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How would you rate episode 209?


How would you rate episode 209?  

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Pretty sure GRRM didn't have a choice in it. They told him they wanted him in the forefront because it was more dramatic and visually appealing, and he wrote it that way. In the novels, Stannis is indeed very much the type to lead from the rear, finding a good position to overview everything and making adjustments. He's not the vanguard type.

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A strong 9.

It was really, really good.

I was surprised with Stannis in the first lines, but again, I do think there are a reasons for that. So far, Stannis had -what? - 4,5 scenes ?

He wasn't build properly as a hard warrior, a men with an iron determination, and a great threat to Lannisters. That was my impression, and one

of the greatest objections that I had to the season 2.

But this Stannis, Stannis who leads his men, surely looks like a great threat, although he suffered defeat. They need to achieve that impression,because Stannis story isn't finished, and TV audience need to have that impression of a danger. It will make show as interesting

as books or closely there.

That's my explanation of Stannis in a "Conan" style.

Cercei was great and beyond that. Really, really nice acting.

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The visual effects were mindblowing in most cases, especially the wildfire explosion. The acting was top-notch (as it always is), I wish the Lena Headey haters would shut up. Her acting in this episode is some of the best stuff you will ever see on TV.

My only mayor gripe i I have with this episode, is that we never got so a sense of how big the competing armies are. It just seemed like a few hundred men on each side. Stannis is supposed to have 20,000 men (in the book, probably more in the show, as it's implied that the majority of Renly's 100,000 troops joined him, with the Tyrells having to flee and all). I know they did a hell of a good job on a limited budget, but just a few CGI shots, showing a vast amount of soldiers, would've been nice.

Ah well, great episode regardless, can't wait the dynamics between Cersei, Tyrion, Tywin, Margaery and Joffrey next episode/season, it's gonna rock.

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I think that this is the best ever episode so far, i don't care that they didn't use the chain, it was perfect without it.

The battle scenes were great, everything was superb. It gave me chills, even though i have read the books. 10 !

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Ohmygod the National doing the Reynes of Castamere for the end credits was just... I think this is the first time I've enjoyed the end credits of a tv show episode as much as the actual episode, if that makes sense. Very, very happy fan here.

And the epsiode itself blew me away. I don't even have words. asdhlsgfajijgaer;pfo'kads;f. Nope, no words.

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doubtless the best episode of the season and one of the best episode of the series so far. That wildfire explosion surpassed my wildest expectations Awesome and terrifying. Actually I think it was better than it would have been with the chain, I don´t miss that at all. Loved the Rains of Castamere in the credits.

This is how you write an episode.

I have been saving the 10/10 rating all season for this episode, so here it is:


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Really good one! Best episode in the series! Didn't feel as rushed as many of the previous ones.

The wildfire explosion was really cool.

And Tywin is just awesome.

Loved the rains of Castamere in the credits!

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Even knowing the outcome, I was still on the edge of my seat the whole time. Like a kid on Christmas for Rains(Reynes) of Castamere. The explosion, the green flame, even the stuff with the girls, it was all fantastic. Definitely a 10 from me.

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