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  1. larrytheimp

    U.S. Politics: Would You Like A Warranty With Your Magic Beans?

    For anyone who doesn't get why voting for Trump is seen by many as a racist act, this radio show / podcast from Arun Gupta does a pretty good job of describing certain institutionalized aspects of racism in America. And I'm not talking about stuff from the 1800s. The US today is built on white supremacy. Policing, Property, and Evangelism
  2. larrytheimp

    What was the last time you had your "mind blown"?

    Oh, it goes beyond mere gut bacteria. Your gut has all kinds of feels!
  3. larrytheimp

    U.S. Politics: Would You Like A Warranty With Your Magic Beans?

    Great post. This will definitely increase Trump's approval at home.
  4. It sends the message that you develop nukes, you get a seat at the table. As soon as they test nukes, they get a sit down with the president. He's not giving up his nukes. This whole thing is a farce. If something positive comes from it great, but we all know that's not going to be the case. My bet is Kim feels emboldened.
  5. This has nothing to do with teams or leading. This is the sports equivalent of say, whoever won the World Series playing a wiffleball homerun derby with a bunch of Jose Canseco's roid buddies from the gym. This isn't anything for the US yet. It's great for Kim and that's about it so far.
  6. larrytheimp

    What type of laugh do you have?

    Was told today that I have a rich and uproarious laugh. Situation was I was in the vehicle laughing about something I'd said earlier and was struck by how rich and uproarious it was. Told myself "you have a rich and uproarious laugh, Larry." I tried to record it but I doubt even Abbey Road in 1968 could have captured these intangibles, so you'll just have to take my word for it.
  7. larrytheimp

    Bakker LIV - Soul Sphincter

    Bakker made it pretty clear with how he ended the series that all the nods to Blood Meridian, Paradise Lost, Dune, and LotR were essentially flying a fan flag and nothing more. Oh wait except when it seemed like they were but they really weren't, that was just the reader projecting expectations of meaning onto the text. Funny how the entire exercise of reading changes when meaning disappears. It breaks the cycle of the reader and the read.
  8. Lol can't believe I didn't realize this was MSJ. Welcome back. But really man no need for sockpuppets wtf. And it must be difficult to tread the line of "I'm a non-racist anti-gun liberal but..." and then defend a bunch of arguments antithetical to your core values. Kudos!
  9. Right now, since you're asking, kindly dump that coffee in the sink or on the rose bushes and give me seven beers, please.
  10. All fetuses with guns are good fetuses with guns. They're like cops.
  11. Patriotism is like pornography, you know it when you see it
  12. larrytheimp

    U.S. Politics: He's an Idiot, Plain and Simple

    I think it's less polarized than it seems from the outside. If you live in the sticks, it's like 60-40 conservative to liberal. In the cities and burbs, the other way around, with a a few aberrations. I think what you'll find now is that there are fewer people who are liberal on some shit and conservative on other shit. Yeah there are exceptions but the parties have become more polarized, not the electorate. They both used to have a little more 'purple' territory (and certainly still do in some areas, see Lamb in PA, Ojeda in WV)
  13. larrytheimp

    Teaching Public Administration - Beyond Balzac

    Ooh that's a great idea, have them fill out FOIA requests or apply for a variance or something. Or have them shadow people going through some process. Are you in DC? Field trip to GSA!
  14. larrytheimp

    U.S. Politics: He's an Idiot, Plain and Simple

    It's not a monolithic block of nonvoters, and who votes in each election changes. There is voter disenfranchisement, whereby people are structurally prevented from voting, voter apathy, people who only vote in Presidential elections, etc. The ones not living cushy lives are the ones most prevented from voting is probably the best way of describing your inquiry.
  15. larrytheimp

    U.S. Politics: He's an Idiot, Plain and Simple

    That's not a contradiction. The low voter turnout is THE fucking reason we get on everybody (why you see this shit on Facebook) about getting out and voting and why BOTH SIDES (zomg!!!) and emphasize turning out your base as a fundamental to electoral victory. ETA: also, if you've been paying attention, the GOP has made a massive push to limit voter turnout of people of color. It's like the second wave Jim Crow. Eta2: another reason for low voter turnout is that most Americans lead (on a relative world scale) cushy fucking lives thanks to military backed capitalism and centuries of colonialism and rapey imperialist policies. When you strong arm the world into giving you resources for nothing and then selling them back overpriced manufactured goods you feel special and warm and just knowing the voting booth is out there hits you right in the feels.