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  1. It's quiet around here... too quiet.

    damn skippy.
  2. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    This is my (serious) problem with this election cycle.  I am reasonable.  And rational.  And there isn't a lot of that going around.  I really, really, really don't know who I would vote for in a lot of match ups.  Of course, I live in New York, so my vote is basically meaningless.  I will still do it though for complaining rights.
  3. It's quiet around here... too quiet.

    I miss Raidne as well.  To really get this place going, we'll need something that really tears at the fabric of our perception or reality.  E.g., "Does Wales Exist"?  "Are Hovercats next?"  "Cheese - its proper names and uses".  Etc.  
  4. I don't have to tolerate anything.  That said, I value diverse viewpoints, even if I strenuously disagree with a lot of them.  If someone doesn't wish to tolerate me because I am willing to listen to (though not agree with) viewpoints they dislike, that's cool.  If I don't wish to tolerate someone whose ideas are hateful to me, I'm also within my rights to stop listening.  That siad, I'd usually rather listen so that I know what's out there.  Living in a protective bubble is dangerous.
  5. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    Well, and we should acknowledge that the same people decrying illegal immigration can be the same people enabling it.  In particular, despite requirements for I-9s for "on the books" employment (as well as the requirement to pay social security, etc.), there continues to be a huge grey "off the books" economy, particularly for ad hoc services jobs (e.g., cleaning, yard work, handyman, babysitting).  I know it's totally radical to suggest, but why don't we (1) make it easier to hire people in a compliant manner (I've done it twice, and the red tape is daunting for a U.S. citizen hire even for a tax lawyer - it needn't be so, we have the technology to make this easy), (2) make legal immigration into this country easier (you really need a lawyer to handle it, and that shouldn't be so)  and (3) prosecute those who hire illegally/in a non-compliant fashion.  I have a sneaking suspicion that would help a lot.  
  6. TTTNE 462 - Rebels Against the Mods

    Morning all
  7. TTTNE 462 - Rebels Against the Mods

    I was so invested in the Poldark books, so there's that. . . . I'm wondering whether War and Peace is worth it.
  8. TTTNE 462 - Rebels Against the Mods

    1.  Happy Mardi Gras. 2. Poldark tv series/books, both very much worth your while (and very easy on the eyes). 3.  Also have been watching Last Kingdom intermittently.  NOT as good. 4.  Enjoyed Outlander series season 1 too - good eye candy there as well.  A little bit *less* in a lot of ways than the books, which is a good thing.
  9. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    Not to derail  Steinem gate, but this was an actual headline in a tax trade publication:   GOP Candidates Oppose Higher Taxes on Corporations, Wealthy  It was not followed by, "and water is wet."  
  10. It's quiet around here... too quiet.

    That's nice, dear.  I see the shape now is decidedly millennium falcony.  As long as you'll get the magic eraser and clean it, I'm fine with it.  Don't mess with your sister's wall though.
  11. It's quiet around here... too quiet.

    Because we've had all the conversations there are to have?  Having children, though, I'm sure the answer is that someone is using crayon to draw a rocketship on a wall somewhere.
  12. 2016 US Election thread: the begininning

    Thanks for all the responses and linkage.  V. helpful.  Walked away thinking it's an entire mess and probably will have to be resolved by the Court (which will be kind of awesome, given the strict constructionist bent of some of the members, the fact that the court I think is relatively gun-shy about meddling in this sort of thing and the over all ideologies of the members).   Separately, the only good thing I can say about Ted Cruz is that I think I'd like his wife if I met her based on her NYT profile.  (This is very, very, very faint praise).    
  13. 2016 US Election thread: the begininning

    Could someone who is well educated on Cruz birtherism please take me through it (with reputable analysis)?  Read one article in Slate (which has its own biases) that suggested that there really might be something too it, but honestly haven't spent a ton of time analyzing it/reading less editorialized content on the subject. (For the record, couldn't vote for the man in any event, so really want to understand from an intellectual curiosity point of view).
  14. 2016 US Election thread: the begininning

    And that's just it.  He balanced the budget.  He invested in city infrastructure and economic development.  He prioritized education.  He prioritized the environment and green spaces.  City agencies worked more transparently (not to say crystal clear but at least not a black box of patronage).  Supported same sex marriage.  Hell, select bus service alone is kind of amazing.  I could go on and on.  Did I agree with everything he did? No way.  Won't ever find a politician that I agree with 100%.  
  15. 2016 US Election thread: the begininning

    Yes, really.  He was an excellent mayor.