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  1. larrytheimp

    US Politics: Shutbound & Down

    I mean if you start with the premise that the president can dictate foreign policy independent of the military industrial complex, having none is certainly better than any US foreign policy since, well, basically ever.
  2. larrytheimp

    US Politics: Shutbound & Down

    I agree, but that was 2016. I voted for Sanders in the primary. I just think that today, the party has moved left, and he's no longer the only option to Clinton. I think half the reason he was popular with younger voters is that he wasn't Clinton. Most of his policy stuff I'm down with in a general way but I was a little concerned that his foreign policy wasn't more openly pacifist. I think the best thing Sanders did was show that there is a lot of popular support for a more progressive domestic agenda that really seeks to address income inequality.
  3. larrytheimp

    US Politics: Shutbound & Down

    Western PA, and Ohio, if they aren't part of the Midwest, what are they?
  4. larrytheimp

    US Politics: Shutbound & Down

    Just wanted to say that on voting record, Gillibrand is probably right there with Sanders and Warren, and currently probably sits to the left of both of them. She took a lot of flak for her comments on Franken, but out of the entire field, she's my favorite right now. I don't think she's very 'electable' but I think policy-wise she's a cut above the rest in substance and stance. I like Harris but the fact that she's kind of a cop freaks me out a little bit. Beto I think would be vulnerable on his DUI he tried to run away from but apparently it's not much of an issue. Policy wise he is way to centrist for me, but I'd vote for anyone you listed. I like Booker and that he isn't afraid to actually take a stand on shit bit I'm kind of nervous about his big pharma $. Agree that Warren and Sanders are too old. If the Dems wanna win in 2020 they need to turn out the under 30 vote. If they could get 75% of college students to vote they'd probably be unstoppable.
  5. larrytheimp

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    I think ater you turn 70 or some other appropriate # you need to successfully drive an electric cart through a course while drinking wine from a Pringles can to be allowed to keep your license. They can call it the Gene Wolfe Senior Slalom or something.
  6. larrytheimp

    US Politics: Shutbound & Down

    Live free or die, mofo
  7. larrytheimp

    US Politics: Shutbound & Down

    Hilarious that he uses the religious litmus test defense considering that being Christian has basically been a litmus test of its own. Oh, and hey Pence, there are plenty of Christians who have no issue with LGBTQ people beinf treated like people. Don't hide your bigotry behind your faith.
  8. larrytheimp

    U.S. Politics: Phantom of the Emergency

    I was more referring to the "rabid left" (which probably has some overlap with the emergent faction you mention). I don't think you can say that moderate Dems were against the Iraq War, unless it's after the fact. I'm sure there are a few exceptions but I remember being surprised and frustrated at the time about how many Dems and liberals were ok with it. For reference, I'm 35, college dropout, rural (at the moment) white voter.
  9. larrytheimp

    U.S. Politics: Phantom of the Emergency

    Apologies, didn't mean you specifically at all. Just quoted you for the reference to the vitriol. Also, a lot of us feel like we earned it. I was very vocally against the Iraq War from the yellow cake uranium Valerie Plame shit and before. There's definitely an "I told you so" aspect to it and I'm not really stoked to be compromising with the party loyalists and what not, or voting for Hillary, but when November rolls around I'm there. ETA:. The MRA Bernie Bros can get fucked.
  10. larrytheimp

    U.S. Politics: Phantom of the Emergency

    This goes both ways - I'm definitely in the rabid left camp and my moderate relatives tell me im crazyand rabid and pushing for a Green New Deal and higher marginal taxes are going to push people to the GOP. I suck it up and accept that Joe Manchin exists and is better than an R, you guys can accept that AOC and the younger more socialist leftists are part of your coalition.
  11. larrytheimp

    Favorite books/series about elves?

    Stanek, duh
  12. larrytheimp

    U.S. Politics: Phantom of the Emergency

    Yah, he's also the Judiciary Chairman who just tweeted that one of his priorities is confirming "conservative judges". Huh, I thought judicial appointments wereb't supposed to be political. At least he's dropping the pretext of being a public servant?
  13. larrytheimp

    International News Thread

    Failed coup attempt in Gabon. US sent 80 soldiers there a couple days previous.
  14. larrytheimp

    Favorite books/series about elves?

    Bakker's Cunuroi are the definitive take on Tolkien's elves.
  15. larrytheimp

    2018: Your Year In Review

    I'm going with the 30,000th orgasm of the year. Trouble is that market constraints like lube delivery and congressional approval are deterministic in a way that limits purely quantitative gains. With that in mind I'm planning on reading more books and eating more grilled cheese sandwiches.