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  1. #trumpbookreport - add your idea!

    I don't know why they are calling these people Miserables. These are great people. I've gotten to know a lot of these great, tremendous people. The fact that they calls these people Miserables is just nasty. Also, there is really just so much crime in the inner cities. So much crime, and the police, they can't do anything about the crime.
  2. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    Correct. Though every time I try to clarify I get a 500 error. Interesting.. . . I'm generally confident the party will be in NY. But from there being like 0% chance of the opposite happening, I now see it at like 2%
  3. I have been chased by geese. It was terrifying. I am now imagining being chased by a flock of geese with teeth. This is the stuff of nightmares.
  4. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    In May, two of my partners made a bet at the partners meeting. One partner here in NY bet that Hillary Clinton would win 60% of the popular vote. The other, in Chicago took the other side of the bet. The stakes were to fund a bowling party for the associates in our department. I was entirely certain that this party would be in NY. While I still think it is probably going to be here, I am not entirely certain anymore.
  5. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    He'll try to impute knowledge to her though. It's also part of the "you weren't good enough for Bill so you aren't good enough for the country" narrative. I agree keeping sexual assault in the headlines seems like a losing strategy to those of us who aren't in his base, but I think it is red meat to the base.
  6. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    I think he'll throw in some gratuitous Bill Bashing (with a "hey we all do it, so it's not disqualifying" message). I'm sure there will also be some direct accusation of election rigging, and not the construction kind, because he never met a non sequitur he didn't like.
  7. Special request

  8. Let's Talk About Domestic Violence...

    Thanks - great resource. Appreciate the tip! Thank you. Have I mentioned how amazing you are? Fabulous idea.
  9. Let's Talk About Domestic Violence...

    Necro-ing this to vent about my sister's situation again. She has been with boyfriend for 7 ish years (they were kind of on-again off-again for a while. They have a 20 month old. Hers is not a textbook case. He doesn't isolate her from friends and family. He is incapable of holding down a job for more than a few months at a time, so they depend on her salary. As far as I know, he's never touched her in anger. BUT, about every six months, there is an episode. Last year, this included suicide threats (in at least one instance) that sounded enough to her like murder suicide threats that she locked herself in the bathroom with her dog and baby for several hours - tried to get her to call the cops - wouldn't do it). Earlier this year, there was a lot of screaming in close quarters, and more threats of suicide. One of their "jokes" is that they will end up an episode on Dateline. I've sent her names of lawyers twice now. She knows she can come over to my place with the baby (and dog, to my cats' dismay) any time she want. It has started again. Last night they got into a disagreement over something pretty minor which apparently led to him screaming at her in front of the baby and a visitor in a way that sounds pretty unhinged. This morning there was another episode. She woke up to him screaming at her to go eff herself and that she was a see you next tuesday. Woke up their baby. She says she's done (again). But also said that she doesn't know how to get her baby out of the situation, because "he'll never let her go." Also, she said "I don't know what he'll do if I leave." She is clearly afraid. Since he doesn't work, he is usually at home. If it weren't for the baby, I would tell her just to leave, change her number and be done with it. Stuff is just stuff. She's the only one on the lease and maybe we could eventually get some back, but in the meantime, she could be away, and my parents and I would happily bankroll a fresh start. But we have to get my niece out too. And that is trickier.
  10. Special request

    Praying for you and your family.
  11. Hamilton v Jefferson: A Game of Madison In The Middle

    Agreed. Here are a few: Article 1,,
  12. Hamilton v Jefferson: A Game of Madison In The Middle

    Pursuit of happiness is really the Declaration of Independence. The Supreme Court in Meyer v. Nebraska used it as part of a catch all to define "liberty", but that is certainly not an "individual's constitutional function." Rather, the function of the Constitution is to protect liberties. But I won't call you dumb back or anything.
  13. Hamilton v Jefferson: A Game of Madison In The Middle

    I'm personally very nervous of putting any restrictions on political speech. It's one thing to restrict, e.g., what can be on a food label. Totally makes sense to me. But political speech is different.
  14. Hamilton v Jefferson: A Game of Madison In The Middle

    Why? Seriously, if the government could just come in and TAKE from a corporation at any time, for whatever reason, what would that do to business certainty? I mean, it would give the government completely unfettered power over bodies corporate. That's just dumb.
  15. Hamilton v Jefferson: A Game of Madison In The Middle

    What about due process? Could, e.g., a fine or penalty be imposed on the corporation by governmental fiat? That seem. . . .ripe for abuse. What about takings? And why should the First Amendment be limited just to entities running a press? Why should the government be able to limit the political speech of any entity? I know that the mantra is corporations bad, but that's really a reductive view of how the world actually works.