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  1. Andrzej Sapkowski II

  2. Thank you Board hive mind. - Pyjamas work.

    Also: on holiday in Spain last year I was woken up by a cat walking on my chest.... We learned to close the windows after that. Luckily it was winter so closing was an option.
  3. Thank you Board hive mind. - Pyjamas work.

    pebble: We have a brand new flat and require a key to lock it from the inside. The door can't be open from the outside if it's not locked because the handle doesn't turn, but a thief would easily open it using a credit card or some such (checked by a neighbour who locked himself out). So we lock the door with a key and hang the key on the coat hanger. We could change the locks but since the key opens everything else in the building (entry hall, cellar, laundry, garage, bin) it would be kinda stupid. Not to mention terribly expensive.
  4. Recommendations for two weeks in Japan

    I learned today that Japan has the tomb of Jesus Christ. You should see it!
  5. So have we as a couple become too couple-y?

    sharing email and social media seems weird to me but I've seen people do it. On the other hand, my husband doesn't have a facebook account and so his friends sometimes use me to communicate with him, and I don't have skype so we use his to talk to my family. Food sharing is totally normal, not only in a couple We only have one car. How do you share the medicare card if it has the other person's name on it?
  6. Graduation: did you go to yours

    I went to HS graduation (in Poland it's basically just the same as the ceremony after each school year, relatively painless, just for students with no special dress or photos). Actually my preschool "graduation" was a bigger deal than that I'm unaware of a graduation ceremony at my university. It's not really a done thing. I also did a correspondence masters in a UK university which had a graduation but I didn't go to that since a) it was too far and too expensive and b ) I really don't see the point.
  7. Fashion thread: updating classics

    faux fur?
  8. EuroCon 2019 bid - TitanCon Belfast

    Awesome good luck!
  9. Should I take the visa free travel?

    I'd go to Peru. It's definitely on my list of places to see some time. And I hear you on visas. I still remember how humiliating it was to get a US visa from Poland 13 years ago. Although the actual officer I talked to was very nice. The second time around I got my American visa from Luxembourg and the experience was much more pleasant.
  10. Doctor who Series 10; He has been away for a while but he is back!

    Well this was bad.
  11. Fashion thread: updating classics

    Rieker shoes are insanely comfortable. I was wondering if you could get them in the US (they're German) but I saw amazon at least has them.
  12. Moon-Cups and Aunt Flow

    Pebble. Im so sorry. I've had 3 and not going to put myself through any more (though I am having surgery in November before we can give the last two frozen embryos a chance). On topic, Im sort of intrigued by the idea of mooncups but also scared to try them.
  13. How did you get into your field of work/ study?

    Legal texts -- I work for the EU. I did want to translate literature, but it just never happened. In my first job I was a translator/interpretor for a construction company.
  14. How did you get into your field of work/ study?

    Mine's boring. I was good with languages and at an early age decided I want to be a translator (seriously, I still have an English assignment from when I was 12 stating my goal). So I went on to study English and became a translator.
  15. College Style Petitions for change in the workplace

    doctors should wear scrubs or labcoats. When I see a doctor in a suit I immediately wonder if they're really a doctor Ser Scott, I don't necessarily think lawyers should be able to wear whatever they want. But in the vast majority of cases people are able to decide what kind of dress is appropriate to a given situation without having it dictated to them to the smallest detail. Will you respect a woman lawyer less because she isn't wearing tights under her skirt in 30 degree (Celsius) heat? I wear jeans to work every day because I have no interaction with the public whatsoever, but that doesn't mean I would wear jeans to a meeting with members of the public even though my institution doesn't officially have a dress code. On the other hand, it is annoying when some people wear beach clothing to work