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  1. I was wondering in Helsinki, how do they verify whether it's your first worldcon? Or is it more of an honour thing? Don't worry, I won't cheat And since I'm posting, yes, we're planning on being there (and TitanEuroCon).
  2. Aaaaw, Wolfgang, we were wondering what happened to you! I hope you didn't catch a cold!
  3. there's usually no passport checks at all on the way out of the UK. they don't care who leaves the country
  4. Heh, yeah.
  5. Are you going back on the SAS/luxair flight via Copenhagen, Aly?
  6. I wouldn't think so, since it's not a popular tourist destination? But don't take my word for it
  7. Arriving Wednesday evening, leaving Monday afternoon, staying at Scandic Simonketta.
  8. That looks cool, Toft!
  9. I'll come and watch
  10. I'm bummed we're missing Wednesday. I don't know how I planned it that way.
  11. Dammit, Ran and Linda, of course! I even have your panel marked down
  12. I got bored at work so I went throught the thread. Please feel free to add/remove yourself Narcissa Pebble Peadar Mormont Werthead Samantha williamjm Alytha Luga Malt 1 & Malt 2 TitanCat & Man Cat Little Miss S. & All Men M.R. Theda Wolfgang Tenalpia Fillippa john Buckwheat Fragile Bird Kissed by Fire Toft Cuellar Lil Red Head Adz draft0 Pod Lyanna (???) Ran Linda Targh Johan Jo Caryn Stark The_Geekling
  13. I suppose everyone who has a checked luggage allowance could bring a bottle or two in their suitcase?
  14. Back when it was supposed to be a movie (about a year or two ago) it was confirmed it would be live action. So I doubt that's changed.
  15. and Ciri isn't 35