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How would you rate episode 308?


How would you rate episode 308?  

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8. A LOT better than the last two. It was a good episode to introduce us to the last two episodes of this season.

As usual, Daenerys' scenes are of the best of the series.

I really didn't like any of the scenes of the wedding, only the conversation between Cersei and Margaery until the last part that she would kill her. But to prepare the non book viewers of what the Rains of Castamere is was a good touch.

Dany parts are the best of the series.... no

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Lets see. I did not care for the Cersei/Marge scene. I think they should have pushed this scene to episode 10 and it might have worked a little better. We can not see why Dany would sleep with Dario in the books, not going to be an issue in the show. Barristan and Mormont should be sacked for letting him sneak into camp and getting that close to the Khalessi. They should have had the dragons eat the heads. I thought it would only be the hardcore Sansanistas who would have a problem with the kneel. I thought it was appropiate that she did kneel in terms of what has happened in the show. Tyrion came to her beforehand has been respectful of her and promised not to abuse her. Why should she humiliate him for the amusement of Joffrey who deliberately took his step up? I gave it a 7, which is good score from me.

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We open with Arya and the Hound, who apparently in the meantime have become BFF's. Oh, maybe not. He caught her – good, it would have been ugly to see her smash his noggin with that rock. I hate to admit it but he's pretty sharp for a bona fide monster. Now that she knows her mama and bro are going to be at the Twins, she had a small improvement in her usual dour expression. Careful girl. BAMF's don't allow themselves tiny smiles of anticipation.

Ah, the Mother of Dragons is back. What's that sand-colored portable tent she's wearing? Is that for protection in case of a sand storm? Dany, Dany, you were so fashion-forward last week. That drab getup just isn't you. And Barristan looks like he's wearing a pup tent he borrowed from a Boy Scout jamboree. Not to be critical, but the costuming department needs a shake-up. Hmm, it seems the lovely MOD is set on doing some more conquering.

Three men to see Dany, or should I say two men and a human billy goat named Mero, and I think that's an insult to billy goats. That guy's just rank – he's also socially unacceptable, crude beyond disgusting, and a potty-mouth. Grey Worm, Jorah, and Barristan are all champing at the bit for the honor of putting him down like a dog. She stays calm. Good for you, Queenie. Boy, that Mero sure thinks highly of himself. Daario's cute, I must say, and quite the flirt.

Aha, we knew it! Melissandre had bad intent toward Gendry. Who can trust a psycho bitch who burns men alive for not agreeing with her religious beliefs?

Oh, Davos, the sight of you reading is so touching. You're such a good man, a really decent man. You might be becoming one of my favorite characters. Thank you for knowing Stannis so well, and for trying to talk him out of letting that puta loca with the cheapo-snaky hair extensions kill Gendry. Sigh, this show can really play on my emotions.

Back to the bad boys, the Second Sons. Yeah, the one guy Mero is a P-I-G, pig. Oink. Coins from different lands, that's an interesting twist. Ladies and gents, it looks like we have ourselves an assassin.

Sansa, you poor thing. What a painfully awkward clusterfuck of a wedding day.

So Cersei did get around to making a blood-curdling threat against Margaery. And it really looked like that verbal dart hit the target, didn't it? Is it my imagination or did Margaery momentarily go pale? I sure would have. Kudos to the writers/director for the explanation of “Rains of Castamere” - I'd seen that title around the forums and wondered about it.

Poor Sansa again. Could they invent more tortures for her to endure? Grrrr... and taking the step-stool away – what are we, still in middle school? Gah, I hate Joffrey. Sansa's hanging onto her dignity, gotta hand it to her.

Poor Gendry, the sincere and innocent young bastard, overwhelmed by all the trappings of wealth – oh no, the wine trick again. Maybe not. Carice van Houten, the actress who plays Mel, has that strange quality - she looks like she's 30 years old in some light, sometimes like she's 45.

Back to Gendry, oh shit tie me up, tie me down, now he's being used as leech food. How degrading. Wait, it's Davos and Stannis, come to see the fruits of her whoring, I mean labors, I mean lechery leechery. And now, oh goody. More black magic. We three kings... or rather we three usurpers... something tells me they're all toast. So now is she done with Gendry? I hope?

Back to Sansa's worst nightmare. Loved Olenna's attempt to figure out the family ties – she almost went into a chorus of that old southern ditty “I'm My Own Grandpa”. And of course Cersei would subject Loras to a cold, invalidating remark. Cuz that's just how that bitchwad rolls.

Sansa still can't shake that human colostomy bag, Joffrey. He still thinks he has the right to be a complete shit to her. Loved Tyrion's threat to castrate his wonderful nephew. Knew Tywin would get the situation under control again. Thank God he stepped in and stopped Joffrey's perverted version of the bedding ceremony. She's only 14, geez people, have mercy.

