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  1. Exactly (and I was thinking about Orthodox Jewish, not Eastern Orthodox - interesting fact!).
  2. I think some of column A and some of column B. Even in NYC, I've had people ask me about my ashes (though, to be fair, some if it is from friends at work who are Orthodox and are genuinely curious - we've had great conversations over the years in a very ecumenical spirit about different rituals and traditions). But the column b people tell you "hey you have dirt on your face." Whatever.
  3. Scarlett O'Hara - Loathsome and selfish on so many different levels AND she makes dumb decision after dumb decision. Jane Eyre's Aunt Reed AND Mr. Rochester. (two-fer) Elizabeth Chynoweth/Poldark/Warleggan - selfish Heathcliff
  4. I want the air cover from the eagles. And I think I want the gun on my side, but maybe it's ok to give it up as long as the eagles can take the gun from the hunter. In that case I want the rats, I think.
  5. By the time I was in HS in Virginia in the 1990s, Howard Zinn was required reading. That may have changed again. That was also NoVa. My mom starting teaching American History in Herndon in 1970. I can ask her what she remembers. But she was teaching a sort of experimental class and I think she got to make up a lot of her curriculum - things weren't as centralized then, so she may have been able to pick her textbook/readings.
  6. There are a lot of interesting things about the tax bill. For profitable companies, it does provide a huge benefit. For unprofitable companies, there are some interesting things that happen, including with respect to the interest limitation under new Section 163(j), the inability to carry back losses, and the 80% of income limitation on the ability to use 2018+ NOLs. Share buybacks are interesting - activists love them and pressure for them. And I am somewhat sympathetic to the idea of returning excess proceeds to shareholders. But I do think another thing we are going to see over the next 18 months or so is an uptick in M&A. I think you will see some reversal of the de-conglomaratization that has been happening since the 1980s, but also a lot of industry consolidation. The DoJ is going to be more lenient on the anti-trust side, and I think you are going to see a "size matters" and rush to bulk up in a lot of industries. I'm expecting a significant market correction in the next 18 months or so.
  7. Um wow. Also, does Missouri have a Lt. Gov.? Isn't that the point of the Lt. Gov.?
  8. Well, I'm pretty far to the right to you (though, to be sure, pretty far to the left of the current Republican party :P) and relatively uncomfortable being labeled a Democrat But my comment was more towards the grouping of him with others who have no political experience whatsoever. He actually is competent and experienced. I would be pretty happy with a Bloomberg as president.
  9. What you got against Bloomberg? He actually ran a city that is bigger than many states relatively competently. He's at least as valid in the conversation as a governor from like Arkansas, or New Hampshire, or any state with fewer than 8.5 million people.
  10. Actually, the tax bill is particularly bad for struggling companies, like Macys and Sears: * Limitation of interest deductions based on EBITDA creates a death spiral for a struggling companies where, ironically, as its taxable income increases even as its cash flow decreases. * NOL carryback limitation means that a ready source of cash (taxes paid in two previous years) is eliminated. * Lower rate only partially mitigates 1. * 80% limitation on ability to use new and hot NOLs will push companies into bankruptcy so that they can use the "bankruptcy" exception to COD income, rather than having to pay tax on any debt cancellation (used to be 90%), rather than out of court solutions. There are a few other things. It's basically really bad
  11. Without a doubt. Moon in my grandchildrens' lifetime. Don't know about Mars.
  12. Eh, sort of the same with ESB. It's honestly the same framework (white hat hero's journey - this one has the trip to the underworld). But I'm OK with that. I find it comforting and familiar, even the bad special effects aliens
  13. Just cause it has to be said.... Um...these are Star Wars films we are talking about. Even the OT before Lucas decided to add stuff to them had all kinds of problems. But they were FUN. They have always been FUN. My parents dragged me to ESB when I was 3. I had the LP records of all of the OT. My parents purchased them on...wait for it...beta max, and then replaced them later with VHS. And when I was a child, I saw as a child, and understood as a child and my feelings about the OT proceedeth from the fact that I saw them as a child. But now I am grown. And I personally think that after the attempt at a serious turn in the prequels (which is part, though surely not all, of what makes Jar Jar Binks so...jarring) they have returned to the fun of Star Wars. It's high fantasy, or perhaps Clash of the Titans style Greek Mythology, in space. There doesn't need to be logic. There doesn't need to be science. And your every childhood wish and desire won't be fulfilled. Hey, maybe you could do better! But I am 100% certain that no matter what kind of movie was made, there would be a larger or smaller group of angry and noisy people who hated it. So, anyhow, I thought it was a lot of fun. I will be purchasing an office porg for all kinds of ironic reasons (I am a late gen x er after all). Was it the best movie I saw in 2017? Nope (e.g., I actually thought all of Wonder Woman, Get Out, Coco, and maybe Guardians of the Galaxy II (toss up there) better; I haven't seen any of Atomic Blonde, Lady Bird, Three Billboards..., Murder on the Orient Express, The Shape of Water or the Phantom Thread yet - all of which are supposed to be pretty good). But I don't need a Star Wars movie to be a good movie. I need it to be what it is, plucky underdog white hats who, in spite of incredible, overwhelming odds, defeat a cartoon villian of exceptional evilness, with a side helping of redemption and unresolved pg sexual tension.
  14. I forgot to post! I know who my Secret Santa is - thanks so much for the amazing treats from Norway! We are all enjoying them!
  15. I like Rose! I wish she had a bigger part!