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  1. Danaerys's Heir

    "When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east," said Mirri Maz Duur. "When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. When your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child. Then he will return, and not before." - AGOT p. 635
  2. Danaerys's Heir

    Nothing about MMD's prophecy implies that Dany will die in childbirth.
  3. Danaerys's Heir

    Where is this prophecy from?
  4. Hugh of the Vale

    We don't know the answer to any of these. And none of it matters at this point.
  5. R+L=J v.160

    What if it was a double bluff from Rhaegar. That he was trying to draw Aerys out, to show the realm just how far gone he has gotten.
  6. The age gap between Renly and his brothers

    This has always been one of my favorite cracked pots.
  7. A better claim then the girl Myrcella?

    Illyrio probably did not know about the Queenmaker plot, but he doesn't need to. At this point, for Illyrio, Joff is dead without an heir. Tommen is king and 8. Myrcella is Tommen's official heir. Stannis is sort of an option because the realm might turn to Stannis in desperation at some point. When Joff dies, Myrcella is one of the most important commodities to the Lannister-Baratheon crown, but it is not a concern until after Tywin dies. Tywin could hold things together until Tommen produced an heir, that is not anywhere as certain once Tywin is gone. Illyrio is talking about it in "who would be the monarch if/when fAegon goes to Westeros?" Realistically, it could be Tommen, Stannis or Myrcella. He refers to a dragon with three heads because he is subtly telling Tyrion that he has a secret Targaryen heir. A person that is a dragon with three heads. Just the sigil.
  8. What was your "hook" into the series?

    It was something very small and subtle, all the conflicting accounts of where Robert Arryn was going to be fostered. It is a simple, but great way to convey unreliable narrator and what we think being the truth is only true, from a certain point of view.
  9. Small Questions v. 10105

    It was the tourney when he unhorsed Dunk and Duncan, then was knighted by the King. It would make sense, if he was only 16 tilting at the tourney and was not yet knighted. Yes here it is. Knighted in his 16th year by King Aegon V Targaryen, after performing great feats of prowess as a mystery knight in the winter tourney at King’s Landing, defeating Prince Duncan the Small and Ser Duncan the Tall, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. - ASoS p. 914
  10. Small Questions v. 10105

    The Clegane you are looking for is Sandor.
  11. Should Ned have arrested Cersei?

    The Hand could, if they had the means, opportunity, and backing (soldiers) to get away with it, as with most things in Westeros. There would just be consequences. ETA: (w00t, 2500 posts!)
  12. Should Ned have arrested Cersei?

    Ned should have arrested, sentenced, and beheaded Cersei and all three of the children. Jaime would have flipped out and revealed the truth, and Ned would be absolved. But that is not in Ned's character, so it is a moot point.
  13. Small Questions v. 10105

    "Elys and Alys, isn't that precious? Lord Jasper's younger son, Ser Ronnel Arryn, wed a Belmore girl, but only rang her once or twice before dying of a bad belly. Their son Elbert was being born in one bed even as poor Ronnel was dying in another down the hall. Are you paying close attention, sweetling?" - AFfC p. ?? Since Elbert was with Brandon when he crashed King's Landing, he is probably around the same age Brandon, give or take a few years. So, generously, sometime between 258-265.
  14. Baratheon-Targaryen division and hatred

    Rhaegar also unhorsed Brandon earlier at the Tourney at Harrenhal. Robert might have been more angry if he was also unhorsed by Rhaegar.
  15. Small Questions v. 10105

    Since we don't have complete family trees, could Rodrik have had a son and/or more children by another wife?