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On 7/15/2021 at 2:12 PM, DMC said:

I've always viewed Reservoir Dogs as everyone dies, including Buscemi.  I do get a kick out of his theory that Mr. Pink is now laying low as the Buddy Holly waiter in Pulp Fiction though.

I'm embarrassed to say I've seen this movie way too many times and only within the last year or two did I learn Buscemi had a cameo in it.

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27 minutes ago, Nictarion said:

OUATIH is probably my favorite buddy flick since The Nice Guys.

The movie has still yet to click with me after a few viewings. It has scenes I really like, but from beginning to end I can't put it in the top half of QT's films. 

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7 hours ago, Nictarion said:

OUATIH is probably my favorite buddy flick since The Nice Guys.


20 hours ago, The_Lone_Wolf said:

I just noticed that camaraderie in QT's cinema is subtle yet dominant


Reservoir Dogs with Keitel and Roth was really great in the fraternal bonding part

Pulp Fiction had Travolta and Jackson, Willis and Rhames (after the ... you know)

Death Proof with the bad ass women 

Kill Bill....(been a long time, nothing recallable)

The Hateful Eight Jackson and Russel, then climax with Goggins

Django Unchained Foxx and Waltz, DiCaprio and Jackson

Inglourious Basterds Themselves

OUATIH Pitt and Leo

Haven't seen Jackie Brown yet, anything?


The Domergue Gang in TH8

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3 hours ago, DMC said:

Beatrix Kiddo did not have any friends.  That's why she crashed into a tree.   

...Too soon?

I'll forget that. Pretend it's a Spoiler next time please. Rewatch in order anyway. 


5 hours ago, The_Lone_Wolf said:

Haven't seen Jackie Brown yet, anything?

Spoiler free would be helpful 

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19 minutes ago, The_Lone_Wolf said:

But am still hoping for a Reservoir Dogs remake to be his last if he's soooo out of options and dried imagination

I'd REALLY hope his "last" movie wouldn't be a remake of his first movie.

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His latest book was fantastic, heard he's gonna go into author mode after film retirement.

I was reading the (apparently famous) short story "The Three Strangers" by Thomas Hardy the other day when it struck me halfway through that the story bore an uncanny resemblance in its rough plot with something which was none other than The Hateful Eight.


Nothing needed for the movie I guess.

Both titles indicate the number of people and both take place in the 19th century albeit on different continents of the Western world, both feature a 'crossroads' moment.

People (19+3 in the story, 17 in the movie) take shelter from the elements (rainstorm in the story, blizzard in the movie) in a remote dwelling (a shepherd's cottage in the story, a stagecoach-stopover/haberdashery/western motel in the movie) on uneven high terrain (moors of Southwest England, mountains around Telluride Colorado) and among them there is an eloquent hangman (one in the story and 2 in the movie where 1 is a bounty hunter's nickname and 2 is an outlaw posing as the new hangman in town), criminals (escaped convict in the story, wanted outlaws in the movie), lawmen (a cowardly constable in the story who kinda deputizes able-bodied men, 2 bounty hunters technically lawmen and a new Sheriff in town who's genuine unlike the hangman) disadvantaged hosts in both cases, lots of tobacco and liquor and chatter in both cases where the characters are not who we think them to be at every point of the narration till the end.

Only major thematic digression is that a Victorian realist-Romantic doesn't dish out violence like an American 'pulp' filmmaker.

I'm sure we can find some witty links between characters' names but that was most prbly unintended.

But my doubt is, has this already been established or refuted? I can't be the first to see these parallels but there's nothing on the net


BTW Didn't think QT was the family man type, imagine my disbelief when I learned so late that he's married with TWO kids...

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Which of your favored actors/actresses have we yet to see in a QT movie and who would you hope to see yet in one if QT does only one last film?

Tom Hardy and Thandiwe Newton came quickly to mind for me.

This video had some fun picks, apparently the candidates are numerous.

I must add, I am firmly in the NOT Nicolas Cage camp, just please, don't.


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There are quite a few good actors/actresses that haven't worked with QT. But usually Tarantino is on the money with his casting choices. I mean, that's the great thing about Tarantino movies (and him being the star), he doesn't really need to pick a-listers to promote his movies, so he can freely pick and choose whatever actor he thinks is best for the role.

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7 hours ago, Ran said:

Gary Oldman, too. 

Does Drexl Spivey not count? Because that’s probably my favorite Oldman performance. That one scene was so mesmerizing. I re-watch it often.

Edit: I’ve seen True Romance, as a whole, twice and it’s been a few years but my reaction is generally “I can’t believe Tarantino didn’t direct this.”

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