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Who's POV's do enjoy the most ?

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Bran. I loved watching him "run" Winterfell in his parents' and Robb's absence. While he doesn't actually run it, he does engage and takes his new role seriously. I love that we get the perspective of a child, and a disabled one at that. Everything in his eyes is huge, eerie, and scary. But he faces the world and its horrors anyway. He's plagued by an overwhelming magic that he doesn't understand and is learning to control. I also love that his stories are the most magical, even from the beginning. He was the Stark child that loved the stories of magic and The Others, and now he's living it..just not in the way he had ever hoped or expected. And, one of my favorite quotes from the books comes from one of his POVs. 


"Can a man still be brave if he is afraid?" "That is the only time a man can be brave," his father told him.


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For me, it goes below

1. Arya, I don’t know why but Arya’s chapters are just so easy to read for me. Perhaps because he enters that childlike mind and it’s just nice and easy

2. Tyrion, again they’re just very easy to read but I think that’s because Tyrion is GRRM’s personal favourite character and so he gets the most attention

3. Jaime, my favourite character and I love the struggle between good and bad and knowing why he does certain bad things

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Tyrion. He's not my favorite character.  (I don't have one; there are so many shades of gray among them all.) But his POV has taken us to such a variety of interesting places: more, I think, then any other character. And when he's not being dark and depressed, he's often hilarious.

Jaime, too, has been an interesting read. Even early on, when he was "bad," his unflappable confidence, even in adverse conditions, deserved a certain grudging admiration. And like his brother, he delivers a funny line from time to time.

P.S. Here's a little tip for anyone using voice input. If you pronounce Jaime's name the English way, "jay - mee," Android will spell it "Jamie." But if you pronounce it the Spanish way, "high - meh", Android will write "Jaime." Saves you a few taps.

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Bran, Arya, Jaime, Jon, Dany up to ASoS then again halfway through ADwD, Brienne. I also love Eddard’s chapters and Cat’s even is she’s nowhere near my top faves because her chapters are so chock full of great information.

I also tend to either skip or do a speed read of Damphair and Victarion. :ack:

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1 hour ago, SeanF said:

If I had to choose one, it would be Cersei, and not because she's in any way a good person, but because she's so entertaining.

The same way that the POV I most like reading in the Musketeers is Milady de Winter.

She cracks me up. I love how Margaery lives in her head rent free.

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19 hours ago, Moiraine Sedai said:

Daenerys. I like the character, settings, and plot.  

Ooo we are surprised 


That's all you ever read anyway, that is if you didn't just go through the wiki


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Cersei. I fully realize she is not a good person, but she is so well written and entertaining. Also, the fact that she hates everything and everyone around her and throws constant insults which make me laugh every time make me like her even more. Imo a character does not have to be morally good in order for me to like them or enjoy their chapters. 

Other than Cersei, Aeron and Sansa. The whole rusted hinge thing completely went over my head the first time I read the books and when The Forsaken dropped, I was mind blown. I also think Aeron is interesting and complex character. I've always enjoyed Sansa, since the first book. Love her evolution from a naive teenager to a potential political player and schemer. Those are my top 3 POV's.

Catelyn, Bran and Victarion are those I also enjoy a lot, but they are not top 3.

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