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Small, Worthy, Unworthy, Undervalued -- You Roll With It!


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On 2/28/2022 at 10:32 AM, Fragile Bird said:

You’re in Hawaii!?

You’re not a penguin, you’re a damn dawg!

That is nice of you to say. Vacation is over though. 

I actually tried to include the 1 second clip in the post, but technology is hard. And hitting the side of objects doesn’t make them work like it did when I was aged 7-9.

Edit: Meh. I’ll make another attempt this weekend. 

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I don’t have anything not passive aggressive, active aggressive or angsty to say today, so I’ll just tell you I made another Shepard’s pie. It turned out lovely again. That’s all. Any further thoughts I have on my Shepard’s pie making endeavor fall into the (passive) aggressive or angsty category. I’ll go and get off the internet now. 

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For the first time since December we ate at our local restaurant of choice -- outside -- it was a high today of 67°.

It was very nice as various neighbors out walking in the very temporary balmy air saw us, and stopped by to chat.  I loved that.  At the same time though, I remember how weird it felt to me to see all these people sitting on the sidewalk right here when the post-Katrina disaster of New Orleans was going down.  People eating cheerfully, enjoying themselves as though people weren't at risk, weren't dying, weren't losing everything.  Ya, Ukraine stays in mind, because how can it not?

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This has been a rotten day, for a whole lot of reasons, none of which I can do anything about, including cold, snow, rain, blustering wind, and having to walk through it all to get to a classroom. where most of the students, agreeing this was a rotten day, chose not to to walk to either.  Well they are the students and they get to make that choice.  I'm still so chilled.  But I'm fortunate too, as a huge piece of beef with mushrooms, carrots and wine is in the  oven -- it's just taking so long!  I want it now!


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After 5 years of waiting and losing 23 kg's I've finally gotten a time for the surgery to fix the hernia I got from my last surgery. Still kinda nervous since last time it was when my appendix burst and it got real bad, hopefully this won't be as much of a problem.

The surgery is in Gällivare of all places though, which is a pain. 

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1 hour ago, Galactus said:

hopefully this won't be as much of a problem

So do we all agree, that it won't be, and things are corrected and you heal swiftly and smoothly and all goes well!

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Somebody said to me today, "It's not fool's gold, but it is a bridge too far."  Not sure what this is supposed to mean, but it delights me no end. :wub:

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On 3/13/2022 at 2:46 AM, A True Kaniggit said:

Yo mods. Can one of you please give me a pity warning point?

After 7 years it still reads 0. I’m a great believer in rules,  and it is against my nature to break them.

But I do need a prison rep. 

It probably makes sense to target one mod and get them to dislike you.

All my warning points came from the same one. 

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Whoever claims to existence of humans being proof for the existence of gawd, needs to have their head examined by a bunch of hungry hyenas.

Bus ride to pay my weekly visit to my dad's. Usually I spend those 15-20 mins reading a bit. This time I got disturbed by a pair of stupid women, two rows behind me. No, stupid women is not sexist, it's a mere descriptive term, I will elaborate on it a bit. You can decide, which of those creatures created in gawd's image gets to wear the stupid label more deservedly.

Contestant A: blonde woman, in her 50s, wearing an animal print faux fur jacket.

She started by berating contestant B, over her B's little daughter apparently having her feat on the seat.

Contestant B: Dark haired woman in her twenties, mother of a girl (4-5 y.o.), migrant background (will get important later on).

Contestant B: yelled back at A, that's down to her daughter being too small, thus her legs are not long enough to avoid having her feet touch her seat. 

Now things got noisy, I had to put my book down, because I couldn't focus any longer, which annoyed me to no small extent.

A: Ah, the my kid is too small excuse. People sit on those, where she put her shoes. Maybe teach your daughter that.

B: I Teach my daughter other more important stuff. You don't know where I am coming from! [note her face mask has been lowered to make for better yelling). 

A: Put up your mask!

B: [to her credit puts her mask back on] Who do you think you are to tell me how to raise my kid?!

A: I see how you are raising it. 

Busdriver interjects: Folks, I am driving, would you mind to be quiet, because that's distracting. If you don't stop, I'll have the both of you exit the bus at the next stop.

A: [moves a to another row apparently hoping to end this exchange before they get ejected].

I started contemplating, whether to pick up my book again, since it's just two more stops at that point.

A: delivers some parting shots

B: Accuses A of racism

A: Of course, now you are playing the racist card.

That put an end to any idea of reading a few more pages.

Bus driver interjects again, and tell them more bluntly that he's had enough, they either break it up now, or they are out. 

Me basically saying thank you to the bus driver.

C: Young woman, late teens early twenties feels the need to jump in, and tell A, that it's none of her business to begin with, and that she was being rude.

Me: shaking my head, folks are done now?!

A: Thank you.

Me: That was not meant as a supportive statement, in any shape or form.

A: Oh, I am aware.

My stop. Exit purgatory, wishing Charon a nice ride with those damned souls.

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I really never thought this was possible:

But last week I saw a semitruck with a trailer do just this on a frontage road and it's still with me. How did the driver do it? And how did he get out of the mess? I drove back to work 45 minutes later and it was gone.

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I went into the Target to buy a pile of Red's Burritos because I was running low. I left the Target roughly $300 lighter with my burritos, a Batman shirt, two regular long sleeve shirts, a Matrix Blu Ray set and a West Wing DVD set. Struck out on frames again, though.

Trader Joe's has now stopped carrying my favorite mints. It used to be that Trader Joe's was great because the inventory would change and you might find something you like. I feel I am coming out the other side of that now, though, because I am getting tired of finding things I like only for them to disappear.

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