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  1. Dany’s negotiation with Kraznys. Walder’s first meeting with Catelyn. You don’t have to mine deep to find them.
  2. Tywin wins. He’s flexible and can see out of the box. He will use bribery and rewards if needed.
  3. Rhaegar mistakenly believed in his own importance. He would have tried to hatch an egg in order to fulfill his destiny, save the dynasty, and prepare for the long night. It may not work but he has to try. At least in his mind. It is a theory. I don’t claim it a fact.
  4. Nym and greywind would have found each other. Robb and his wolf are gone.
  5. The first attempt of the modern Targaryens to hatch dragons ended in failure. Aegon V died, family, and KG died. No eggs hatched. He had all of the ingredients and failed. Daenerys successfully hatched her three dragon eggs on the Dothraki Sea. Her brother, husband, and son died shortly before the dragons arrived. She was the right chef with the correct ingredients at the right time. Azor Ahai, Dany, was the person fated to bring back the dragons. This was the third attempt. I believe there was an attempt between these two events. The third worked. The previous two attempts failed. This second attempt most likely took place at the Tower Of Joy. Rhaegar had an egg. He tried to hatch the egg and failed. Edard would have found the egg. A little burnt but still intact. It’s probably buried with Ser Gerold Hightower.
  6. Of course it was Jeyne. Jeyne doesn’t have ownership nor control of Winterfell. There really is no loophole for Mance. There is an argument for Jon having ignorance as his loophole, but none for Mance.
  7. Jon will accept Arya even if she goes nuts. I do think they will end up together. It may be in another life.
  8. Arya will be the one person who will accept Jon’s return. She will accept him even if he comes back like Coldhands. She has always accepted him. That is not going to change. Jon has never tried to change her and that is one reason she loves him.
  9. I do predict a very messy conflict between the Starks for control of Winterfell. I am sure Sansa will put forth her claim. She will be pregnant with Harry’s baby. If Arya’s love for Jon is anything like his for her, she could overlook the fact that he’s a walking dead. After all, even death won’t stop him from looking for her.
  10. The Night’s King and Jon Snow are parallel characters. Two men who let their love for a woman (Arya and the corpse queen) distract them from their duties.
  11. Aliser was sent on a suicide mission but I hope he’s alive. Benjen is a wight by now. He was the first of the Starks to get wighted. Daario is alive. Syrio is dead. Aegon has been dead for a long time.
  12. He could end up becoming the great other. An angry being confined to the trees but endowed with powers of telepathy. His control of the wights and his bitterness make him a threat.
  13. Arya doesn’t have to be a book reader to see that Jon isn’t normal. Jon will be pale, cold, no pulse, full of holes, and can’t wander away from his wolf. Jon won’t be normal and it will be obvious. Arya has been desensitized to corpses and all things grossly offensive. Maybe she won’t be scared and may even accept him as her mate.
  14. Daenerys Targaryen is the lead rider of the dragons. Drogon, the most powerful of the dragons, is her ride. The other riders will serve as her wingmen to support her during battle. The wingmen take the back seat.
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