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  1. Widowmaker 811

    The cursed libido of House Frey

    George Martin has frowned on reproduction for the sake of reproduction. That is one of the problems Havilland Tuf faced with the Suthlamese and their religion. I am sure he would not approve of people having too many children. Children are the byproducts of sexual relations and that is what libido leads to. I will say libido can be managed through self-discipline. That is what surprises me about Lord Walder. He comes across in every way a very self-disciplined and deliberate man. He played Robb like a broken fiddle and it worked. A man like that should be able to control his libido.
  2. Widowmaker 811

    What if Daenerys was Ugly?

    Then we have a different story because the main character's physical qualities will be different. She will likely still rise to power if she has the same qualities of high intelligence, strong personality, ability to lead people, and compassion for the poor. She may have to go about it differently but she was always meant to hatch dragons. She was always meant to be brave and capable. Every character who has had success in the story was given an advantage. Barristan was certainly a gifted athlete in his youth and had the genes to grow tall. Tyrion was born into the richest family and if he were not, he would have died at the Moon Door without Tywin's generous allowance. Jon the bastard would not have gotten notice at the wall if he had not grown up privileged in Winterfell and gotten proper sword training. Martin injects a dose of realism in the story and it follows good logic that the ones who get ahead had something working for them.
  3. Widowmaker 811

    Marriage Roulette Round 2

    Sansa and Patchface would get on quite nicely. Daario and Penny. Think about it. Daenerys and Drogo, because it makes sense for the Targaryen Princess and the great khal to marry and fulfill the prophecy for Azor Ahai. She needs Drogo to be the Nissa Nissa and birth the dragons. Jon is in the Night's Watch but that doesn't stop him from doing what he's not supposed to. Jon and Arya, because they look alike and it is a symmetry to Jaime and Cersei. Longface + Longface. They will have to die first and live on as wolf mates. Bran. A cripple can still marry if his you know what is functioning. Bran + a Craster daughter. Stark + Stark. Tyrion and Lady Hornwood. Better than Ramsay and gives Tywin a foot hold in the North. Theon and Miranda Royce. They like to plot. Made for each other. Ilyrio and Walda. Rich + Rich = Even Richer.
  4. Widowmaker 811

    Sam in basic training

    Randyll pretty much rejected Samwell and left him to grow up with the ladies of the house. A little more exposure to the outside world and Samwell will have more confidence. To go from a lord's household and then to the wall is like time warp for Samwell. He needed time to adjust. The out of shape recruits should go through a progressively challenging fitness program before taking up the blade. Make this program as challenging as the sword classes to avoid any perceptions of favoritism among the students. Diet and exercise should be the focus of the curriculum. Start off with jogging and work up to running. Serve them reduced fat meals. Keep them on this program until they get in better physical shape before moving on to fighting. This can help Samwell develop better self-esteem and self-confidence.
  5. Widowmaker 811

    Illyrio dragon eggs. a plot hole?

    Zuck was in the hot seat a few weeks ago. The Sultan of Brunei gives his daughter her own tropical island for her wedding gift.
  6. Widowmaker 811

    Illyrio dragon eggs. a plot hole?

    Varys had one bad experience with sorcery. Or so he claims. One can never tell with him. He shouldn't have the balls to do this.
  7. Widowmaker 811

    The dragontamer and the arrow

    Q and his comrades were playing with fire. Always a dangerous thing to do. The motto should say "don't fu-- with dragons!" They had no right to steal the dragons and I am glad he got flamed. Who shot the arrow and why? Some trigger-happy mercenary is my best guess. I saw this question before and read many different answers. Daario's lackey is one proposed suspect. The Dornishmen made a fool out of him and he has a grudge about that. The sequence of events doesn't support this because Daario was already held by the enemy. Preston Jacobs has his thoughts and perhaps that is worth considering. I believe Q is deader than Ned and Robb Stark. Though he still has his head. I enjoyed Q's adventures but I am glad he got broiled for trying to steal Dany's dragons.
  8. Widowmaker 811

    What are the ASOIAF characters' boggarts?

