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[Poll] How would you rate episode 608?


How would you rate episode 608?  

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19 minutes ago, Florina Laufeyson said:

I found it hella better than last week's, so i gave it a 7. It wasnt great and im still salty about the Blackfish, but ive never been gladder to see Dany back in Meereen.

You know you are going to miss joke time with Greyworm. That was amazing... It was... Bad jokes... Delivered flatly... Not even dead pan, flat... Like a pancake, only flatter. So like a crepe.

No wonder the Unsullied were practically crying. "The story can progress now, it can progress. Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo."


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8/10.  It wasn't without problems,  but I actually liked it.  Mereen was awful,  especially that Tyrion joke scene,  but I've always found Mereen to be awful in both book and show format, so nothing new there. Arya's recovery was more than a bit unbelievable, but otherwise, I liked the scene and the episode overall.  

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Arya's scenes bored me, Tyrion's scenes added nothing, no development in the north, the faith militant are still doing whatever they choose. Worst part was the seige of Riverrun. Edmure was like a whiny tool, not clear at all why he just surrendered Riverrun once freed or why the defenders would actually listen to him surrendering after all they'd been through, Blackfish's (off screen) death was pointless and badly handled.

The good part was the Hound, the BWB, and the ban on trial by combat.

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9 minutes ago, Table8 said:

I don't understand your point at all.

That's expected. Afterall, well...


 Dumb comment imo.  But then again, your name is Dudu and u liked this garbage, so....... yeah.

Yeah, my name is Dudu. The fuck is that even supposed to imply? That my real name is Eduardo and in my country "Dudu" is a typical nickname for that, perhaps?

Dude, you didn't like this episode, I get it. It has flaws, inconsistencies. I found it entertaining, if I didn't I would simply quit this show because the previous episodes, you got admit, weren't any better. But you would do a favor to everyone if you stopped to try so hard to label everyone with different tastes than yours as stupid, or stoooopid, like you said yourself. Hell, you implicitly labelled me stupid thanks to my nickname, which is a little embarassing to see how deep into bs you want to go to offend someone, perhaps I should remind you that there are different places in the world with different names or the though is too alien to you?

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Gave it 6/10

It wasn't terrible. An episode always gets a bonus point from me if there are no sand snakes :D

Things I liked:

-The Hound. I just like the hound anyway. The character in the book & on television. I'm not real excited about him joining the BwB though & I hope the book plays it different. 

-The Bwb. I was seriously distraught last episode over the Bwb slaughtering all those innocent people. I was happy to see that wasn't the case. 

-Arya. She is my favorite character in the book so & I love Maisie. I liked the exchange between her & Jaqen at the end. I like that the waif is dead. 

-Gregor snapping heads off. I'm so tired of the damn HS after her ripped the guys head off I seriously said out loud "Now what bitches?" 

Things I didn't like: 

-Arya. I always feel like she is much tougher in the books. Not as much outward emotion as on the show. I get why that would fall flat though. I didn't like the Waif chase. I just feel like things are so out in the open. The waif is chasing her through the streets in broad day light, brandishing her weapon like there is no need for secrecy. And maybe there isn't because not one person seems to be the slightest bit concerned or curious about it. Is there no law in Braavos??

-Jaime. I'm a Jaime fan & while I enjoyed most of his speech to Edmure the whole mess about Cersei irritated me. Isn't he supposed to be abandoning her by this point? IIRC this is where he burns her letter? Maybe I'm wrong & I just didn't like it because I like Jaime handless & Cersei-less much more tHan the beginning of the series. 

-The blackfish's death. It was off screen & rushed. He is a major character & I just feel like they didn't do him justice. 

-Mereen was here nor there to me. I like book Tyrion almost as much as book Arya & Peter is a great actor I just feel like we get no where there. Yes Dany came back but it was very anticlimatic IMO.

-Mixed feelings about Tommen banning trial by combat. It makes for a good plot twist I suppose because I did not see it coming but it really is heart breaking to see him betraying his family, even if they are Lannisters. He has just went from Cersei's puppet to someone else's puppet & at least Cersei loves him. 

Anyway I didn't think it was as horrible as some people did but it wasn't my favorite by far


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We're at episode 8 already. I expected so much more.

It's not like nothing happened in this episode, but they take great opportunities to make something really amazing and just ruin them. The Blackfish dying off screen? Daenerys arriving in the most obvious way possible, super clean? Arya, despite being careless and hurt last week, now suddenly has the strength to defeat the Waif (a fight we couldn't even see)? It's like they pass all the exciting moments and we're left watching what happens next. We just get to see action in some less significant scenes - like the Hound killing those guys. I'd much rather see Blackfish fighting. (I'd actually much rather see him going with Brienne, but oh well.)

