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  1. Hey, I hear you, I've certainly done the exact same thing dozens of times on here.
  2. Well, your facts are at odds with what Harris herself told the LA Times about parents being jailed. Personally, I'm fine with Harris getting the VP slot. There's plenty to criticize in her record, and if Biden / Harris win I will be holding their feet to the fire (ineffectually, I assume) come January. In the meantime, I'm happy with Harris over a bunch of other possibilities, though I think it's kind of weird to hear everyone hammering the left for ideological purity and 'evangelism' and then watching Simon get roasted for criticizing the Dem VP pick. I mean, I get that getting Trump out of office is paramount but I don't see why we should go 100% tribal and suspend all judgment and criticisms of our leaders in the meantime. ETA: correction she said it on a podcast not to the LA Times
  3. Sounds like McConnell really wants to pass something. Sounds congressional Dems have some leverage here. I told you so many times I love spaghetti.
  4. I'm going with either Charlie Sheen or Scott Baio
  5. Sansa and the Hound, duh ***Hides***
  6. I saw something on Twitter claiming Castro was speaking like an hour ago and now I can't find it
  7. Pure pedantry on my part, but Tlaib and Pressley are both eligible to run for POTUS as far as I know.
  8. How many 'communist' countries have enshrined white supremacy and slavery into their constituiton or founding documents in the same way as 'democratic' or 'capitalist' ones have?
  9. I'm sure some better-read folks than me can point to better examples, although I stand by the Banks one as total refutation that this is anything new.
  10. By clicking on this box you may be spoiling some literature written going back to the Greeks and up to contemporary stuff.
  11. This is not remotely anything new.
  12. Hasn't LaPierre been on the ropes with other NRA factions for a few years now? I feel like if they're going down for corruption they are essentially stealing from members, it's pretty easy to frame this as looking out for gun owners by cracking down on grifters. I have a couple friends who are still NRA members and none of them look on LaPierre too kindly.
  13. That's the one with Ted Dansen and Steve Gutenberg? That movie slaps!
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