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How would you rate episode 504?


How would you rate episode 504?  

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The faith militant montage was clunky, but otherwise great episode (grepisode). Stannis' scene and the curveball out in Meereen being the standouts. Missed Arya though.

ETA: Oh, and even though the montage was clunky, the scenes afterwards really effectively showed how weak Tommen is. That was good too.

ETA2: The Sand Snakes were super weaksauce too, I just remembered that. Enough to bust it down to 8.5, but I round.

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This was the first time ever I checked the time because I WAS BORED. That has never happened to me watching GoT before. I want to think a bit before I set on a rating but there was soooooo much exposition ......

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I thought most of the episode was good.

I thought Stannis and Shireen was sweet.

Jon and Mel was interesting, I enjoyed Jon’s internal struggle, I don’t think she needed to get naked. But light and life, man and woman, that works for my own theory so good for me. But I thought Mel was well played here, ending on you know nothing and that look she gave him was a great close.

Still not a fan of the Dorne arc and this did nothing to help with that.

KL, Cersei and the faith. The arc is starting to come together but I still not being pulled into it.

Sansa and the crypts, they did more to help along Littlefingers plan but I feel like it is a rather large poorly considered gamble. Stannis and Sansa plot point I already figured on back when the trailers were released and have considered it for the books as well do to the symbolism of the Val and Stannis coming out of the north. The Rhaegar and Lyanna reveal was a long time coming and I thought they did well with it.

Dany and Selmy, I liked the scene with Dany and Selmy, Emilia was Ian played well together. Though I feel heavily that he is underutilized. I love that they showed the two different perspectives on Rhaegar between this and Sansa, it sticks with the theme of the books.

Ser Barristan Selmy, Lord Commander Queensgaurd.

Hell yeah, hell yeah! That’s a that’s a Kingsguard that’s what that is. “Even know I could carve through the five of you like I was carving a cake!” You’re god damn right you could. Man has balls like Deathstars. You know how you type Kingsguard? You type it in Bold. The hound ate some chickens, Selmy just polished off a KFC.

“Dragon, Dragon, try me.” And now we know why Drogon actually left.

I am hoping for a Strong Belwas here because I really like Ian McElhinney and feel he has been underutilized for a long time. So crossing my fingers, I hope he comes back.

I give it an 8, it was solid and improved on the last 3 episodes, I could give it a nine just for Selmy, but then I would want to change it later so 8.

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Good episode; things are really coming together, thank the gods.

My favorite bits were in KL: Cersei thinks she is using the HS against the Tyrells, but the sparrows were calling her son an abomination. This will get very nasty for the Lannisters; Tommen might be in danger along with Cersei. Margaery is calling grandmother, which is great. Oleanna and Cersei in KL should be entertaining.

Bronn and Jaime are great together, as were Stannis and Shireen.

Sand Snakes: I hate them. I hated them in the books, I hate them on the show.

LF and Sansa: Glad to hear LF has a plan...well, more of a gamble.

I forgot about Meereen. Hated the place and its residents in the books, and hate them on the show. otoh, I'm enjoying the high body count. Maybe if EVERYONE dies (a plague, please?) Dany might get the hell off to Westeros.

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This is legit the worst episode of this show i have ever seen. I have been generous and was even willing to give last week a 6 or 7. This is a shit riddled 3. What the hell did i just watch?

Do you want to expand or do you need to cool down some? I actually enjoyed it, but I am holding out Selmy is pulling a Belwas. Just don't throw any tables.

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