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  1. I think you're going to have to explain what you mean by "woke".
  2. I can't hear "business ethics" without picturing Bradley Whitford's character in Billy Madison, so that's the mental image I have of this gent. Way to go, Dr. B.E!
  3. It might be the bridge we need though of we can't realistically get solar and wind to put a big enough dent in fossil fuel consumption. Yes, it would have been better if we'd dumped money into nuclear since the 80s, but we didn't. If wind and solar alone aren't going to be enough to massively reduce carbon emissions in 25 or 30 years, I think it would be a mistake not to pursue nuclear power. I'm sure there's someway to use grey water or runoff for cooling - we don't need to be using well water or municipal supplies.
  4. I'm about to go out and get married and have some kids, will report back later tonight.
  5. Cool! If you do start selling them post a link here! I messed around last year making some steatite chess pieces, I'm making a Man Ray style set for a friend (as soon as he pics out the colors he wants). One of those pipes, appropriately used, would be handy working on the pawns, they are tedious.
  6. Got a new torch tip this week to fix something on the truck, but I am am really excited to see what it does to cut granite. I have a couple stone carving projects in progress that have stalled out and this might be what I need to turn the corner. Going to grab some more gas this morning and blast a bunch of stone scraps and see what it does.
  7. Damn sounds like Roger Stone could be facing some charges too lol.
  8. Just saw a clip of an interview with the head of NYPD saying that he considers anyone who has been protesting police brutality in NY to be criminals, not protesters. He should be fired immediately.
  9. Careful, this was something of a third rail on one of these threads recently. For what it's worth, I agree that the 2nd amendment is a major contributor to police violence, particularly to the paranoid, trigger-happy, mindset of your average cop. I also think this country is so far beyond the point where we would have any realistic path to reducing the number of firearms out there. Edit: and bring on the warning shots
  10. The nanny state is pushing plant-based cannabis too.
  11. I'm the oldest of 6, I'm 38, the others are 36, 33, 21, 19, and 14. The younger three are probably more like nieces and nephews than siblings, we get along well but I'm not as close with them as I am with the 36 and 33.
  12. There has to be a better alternative, technology wise, than either taser or shoot to kill. We've seen, even if you just look at the last year, that US cops fucking LOVE to use pepper spray and rubber bullets on civilians. I'm not advocating using this shit on protesters, and the effects of "less-lethal" weapons are often tragic and sometimes fatal, but there has got to be a lot of room for some R&D on the tech end with a goal of "Maybe just incapacitate a person who is a potential threat with something that is very unlikely to kill them". I mean we put people on the goddamn moon. edit: to be clear - I think the entire training processes for cops to deal with a potential threat are seriously flawed. I'm just throwing this out as another angle that might drop the deaths by police.
  13. How is it "performative wokeness" to not expect this to change policing in America very much?
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