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  1. Any evidence that Aerys declared Rhaegar 'Protector of the Realm' before the Trident?
  2. Tywin is only threatening Tyrion with what he knows/suspects, that Varys and Jaime helped. It only matters that Tywin is being threatened at the time. Varys and Jaime are both too valuable to Tywin. If Tyrion just fled the castle, Tywin may never have been the wiser and/or could just behead any dwarf and be done with it.
  3. That a weirwood would not take root in the Eyrie comes up in AGOT. "The builders had intended it as a godswood, but the Eyrie rested on the hard stone of the mountain, and no matter how much soil was hauled up from the Vale, they could not get a weirwood to take root here." - AGOT Catelyn VII - Also, we have seen saplings, both at the Nightfort and The Whispers. Not undead trees, just trees with a little magic.
  4. Wouldn't Aerys hold court and hear what happened? Wouldn't there be a kind of after-action report to Aerys? It would have come up that Jaime, and perhaps others, was/were knighted on the field. Even doubly so, since Jaime was in KL. Aerys could have come up with it on his own and/or there would be court gossip, from Cersei and others.
  5. " Their master Yezzan laughed loudest and longest whenever one of his dwarfs suffered a fall or took a blow, his whole vast body shaking like suet in an earthquake; his guests waited to see how Yurkhaz no Yunzak responded before joining in." - ADwD p. 629 (Tyrion 10)
  6. To answer for his crime of not telling Robert about Lyanna's son. He lied to his king, which is treason.
  7. Why would anyone start this thread when there is Small Questions already?
  8. Why could Arthur Dayne use the family sword? Why could Oswell Whent have bat wings on his helmet? Little affectations can be overlooked. The leaving to fight is a bit of a stretch, but no worse than what Catlyn did. Everyone was disrupting the King's peace.
  9. We don't know. Anyone that says otherwise (except the author) is a liar.
  10. Nothing is a direct analog to reality. Generic, magic-using volcano dominant culture (somewhat Atlantis) with pieces from various ancient Mediterranean cultures.
  11. We have an existing case in the books, the Oakhearts. Lady Arwyn Oakheart is ruling her family. Arys was her youngest son, so she must have older sons. Her eldest son is not ruling the family, therefore, she must be able to be The Oakheart. Isn't there a SSM about this?
  12. They are more useful alive than they are dead.
  13. 1. Pate Thorkellson 2. Pate of Longleaf 3. Pate of the Blue Fork 4. Pate Pinchbottom 5. Old Pate 6. Spotted Pate
  14. Nonsense, not unusual at all. Renly, Edmure, Willis. Rickard could have any number of reasons to delay. Maybe he wanted to have Brandon married first. Maybe for Brandon to have a son. Maybe he wanted to use Lyanna as leverage against Robert to find a female heir in the Stormlands for Ned to marry. Maybe Rickard knew of a history of deaths from having children too soon in the Stark family. Maybe Rickard wanted his daughter to live in the south for a year or two and learn some courtly manners.
  15. One very important factor is that they don't have a leader. There is no Lord Paramount leading an organized front against the GC. And before that, when SE was being held for Stannis, how many Stormlanders are helping with the siege? How many go back to KL? How many just go home? How many just don't care to get organized to help neighbors that may have been on the other side of the last 2 or 3 battles?