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Football: Does Infantino have a Time Turner?


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56 minutes ago, Corvinus85 said:

The Dutch realized they have had a hard time passing the ball on the ground, so they subbed in a couple of trees, allowed VVD to be a striker, too, and started lobbing balls. 2-2

Right.  I said before that this was the worst Dutch team I have ever seen but I still expected them to beat a poor Argentinian team.  But the Dutch outdid themselves today.  I grew up with great Dutch teams.  This was dreadful.  Is passing the ball that difficult?

The level of football played in the earlier game was so much higher than this one.  You'd have to expect Croatia to win and reach the final for the second time in a row now.  I don't really think Croatia are in the top 2 in the world but they have a clear path to the final.

While poor, this is not the worst Argentinian team I have ever seen.  They have been at this level for at least the last 12 years.  But they still have Messi and he did well today.  That is the one of the few positive things one can say about them (and good penalty takers and a penalty saver in a goalie, which admittedly, is becoming increasingly important in this competition).  Although, I do like that they tried in extra time.

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1 hour ago, 3CityApache said:

17 yellows and not one red, that's an achievement. :)

But that includes the cards for those on the bench, right?

Yep. Still not as impressive is 16 yellows and 4 reds, but a record is a record.

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14 minutes ago, Lord of Oop North said:

On the match summary, Dumfries was shown a red at 128'

Looks like a few cards came out after the shootout. 

Yes, Dumfries was harassing the Argentinian kickers and I saw him getting a yellow. I guess the ref didn't bother to show him a red at the time, unless maybe he was going to take a penalty. I mean the Dutch subbed in a guy who already had a yellow. First time I've seen that. :laugh:

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