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  1. I don't know it's a great idea at all to tie stimulus relief to the vaccine. For one thing, there are nowhere near enough doses to go around anytime soon. Why complicate things by linking them? Just do a relief bill asap and get the vaccines out ASAP, but I cannot see any benefit to linking them. Maybe pay like $200 or something but if it's $1500 it's going to be used as an excuse why we don't need more stimulus, and most people will be waiting another 6 months to a year for it. If they can pass a UBI type stimulus or more UI benefits immediately, sure, tack on a bonus for the vaccine late this spring or summer.
  2. I have a 1996 f-150, a 2006 Toyota Tundra, and a 2003 subaru forester. The trucks are for work, the Tundra being the 'newest' vehicle I've ever owned. Was only able to get it because it had a fucked up title and lien situation that most people didn't want to deal with. Over the years I've had, in autobiographical order: 1976 plymouth valiant 1985 ford tempo 1977 chevy 1500 1989 gmc conversion van 1979 e150 van 1994 ford ranger 1987 f250 2000 f150 1994 f-450 diesel, dually 1993 f150 1996 subaru impreza hatchback 1987 f250 diesel 2000 ford ranger 1998 subaru legacy wagon There were a few others in there that didn't last long enough to be worth mentioning. A few of the trucks became donor trucks to other ones as they broke down. The valiant and the impreza were the most fun to drive. And of course the obligatory Tom Waits skit/story "
  3. Ok, I'm not sure what's weirder, learning that Tony Blinken is in a band called Ablinken and that he jams with Jeff Baxter, or learning that Jeff Baxter is now a consultant specializing in missile defense. https://www.nme.com/en_au/news/music/joe-bidens-new-secretary-of-state-has-a-wonk-rock-band-on-spotify-2824440
  4. So glad we've got another pro-life SC Justice that supports letting people be spread the virus through their communities. Glad she and the rest of the gang are looking out for life and lives.
  5. Ask Rick Scott about defrauding the government out of money FFS.
  6. The thing is though that all the "oh no welfare fraud" is 100% bs on my experience. As a blue collar dude who talks/argues regularly with white non college educated men if you bother to point out that fraud is a drop in the bucket, especially compared to defense contractors price gouging or corporate welfare, it all comes back to them just not wanting black and brown people to get shit for free. It's all bullshit.
  7. Maybe one day, all elections will be decided by 1 vote! We can only hope! eta: or maybe the candidates arm wrestle! holy bejesus the possibilities are overwhelming!
  8. I wonder when/if we're going to see any states actually doing quarantine / lockdowns again? In NY cases are approaching new daily case rates comparable to mid March, I realize some of this is more extensive testing, and with the likelihood of any federal relief very low states are reluctant to fuck up their economies, but seems insane to keep restaurants and bars open , and can only imagine what the holiday retail surge will do for the spread post Thanksgiving.
  9. Like in One [Hundred] Years of Solitude when the Colonel finds his orders are being carried out before he gave them?
  10. Just looked and wow did I have that one wrong. Was basing this off of talking to an old Hawaiian roommate who has otherwise been very reliable, back during the primaries. Yeah, that is not an apology or justifiable explanation. Should have checked myself before posting that.
  11. Agreed - she's backed some crazy right-wing assholes around the globe but so do like 90% of Dems, it's just different shitty regimes. Same goes for the LGBTQ stuff - she was part of her father's anti-gay organization when she was younger but has apologized for it and explained how her views changed. Again, this isn't that different a path from many other Dems over the same time period, except by maybe how far into the shitty zone she was starting from. Look where the party was as a whole 15-20 years ago.
  12. Would love to see Fetterman in the Senate
  13. I've listened to dozens and dozens of interviews with Cuomo on our public radio, and he gets asked about Presidential ambitions all the time. I never really believed him when he said he wasn't interested until the most recent one. He was adamant about having too much to do in NY, they asked him about President and AG. He seemed to legit not want any position beyond NY Governor. Of course if he he ever lost I could see him trying something else, but I think he legit wants to be NY Governor forever.
  14. "Pump the breaks[sic]"? Who uses a phrase like that when ABS has been standard in vehicles for like 30+ years???
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