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  1. The Littlefinger Enigma!

    Another question (to which there is no answer) is, who was Robert's Master of Coin before LF? If they were bad, a poor little lordling from the Fingers would, seemingly, be more malleable. Who also had a recommendation from Jon Arryn.
  2. Why was Gerold Hightower called white bull?

    Jaime mentions that he (Gerold) was stronger that him. "The realization chilled him. Robert had been stronger than him, to be sure. The White Bull Gerold Hightower as well, in his heyday, and Ser Arthur Dayne. Amongst the living, Greatjon Umber was stronger, Strongboar of Crakehall most likely, both Cleganes for a certainty."  - ASoS p. 291 'Strong as a bull' is a pretty common saying/concept. Also, it sounds good.  
  3. What was Rhaegar Targaryen thinking?

    The whole point is that we don't know what Rhaegar was thinking.
  4. Small Questions v. 10104

    To anyone that the maester loves. It is a poetic way of talking about anyone that has power over the maester, either a lord or a person that he loves.
  5. R+L=J v.157

    Please outline these 'hints.'
  6. R+L=J v.157

    The Petyr-Brandon duel was almost a year after the Harrenhal tourney. So the timing of the wedding is irrelevant. Frankly, the fact that Cat was as old as she was and not married already lends credence to the idea that the family was in mourning and waited another year or so for Cat to marry Brandon. Cat says Edmure was young to be acting as a squire, which was almost a year after the tourney. And we don't actually know how old Edmure is. How do we know how old Edmure was when Minisa died? We don't.
  7. R+L=J v.157

    To stack speculation upon speculation, perhaps Rickard planned to send Lyanna to learn southern lady-like ways from Minisa (Whent) Tully, but she died. For some reason, possibly upon Brandon or Hoster's suggestion, Lyanna was redirected to foster with the Whent's of Harrenhal. She was already there and there was a soon to be cousin-in-law of around the same age. Heck, they could have consulted Rickard via raven. This works well with the answer to the question "why were the Tully's not at Harrenhal" with the same answer; Minisa died recently.
  8. Heresy Project X+Y=J: Robert + Lyanna

    Jon was slender where Robb was muscular, dark where Robb was fair, graceful and quick where his half brother was strong and fast. - AGoT p. 15 In the OP, the above quote is used to describe Jon as "strong and fast." That is incorrect, the "strong and fast" is describing Robb, not Jon. This was either deliberate or sloppy, either way, it really damages the argument.
  9. R+L=J v.157

    The device of the weirwood tree also evokes the Blackwood family, a not-too-distant relative of Aerys (grandmother) and Rhaegar (great-grandmother). Along those lines, are there any sigils involving laughing or laughter? Laughing at is insulting, laughing with is not. Aerys is not so great at discerning between the two.
  10. R+L=J v.157

    Basically, the answer to every question on this forum is "Howland Reed."
  11. R+L=J v.157

    Howland is another possibility. Lyanna would have needed some help, likely more help than just Benjen. Another reason, Howland was taken on the ToJ trip: "Ned, I helped Lyanna into this mess. I want to help her now."
  12. Small Questions v. 10104

    Is there a passage in the World book about both sides of the Robellion contacting Tywin, but Tywin not answering either side?
  13. Question about the battle of bells

    “Hoster Tully.” Notch was a stooped thin grey-haired man, born in these parts. “This was Lord Goodbrook’s village. When Riverrun declared for Robert, Goodbrook stayed loyal to the king, so Lord Tully came down on him with fire and sword. After the Trident, Goodbrook’s son made his peace with Robert and Lord Hoster, but that didn’t help the dead none.” - ASoS p. 599 The Goodbrooks were not the only ones. They spent a lot of time dealing with loyalist Riverlords. Yandel put it where he did for the reason that Rhaenys_Targaryen has given over and over: rebel wins, then loyalist wins.
  14. Question about the battle of bells

    Tactically, that is a bad idea. With a huge loyalist force at SE and both Tywin/Westerlands and all the loyalist Riverlords behind you, going to KL would be a very bad idea. They did all the right things: Going back to Riverrun, consolidate your forces, turn people to your side, punish loyalist Riverlords, find out what Tywin/Westerlands is doing, and propagandize that Aerys's forces lost, you won, and that Aerys is bad.
  15. Question about the battle of bells

    Agreed. The idea of the battle of Ashford being after the Battle of the Bells has been coming up for months and months and is complete madness. Born of either incredibly poor reading comprehension or being deliberately obtuse, in order to make things like Robert+Lyanna= Jon work.