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  1. That could have been a good insurance policy. Rickon inherits nothing though. Walder's family will have to support his destitute son-in-law, for like, you know, his entire life. Nobles don't usually work. Rickon is not about to take up the plow. Walder got what he wanted in the end. A foothold in the north. His daughter is married to the Warden of the North. His grandchildren will be heirs to Winterfell. He got rid of the annoying Tullys.
  2. Widowmaker 811

    The election of the Lord Commander

    The most qualified and the better choice would have been Ser Alliser Thorne. The problem with Jon was not his inexperience. I hate to use the phrase that was coined here and often used on the forums, but it is true, Jon and the Starks have a strong pack instinct. Jon suffers from the same pack mentality that the other Starks do. His deepest loyalties are really to the Starks. The Starks will support each other whether right or wrong, for the better or not. It's what drove him to carry out the unjust execution of his fellow sworn brother, what motivated him to put aside Mance Rayder's crimes, and why he was about to attack the noble families of the north with an army of wildlings.
  3. Widowmaker 811

    For the good of the Realm

    Bloodraven wanted to keep the realm stable. Allowing the Blackfyres to pull off a takeover will create long-term instability. Just look what happened after Robert's Rebellion. Keeping the Targaryens on the throne kept the realm more stable than it would have been under the Blackfyres. Bloodraven basically wants to serve the realm and he's willing to do some very questionable things in order to make sure the land is safe. He got sent to the Wall for doing something unethical but effective.
  4. True. Maybe this is GRRM's way of punishing Catelyn for her role in the WOTFKS and the murder of Aegon Frey.
  5. Widowmaker 811

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    Ned was only trying to make Arya feel better. Arya can share some of the same features with Lyanna and still not look the same. The Freys have weak chin but they don't all look the same. The Manderly's are all apple shaped people but they don't all look the same. You can tell them apart. So it is possible for Arya and Lyanna to share the same family appearance but still not look like twins. Arya is not called horseface simply for having slightly long face. She must also have features that are not attractive. And to your point that she may grow up looking alright, yeah, that is very possible.
  6. Widowmaker 811

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    I sure hope Jon's path has ended with his assassination. By destiny, I hope you don't mean for this bonehead to rule the kingdom. Jon's fans must be blind if they don't see how unfit he is for the leadership of a realm. A man who cannot follow rules that he expects others to follow is not good leadership material for a society. The only place where his personality would fit in is with the wildlings.
  7. Do you believe in the Southron Ambitions conspiracy theory? The theory that the Starks and the Baratheons were plotting all along to put Robert on the throne? I support the theory. The blood alliance created between Stark, Baratheon, Arryn, and Tully would enable the conspirators to challenge their rightful rulers, the Targaryens.
  8. Probably. Unless he stepped up to the plate and changed himself.
  9. Widowmaker 811

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    The hero of the story isn't the guy who can't control his emotions and betrayed the Night's Watch for his sister. This is not really a story with set heroes and villains. Some characters through their actions, intended or unintended, cause more harm than good. Jon's caused a great deal of harm. The lady with the nukes is working to bring freedom to the slaves of Essos. That is a heroic act. One of the "heroes" (protagonist might be a better word) of GRRM's short stories is a man called Havilland Tuf, who got control of a powerful ship that gave him the power to shape entire worlds. Having this great power does not make him a bad guy. So it is not accurate to say "GRRM doesn't write stories where the guy with the nukes is the good guy." That is not accurate at all. GRRM is a smart man. He understands that you need power in order to bring change.
  10. The white walkers are still coming. Daenerys and her dragons are necessary. Having Daenerys grow up in the court of Rhaegar is not good preparation. She needed to spend time in the east, meet the warlocks, quaithe, live with the Dothraki, rescue the Unsullied, and help the slaves become free. Events needed to happen the way they did, in my opinion. The crannogman is a bit player in the scheme of things but his role was needed.
  11. Widowmaker 811

    Targayen visit? Or Company of Thorin visit?

    The Queen met with the Lord Commander. We can assume he asked for these lands.
  12. Widowmaker 811

    Why didn't cersei hire a faceless man to kill tyrion?

    Tyrion is a small threat. She already has thugs sending her dwarf body parts in the hopes of a reward. A bounty is more effective.
  13. It was a sanctioned trial. Aerion would be dead and Dunk would win the case. Which he did. That is what passes for a trial in barbarian land.
  14. Widowmaker 811

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    I agree with this too. They should have a chance to choose the right path, which will not happen if they remain with their slave-owning parents.
  15. Widowmaker 811

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    I agree. If you kill them they are lost for good. There is no going back should you change your mind later. There is a potential for them to be different from their slave-owning parents.