I'm especially disappointed in how they handled Arya's story. Why after months of training would she wander around the streets of Braavos last week the way that she did? Was hoping for a logical answer this episode but I see the writing was just bad. 

Gave it a 3 because of Tommen's announcement about trial by combat (kind of unexpected), Jamie and Edmure's conversation (even though I hate how they decided to go with Jamie mad in love with Cersei in the show) and also because I recognized some streets of Girona - Spain I've walked before in the Braavos scenes (mainly the stairs Arya falls for what seemed like 3 minutes)! lol

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1 hour ago, Table8 said:

I know everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, but anyone who thinks this episode is good is an idiot.  


I mean seriously stooooopid.

OK, so we know that anyone who likes the show "is being paid by HBO",  is "seriously stooooopid", and needs to "die" - all actual comments from our brave, oppressed Hater minority.

Only they have the moral and intellectual right to attack and malign fellow board members.

I gave this one a 7.  I can tolerate very little typical TV drama, but there was nothing I hated in this episode, and a lot I liked. I was entertained from beginning to end.  At no point did I think I was watching bad TV or have an urge to switch over to any other programming.      



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I thought last episode was pretty terrible, and was holding out for some tricks out of this one to make us realize the set-up. Instead we get an even shittier episode with even more awful setups.

I liked Jaime's speech except that it RUINS HIS WHOLE FUCKING CHARACTER. God damnit. Bring on more bewbs and dragons, I'm done expecting anything to make a lick of goddamn sense in this show. 

I'd drone on, but I'm too damn salty.

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3/10. It's becoming more and more obvious what a huge downgrade some of this season's writing and episodes have gotten without George RR Martin's source material. But what bothered me this episode is how everything important happened OFF SCREEN!! First the Blackfish dies off screen, and then Arya's big 'showdown' with the waif is also off screen. I could not believe when she blew out the candle and it cut to the temple with JH.. i mean.. what the actual fuck? It reminded me of some B grade action movie where the budget is really low that all the big action scenes are IMPLIED off screen because of budget constraints. Like this is effing GOT man..  at this point I'm expecting someone to blow out a fucking candle next episode when the battle of Winterfel starts and next it cuts to dead bodies on the ground and Jon saying 'well that was a hard battle im glad we won now lets go back to winterfell :rolleyes:' . D&D get your shit together.

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An awful episode. And the way in which Arya's story played out makes last week's episode even worse, this show has been hitting new lows all season. The stupidity of the writing and the dialogue is astounding, sad to see a former good show become this poor.


I'll give it a very generous 2/10

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1 hour ago, Ser Not Appearing said:


The entire plotline for Arya is this:

Kinda thought she wanted to learn to fight and be a badass, never really managed it, went rogue against the baddest assassin guild, developed most moronic escape plan ever, was mortally wounded but survived, tricked someone into a dark room because blindness, add some salt - she's no one!

Good God.

That plotline alone was so bad that it failed the entire episode and soured much of the season (that I've rated well enough until now).

Forget it - 1.

I couldn't believe it was happening. I knew the story line was bust the second she had her stomach stabbed out last week. It's tough to fathom just knowing how many hundreds of different ways simple things could have been altered to make it work even a little bit better. The easiest thing to change? Have Arya take a superficial wound instead of having her insides go to her outsides. It wouldn't explain the lame smirk on Jaquen's face, but I think that's the writer's honestly trolling us to begin with.

It kind of sucks, I'm only complaining because I am absolutely a fan of the show, yet watching these scenes is making me cringe instead of having the immersive experience I'd rather be having.

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Gave it a 5. Unbelievable. Every time I think this show is taking a step forward it takes two steps back. David and Dan don't deserve this story.

Unsurprisingly, the best parts of this episode were those taken directly from the book (Riverrun, etc). Sandor's stuff was good but nothing special, but all of Arya's stuff was actually unacceptable.

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This episode was bad. Almost as bad as Ep1. That's a shame,the last few episodes were pretty good, although they too had a fair share of cringeworthy moments. 

This episode had potential, but the terrible writing and some of the acting and even editing simply made it just... lame and boring.


First Arya scene - So apparently lady crane is a master healer because she... used to stab her boyfriends a lot? Hm, Ok. Arya looks way to healthy considering the gut stabs she got and amount of blood she lost. Honestly it's not something anyone can buy. No person her age would recover, let alone survive, such a wound. But, as usual, we just need to accept it as it is and shut up.

Cersei in throne room scene - I couldn't make much of it other that what was shown and said. I don't know why Tommen made that decision or if Kevan was somehow involved in it, because so far he's not doing ANYTHING. I'll just have to wait for the next episode to see what that was all about. 

Cersei v Lancel scene - Why did the HS summon Cersei for? I actually cared more about that than the Gregor Smash! part. I won't be surprised if they just made it up and will never refer to it again, just to show some Frankengregor action. Meh.

