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  1. They were boyhood friends who fought together in war. Aerys was his king and thus entitled to a lot of leeway. Tywin saw something in Aerys that reminded him of the friend who fought battles with him. He remembered the king as he once was rather than the man he has become. This friendship meant a lot to both guys. Aerys' illness was not his totally his fault. The Duskendale experience could ruin the minds of most normal people. Don't forget Pycelle and the maesters were probably poisoning the man and his family.
  2. Widowmaker 811

    Secrets best left buried (Fire & Blood)

    The roasted horrors. Aerea ate infected meat. It's pretty hard for a worm to chase down a speedy youngster. Aerea got fireworms from something she "et".
  3. Widowmaker 811

    Renly winning would have been a disaster.

    Renly technically had a loophole. You see, Robert took the throne from their rightful king. Nobody can question Aerys Targaryen's right to rule. If Robert can break the law and remove his rightful king so can Renly. Robert's Rebellion created a loophole that was not there before. It's a bad precedent. Westeros would have been better off suffering Aerys Targaryen until the end of his reign.
  4. Widowmaker 811

    Secrets best left buried (Fire & Blood)

    Drogon was rescuing Dany and took her to a place of his safety. Mind you, safety by his standards. Drogo's spirit would know where to take her. Drogon was protecting Dany from danger. To say in Meereen could have been more dangerous for her. Back to the Dothraki in order to fulfill her destiny and unite the khalasars into one. Balerion decided to take a vacation and cared not what happened to Aerea.
  5. Widowmaker 811

    Secrets best left buried (Fire & Blood)

    His dragon horn and his armor. He could have plundered the owner of the armor. Found it in a pawn shop where the proprietor is quite ignorant of what he had.
  6. Widowmaker 811

    Secrets best left buried (Fire & Blood)

    So this is where my topic went. The admin or admins moved my topic to this section. Oh well. It's fine.
  7. Widowmaker 811

    Is there anything that points to what is Qyburn’s heritage?

    He's just a man of science looking for somebody to fund his research. His loyalties are to his research.
  8. Widowmaker 811

    The three Kingsguard were loyal to Rhaegar, not Aerys.

    Having the Kingsguards in his pocket is akin to having the praetorian guards in his pocket. Rhaegar would not have had to dance around like he did if that were the case. The fact that Aerys could order him around meant that Rhaegar did not have the backing of the Kingsguard. Rhaegar had to hide out to do what he was doing. Whatever that might be. What he was doing could not be done in the open. Because he was powerless. He was not the king. He was not going to become king. Aerys was the man of power and the man who was calling the shots.
  9. Widowmaker 811

    Frozen Hell

    The George is putting a spin on our perception of what hell is. The bible paints a fiery hell. God destroyed cities with fire and brimstone. That's according to the bible. Hell in ASOIAF is ice. Cold is the absence of heat. Dark is the absence of light. Heat and light is what gives life to the universe. The absence of both is cold and dark. Death. The bringer of death in the story is ice.
  10. What buried secret was uncovered in Valyria? I seem to recall a similar theme in the Lord of the Rings. The dwarf miners dug too deep in the earth and released an ancient creature. Might the Valyrians have made the same mistake? Is this George Martin speaking out against uncontrolled greed? Barth's theory is sound. Balerion took Aerea back to his "childhood" home. The Black Dread was probably homesick for the place where he was born. Other creatures of fire now inhabit the peninsula. The pair tangle with one or more such creatures. It sounds heartless but Aerea got her punishment for stealing a dragon. Maybe the same fate is waiting for future dragon thieves. Euron says he visited Valyria. Yet he wasn't struck with the same illness. Lucky or lying? It's better if he's lying. It is theoretically possible that his ship is carrying infected crew members.
  11. Widowmaker 811

    Least favourite POV character per book

    POVs from each book that I hated. Game of Thrones - Jon Clash of Kings - Arya Storm of Swords - Jon Feast for Crows - Jaime Dance with Dragons - Jon
  12. Widowmaker 811

    Can Cat be happy?

    Stoneheart is for her unforgiving drive to kill all of the people who fought against the Starks. Even that hate is an emotion. If hate can exists so can love. If there is ice there is also fire. Dark and the light. Anyway without getting into philosophy, a living Arya is a partner to her goals to kill all of her enemies. It's screwed up. But they're both very messed up.
  13. Widowmaker 811

    Does GRRM hate heroism or avoid it? (Jon and Quentyn comparison)

    Nomex and Sunblock SPF 5000 couldn't save that guy.
  14. Widowmaker 811

    Does GRRM hate heroism or avoid it? (Jon and Quentyn comparison)

    I wonder about that. Maybe his opinion of what a heroine/hero is differ from yours or mine. The forums is proof of people each having their own opinion of what makes a heroine/hero. George dramatizes because this is fantasy. It's bigger than real life. So the heroine/hero will do things that many people in real life will never get to do.
  15. Widowmaker 811

    Strongest castles in Westeros

    Any castle can be taken. There are more ways to penetrate her defenses instead of a direct assault.