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  1. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    A properly constructed VAT, plus a transition rule that appropriately taxes offshore profits, plus a territorial system, should broaden the tax base and discourage a lot of the stateless tax planning that goes on. We are going there eventually. The current system isn't sustainable.
  2. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Yeah, we've been talking about it here. It only "makes" money because of the triple taxation in the transition period. Should add - it's why we eventually end up with a lower rate territorial income tax and a traditional VAT.
  3. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    That would ALMOST be worth it.
  4. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    Separate post for two other things: George Conway (Kellyanne's other half) is going to be nominated to run the Justice Department's civil division. George is a partner at Wachtell. The Wachtell partnership will generally be happy to see him go, at least according to the people I know there. That's saying something, given the makeup of the Wachtell partnership. 4 R governors have come out against the healthcare bill. Will be interesting to see where it goes.
  5. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    Not per the WSJ. They are the leaders of the Republican Study Committee in the House. Trump got their support by backing block grants and support for states adding a work requirement for the ability to receive medicaid.
  6. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    We haven't had a good war with the UK for more than 200 years. Let's BRING IT. I hope that Trump can have his own Ballad of the Battle of New Orleans. He'd like that. That's something Jackson has that he doesn't.
  7. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    Like living in Kafka's imagination, for sure.
  8. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    There's just so much not to like We are logical creatures that see patterns and try to impose order sometimes where no order exists. Chaos theory is a better analysis. There is nothing Newtonian about this administration.
  9. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    Meanwhile the WSJ keeps publishing more ties to Russia with Flynn, etc., etc., etc.
  10. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    For manufactured products, we will probably (continue) to get California's and/or Texas' standards. That is, there would be less federal preemption, and to the extent that a large market drives a result, bingo, that's what everyone else gets, like it or not. Riparian and air disputes interstate would become (even more) common - Supreme Court would get busier with inter-state conflicts. Commodore - so they ban use within their borders, what about runoff into their neighbor? Also, if the highways suck, how do you think we are going to get all the wonderful cheap things people buy to the places that they buy them?
  11. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    What does "unable" mean? That is, almost everything could be done at the state level, but it isn't necessarily the best answer for the nation. I'll take something relatively uncontroversial like highway spending - isn't that a public good of national importance? Assuming that this is done, and States that have been receiving large federal subsidies are largely cut off, what does that mean to you about state taxes? That is, are you willing, and do you think states with relatively low state tax burdens are willing, to either suffer the consequences of less redistribution from other (wealthier or larger) states?
  12. The Ethics of Halloween Costumes

    Only if you also gild yourself like the statue south of Central Park. Laurel Wreath required. Gilded horse optional.
  13. So have we as a couple become too couple-y?

    My husband used my deodorant this morning. His ran out yesterday and we didn't venture into the snow to buy more. Mine is cucumber scented. We'd all rather this happen than the alternative. Given that we swap various bodily fluids, him rubbing his newly showered armpits with my deodorant seems relatively tame.
  14. So have we as a couple become too couple-y?

    I know a couple of people who share social media but usually one of the couple has a reason for not being able to have their own. Email is a bit strange. BUT SOCKS????? Now, I wear a ladies 5.5 or 6, and my husband wears a men's 11, so that colors my opinion. But I do not want my husband wearing my socks (I'll never wear them again) and the heel on his socks are basically half way up my calf. So, anyhow. Sweatpants and tee shirts? Totally normal
  15. U.S. Politics: Russian Around

    It's a point of pride; a national identity if you will. I will give up Farenheit when it is prized from my cold dead hands