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  1. Whereas Abrams has admitted to basically ripping off ANH. Who to believe?
  2. You mean the Ben/Han conversation between a bad guy and his father figure on a Death starwhere Stormtroopers are inexplicably paying attention only to it thus allowing the other good guys to get away isn't a carbon copy of Obi Wan/Vader?
  3. Video Games: 'Does Not Open From This Side' Edition

    I probably would go to 3 first but for a different reason, I think 2 was far better at everything other than fan service. 3is sadly extremely linear with not much replayability. How they thought it was a good idea to regress significantly in terms of New game + in particular is astonishing.
  4. in regards to Superhero movies, BvS has a few things its trying to do that are new or at least different at least in comparison to Marvel. The biggest being the approach of how the world reacts to Superman. Another is that they introduce a superhero who is matured and has been doing the job for 20 years already. There's more, I don't feel like rehashingthis thread and the ones before but it gets talked about quite a bit, But sufficed to say BvS generally goes the route of the opposite of the Marvel movies.
  5. I probably liked BvS more than most but to me what sets it apart especially from the Marvel movies is that it tries to do something else. Now you may think it doesn't work, and that's fine lots of people don't. But to me (even had I not liked it) a failed experiment is still better than getting the exact same thing for the 12th time and calling it new.
  6. Video Games: 'Does Not Open From This Side' Edition

    No the "same" doesn't apply to the Watchdogs. I've gotten 40+ grass on two different chars and halfway there on a third. Presumably you are on the PC version though as the online is a bit fucked up on PC. As for the Darkmoon/Blue Sentinels..... aren't they essentially one covenant as in turns for one count for both?
  7. Video Games: 'Does Not Open From This Side' Edition

    isnt it out tomorrow?
  8. Video Games: 'Does Not Open From This Side' Edition

    In case you haven't looked it up, the Darkwraiths that are attacking the abyss watcher building drop the tongues you can use for respeccing. Not a bad drop rate either.
  9. Video Games: 'Does Not Open From This Side' Edition

    Question for you Wert, Does Banner Saga 2 give you any options when starting a game in regards to the story from the first? I'm asking as I'm thinking of getting it on my PS4 but I played through on my PC. Is there something like the Dragon Keep for DA:I where I can tell the game what my decisions were? EDIT: That is to say I'm thinking of getting it when it actually comes out on PS4 lol
  10. Survivor: Kaôh Regōng Trail

    He is, Julia even moreso. Jason may at least win immunity or be a goat to be taken to the end. Kind of well played by Tai in the sense of he got his target out by blindside but he can't win anymore, he won't have the votes unless it's a final two against Jason. Also I kind of feel he could have gotten the Jason idol as well. And for as bitter as he came off during the game, Scot was down right classy in his end speech.
  11. Video Games: 'Does Not Open From This Side' Edition

    They are the hardest boss in the main game so grats on beating them! There are two that can be harder in the Oolacile side area you are nearing I'm curious to see how you do withthem
  12. Lost re-watch! (Spoilers)

    You forgot Walt.
  13. Video Games: 'Does Not Open From This Side' Edition

    For the Watchdogs keep in mind it's not just level it is also your weapon (any weapon you have). So don't go higher than +3 if you want to get called in as a Watchdog consistently. I don't think it messes with DS2 much at all. It actually clears up the situation. The Ornstein you fight in DS1 is an illusion. He went off in search of the Nameless God, which is how he ends up in Drangleic (Yes, that's actuallyhim).
  14. NBA 2016 Playoffs Edition: Farewell, Kobe!

    Dwayne Casey finally grew some balls and benched DeRozan. Result? Easy win. Don't let the final score fool you the game was over with 3 mins left with the pacers down twenty and subbing out their good players. The only time Indiana was in the game was the second quarter when DeRozan allowed everyone and their mother to score on him.
  15. Video Games: 'Does Not Open From This Side' Edition

    To be fair Dark 2 was far better than any other souls game in that regard because there actually are a limited number of spawns foreach enemy unless you are part of the champion covenant.