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  1. It sounds like they haven't been taken seriously by the Dems and they should be. It may be worth noting that Monahan hasn't asked for more of a platform or a 'full and fair hearing', and that she also hasn't asked Ellison to withdraw or for people to not support him. I'm glad I'm not a MN voter. It's also worth noting that unlike Ellison, Kavanaugh isn't running for office, he's been nominated for a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the US. Also unlike Ellison, Kavanaugh has the blessings of the part of this country that want to take away women's bodily autononomy. So yes Monahan deserves to be believed and heard but unless I'm missing something this seems like whataboutism. Would you have brought her up in this thread without the accusation against Kavanaugh?
  2. larrytheimp

    Binge reading

    I binged the first ten or so O'Brian books but now I'm trying to spread the rest out because I don't want then to end. I guess I could always re-read them but I was kind of hoping the unfinished one would be the last thing I ever read. Should probably get a copy at some point and keep it close by for when death comes a knocking.
  3. larrytheimp

    The Acts of Caine, Matthew Stover

    I didn't even know print on demand was a thing. I thought they only printed books by, like, the thousands, or didn't at all.
  4. Also, it's tough to roll a joint on a digital copy unless you have a tablet. On the other hand I've rolled thousands of joints on book covers, album covers, even CD covers, and I used to store them in an empty cassette case in my pocket to prevent squishage. So at least there's that. Not so easy to do on a *.pdf or a *.mp3 (ok mp3s are FINE!)
  5. larrytheimp

    European Union Copy Rights Article 13

    Just wanted to say I love the new av/handle dude, good taste ya got there
  6. larrytheimp

    Binge reading

    Yeah this is almost exactly what I do, although the last few years I've been attempting to moderate it by moving along after reading a few books by one author.
  7. It's really not trivial. That money could have done a lot for people in Puerto Rico.
  8. larrytheimp

    Underwhelmed by Tolkien

    You quit at the worst possible spot, it sounds like, going by what you've described. The second two installments are much more influential in the series you've enjoyed. And if you think of LotR as a single book (which it is) you're not even halfway through. I think LotR is about the same size or smaller than A Storm of Swords, for instance. I'd take another crack at it. If you don't like it you can shred it here!
  9. larrytheimp

    Bakker LV - Nau's Ark

    Re:kelmomas as no god- The 'point in time' that he became predestined to be the No-God is when he became the No-God, and then he always was and would be. What came after determined what came before. It's not a linear time thing. And it's the exception to the logos. The problem with the Reddit ama is that it revealed Bakker thought some stuff out really thoroughly and then just threw other stuff into the books because it seemed cool. I don't think he really worked out the metaphysics of the Outside and souls much more than suggesting some gnostic shit. I don't think he really thought of a system that could answer some of the questions posed on this page
  10. larrytheimp

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    I'll buy you a drink sometime.
  11. larrytheimp

    U.S. Politics: A Song Of Mimes And Musicians

    Even IF immigration lowered wages for most people it's only economic justice, kind of like reparations, and it shouldn't be looked at as a negative. What the fuck makes a US citizen worth more than someone born somewhere else? Arguing against immigration from an economic standpoint is gross and disgusting. You've had a cushy life thanks to colonialism, imperialism, and the economic advantage of slavery. Sorry, but that pendulum is going to swing back. Anti-globalists can suck my balls. The idea that the resources of this world should be divided up more or less equally shouldn't be a radical position. Anyone calling for more strict immigration is a loser racist garbage dweller, whether you think of yourself that way or not.
  12. larrytheimp

    Healthy delicious vegan Nutella alternative

    All my new age friends are raving about the raw air diet.
  13. larrytheimp

    Healthy delicious vegan Nutella alternative

    Can I make it with raw milk?
  14. larrytheimp

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    Thanks guys. Good thing is I have a ton going on next couple weeks so not much time to sit around and feel sorry for myself. Going to hang out on Monday, hopefully it isn't too weird, I don't expect it will be.