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  1. Another wrinkle - I don't know that this would go anywhere - Aaron Hernandez's family bringing a lawsuit against the NFL and Patriots. http://boston.cbslocal.com/2017/09/21/aaron-hernandez-cte-results-jose-baez/
  2. Blasted - ok, fine, I said it was overly harsh. That said -- maybe consider that he chose Khalil Mack as his example and not, say, Andy Dalton, Derek Carr, Luke Keuchly, etc. Self-criticality is not a bad thing to check yourself. Your argument that I was the first to mention race is laughable - but I'm done discussing with you. Sorry if I hurt your feelings or sperry's. Hope you'll be ok. eta - and Rhom thinks my panties are in a bunch. Thou doth protest too much.
  3. I should clarify -- I was overly harsh in tone, but my point stands. It's a problematic way of describing what is thought of as the issue (i.e. helmets). Ok Rhom, whatever you say. It hit me as an inappropriate way of talking about it. You disagree. Wonderful -- clearly I'm the racist. Re-posting the entire post is irrelevant. Some real fucking white fragility.
  4. Why was skin color necessary to point out at all? Unfair, maybe (I disagree) -- but it's worth calling out how we talk about people and race. I read that and it seemed pretty odd to me -- frankly, I was surprised that nobody else commented. Perhaps thems the nuts on a mostly white board (no data, just anecdotal)
  5. Why are you singling out black players? Plenty of other people don't have this problem. Sounds like a you problem. Every game starts with showing the starting lineup and all the players headshots (or goofy intros if primetime) -- I can certainly pick out Von Miller, Zeke Elliot, Aaron Donald, Michael Bennett, OBJ, Julio, etc. -- that's not including Patriots who I would typically recognize if they've been around for more than a year. If you can't be bothered to pay attention -- that's on you bud. No wonder the players think they are treated like chattel.
  6. Apologies for the double post -- pushing back on the alt-right, WS&N as posers or cosplayers is the account of a swedish grad student who went undercover with alt-right groups (he was at Charlottesville -- witnessed the murder of Heather Heyer and was pepper-sprayed by a counter-protester). The article describes the explosion of the alt-right online -- meme wars and hordes of trolls -- that are coordinated and international. The broadening -- ironically, globalization, if you will, -- leads to some true evil. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/19/opinion/alt-right-white-supremacy-undercover.html?mcubz=1&_r=0 Or The "cosplayers" may seem like "cosplayers" until you see the interconnected web that connects them to people like this. Not a joke, not nazi-lite -- nazi.
  7. @ThinkerX That video is not something that should happen at any Trump rally. There was no benefit -- the BLM group (not affiliated with core BLM i.e. http://blacklivesmatter.com/) modified their message to be acceptable to the noxious Trump crowd who generally responded with hate an insults (the typical "All lives matter" what about black on black crime, etc.) Viewpoint from activist Ijeoma Uluo https://theestablishment.co/stop-trying-to-feel-good-about-trump-supporters-and-get-to-work-b408c07b095d
  8. A lawyer correcting an accountant's math. I'm concerned.
  9. All need this training -- https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/grade-point/wp/2017/09/19/violence-erupts-at-georgia-tech-after-police-kill-student/?utm_term=.4e02d34cd121
  10. YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO ADMIT THAT. Just ingratiate yourself to the old-timers and we'll forget that you weren't ever on the old board. DO NOT ASK WHAT THE OLD BOARD IS YOU FLOBBY FLOOBY BOOBY. Gosh.
  11. Apologies for any confusion -- I think of you as more of the late-night host. Your dulcet timbre flowing across the airwaves for the grave shift and night owls. Not the #HOTTAKE #SHITTAKE #SHIITAKE nonsense of your typical drive-time bobble heads.
  12. For serious -- and I'm getting jaxomed this year, so you all better hope that one of the chatty cathy's (ME, Tywin, Jace) wins to add some spice to the league. BLAND. Anyone willing to move RB depth? I'm looking to make an offer that you could refuse.
  13. I could not be any less interested in your further commentary on women in chess or, really, women at all. I'm done here thanks -- the topic has been thoroughly derailed. This is trolling, sarcasm, or blind ignorance.
  14. Seriously? Are they trying to make Bortles look better? (Duh) Not a good look with CK still looking for a job. eta: