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  1. No Apples please: allergies and the (almost) adult

    I know children with these severe allergies. Ok - this is funny.
  2. USA Rail Pass: Training around the US

    Yay! Come visit me! We will play! There will be books! There will be beer! There will be shenanigans!
  3. The Workplace as Highschool; or We Never Grow Up

    Amazing.....that is so wonderfully amazing.....I just can't even.
  4. The Workplace as Highschool; or We Never Grow Up

    Huh - my lawyer school wasn't like that, at least when I was there. But I do see a fair number of the shiftless and entitled rotating through. I just hope we aren't hiring TOO many of them. Because they bring their poison with them.
  5. The Workplace as Highschool; or We Never Grow Up

    You know, that does sound egregious and they broke the first rule of a meeting - don't bring someone who doesn't talk. Surprised their client was willing to pay for that. Maybe they are writing off the associate time? In my experience here (which is all I have), we tend to staff by the size and complexity of a matter. So, a huge spin-off where we are putting in an IRS ruling request and giving a tax opinion will have at least two partners and two associates, and more partners will read and sign off on the opinion. But there is a LOT to do in a deal like that. A standard mid-market private equity deal is going to have a partner and an associate. A complicated JV might have two associates, etc. etc. etc. But anyhow, more topical for this thread, there was a putative class action filed by a woman partner at a large Biglaw firm yesterday alleging on behalf of herself and a class huge gender discrimination. Will be interesting to see where that goes.
  6. The Workplace as Highschool; or We Never Grow Up

    The model at Big Law is that most people will move on. And it's not always the people you want to move on. And some of the people that look good on paper and after a summer of semi debauchery don't look so good after they start for good....
  7. The shoebill bird is my new favorite thing., still could be a shoebill....
  8. Careerchat II

    Yay Lany!
  9. The Workplace as Highschool; or We Never Grow Up

    Tempra - How are we supposed to know our hiring needs that far in advance? It's completely illogical. I would also rather have more information on the candidate. Having seen lots of laterals come through, there are definitely candidates who figure it out gradually and start to really "get it" after first year. There are also those who clearly got their job and then coasted for the rest of law school. So, look, while I think you are generally correct (though I promise you there are many idiots at Harvard, where there aren't really grades anyway - it's either H or P, and very few Hs), more information is always better. Also, we have definitely no offerred people before, and there are definitely "cold" offers as well. The no offers have done something that makes us think the person would be a liability. Cold offers usually have done something less egregious but it's clear it isn't working out. It's much easier to do that than to fire someone later.
  10. The Workplace as Highschool; or We Never Grow Up

    Sperry - BigLaw hiring practices are, in fact, illogical. I had some hope that the last recession would break them. However, all it did was to push recruiting even earlier. I'm basically waiting for the day when we hire based on LSAT scores and some kind of American Ninja Warrior endurance test.
  11. The Workplace as Highschool; or We Never Grow Up

    It's a 20 person committee. It's fairly chaotic and a rebuke at the time would not have worked/gone over well. The candidate got an offer. I've let people in her department know about this outside the meeting. She was described back to me as "poisonous". I think it will catch up with her eventually.
  12. Should Immortals Have to Live on another Planet?

    As long as the cocktail is served in a skull, I think it would be irresistible.
  13. Should Immortals Have to Live on another Planet?

    I just assumed he would be an immortal, and calibrated my lure accordingly.
  14. The Workplace as Highschool; or We Never Grow Up

    Hah! Well, thinking someone is weird who likes bugs (and I don't like to be gendered, but this was a gendered comment originally) was more a reflection on the person making the comment than the 12 year old liker of bugs, at least for me. It's not like they said the candidate pulled wings off of flies! Skynjay - it's exactly that kind of crap. There are just some people out there who bring that sort of behavior every where they go. I'm sure they are like that at work too. And there is not really much to be done about it other than walk away and playing with others. Ugh.
  15. Should Immortals Have to Live on another Planet?

    We will lure them with ambrosia (remember, you have to use FRESH coconut), the blood of their enemies and bacon.