So THAT's what Daario had in mind. Surprise! Two heads are better than one, as they say. I can almost hear strains of Olivia Neutron Bomb singing “Hopelessly Devoted to You” when he kneels and swears fealty to Dany with his – wow, lookit that curved thing – is that a sword or a scythe for harvesting grain? Maybe it's multipurpose. Anyway, he's apparently thrown in his lot with her. It's been a while since Dany got to do the horizontal bop with a hot guy. They're both so pretty! Just a thought - put them in swimsuits on a beach in southern California and they'd look like a surfer dude and his beach bunny.

Okay, Shea showed her good side by grabbing the non-bloody sheets and spiriting them away so nobody would know that Sansa is still a virgin, or a maid as they say in Westeros. Good thinking, and good for the writers – hooray, they gave Shea all of four words to say. Less is more, right?

Back to Sam and Gilly making their way to Castle Black – what a sweet scene about naming the baby, boy I hear ya about not choosing either dad's name. Talk about saddling a poor tyke with bad karma. That was downright spooky when the crows started screaming – wonderful protection for the fleeing couple. The Wight is one nightmarish skell. Wow, Sam! Dude, you came through! Your doppelganger/cousin in fiction, Samwise Gamgee, would be so proud of you. Sam the Slayer, indeed. Oh Gods, don't forget the knife! They forgot the knife.

The final scene with the crows flying toward the camera is absolutely epic.

This episode rates a solid 10, it absolutely flew by and was wonderful in so many ways.

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I gave it an 8.

They did very well with this episode covering a lot less plots while in the previous episodes it was quite the mix up of a dozen different plots and they also had to force scenes. This episode however, they kept it to only 4-5 plotlines and had enough time to allow scenes to properly develop without being rushed or anything. I do have to say though, I'd have enjoyed more action in the fight against Puddles Shards.

I waited for it the entire episode and yet when it happens it's just...Sam attacks Shards, he evades and pushes him away, then Sam comes back and kills Shards. End of story. That scene needed to be more genuine. I'd have liked to see more horror in their faces.

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I gave it a 9.

This episode was wonderfully paced. Even where it deviated from the books, there was a sense of purpose and nuance that allowed this episode a greater depth and complexity than some others. It had time to breathe and to really elaborate on characterization. The focus and direction here was just great - truly it stands amongst the most well-crafted episodes on television.

I have to take off .10 of a point because they made the asshole Second Sons captain look exactly like me (only with 20 pounds more muscle). When I saw the previews I was really hoping he would be Daario so that I could have a lookalike on the show, but alas he was a foolish douche that only lasted one episode. I do like the guy the actually cast for Daario, though.

I enjoyed the Dany scenes and they stayed fairly close to the books.

The entire wedding ordeal was beautifully handled, even if it didn't have quite the same tension as there was in the book. All the little details made a great sum; Tyrion raising his glass to Loras, Tywin demanding a grandson, Cersei explaining the Reynes of Castamere, Joffrey being a creepy bastard, Sansa's quiet desperation and Tyrion's drunken frustration all made these scenes very compelling and well paced. Slow enough to get a feel for the situation, but with enough little 'events' to really populate the scenes with life.

I have a really big crush on Melisandre, so I always like to see her. I don't know that it was necessary to have the sex thrown in, but I suppose it shows how much passion she has for her beliefs and how much she is willing to manipulate others to achieve her goals. She sees everyone she slights or even harms as blessed for serving a role in her God's plan, and she praises strength and vitality for the use that she kind find for it. Certainly a little twisted, but I find it oddly attractive.

Finally, the Sam the Slayer scene was excellent. There was a palpable sense of horror and tension as the ravens descended on the abandoned house, and Sam finally got his moment to shine. I really disagree with the visual look of the Others; they were supposed to be like elegant ice-elves with Predator cloaking. Other than that, I feel like this scene was a perfect end to a great episode and it left the audience excited and disturbed.

Overall, really great stuff. Great GoT episode, great adaptation, and great television.

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Absolute crap.

Unnecessary gratuitous sex scenes from Melisandre given with the most flimsy justification(I need to trick him into having sex with me, to tie him up for sum reesin hur dur).

Tyrion has become vanilla ice cream, whitewashed into oblivion.

Sam vs The Other scene was a total disappointment.

Eliminating Coldhands from the show, another tick in the slow and steadily gaining list of reasons why this show is becoming increasingly less complicated and easy to digest.

Terrible. 4/10

This episode was so bad, it's almost put me off wanting to watch the show altogether.

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Arya and the Hound. That's it? Hu-huh!

Tonight's episode is waaay better than last week. Not 100% perfect but I totally enjoyed watching it. Some things I disagree: like Sansa kneeling, the Hound speaking nicely, and Daario being a hottie. Gendry and Mel just get a rolling eyes from me. That's not necessary, but Stannis burning the gummy bear leech spooks me a little bit. Did Stannis shadowbaby killed Balon? Crackpot! I like the Sam the Slayer scene even though it shown too late. Dany's scenes with the Second Sons is excellent (makes me want to cut that guy's annoying tongue). My concern: how in seven hells Daario gets to sneak in so easily inside Dany's tent? If it isn't him, both ladies are dead. Glad the show made those wanton sword hilts btw. Anyway, I'm glad GOT is back on being awesome. I hope the next episode will top this one. Give the Second Sons a 9/10.

