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  1. Should Immortals Have to Live on another Planet?

    As long as the cocktail is served in a skull, I think it would be irresistible.
  2. Should Immortals Have to Live on another Planet?

    I just assumed he would be an immortal, and calibrated my lure accordingly.
  3. The Workplace as Highschool; or We Never Grow Up

    Hah! Well, thinking someone is weird who likes bugs (and I don't like to be gendered, but this was a gendered comment originally) was more a reflection on the person making the comment than the 12 year old liker of bugs, at least for me. It's not like they said the candidate pulled wings off of flies! Skynjay - it's exactly that kind of crap. There are just some people out there who bring that sort of behavior every where they go. I'm sure they are like that at work too. And there is not really much to be done about it other than walk away and playing with others. Ugh.
  4. Should Immortals Have to Live on another Planet?

    We will lure them with ambrosia (remember, you have to use FRESH coconut), the blood of their enemies and bacon.
  5. For context: We are mid-recruiting season here. (Large law firms, for truly stupid historic reasons, hire law students for a (very well paid) summer internship right before the beginning of their 2nd year in law school, which, basically leads to a full time job after their 3rd year). I have sat on our recruiting committee for many years. Yesterday we were discussing a candidate who had excellent grades and otherwise good reviews. A younger person piped up to say that they knew the candidate from childhood (sleepaway camp, to be specific). This was not a good thing. The candidate was described as "weird" because they "liked bugs and stuff like that and no one else did"; also was mentioned that candidate probably wouldn't accept the offer because of the presence of the younger person. The resulting subtext made me want to give the candidate an offer on the spot (and never work with the younger person, who fortunately is not in my department). Because the world is a better place that I sometimes think it is, candidate did get an offer, but still, why did I have to listen to this? Because all that BS still exists. It never stops. There will always be poisonous people out there that think like 13 year old bouncers, policing the bounds of who is cool enough to play. And though the result here ended up ok, we probably will lose out on a talented person because of this past. It sort of infects everything. Which makes me think that really might be how some human communities build. Which is like ugh. So anyhow, this is a thread discuss how grade school/highschool type shenanigans continue to infect your professional/social/volunteer/sacred/whatever lives.
  6. Should Immortals Have to Live on another Planet?

    Gorgeous. I must invest in my 401I[mmortal] plan now so I can have the funds to be so crowned. Topeka will suck, but in the grand scheme of infinite life, I'm sure I will get over it.
  7. Should Immortals Have to Live on another Planet?

    I want an acknowledgment. And assurance that they will be depicted wearing robes. Preferably velvet. Tiaras a plus.
  8. Should Immortals Have to Live on another Planet?

    Bah - details. Prior to launch we can confine them to Topeka or somewhere similar while they figure out how to get there.
  9. Should Immortals Have to Live on another Planet?

    1. Ear surgery should of course, be mandatory - how else will we be able to identify our immortal overlords? 2. Also, there should be a relatively high tax on immortals. 3. Finally, which planet?
  10. Who else has read and loved these? I resisted for a while - they got too much good press and sounded, frankly, a little boring. The story of the friendship between two women over 60+ years didn't sound. . . compelling. Boy was I wrong. The books are strangely fascinating. The narrator is unreliable and self-aware about it to a certain extent, but we never know how much. The narrator is a complex, interesting, sometimes unlikable, sometimes very likable, in short, very relatable character, who struggles with self-esteem, social class, sexism, tension with parents, friends, basically with being a human, and it's all very much laid out. The other "main" character is enigmatically complex, and we are given lots of hints about who she is, how she is and what she suffers, but in the end, she remains a mystery as does every interaction the two women have. There are other deeply etched characters throughout the books - you feel like you know them by the end. The book starts and ends with a mystery, and well, it's all so very fraught and interesting. And then there is a wonderful real-life mystery to boot - no one knows who Ferrante is! There has been loads and loads of speculation, and people trawl the Neapolitan novels for clues/potential Easter Eggs (because the books have the feel of a Roman a Clef), but no one knows. (Maybe she is Chuck Tingle!!!) Anyhow, if you have read and liked, please discuss!
  11. The shoebill bird is my new favorite thing.

    It is the most metal of birds, and clearly amazing. Elder Sis - may I introduce you to the Kakapo Parrot? Maybe an appropriate intervention?
  12. Do conservative people lack imagination?

    While I think "conservatism" v. "liberalism" might influence the contents of the imagination, imagination itself is universal.
  13. WorldCon Party FRIDAY -- SETUP AT 8PM PARTY AT 9PM

    Let me know how we can help.
  14. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    I'm so looking forward to this. Work is in the way, but will be there by Friday evening
  15. Password Manager

    Cool. Thanks for the input.