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  1. Arya’s lessons with Syrio took place before she went insane.
  2. It’s not a matter of being cold. It’s being able to make the correct decision. Which Jon did not. You can praise him for being a good brother to Arya. You have to condemn Jon for betraying the watch and starting a fight with the Warden of the north and his son. That was not Jon’s place.
  3. Everybody has a preferred habitat. It does not mean they are not adaptable. The Valyrians chose to live near fire because it made their style of magic more powerful. Dragons are individuals. Their food preferences will vary on the individual dragon. They look at mountains differently than we do because they can fly. Height and rugged terrain are not obstacles to them. They will pick a location which gives them the best view of their surroundings. A quiet location serves best because they prefer to nest. The nest serves to protect the eggs and the hatchlings.
  4. Arya is not the compliant type. She’s just as likely to murder her therapists in such a facility. She was always a loaded gun without a safety. Like Jon, she has an explosive personality. She’s a stick of dynamite with a short and defective fuse. The sad events in her life is the spark that pushed her to madness. She will not be treatable. Constant sedation and a secure straightjacket can keep Arya from harming others. Restraints won’t stop her from spitting. A mouth covering will be needed. But she’s not worth all of that trouble. Arya already has a lot of innocent blood on her hands. It’s better to let her life end on the point of a sword.
  5. I am hoping they are on Marwyn’s ship, bound for Slaver’s Bay. The story lines in Essos are my favorites. Gilly can be of service to Daenerys. She will make an adequate replacement for Doreah. Aemon’s remains may be properly cremated by dragon fire. And Mance’s baby can be raised in such a way as to recognize Daenerys as his legitimate monarch. He could be used to bring the wildlings over to her side.
  6. Nah, it’s better story if Arya continues her progression to madness.
  7. I disagree. Jon was the lord commander of an outfit who was tasked with the protection of all living things. He gave in to his darkness and murdered Janos Slynt. He betrayed the NW. Jon is the worst commander in NW history. The institution that has lasted for thousands of years is now falling apart because of an evil young man who was obsessing over his sister. He started a fight with the people that he serves. Millions will be facing the worst kind of slavery because of Jon. The kind of slavery that even death will not release. Jon basically opened the wall to the Others. Millions in Slaver’s Bay have a chance to earn freedom, thanks to Daenerys. She rescued 10000 eunuch soldiers and trainees. If ever anybody deserved to rule, it is Daenerys.
  8. I have this theory which says Dany is capable of restoring life. Her dragon eggs were no longer viable and yet her dragons are strong and healthy. She was a child, still is by today’s thinking, when she tried to revive Drogo. That power to resurrect wil grow stronger as she matures from child to adult. She will learn a lot from Marwyn and put the pieces of the puzzle together. She is called “Mother” for good reasons.
  9. 1. Maester Aemon will be resurrected. He is the child whom Daenerys will raise and cherish in the future. 2. The Targaryens are descendants of the ruling family of the great empire of the dawn. They are the surviving descendants of a super race. Star Trek fans would compare them to the Preservers. 3. The Great Other is a skin changer and a green seer. This creature is the Sauron equivalent.
  10. I don’t despise every member of the Stark family. Just Jon and Sansa. I’ve never liked them. I found myself despising Jon during his first chapter in Game of Thrones. I feel the same about Sansa. Robb was an idiot but I don’t hate him. Arya is complete looney in the head but I don’t hate her. Her head is shaped like a Planters cashew nut but that doesn’t bother me. I don’t enjoy Arya as a character.
  11. The bottom line is Egg. He is not the promised one. Dany is the one chosen by fate to resurrect the dragons because she is Azor Ahai.
  12. That won’t hold water. The Undying repeatedly confirmed Dany’s identity. She is the Child of Three, Mother of Dragons. She comes from the family line of Aegon, Visenya, and Rhaenys. It’s not in the character of Viserys to take care of an impostor.
  13. Oh there were plenty of sacrifice in Summerhall. But Egg V was not Azor Ahai. Only Dany is Azor Ahai and chosen by birth to bring back the dragons. She is very special.
  14. Arya is a very rabid wolf who has gone insane. All she really lives for is revenge. Somebody will kill her. It will be a repeat of Ned’s ending. Ned killed a man of the watch who had lost his mind. Arya killed an innocent man who was sent to the wall. Neither Arya nor Ned took the time to learn of the men’s history. In the end, Ned got the same treatment. Arya will die on the end of a blade.
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