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  1. Back when it was supposed to be a movie (about a year or two ago) it was confirmed it would be live action. So I doubt that's changed.
  2. and Ciri isn't 35
  3. eh, I dunno, he just has the wrong vibe for it
  4. I keep seeing Mads Mikkelsen. I don't get it.
  5. NETFLIX IS DOING THE WITCHER TV SERIES OMG 111111ONEONEONE I'm not shouting, you're shouting.
  6. heh, REG, I had exactly the same reaction.
  7. Per got two horses of "Buckkeep's best stock" as well as the position in the royal stable. I think this is a good enough reward for a little peasant boy. The horses are probably worth a fortune.
  8. it looks like he's based on the film Dandelion.źmin&tbm=isch&
  9. so? A lot of countries allow their citizens to vote regardless of their residence or place of birth
  10. Regular European airlines do overbook. Low-costs usually don't. I think it was part of Ryanair's campaign at some point
  11. I got plane tickets! (but no memberships or hotel yet)
  12. Also: on holiday in Spain last year I was woken up by a cat walking on my chest.... We learned to close the windows after that. Luckily it was winter so closing was an option.
  13. pebble: We have a brand new flat and require a key to lock it from the inside. The door can't be open from the outside if it's not locked because the handle doesn't turn, but a thief would easily open it using a credit card or some such (checked by a neighbour who locked himself out). So we lock the door with a key and hang the key on the coat hanger. We could change the locks but since the key opens everything else in the building (entry hall, cellar, laundry, garage, bin) it would be kinda stupid. Not to mention terribly expensive.
  14. I learned today that Japan has the tomb of Jesus Christ. You should see it!