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  1. Little Questions That Don't Fit Anywhere Else Part 3

    Bump. Anything?
  2. who planned the Riot in Kings Landing?

    King Bread was the 'instigator' of the riot.
  3. who planned the Riot in Kings Landing?

    Tyrion would have known the general temper of the city. As stated above, it is one thing to have instigators in the crowd, it is another for Joff to lose his temper at peasants. I am not implying that Yoren worked for Petyr. I am not even sure why anyone would think that. The riot, like the change meeting at the Inn are just conveniences of the story. The riot makes a dramatic situation for Sandor-Sansa relationship to develop and the Tyrion-Joff antagonism to develop. Not everything is a conspiracy developed by LF or Varys.
  4. who planned the Riot in Kings Landing?

    No reason to think it was planned. I think GRRM just wanted to have a riot. It works well for the Sansa-Sandor interaction and the Tyrion-Joff interaction. It is no more extra-ordinary that Cat and Tyrion showing up at the Inn at the same time.
  5. Small Questions v. 10105

    Does Varys ever mention that his little birds have limited access to Maegor's Holdfast or to the Tower of the Hand? I am trying to think of how he planned with Lysa to poison Jon without anyone (namely Varys) finding out. Or did Varys know and not care/act.?
  6. The "Truth" About Dany

    Keep in mind that "Joanna" (Lannister) is pretty close to "Jyana." So Howland Reed's wife might be Joanna Lannister, who faked dying in childbirth and ran away to Neck. There is no reason to believe any of this happened. "What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence."
  7. Who is Oswell Kettleblack?

    So when the Northerner's are talking about "The Ned," who do they mean? Or The Norrey? The Wull? /sarcasm Oswell Kettleblack is probably just plain old Oswell Kettleblack from the Fingers.
  8. question about the others

    We have only seen 6, not 13. Waymar is preparing to fight one and when five others come out of the woods. There won't be all that many in total.
  9. What's the bravest line uttered in the series so far?

    Drogon roared full in her face, his breath hot enough to blister skin. Off to her right Dany heard Barristan Selmy shouting, “Me! Try me. Over here. Me!” - ADwD p. 698 Selmy tries to goad a DRAGON into attacking him to protect his queen. It is more than a little crazy, but definitely brave.
  10. The "Truth" About Dany

    The general thought is that the song refers to Helaena Targaryen.
  11. The "Truth" About Dany

    If you are going to proposed something as silly as A+X=D, at least have a plausible timeline and a plausible X. The only plausible candidates for X are Aerys and Rhaegar. The only plausible timeline is: Ashara is in KL before the Trident. She then tells Ned where Lyanna is and goes back to Starfall. Ned goes to Storm's End and then the ToJ. Then Ned goes to return Dawn to Starfall. Ashara finds out she is pregnant, fakes her death and flees to Dragonstone, (they might trust her, depends on Rhaella and Elia's relationship, which we don't know). She they has a baby and there was a switch (for some unknown reason). (Mind you, I don't believe any of this, though this version actually fits the version of the story that we have, not made up fake birth-dates, time traveling sperm, and GRRM lying through his teeth at PR events.) Trying to toss a bone to some of the cracked pots out there.
  12. The "Truth" About Dany

    Not to mention the irony of Ned being executed for a crime he actually did commit. If R+L=J and Jon is legitimate, Ned did usurp the throne from the rightful heir.
  13. who is Jon Snows Mother

    It is a question of degrees. The promise could have been "make sure that Jon know who his parents were and that they loved each other." That is slightly different that "promise me that Jon will inherit his birthright, the throne!" Those are very different. It is also something that Ned only can regret once he is in the Black Cells and can no longer tell Jon.
  14. Small Questions v. 10105

    Wasn't there a SSM or something similar that proposed that and editor (or any readers) could figure out Jon's mother from just the first book? Is that not a valid test anymore?