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  1. Also amusing because that is exactly what Russia has done. Meddled in our elections -- forget the collusion question -- with hacking of emails and voting machines, targeted false ad campaigns across social media, etc. Then our response is ... nothing. Some weird melange of being friends with them, except not .. or only in some places (?). They really did a great job against ISIS -- i.e. they successfully kept Assad in power which was nakedly their goal the entire time and they are rubbing the world's faces in it: https://www.vox.com/world/2017/11/21/16684862/assad-syria-russia-putin-civil-war
  2. Hard to hate on the side of the deal getting Gronk.
  3. Trading for Rudolph is looking like a pretty great decision. eta - Shit. No. Terrible decision -- I don't want to go up against that!
  4. Holding on to and then playing Murray are not looking like great decisions.
  5. I'd guess that you have very few minority friends, family, and neighbors who. This is really a pretty awful sentiment -- but I'm sure you know that. Your foreign relations perspective is equally warped. The rest of the world has realized they cannot rely on the steadfastness of the US as an ally and partner. They've moved on and will leave us out -- Paris, TPP, etc. the rest of the world marches forward while "we" yell at black athletes and families for being ungrateful. What the fuck?
  6. That's pretty much my thinking here as well.
  7. Good to hear! // Sorry -- old forum joke here from a former FF Baseball player that justified trades with his fanbase. Or somesuch. Sent out a bunch of offers with Perine -- not looking for the moon, but some solid value for a front-end RB2 going against some of the worst run defenses over the next few weeks. If you'd prefer to try your luck with McKinnon/Murray then that can happen as well.
  8. The real question: How do your fans feel about it?
  9. More detail from Wes Goodman (married anti-LGBT politician caught with a male staffer in a ... compromising situation) -- turns out there is also a trail of sexual harrassment of young men seeking advice and access from a conservative politician. http://www.theroot.com/anti-gay-politician-sexually-harassed-more-than-30-men-1820639036
  10. Math is hard. Counting is harder.
  11. That puts POTN hoping for a feeder league win to prevent jaxoming. For the other two spots, Pyro will need 3 straight wins along with 2 losses for a few teams. 3rd spot is probably a playoff battle between Bronn, Dunk, and Mya.
  12. Looking to trade Samaje Perine (only healthy back in Washington -- coming off 23 rushes for 117 yds and a td -- and 9 yd pass) for a TE/WR upgrade. Would be willing to take a lesser upgrade if you can give me a defense better than Tenn or Miami.
  13. 51 harder. I say he makes it.. Weird there to risk a play...ATL timeout.
  14. Seattle saved by an injury to Poole there. FG range ... with Blair Walsh. Whew