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  1. Actually, @Lyanna Stark (I think) linked some great things in the feminist thread about the fact that what one thinks about in terms of "feminism" is white and middle class. It is a great point and there was a great discussion on this point. That is, there is a class overlay on all of these issues, both for men and women.
  2. Agree with both of these comments. Not sure who made the comment to my husband, wasn't there and he didn't specify, but I completely agree with the sentiment.
  3. US Politics: There's No Morning After Pill

    Proportion of foreign income Overall interest expense (that is interesting in and of itself)/amount of suspended losses Potential disclosures related to listed and reportable transactions (basically things that the IRS tells you that you shouldn't be doing, though reportable transactions is broader so that isn't entirely fair) The fact that at the end of the day his ETR is probably in the 10-12% range. Given time, I could come up with more, I'm sure.
  4. US Politics: There's No Morning After Pill

    Nah. His personal returns are going to attach a bunch of IRS Forms K-1 from the various investment partnerships in which he owns interests. You're going to want the IRS forms 1065 from each of those investment partnerships, some of which he may not contractually be able to disclose (I mean, if there's a third party and someone semi-competent drafted them, disclosure would be a breach of contract). I think there is all KINDS of interesting goodies on his personal tax returns, including how much of his investments are overseas, but I don't think we'd know counterparty IDs.
  5. Culturally is the hardest. Dumb stuff just from this weekend: We were on a school sponsored trip for my daughters' school (which is all girls). I had some work to do, so my husband took all three kids to the pool - apparently a bunch of other parents (not necessarily from our school) commented on what a great dad he is. If I had taken them which I had done in the morning), trust me, I wouldn't have gotten (and didn't get) any such comment. And he's a great dad, mind you.
  6. Well, to quote HRC, "women's rights are human rights." So, I'm always on the side of seeing people not as a bundle of chromosomes, but rather as individual humans entitled to basic rights and dignity. I give this thread 5 pages before it goes down in flames.
  7. U.S. Politics Inaguration Sensation: Be Prepared

    I think his based loved that speech.
  8. U.S. Politics Inaguration Sensation: Be Prepared

    Yeah, not sure why NYC makes your list. For one thing, I believe its crime rate is lower than the average big city. For another, though the current Mayor is a Democrat (may he serve only one term), the past two mayors have not been.
  9. US Politics - or: How I Learned to Love the Atomic Don

    LOL - think we totally agree. He is a lying liar who lies and lies about lying. Yes, agreed. I think she should serve her time in a women's prison. And for the record, and not that it matters, my own definition of cruel and unusual is a lot narrower than I think it is for some people here (though extended periods in solitary do count in my mind - we are social creatures)
  10. US Politics - or: How I Learned to Love the Atomic Don

    I'm out of free NYT articles, so I haven't (I pay for the WaPo and the Journal). But nonetheless, the fact that he was selling the Vodka there suggests that he had very good reasons for registering that trademark and all related trademarks. That seems perfectly normal and sensible to me.
  11. US Politics - or: How I Learned to Love the Atomic Don

    @Commodore aside, I think it is perfectly rational to think that Ms. Manning should serve more of her sentence (rather than having it commuted) and to be unhappy with the decision to commute it. I certainly feel that way.
  12. US Politics - or: How I Learned to Love the Atomic Don

    Honestly, even if he wasn't preparing to do business in Russia, I could well see registering the trademark there for brand protection. I mean, someone could make Trump Vodka in Russia and sell it there without repercussion!
  13. US Politics - or: How I Learned to Love the Atomic Don

    FB - I'm far from a Trump apologist, but a global hospitality business registering its trademark in Russia doesn't sound that nefarious to me. It's not EU, so from a trademark defense perspective seems relatively prudent (whether actually enforceable, who knows, I know people register in China all the time with ... mixed success in enforcement).
  14. US Politics - or: How I Learned to Love the Atomic Don

    Perhaps your half acre will become a small landlocked country, a bastion of reason and tolerance. You would have to change your handle to King Scot though.
  15. US Politics - or: How I Learned to Love the Atomic Don

    Isn't Scot in Columbia? That's right at the epicenter of Southern Carolinian power