    Walder: losing The Twins The Harpy: permanent ban on slavery Belwas: onion shortage Greyworm: nothing, he fears nothing Sansa: breaking her nails Qyburn: dad's disapproval Hizdahr: a world without the fighting pits Victarion: Euron Theon: Ramsay's fillet knife Stannis: truth Mellissandre: cold and darkness Bran: never walking again Jon: an oath he has to keep Cersei: the valonguar Sam: combat White Walkers: summer time Wildlings: dragons Dothraki: the ocean Great Masters: slave revolt Val: greyscale Sweet Robin: losing mother's milk Skahaz Mo Kandaq: the Loraqs Yezzan: diarrhea
  9. Widowmaker 811

    The Regional Cuisine

    Yes. I meant cannibalism. To your point, prejudice exists. Like the green mouth of the frog eaters. Set this aside for the moment and let's examine what's happening in the plot. Bran tasted foul flesh from a wight through Summer. Stannis B.'s men went cannibal on him. Just consider this as the author's way of preparing people for hard times. Those who can set aside the yuck factor and do what they can to survive may live longer than the ones who can't. Sansa doesn't have it in her to catch her own food nor to butcher her own food. She is not going to survive the hard times brought on by a prolonged winter. Dany can make herself eat horse heart. That proves to me that she is very strong and can do what she needs to do to survive during a famine. That book scene is full of meanings but this suffice for our talk. That is what I meant when I said nothing is off the table when it comes down to survival.
  10. Widowmaker 811

    Sam in basic training

    This is off to the side but may contribute to our understanding of Sam's circumstances. A leader has responsibilities to the folks below. The pursuit of self actualization is nice but responsibility comes first. Sam's dad did the right thing when he kept his unfit son from succeeding him. We may argue whether sending him to the wall was the right decision but I think all of you would agree that the welfare and the safety of the small folk will be better served with Sam out of the picture. Responsibility to the people come before responsibility to family. Randyll understood it. The NW would be so much better off if only Jon Snow understood that and prioritized his responsibilities accordingly. Family should rank pretty low on the priority ladder. And for a man of the watch, family should not be a priority at all. Randyll could send Sam to Oldtown like he wanted. But I am not even sure Samwell can make the cut with the maesters. Just because they don't hack with swords doesn't mean those grey rats don't get mean. I think we will see some friction between Leo and Sam. I hope so. That will be interesting to me.
  11. Widowmaker 811

    Sam in basic training

    Alliser is a brave man and expected all of his students to be the same. Unfortunately, he got burdened with Samwell. He's a coach who has to win a game that isn't game and he can't choose his players. In comes this woefully inadequate young man that he has to train.
  12. Widowmaker 811

    Does Alliser Thorne know about Jon's true parentage?

    Ah no. He doesn't like Jon because the boy has a bad attitude and he believes Ned Stark fathered the bastard. Besides, I don't believe Jon is Rhaegar's son. Most likely it was either Brandon Stark or Mance Rayder who got Lyanna Stark pregnant.
  13. Widowmaker 811

    The Regional Cuisine

    Nothing is off the table when it comes to survival but I would hope to avoid eating Skaagosi style. Can't say I'm fond of eating puppies on sticks either. The Dothraki eat horse meat which is really not bad. The Reach has the best balanced diet due to easier access to fruits and vegetables. The North is probably malnourished.
  14. Widowmaker 811

    Wolfs Blood Traits?

    We got to know Ned during his middle years, which is his thirties for the normal life span of his world. He was calm by then. He might have been less calm in his youth but I don't think he was as bad as Brandon and Lyanna.
  15. Widowmaker 811

    Wolfs Blood Traits?

    Jon is a dull fellow but he behaves like a pack dog when it comes to the Starks. He chose his Stark pack over his duties to the realm and betrayed the Night's Watch for Arya. He has the trait of a wolf in that regards.