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  1. A feud between Sansa and Jon could be interesting. Sansa and her allies battles Jon for control of Winterfell.
  2. It’s not just Ser Barristan who has a low opinion of Jaime. Ned wasn’t a fan. I’m not a fan of Kingslayer Jaime. Jaime is a very bad guy. This is a man who could not tell right from wrong. He’s not a gray character. He’s very dark. Dont believe for a second that this dirtbag has changed. Attempted killing of Bran and the murder of King Aerys are only a few examples of his dirty deeds. He violated guest rights at Winterfell. He knows his son has no right to the throne and continues to play along.
  3. I still would like to see a tragic relationship between Jon and Arya,
  4. I agree. I am not interested in the Starks but it's fine with me if other fans are. There is something in the books for everybody to like. Or dislike. It is Arya Stark who is ridiculous to me. A kid who peels the skin off of corpses and wears them like a mask!
  5. King Aerys II cannot allow Rickard Stark and Robert Baratheon to put themselves in positions to challenge him. I do believe in giving them a chance to obey. And if they refuse to obey and change their plans, then yes, they must be executed. Definitely give them a chance to do right and obey their king. Make them share one urn if they defy Aerys' command.
  6. Slavery is not going to happen, even if it offers economic advantage, if it is not legal. Westeros would benefit economically from slavery but it is outlawed. Economy is not the only thing which drives a society. Religion is very important. The values of the people are not always derived from business. In any case, stopping slavery in Meereen is very feasible. It will mean making war against those who would want to continue slavery, but they have a choice to stop. If they choose to continue with this brutal and immoral practice then they deserve the consequences. Dracarys!
  7. The papacy is a life time office but Benedict stepped down. The question one might ask is can the lord commander be forcibly removed from office. Force here means non-violent. Like an emergency vote among the members of the order. I would guess so. The watch is more democratic.
  8. I don't agree. Free labor is always an advantage for those who have the power to take away the freedom of the others. And yet, it does not happen everywhere. Either do the work yourself or pay somebody else to do the work. Outlaw slavery and make it so that those who break that law are punished.
  9. I also do not see a "path" for her to make it back into the "light." Yes, HoodedCrow is right, she still has some good impulses. She is not completely dark. But it is accurate to say that Arya is more dark than light. She will continue to get darker until only a small amount of good is left. My opinion, her purpose in the story is to show the destructiveness and collateral damage of revenge.
  10. I am not too sure those faceless men will be offended by the wights. The White Walkers are death. The fm may look upon them as Gods and therefore start making more offerings.
  11. Arya Stark will more likely become more like Ramsay Bolton as time goes on. She will remain a Stark because they are a pack, similar to a wolf pack. But yeah, she is getting darker and sicker. A lot like Little Walder. Maybe Big Walder will be Arya's final adversary. He was the person who took out Little Walder as the bigger lad was becoming more like Ramsay. He might have to do the same (or try to) to Arya Stark.
  12. Entertainment doesn't come from watching only two well-matched opponents. A lot of the Ghiscari audience loved to have their laughs at the expense of the entertainers. A good example of this is the dirty joke from Hizdahr to Penny and Tyrion. No contest there but Hizdahr and his people would have found it entertaining. The masters have disturbing sense of humor. All fighting will get very boring after a while. And they have been doing this for a thousand years. The type of show they can come up with is beyond limit. Well, perhaps limited only by the Ghiscari's sick imagination.
  13. I suspect most of the deaths at the Meereen fighting pits are innocents similar to Penny and Tyrion. Basically anybody who can be victimized. Those who the Ghiscari invested a lot of time and training on, say Belwas, were saved for special occasions. Most of the victims had to be those with less training. Slave children, lions, innocents sent out to entertain the Ghiscari. A lot of the acts are sick comedy. It was not all about skilled fighting. Penny and Tyrion were not skilled. They were the comedy relief. Except the comedians do not leave the pits except horizontally. The Meereenese are sick. Almost as sick as the Faceless Men.
  14. I will have to slightly disagree with my forum friends who chose Arya Stark. This is my opinion, but to me, her character border on the ridiculous. Tyrion can also seem really ridiculous at times. It was already mentioned on another topic about Tyrion. A man his size will not be able to use a battle axe effectively. I wanted that out of the way to clear the air. The best written characters? Eddard Stark, Cersei Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen. Those three are tops.
  15. It's not legit, because he failed in his efforts to set up an independent north. Westeros already had a king. Robb was not a king of anything. His will is not going to have any force south of the Neck. But I can believe it if the northern families decided to honor the will to defy the Iron Throne. We do not have the exact words of the will but it removed the status of bastard from Jon at the minimum. It could go so far as to leave Winterfell to Jon. Once that has been done, as in the removal of bastard status, there is no going back. The same thing apply here as it did with King Viserys III and his coronation. It is a permanent transfer once the bastard status is removed and Winterfell has been given to Jon Stark. He remains Lord of Winterfell even if Rickon were to turn up. The most grim possibility of all, Robb despite not being a real king, willed the north to Jon Stark. The most staunch separatists of the north might bite that bait and go along with taking him their new king in the north. Only the sitting monarch on the Iron Throne can change this and only through the use of force by preventing the north from separating. Which is sadly going to be tough to do until they figure out the trick of getting past Moat Cailin. (An unhappy Karstark leading the crown's forces through a safe path around the fortress can solve the problem). I do not agree with the legitimacy of the Will but if the north decided to honor it and the Iron Throne is unwilling to contest it, it will stick. Jon has major public relations issues to overcome. Mance Rayder was acting on Jon's orders and got caught. He also arranged to marry a noble woman to a wildling man. That will not go over well at all with the north. But it's not impossible to jump this hurdle. He will be legitimized and inherit the north if he can overcome his own very serious f-ckups. So what if his hands are cold and his heart ain't beating. Who will know. They don't shake hands. The north is not the huggy, touchy, kissing types. Lack of bathing and fleas forced them to practice social distancing long ago. Like, how far can fleas jump is the minimum social distance between the northern people. Lots of goth make up to cover the paleness, clay putty to seal up the holes from Bowen's knives, he has a chance.
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