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  1. Just because the US economy as a whole may have grown faster without slavery doesn't mean that white wealth wasn't built on the labor of the enslaved and their descendants. You're using a very narrow interpretation of that statement. How about black labor in the US post civil war? Just because 100% of white wealth wasn't stolen from black people doesn't make that statement wrong, all you've demonstrated is that slavery held back the southern economy. The link you provided also says this : Re: Smith How would you have handled Jackie Blair's situation? I am genuinely curious. It's pretty easy to see what Smith did poorly. What should have happened?
  2. Oh, it's not awkward, it's just a frustratingly small dating pool if you don't want to drive an hour.
  3. Gotcha. Part of my comments here have also been a reaction to the fact that in our country, our elected officials seem to be accountable to the MIC and corporate interests, instead of the other way around. There was some stuff earlier about "if we stop selling bombs to the Saudis, how will the bomb painters feed their families?" . Half of my extended family works in either the insurance industry or the "defense" industry, iin one capacity or another, so I'm not a stranger to this line of thinking. I just think it's totally fucked.
  4. Sure he could, but why bother, when he knows that regardless what he agrees to, it can / will be torn up and discarded like last time, and all he has to show for it is a bunch of new sanctions? I get why this is what the Biden administration is doing, and I didn't expect anything different. I just think it's doing absoultely nothing good for the world. Iran's no fucking angel but the US has literally created this problem. Didn't expect we'd stop fucking dog, but i'm still gonna hope for it. eta: and if the US dems dont' have some answer to the fact that any treaty or agreement they make is worth shit because of our internal politics, maybe there is no point trying to negotiate anway. but fucking hell, let's not pretend that this isn't a complete own goal here.
  5. That's more a broader comment on US foreign policy in general, but the history of our intervention with Iran too. edit: my point being that we keep doing the same shit expecting different results
  6. 100%, especially on the rural dating. In the past 7 or so years I've lived where I'm at now, all the women I've dated have all dated the same 5 or 6 guys and vice versa. I've dated every 28-45 yr old farmworker, bartender, artist and landscaper within like 25 miles, and all of their ex boyfriends have dated my ex gfs.
  7. Of course it is! Will it ever not be a 'political reality' that we have to create wars and topple governments? If that's what you're falling back on there's no end to imperialism and we just accept all the bullshit that's happened and never try to change it.
  8. Are we "giving away" anything when we can impose it at anytime? Does it cost anything to say you'll lift sanctions, or agree to reduce them to start talks, when we all know they can be reimposed anytime?
  9. Situations a little different when we just completely backed out of the previous deal. Then there was the Solemeini assassination. Might be our turn to show some good faith.
  10. you know our dating thread is hot when they start advertising directly in it
  11. Absolutely fucking assinine and dangerous to make people prove they are citizens to get a fucking vaccine during a pandemic. WTF.
  12. FYI, you can read the investigative Smith commissioned here: https://www.smith.edu/news/campus-police-call there's a pdf of the report and then another of exhibits, including the social media posts. Kanoute did NOT immediately identify who the caller was, and then after she mistakenly ID'd the one janitor she took down the picture and immediately apologized.
  13. For what? Eating in an empty lounge? For the employees quitting their jobs? For not apologizing to the cafeteria worker and janitor? It's not even clear when she even found out the cafeteria worker wasn't involved. Maybe it would have come out if the cafeteria worker had attended the mediation she was invited to, but she declined because she thought it would be admitting guilt.
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