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  1. Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2017

    Blockbuster deal I get Jharel Cotton WJ gets Peraza I had depth of scrubby MIs (Andrus, Saladino, Ramirez) and coveted Cotton - so, correcting a draft mistake by me. Open to other deals if people want to get some OF depth in exchange for a an IF upgrade.
  2. Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2017

    That might have been terrible - thanks all!
  3. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    If you say so. Personally, I'm very excited at the possibility of Beast Mode going to the Raiders (while they are still in Oakland too). That team should be an offensive juggernaut next year.
  4. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    Discussion for another day (and thread), I suppose. I hope that people that want to discuss politics will respect the wishes of the privileged. No need to discuss the issues of police brutality, mass incarceration, etc. in the public view as many people at too thick-headed to reasonably converse. ... ...Ok, I'll stop now and see myself out.
  5. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    So disrespectful to the military. If only he treated the military with the respect that the teams charge the tax payers to show. ^^http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/defense-military-tributes-professional-sports_us_5639a04ce4b0411d306eda5e http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/09/01/colin-kaepernick-s-haters-ignored-the-nfl-s-real-patriotism-for-pay-scandal.html /s Agree with you sperry - debating the appropriate time and place for protest is counter to the protest itself.
  6. Foreign shows

    I mentioned this in the other Watching thread - my wife and I are about 7 episodes in and we really enjoy it.
  7. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Been watching Hotel Beau Sejour on Netflix. It's a small town, murder mystery in Belgium - feels Broadchurch-ish. The difference here is that the main character is the victim where she can talk with 5 people (don't know why them specifically) and is working to help solve her own murder. I'd recommend if you can dig that kind of story with subtitles - really enjoying it so far.
  8. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    0.955 DAMN THEE USC (and SMU)!
  9. MLB Offseason: Countdown to 2124

    https://twitter.com/michaelsclair/status/840258640942518272/photo/1 This is what makes baseball great.
  10. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    To follow, this is what I was reacting to: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2017/03/trump-merkel-and-i-were-both-wiretapped-by-obama.html and...
  11. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    Trump is delusional on healthcare. Claimed to have turned the 12 senators (IIRC, or were they reps?) that have come out in opposition. Beautiful, beautiful healthcare. Obamacare is failing. Lather, rinse, repeat. Edit: Jesus, he's a child.
  12. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    @Triskan - you and me, kid! Bravo. I want to brag about my completely undeserved, uneducated, and uninformed success ... so I will. I AM THE BEST (w/ Trisk). I expect that my bracket will be in the middle of the pack by the end of the day today.
  13. US Politics: Speak Into the Microwave

    It does put his tax plan (removing the AMT) into some context. There is no smoking gun, but it does raise additional questions (e.g. 100M in business losses - line 21). Not super exciting without all of the backup/tax calculations ... still it isn't entirely a nothing-burger.
  14. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    Too much precision!