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  1. I see the NYT is reporting that at least 233 staff members at two San Francisco hospitals have contracted Covid-19, mainly Delta, and all were fully vaccinated.
  2. Not time yet! I went to a friend’s birthday party and drank more wine than I have in two years. I need to sit and drink a couple of tumblers of water now before I go to bed!
  3. Speaking of funding people, Mike Lindell, the pillow guy, says he’s “suspending” his advertising on Fox for the moment. Apparently he’s unhappy that Fox is not accepting ads for some special event he’s running to celebrate the day in August when the SCOTUS votes 9-0 to restore Trump to the presidency.
  4. It’s Thursday already guys, and I still need entries, please!
  5. Los Angeles made money for two reasons, they didn’t have to build a stadium (nor many other facilities, because they had them) and the US has fabulously wealthy companies located in California who sponsored the games. Not too many regions in the world have so many billion and trillion dollar companies in the area that can open up their wallets and donate. Also, a third reason - Mexico hosted the games in 1968 on a shoestring, and the LA organizers studied the cheap techniques used in Mexico City, like using buckets of paint to decorate neighborhoods instead of more costly decoration and, believe it or not, the creative use of cardboard. They even did creative things like using local flowers in bouquets instead of the traditional roses. There have been suggestions that with the droughts in California, cactus plants should be given in the next games….
  6. I saw a brief clip of Kenney saying something like ‘we are going to rely on science, on vaccinations, instead!’ Hilarious, considering Alberta has one of the lowest number of first vaccinations in the country. I saw Alberta had 194 cases yesterday, while Ontario had 158, but Ontario has 14.5 M people and Alberta has 4 M. Ontario’s number has jumped to 215 today, which is worrisome, the first number over 200 in three weeks. But we’d need almost 700 cases to match Alberta.
  7. My brother was telling me he spent some time on the cruise ship boards last night (we had joked the other day about booking a cruise) and it sounds like the cruise companies have eliminated Canadians from their customer lists. Royal Caribbean, for example, has these two rules, among others: people who have received two different vaccines are not considered vaccinated, and people who have had their second shot more than 42 days after their first shot will not be considered vaccinated. F**k them.
  8. Lol, I’m watching CNN and they’re about to do a story on how Mo Brooks was wearing body armor under his clothes at that “very peaceful” Trump rally on January 6th. eta: from a report in Slate. He was told the situation might be volatile over the next few days, so he didn’t go to his condo but slept at his office instead. He wore that windbreaker at the rally to conceal the body armor. So Brooks was warned of possible trouble and then goes to the rally and makes an incendiary speech about collecting names and kicking ass. Nice.
  9. Another comment about Montreal. For decades they had the reputation of having the worst roads and other infrastructure in Canada because, you know, they couldn’t afford to repair anything or build anything. Bridges had concrete falling off of them and an overpass collapsed, killing people. The major bridge connecting the island of Montreal to the south shore had to have traffic restrictions on it for ages because people were worried about the amount of weight it could carry. The federal government had to provide infrastructure money to replace it.
  10. No, it was a quick rundown of their earnings report and comments about the year. There might be a press release with more details, though.
  11. Montreal is a big city and when they bid for the Olympics their brash mayor bragged the Olympics could no more have a deficit than a man could have a baby. Cartoonists drew him as pregnant for the rest of his life. The Games were held in 1976 and they didn’t retire their debt until 2006. The stadium alone was supposed to cost $250 M but had a final price tag of $1.4 B. No professional sports team uses it anymore and chunks of concrete have been falling off of it. On the other hand, it did leave some other legacies. Lotteries finally became legal in Canada, with a new federal lottery created to help pay off the Olympic debt. And while the stadium isn’t used by any pro teams, the entryway has become such a famous skateboarding pipe that apparently it’s one of the spots boarders dream of doing before they die.
  12. Japan has a population of 126 M, and had 4,300 cases yesterday. The US has a population of 330 M and had 60,000 cases yesterday. Is the US shutting down professional, college and amateur sports because ‘many people may suffer and die’? At the Japanese rate the US would have, what, 10,000 or 11,000 cases?
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