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  1. Widowmaker 811

    The Myth of the Self-made Person

    That's their system at work. All of the noble families got ahead by doing those things.
  2. Widowmaker 811

    Was the drowning of the Reynes justified?

    It's a worthwhile comparison between Tywin vs. Reyne and Aerys vs. Darklyn. Aerys was a little less cruel when you consider what the Darklyns did to him. The Reynes never laid a hand on Tywin.
  3. Widowmaker 811

    Drastic or unforgivable acts

    Both would see the inside of a jail cell because he took the law in his hands. Citizens may sit in judgment on the trials of their peers but may not carry out the sentence. Today. Ramsay got the right when he became Bolton's heir. As a nobleman of the north tasked with its management during the absence of Roose, yeah, you could say he sort of has the right. The sticking point is Theon's family are nobles too. The Starks and Stannis are labeled outlaws. The Crown would not consider them to have this authority. So sad as it may be, the Boltons have the law on their side to punish Theon. They can also look away. People did for Ramsay's crimes. The man was tormenting women and the rest of the north looked away. I suppose the Boltons could choose to let Theon's crimes slide.
  4. Widowmaker 811

    Daenerys & Mirri Maaz Duur

    Her reasons are more justified than the Starks, in my opinion. Especially if the Starks were plotting with the Baratheons to overthrow the Targaryens. Aerys had a right to deal with the Starks and the Baratheons in any manner he wished if they were conspiring against him.
  5. Widowmaker 811

    Why don't the Kingsguard go full Praetorian Guard?

    It is a fair comparison.
  6. Widowmaker 811

    Drastic or unforgivable acts

    War traumatized a lot of people. Her own family is guilty of bringing suffering to a lot of people who have nothing to do with their feud. It's not ok for them to murder. It's not ok for her to murder. The killing of the insurance agent in Braavos was unforgivable.
  7. Widowmaker 811

    Drastic or unforgivable acts

    Justice is sometimes impossible. Those two peasant boys can't be given their lives back. Theon deserves to be punished and he got punished. At what level is it enough? Can it ever be enough? What benefit would further punishment bring to the parents? The fitting punishment for the murder of the peasant kids is an execution. Torture would be fine if there was benefit to it. There isn't. As it stands, he has suffered worse than death. Theon though is a nobleman and the murder of the peasant boys would have gone largely unpunished if the legal system was intact in the north. We are talking philosophically.
  8. Widowmaker 811

    Drastic or unforgivable acts

    Just to speak up for Theon here. I don't like the guy but we need to remember his condition. He was a hostage and the Starks would have killed him if papa Balon rebel again. So that mitigates his decision to take Winterfell. The murder of the two farm children are unforgivable. His turning his back on the Starks can be defended on the grounds that he was their prisoner.
  9. Widowmaker 811

    Strategic marriage for Catelyn

    The prospective husband will have no claim to riverun and Winterfell. Cat also brings along one difficult daughter in Arya and a crippled son in Bran to the marriage. How much wealth the Starks can bring to the husband is highly in question. How good a match will be determined by the depth of Hoster's pocket book.
  10. Widowmaker 811

    The Astapori situation

    Slavery didn't exactly end suddenly in the south. Yes it ended legally. But slavery existed in the south for a time. Thanks to Daenerys Targaryen, 8000 plus Unsullied are free. Puppies and newborn babies are no longer ritualistically murdered daily. Yes, the situation is bad, but don't kid yourself. It was terrible before. I would have done as Daenerys did. There is always time to build up strength and fix the city later. The most important matter at hand was to free the Unsullied.
  11. Widowmaker 811

    Accidental Asshai Theory

    Matte surfaces absorb light. The stones used to build the city are not obsidian. Carbonized stones?
  12. Widowmaker 811

    Daenerys & Mirri Maaz Duur

    There are a lot of unknowns to magic. It is not an exact science. If at all. Mirri thinks one thing. Marwyn another. Daenerys has her own opinions. Mellisandre has her beliefs. Who is to say which one is right. Don't rule out old-fashioned murder and tricky illusions. It is very easy for the midwife to murder a newborn baby without the use of magic, and then use deception and illusion to fool the superstitious into seeing wings. Mirri M Duur could have skinned a lizard, dewinged bats and glued them onto the baby. Who really got a closer look? Daenerys never even saw her baby. She was relying on the testimony of the superstitious women around her. The why and how is not really of import. Rhaego was murdered. The universe may consider him king already. Depending on its standards. Viserys was the Targaryen king. Drogo was a king to his people. That's a lot of royalty dying in a short span of time. Daenerys has magic. Mirri has magic tricks. The ingredients brought back the dragons.
  13. Widowmaker 811

    Red Wedding/Character deaths?

    In service to tell one helluva story.
  14. Widowmaker 811

    Why didn't Rhaella leave Dragonstone?

    Very good answers, Ser. Very good indeed. The Prince Viserys became King Viserys III. Westeros is theirs by right. It is not something any family can easily walk away from. That is similar to the Starks wanting to keep the north and later planning to take it back from the Ironborn. One should also remember, Queen Rhaella and the majority of Westerosi have never been outside the kingdom. It is all they have known. The Queen will have had the privilege of meeting and talking to Essosi during her reign but she would naturally prefer her home.
  15. Widowmaker 811

    I hate Roose Bolton

    He did right by his levies. Perhaps that is reason for men like Steelshanks do not hate him. He also did right by the king of Westeros.