The Hound killing outlaws - There are outlaws and The Hound kills them.

Jamie and Brienne - was boring... he let her keep the sword, that was nice... other than that I already forgot what else they talked about.

Brienne and Blackfish with Sansa's letter - Blackfish can read an entire page full of text by simply glancing at it, in less than a second! Amazing! (again, BAD editing)

Jamie and Edmure - I think it was pretty good.

Blackfish is actually someone's bitch - Hated that scene. So here we learn that Blackfish never really had that much of an authority in Rivenrrun despite all that we were lead to believe. Apparently, they all answer to some random unnamed guy who we've never scene before, and apparently they're all huge bureaucrats because if their 3-years-unseen-rotting-in-prison lord suddenly tells them to do something that probably might get them and their families all murdered in like 10 minutes, they do it! because technically he's god almigh... I mean, he's their lord. 

Brienne and Blackfish by the boat - I'm sorry, Blackfish's decision doesn't make sense. Why is he so eager to die? If he really wants to save his home after it had just been retaken, then why not escape and try again? That's some LAZY writing, it's obvious the writers were just trying to get rid of him as quick as possible. He didn't even get a death scene. Pff. 

By the way, why were Brienne and Pod SNEAKING away??? Who were they running from? Jamie?? CAN THIS EPISODE START MAKING SOME SENSE ALREADY?!?!

Meereen - Ok. I get it. This scene was meant to be amusing. Just like the last two scenes these 3 had together before. But gosh... It really wasn't. Why not use this time for some character development? The whole "tell a joke" scene felt cringey and awkward. At this point Tyrion is just annoying. 

The Hound and Brotherhood - it was ok I guess, but one little thing bothered me- throughout the whole scene, the main guy they were hanging had this angry, stern "I don't give a f*ck!" face, looking all badass. And then, when the hound was about to kick the block from under him he was suddenly all "please, ill give u anything :'((( "... really?

Arya chase scene - The chase was too long, they tried to make it thrilling but it was just boring.

Arya and Jaqen scene - I'm not even going to bother.

/end rant

I feel better now.

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And people were giving The Door and Broken Man 2's, 3's and 4's.  Now this is what a real dud looks like imo. 

2/10 for me.  My lowest score ever.  Easily the worst of the season and maybe worst of the series.  Just, so many things I didn't like to list right now.  Hopefully 9 and 10 show a return to form.  

Hound and Jamie/Brienne/Blackfish/Riverrun were the highlights.  I thought Jamie was especially good actually.

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Damn, I gave it a 9, so I guess I'm stupid. Meereen was really quite bad, but everything else was so good I only docked it one point. Another great episode in a terrific season, as far as I'm concerned.

ETA: People talking about the chase scene: It wasn't a "chase," it was a "lure."

Edited by Greg B
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I personally liked all of the Fight Club, Arya=Jaquen/Lady Crane, theories much better than what it actually turned out to be: Arya = Arya!

I think D&D are reading these forums and then last second editing/remastering at the last minute to thwart any theories/spoilers. That has to be the cause of this "writing".

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Last weeks episode had things teed up beautifully and this week whiffed completely. So many scenes and/or confrontations were perfectly set up but almost all fell short of expectations. The stuff with the Hound was good, the "royal proclamation" and Edmure/Jaime were pretty good but every other scene disappointed. Mereen was pointless. The siege of Riverrun just sucked. Even the Mountain stunk, expectations were a lot of squashed Sparrows but he only got one. Despite all the speculation I thought the Arya/Waif bit would be straight forward so no real surprise there. But Arya's run through the city (with multiple stab wounds) was absurd. And aren't Faceless Men supposed to be stealthy? The waif charging thru Braavos with that Forrest Gump stride of hers, chasing after an already bleeding girl, complete with blade in hand was just idiotic.

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I give it 5 - lowest rating I have ever given.

Everything in Essos is shit and Westeros is ok.

Arya's plot is just fucking stupid. Saved Lady Crane only to have her ruin the face of the jealous actress - good one Arya, you really saved someone worth defending there. And then a little sleep on the milk of the poppy turns gut wound Arya into Wonder Woman - WTF? The Waif is the most useless assassin ever - how did she beat Arya in all of those fights before and she can't even keep up with wounded Arya and kill her before she gets to a dark room? And then what is up with Jaquen - the leader of a death cult doesn't even understand the concept of being no-one :D The whole side plot is just crap.

Mereen was equally crap. Dinklage proving yet again that he can't act and the only thing that made Tyrion great was Martin's writing. Without Martin, Tyrion is a nothing character played by a hack. Missendai sure is pretty but fuck she is boring. And then it all ends with yet another Dany dragon entrance. What happen to those other 2 dragons anyway?

Westeros was pretty good, dialogue not as good as Martin can write it but still pretty good. Hound and Edmure being the highlights.

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