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  1. McCain has consistently been a hypocrite over the last two decades -- plenty of talk and zero action aside from being a stalwart GOP voter. The only Trump appointment that he voted against was Mulvaney because he had the gall to suggest reducing military spending.
  2. Agree 100% - my wife and I walked out. I haven't walked out of a movie since Piranha 3D. The dialogue felt directly ripped from comic book panels -- wicked corny. We also saw Jupiter Ascending which had the decency to be amusingly bad. Valerian was just bad, bad, bad.
  3. My gut was saying DeJong due to age -- after looking at their stats, I don't think so anymore. Pham will still provide decent speed and he has a much better batting approach (Pham: 24|11 vs DeJong: 32|2 K%|BB%). DeJong doesn't give any speed -- power-only in this environment is not nearly as valuable. Go for Pham.
  4. http://theslot.jezebel.com/the-most-batshit-excerpts-from-that-trump-nyt-interview-1797086287 JFC. My two favorites - Here is Akie Abe giving a keynote address in english for about 15 minutes. https://youtu.be/Uhn4EFGiZhA?t=142 Our president does not know the difference between life insurance and health insurance.
  5. Nolan Arenado is doing it all by himself.
  6. Carr's offensive line was also probably the second best in the league which provided clean pockets and an effective running game. I can't believe that I'm saying this -- Rob Kelley is no Latavius Murray (they also had Richard, Washington, and Marcel Reece -- all of which may be better than Kelley).
  7. Final stretch -- 1 Driftwood Stanes - 98.5 2 Ghost Hill Revenant - 86 3 Summerhall Slags - 76 4 Valyrian Freeholders - 74 5 Horn Hill Ser Piggys - 68 6 Riverrun Toreadors - 63.5 7 Storm's End Stags - 51.5 7 Sunspear Shariffs - 51.5 9 Castle Black Crows - 47 10 Harlaw Krakens - 44
  8. Weak indeed. I suggest you look for a safe space where such opinions are not welcome -- it does not seem to be good for your health to be seeking out alternate viewpoints.
  9. What is hilarious or incorrect about: She's not wrong. Nor does she talk about the show with the same disdain that you direct towards her. Not a good look (but an entirely predictable one) Squab.
  10. And Dad -- if you are reading this Song of Ice and Fire board political thread -- don't ever call me a "high quality person". Because, fuck, That seems almost like you've gone passed "I'm disappointed in you". It's more of a "god help you".
  11. That does not sound like someone on the hunt for a reversal of adoption policy. The other aspect of this that bothers me is that DJT2 seemed to not be surprised or concerned that a 'flimsy' connection to a government lawyer would want to share information on Hillary to help Trump. There is a familiarity or comfort that is a bit jarring in retrospect. --- I guess I mean to say, is that it was so easy for a Russian lawyer to get access to the top 2 members of the Trump campaign and DJT2. This was also just at the start of the switch to the general election campaign (aside from scant rumors of a contested nomination) -- not right after Indiana (as DJT2 continues to assert - which is blatantly false).
  12. Or is the wine in front of me....? https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=WIFOM There may not have been much (or anything) in that meeting - however it was not the last Russia-Trump meeting at Trump Tower -- where the KUSH and Sergey Kislyak (allegedly) discussed setting up a secure channel. Could very well be the start of engagement to determine how receptive Trump and his lackeys would be -- considering DJT2 jumped on the meeting request and invited Manafort and the KUSH then I suspect that answer was heard loud and clear. It's hard to tell how much of the connecting the dots is suspicious and how much is just the idiocy and mismanagement of the Trump campaign that just looks suspicious. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/russian-ambassador-told-moscow-that-kushner-wanted-secret-communications-channel-with-kremlin/2017/05/26/520a14b4-422d-11e7-9869-bac8b446820a_story.html?utm_term=.d13260cec125
  13. Hence, "Stupid Watergate" https://www.vox.com/2017/7/11/15952232/donald-trump-jr-lawyer-russia-manafort-kushner-clinton-2016-election
  14. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/11/us/politics/trump-russia-email-clinton.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur Listen. Just because Manafort was the campaign manager and the email went to his campaign email doesn't necessarily mean that he was doing campaign business. He's actually always had a bit of a crush on the Russian lawyer that they all thought was an American citizen despite the email calling her a Russian government lawyer ... and the KUSH never misses a meeting - FOMO! Just a bunch of dullards careening from one day to the next. No harm, no foul. Oh, and also, FAKE NEWS. Did I do it right? /smh
  15. https://www.vox.com/vox-sentences/2017/7/10/15949828/vox-sentences-trump-jr-russians Playing your partisan role with aplomb. What would it take for you to ever believe there was inappropriate behavior between Trump (& ancillaries) and Russia? In the current climate, we seem to confuse ethics and integrity with playing nice. Trump and his retinue are reject the value of ethics and integrity with glee -- and their supporters agree (mcb).