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  1. larrytheimp

    What Do You Think Cultural Appropriation Is?

    It's not about dividing things along racial lines - it's about recognizing the history and context. In the US some people of black or mixed heritage would pass as white, not because they liked the aesthetic, but because it afforded them basic human rights. So when a white person does this today, it's at best ignorantly tone deaf, and at worst super fucked up. And yeah it would be great if we 'could all just get along' but it's kind of difficult when white people have pillaged the cool shit from black culture while at the same time treating them as second class citizens and dehumanizing them and murdering them. And this shit is still going on today, see the election nonsense in Georgia and how brazen the white power douchebags have become in the last 18 months. See the treatment of black people by the police.
  2. #Legalizerecreationalmegafauna
  3. larrytheimp

    US Politics: Paradise Lost

    It's an incendiary and misleading headline (like everything AOC related the past coupledays)and you look earlier in the thread you'll see what's really going in. The Ryan-Moulton contingent are trying to challenge Pelosi from the center the media is going apeshit trying to portray some kind of AOC - Pelosi showdown. As far as Pallone is concerned, why not run with the idea of a Green New Deal instead of whining about whose committee does what?
  4. larrytheimp


    So looks like the DEA is getting ready to classify kratom as a schedule I drug. Pretty fucked up, IMO. I've been using it 2-3 times a week, on and off as necessary, for probably 4 years, helped me recover from a severe neck sprain incurred from a car accident a few years ago without resorting to opiods (which I've had addiction/dependence/abuse issues with in the past). I've taken it since for aches and pains or as a caffiene like stimulant. When I run out of it it's never a big deal, there's no physical dependence, and I often don't get around to ordering more until I throw my back out at work Guessing this a big pharma move because there's no epidemic of people abusing this, the only deaths that have been linked to it have involved other drugs known to be lethal. Pretty bummed because in my line of work I am often dealing with a variety of injuries and pain and this has been something that's brought me comfort and helped me manage that without worrying about becoming addicted again or going through withdrawal afterwards. And on too of that, I have friends that have been sober for years who attribute kratom as being instrumental to their getting clean from opiods. I'd urge anyone interested to do some research, talk to people, and if this comes up ask your representatives to fight this until evidence is presented that it's a danger. I can say for sure that if kratom gets scheduled, it's going to turn a bunch of my friends who are have been clean and sober for years, who do tons of selfless volunteer work into criminals. Anyway, if you haven't heard of this stuff, do your own research. I've gotten my life together in a way that I no longer use a bunch of illegal shit and now this. Fuck you DEA and FDA. Fuck you Dobald Trump.
  5. larrytheimp

    Congratulations brook and karaddin!

    Congratulations, very happy for you both!!!
  6. larrytheimp

    Kristallnacht -80 Years Later, How Have We Changed?

    Immigration is down in the US too. Any change happening that might be bugging @Free Northman is coming from within. I always thought it was hilarious how my conservative relatives that whined about immigration had so much in common with the immigrants I worked with from Mexico- they were all religious and focused on family and work.
  7. larrytheimp

    US Politics: Dead Pimps Need Not Apply

    Holder would be a terrible candidate. Dude is a freaking Wall Street shill. Running him for prez would be a great way to make sure the under 30 crowd stays at home Nov 2020.
  8. larrytheimp

    Kristallnacht -80 Years Later, How Have We Changed?

    Thanks for pointing this out. The 60s and 70s in the US had much more political violence than we're seeing right now. Not sure why that doesn't count for Altherion.
  9. larrytheimp

    (Probably) Not safe for work November

    Most of it seems to be more or less puritanical, as far as I can tell. Some claim health benefits, or an increased focus in others areas of life. But it also seems to be kind of meme driven, so maybe there's some kind of bandwagon effect too.
  10. So we've all heard of Movember (moustache November) or No Shave November. Well apparently now there is "No Nut November" where people attempt to not masturbate or have sex*. For the whole month. Personally, I think this is approaching Tide Pod consumption levels of stupidity, but to each their own. Or not, for 30 days. Wtf, people. Thoughts? I'm not linking anything here, when it comes to the research, you do you. *There seems to be a few similar movements, some allow sex with a partner, some allow 3 'strikes', etc. One was called No Fap November. Also one thing that chaps my ass about this I think, is the terms 'nut' and 'fap'. Just not a fan.
  11. larrytheimp

    What Do You Think Cultural Appropriation Is?

    It's not hypocrisy - it's recognizing history and context and that once you start going down that road, especially when you start ignoring what you call "the reasons why", tons of people end up dead or oppressed. Which back to the topic, if you don't think cultural appropriation is a thing (most of the people in this thread) that's just your privilege showing.
  12. larrytheimp

    Most filmable adaptation

    There was the movie with Nicholas Cage and his brother, would probably make a great book.
  13. larrytheimp

    Bakker LVI: the Rectum of Creation

    Posting here to avoid titling the next US Politics thread "Poll Sphincter." Not feeling like committing Bakkake tonight.
  14. larrytheimp

    US Politics: Four Days and Counting

    Too early to tell. Since those last posts it went up to 4 in 7 they'd flipnthe house. Who knows?