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Moiraine Sedai

Last One Standing

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You got it.  Another forum survey.  I know it's getting old with new surveys every day but this is important.  So be awesome and answer, okay.

One question and one answer.  Who on this set has the highest chance of surviving at the end?  Choose only one PLEASE.















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6 hours ago, Megorova said:


Samwell has a better shot of surviving.  The second sacrifice for Azor Ahai is a Lannister lion.  Tyrion is comfortably safe as long as the price has been paid when Daenerys snuffed Khal Drogo's life to pay for the dragons.  But you know, a repeat performance from her can happen if Tyrion is a betrayer.  Traitors get cooked.  And in the off-chance that another person imitates Azor Ahai, say Gendry, Jon, Stannis.  Anybody with beef against the lions.  Tyrion will be sacrificed.  Samwell flys under the radar because he's a coward.  He doesn't offend, has no political value.  He's in no danger so long as he doesn't offend the maesters.  

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Bran , though it would be kinda of cheating with second life in Wolf, Man or maybe even Dragon.

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