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  1. I don’t believe the entire city can blow up accidentally. Somebody with knowledge, like the pyromancer and the FM, would have to rig the barrels to create a chain reaction. Besides those groups, only Jaime would have a clue as to the whereabouts of the cache. Jaquen was searching when he got caught.
  2. Peace as we value and understand it has never existed in the history of Westeros. Maybe cutting people open to feed the weir woods prevented large scale war but it’s not really peace. It’s just trading one form of violence and cruelty for another. The golden age for Westeros took place during the Targaryen rule.
  3. Dany’s bond with her own dragons is unique. She hatched them. They walked out of the fire together. She was reborn at the same moment they were born. Their bond formed on that fire. The dragons love her because she is their mother. The relationship here will not duplicate what Visenya had with Vhagar. V and V were not mother and daughter. Theirs was similar to a rider to her horse. Dany’s has that mother-to-children relationship with her dragons. Expect a more flexible relationship. There will be more give and take but deep love as well. Dragons are not ducks. Imprinting won’t happen with the first person seen by a hatchling. Putting egg and baby in the cradle is a custom. This is not necessary for bonding.
  4. Jon’s body will last for as long as he stays where the temperature stays low. It means he should never go to the south. He has to stay where the temp is freezing cold to prevent deterioration. But let’s say Arya gets herself in trouble in the south and Jon sacrifices himself to save her. That might be interesting. He breaks down from the warmth but gets Arya out of trouble.
  5. Brandon and Richard are gone. I have Lyanna. I would have left the matter there. I would send Lyanna to be “fostered” overseas with a trusted ally. The Sealord or an archon would do. Failing that, foster her on Dragonstone. Brandon’s confession should have been signed. I would advertise this to the other Great houses. Manufacture the document if one doesn’t exist.
  6. He shouldn’t be resurrected. His body will remain active for as long as the weather stays cold. In other words, long enough for him to do what he was meant to do. The cold will preserve him as long as the winter is in effect. His mind is safely inside Ghost and will live the wolf’s lifespan.
  7. Time and food. Give a dragon a sufficient amount of both and they will continue to grow. We also do not know the time span of the story. I don’t think it will be 200 years but fifty is reasonable. The dragons may not arrive in Westeros until after a few decades of growth. True, that’s not enough time to attain the size of Balerion but that is not necessary. Large size will result in a slower dragon. Size isn’t everything. Dany’s eggs came from Asshai. Drogon may be a different species from Balerion. His rate of growth may be different.
  8. I would look to Varys. The spymaster giving his recommendations to hire Syrio would make an impression on Ned. Varys had other motives besides making sure Arya had good instruction. Willem, Sealord, and Varys were in contact with each other. Varys was not a true friend of the Starks though. He was already plotting the fall of Ned’s buddies. Maybe Syrio was brought in to spy on Robert’s court and to help Varys with his rival, LF.
  9. Jaime will have a hard time convincing Aegon. “Boy, I killed your grandpa to stop the wildfire from burning the city.” He will sound like a man making excuses.
  10. They were not so much mistakes as they were poor choices made by a man who was wrong for the job. An Order which serves a kingdom is governed by laws. Jon is not a good fit in that system. He would fit in with the Freefolk where rule of law does not apply. Jon is the last person who you would want to enforce the law. He’s bad at keeping within the laws. Jon would be awful as a ruler. But he would work out as king-beyond-the-wall.
  11. Sansa is a fool. Harry just wants to sleep with her. It’s Daenerys who has the charm and the charisma.
  12. Aegon’s role in the story is to take Jon’s place as the male lead. Jon died. He is not coming back a living, breathing man. I don’t expect any more point of views from Jon. Robb’s part ended after he lost in the game. Jon lost and his POV days are over. Aegon will be the male lead going forward. Daenerys is obviously the female lead. The best ruler in the story is Daenerys. Aegon shows promise but his temper and impulsivity are causes for concern. He won’t last long if he can be easily manipulated as Tyrion did to him.
  13. Sansa She will murder Robert in Winds. Her comeuppance won’t happen until the following book. She will get to have a short run and a little taste of power. But she will die before the last act of the last book. I am hoping the Royce’s will figure her out and do her in. Aegon He will have a short taste of power. But his authority is based on a lie; therefore, it will crumble. He may live or die but he is not going to rule very long. Stannis Roose will finish him off in Winds. He won’t live to the last book. Jon Will die. The rest of his remaining life will be spent in Ghost. The dire wolf will slowly merge with Jon. There will be no throne for Jon in the future. But he could lead the Stark pack. Daenerys She will accomplish the defeat of the Ghiscari slave masters. Slavery will end in that part of Essos. The call for help from the west will keep her from getting rid of slavery throughout the whole of Essos. She will have to go to the west and save the people still living. Winter can’t be stopped but she will be able to rescue enough people and save them. A migration to the east will happen. A Dream of Spring is her point of view. We get an ending where she’s thinking of spring. Bran He will either remain in that cave and rule over the emptiness or rule from the WF heart tree. The north will be barren. Only the dire wolves will remain.
  14. Jon is already gone. Been done in by the men he was leading. He’s not even supposed to be a contestant for rulership. Dany is shaping up to be a fine one. She has natural leadership abilities. Charisma and charm helps. Jon could lead his pack of wolves. That’s not ruling humans but dire wolves. Rickon may challenge him for the that role.
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