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I gave it a 4, maybe a bit cruel... the reception was AMAZING. Dinklage was AMAZING. Dany was pretty great as well. Davos was great. Sam was well done. (OK, I take the 4 back lol)

I am once again reminded how badly they've done Sandor Clegane in the show... his tone and demeanor in this is just not right at all. And Arya's riding side-saddle across Stranger's neck? Poor horse. Couldn't they have come up with something more realistic than that?? Painful for me, because Sandor/Arya chapters are my favorite part of the books hands-down.

Melisandre and Gendry and the leeches was silly. They're just leeches.

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i agree, maester Hodor!

9.5 -severely better than most this season and has me STOKED again! !_!

white walker and especially all those CROWS killed it!!! awesome freaking scene

dany vs titan's bastard scene was excellent too...knew i was in good hands

Sheee-it, that kid playing Joffrey hammed it up right and carries the wedding scene. The way the aftermath is handled is nicely done.

PACING worked a beauty - just when it seemed to start to bog down or get possibly get a bit tedious...HEAD'S UP :eek:

>>>>SAM THE SLAYER<<<< "...openin' barrel o whoopass on Others since AL 299"

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I am writing this before reading any comments.

I gave it a solid 8. A good solid hour of TV. Some low points, some high points, some other points ..., but overall a good solid hour of entertainment.


  • Sam the Slayer
  • Hound/Arya,
  • Wedding
  • Raynes of Castamere detail (although slightly altered from the books)
  • I even enjoyed TVyrion (TVyrion is the whitewashed TV Tyrion. I now consider him too different to be Tyrion.)
  • Genealogy Web, not tree.
  • (I'm sorry, but I'm a guy, liked the Dany and Mel scenes.) (Liked the rational for the Mel swooning Gendry to get unsullied ripe blood. I even like Dany teasing allegiance with her own nakedness)
  • Baby naming - Craster - Sam's Face. Randall - Sam's response. In my head I heard him thinking, 'Gee, Gilly, some names are best not taken, like Craster, Randall, Adolf, Pol Pot, Lucifer.'


  • The Mel nakedness was a little too long.
  • Daario feels kind of smarmy, but I guess that is how I should feel about him.
  • Joffrey was a little overdone (especially his breathing at the knife scene)
  • The Gendry sacrifice seemed anticlimactical or out of position regarding because leeches, not that big of deal. Did not mention they were going to burn him.
  • Sansa -They should have upped the age or changed the reasoning. She looks way too old for 14, but I could be wrong.


  • Changes Riverrun to Twins - shortening the round about Hound Area journey.
  • Changing up the details of the Raynes of Castamere. (I know the song is Rains of Castamere. Raynes is the family)
  • At first I was meh about he baby name because it is bad luck to name a child till its 2nd name day, but it became kind of funny. (See above)

Double Pro:

Sam the Slayer - He has the best icebreaker around. Puddles RIP(ieces)


Ep 1 8+ | Ep 2 - 6 | Ep 3 - 9 | Ep 4 - 9+| Ep 5 -7 | Ep 6 - 4 | Ep 7 - 7 | Ep 8 - 8 |

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I give it a very solid nine. Certainly the best episode since episode 3-5, and possibly even better than those two. Really liked the narrow focus of this episode; I believe if you don't count the opening scene with Arya and the closing one with Sam, the rest of the episode was split between Essos, Dragonstone, and King's Landing.

What I liked

Stannis: Thought he was developed well this episode, and I liked his interactions with Davos. At first I thought he was being set up as a villain again, with his more certain view that Gendry needed to be sacrificed, until Davos revealed that if Stannis felt this way he wouldn't be freeing him. Slight nitpick in that Stannis says Robb's name first instead of last when throwing the leeches on the fire.

Yunkai: All done well, and surprisingly I wasn't annoyed by Daario.

Tyrion's Wedding: Different than the book, but I really liked how they spent a large amount of time on the wedding and the various interactions. It did not feel rushed at all. Sansa's kneeling makes sense to me from a creative standpoint; without her inner monologue, she would not come off well at all to the audience.

Only thing that felt kind of rushed was Arya's scene with the Hound, which I felt would have worked better had they had a previous scene together other than the capture.

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8/10. Really good episode. The pace was great. The hour flew by. I loved Sam the Slayer. Cersei telling Marg off was great. Dany was really good , as she has been all season. Daario was a badass, I am in the minority of people that actually like him in the books. Tyrion was cracking me up being so drunk at the wedding. Really I have no major complaints.

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