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  1. The facts of the matter for Ned were not in question. There were witnesses in the throne room and it looked like treason. His admission settled the question of guilt.
  2. Arya and Euron. Both of them are bloodthirsty. He might make Arya his future wife.
  3. Inconsistency. Inconsistency in the writing. He was acting out of character.
  4. Sansa, Petyr, and the ground below the moon door at about 20 fps. Would have been an epic three way meeting.
  5. Marwyn is not the typical maester. Daenerys is not your average noblewoman. She’s the heir to Westeros and the Targaryen who brought back the mighty dragons. It’s natural for Marwyn to want to be in her council.
  6. Volantis’ ruling people deserves to get punished for the sin of slavery. With that being said, Daenerys is not going to sack the city. The former slaves will distribute the resources of the masters. It will be a less bloody war for independence if she arrives with her dragons before the slaves start their rebellion. But the Widow is already prepared. The slaves will revolt on their own and the war will last long. Slavery needs to end. Better if it can end peacefully but if there must be war, then war it will be.
  7. Is Marwyn a Targaryen? It is possible but why not say “because our blood could not be trusted.” He could come from a loyal house. Darry.
  8. Yes. And to assist his rightful monarch and ruler, Queen Daenerys.
  9. The story would have started in the middle of a Martell-Lannister war. Oberyn doesn’t have enough patience for a long revenge plan.
  10. People have proposed that the others are a hive minded. They would have to have a leader. The Nights Queen was that leader. She found a male Stark to have children with. The Starks are special to the others. Maybe they share genes and therefore are compatible.
  11. That’s just Robert being unhappy and bitter. Both are dead and gone. The dead have no one. That could change when Jon comes back wighted. Arya and he could live together like the NK did with his corpse bride. Arya and her corpse groom.
  12. You obviously don’t understand Sansa’s character, even if there isn’t much to understand. Sansa is selfish and she’s basically an airhead. Not evil, but definitely not a deep character.
  13. There are a lot of one dimensional minor characters. But it’s more interesting to talk about one-dimensional mains. I think Sansa is pretty much a character who has little depth. While not exactly one dimensional, she is not complex. Her dominant trait is selfishness.
  14. We can’t assume that the Starks would give Sandy a generous reward. He murdered Micah. Though they might do something under the table but it will be less than what Sandor can hope for. Robb is a Stark. And the Starks are hypocrites. Wolf boy could just as easily punish Sandor.
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