fight scene in Mereen, but I'm pissed about Selmy getting killed off this fast.

Unfortunately, Dorne/Sand Snakes are a hot mess, Mel and Jon were wtf, Winterfell crypts were meh, but at least looked like they were leading into something.

King's Landing was just OK, didn't hate it but it was confusing compared to the books. Cersei and Margaery still don't make much sense to me.

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Gave it a 9. Funny though, Jaime and Bronne, what the hell is their plan? Barristan is gone. Jon Snow's parentage issue was just foreshadowing but when thinking about it, I am sure now show Littlefinger is not the only person that knows about Jon Snow or atleast suspects.

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I actually enjoyed the episode, for the most part, 9/10.

The Stannis and his daughter scene was beautiful, but I hate to think what it might be setting up, especially after that look Mel gave Selyse.

How could Jon turn down Carice Van Hotten, doesn't make any sense.

I liked how confused Tommen was after all the KL stuff went down, but not a fan of where the show's going with Loras/Lancel. Looks like me might have Loras vs. the T1000 that rides.

I'm just happy to see the Sand Snakes. I'll stomach all the changes just as long as I get to see Tyene murder Tommen in season 6, and Nym murder Myrcella.


At least we got to see him fight. RIP Mr. Bold.

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It was pretty solid. I liked the Stannis scene. The Jon/ Mel scene was more obvious than the book but served its purpose well. Cersei giving the Faith Swords to get at Loras is so implausible that she looks like book Cersei after all. Sand Snakes are meh. Should have seen Barristan's death coming. He went farther than the books in his speech about Aerys- his purpose has been served.

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7 out of 10. The Stannis and Shireen scene was awesome, King's Landing was decent. Dorne is really bad.

Totally agree re. Dorne. I voted 8 this week, the 2 points coming off for Dorne. I was happy with everything else. I'm not watching it for adherence to the books at this stage, just where the internal show story is going.

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I thought the show had dropped the ball on Mel interacting with Jon, until her final words and then I thought, yea, they got it, they just presented it entirely differently. Good they put this scene in the same episode as the backstory in Winterfell crypts, so viewers can start tying it together.

Daddy Stannis was cool, big sympathy build up - I think that means he will die soon :D

The snake Bron skewered looked like rubber crap and killed my SOD. The Sand Snakes were also very crappy but, as mentioned earlier, they were kind of crappy in the books also.

Seems everything about Dorne is a bit sucky but the rest is pretty good.

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Hovering between a 7 and an 8; some great bits, a couple of bad bits, and one or two fucking travesties.

What I liked:

- Stannis; when I heard he had a redeeming scene in episode 4, this isn't what I was expecting, but I liked it none the less. They needed to endear the character to the audience a bit before he starts becoming a badass.

- Lyanna backstory; I didn't love that it came from Littlefinger, it really should have been Barristan, but nevermind.

- The ending. A great send-off for Selmy (assuming he is actually dead); and I like that they kept it realisitic. He was incredibly strong and I counted 14 harpy sons he cut down, but he had the speed of an old man, and was never going to get out of that unscathed.

What I didn't like:

- The faith millitant. I didn't hate them, but they just seemed... I dunno, off, to me. A little to aggressive, and I wasn't a huge fan of them barring Tommen from entering the sept either.

- Melisandre. DAVID & DAN, WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? STTAAHHHPPP!!! What possible purpose could be served from seducing Jon?? FFS. They've made her character all about the sex, and completely sucked the mystery out. Ugh. I can't even.

Still deciding:

- Dorne and the Sand Snakes. To be fair, they're not terrible. Obara is pretty accurate, we didn't get anything out of Nym so I'm reserving judgement. Teyne is the big disappointment. But I'm willing to give it time.

Edit: Oh yeah, the other travesty. Littlefinger's stupid fucking plan, or lack of. He would never, NEVER, risk relying on the result of an armed conflict for his schemes, much less want Sansa to fall into Stannis's hands. They really could have done much better.

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Gave it an 8. Massive quibbles about some of the fudging they've done to get the story to where they have it, and just gravely disappointed with how they're handling Dorne, but there were some very good scenes, Stannis and Shireen foremost of all, and the whole Meereen segment was quite solid.

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Gave it an 8. Massive quibbles about some of the fudging they've done to get the story to where they have it, and just gravely disappointed with how they're handling Dorne, but there were some very good scenes, Stannis and Shireen foremost of all, and the whole Meereen segment was quite solid.

Something 'loose' about first time series writer Hill's teleplay. Usually David and Dan do a lot more tightening than this. No matter the narrative , the pacing seemed off.

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To me, it wasn't as boring as last week's episode, but it seems like the overall pace of the show has slowed to a near crawl. Too many characters/side-plots to cover in an hour long episode once per week. I wish they would move it along a little bit more....

Liked the Stannis and Shireen scene, but too many characters need to "get where they are going" imo. They are just dragging out the drama a little too much for me. I want to see what happens next, not hear people talk/speculate about what's going to happen next.

EDIT: Also, I think the moving moment between Shireen and her father is just setting up one of them to die soon.

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Guess I'm in the minority here, but I thought it was very good - a solid 9.

Loved the scene with Stannis and Shireen, but OMG it took him forever to put his arms around her when she hugged him. But, damn! Shireen is great!

Jonah's doing a good crazy man. Loved the expression on Tyrion's face when he saw a dragon.

Still kind of on the fence with the whole Dorne scene, but I'm liking it better than I thought I would. Bronn and Jamie are good together. Sand Snakes . . . they're not as bad as I thought they'd be, but I'm not a fan.

Guess Tommen's pleasant reign as King is going to be even shorter than we thought. He sure had a few sharp awakenings this episode.

The Sons, with those masks, are scary as hell.

Mel coming on to Jon - :ack: :ack: :ack:

Loved all the scenes related to Lyanna and Rhaegar. That scene with Dany and Barristan was precious. I can't figure out LF's angle in leaving Sansa at WF to fend for herself - of all people, LF would know exactly what Ramsay is like.

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