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  1. &undefined;&undefined;&undefined;&undefined;¦¯&undefined;¸&undefined;-&undefined;®¯»-²³&undefined;µ¶¼¸¹º»¼&undefined;&undefined; I agree with the notion that physicality doesn't win over the social aspect but it is fascinating that the contestants themselves seem to think it is up until the final council in almost every season. They always target the strong alpha males post merge and never the shady types. If I were on the show I'd target the Sara types over the alpha males every single time. Alpha males you can play off against one another.
  2. Probably not. But then again I'm sure Zaza will step under him on a jumpshot and try and take him out.
  3. I quite liked it, it was like a better, more cohesive version of Prometheus. Sad thing is for the franchise the horror aspects of Alien aren't particularly effective any more. The audience knows what is going to happen. They wisely sort of downplayed it for this movie and went with a more... gothic style I suppose one might call it. Much more like a Wells or Lovecraft type story.
  4. SeanF, What was to become Gondor was under Faithful control. It is specifically mentioned several times that Pelargir is the main haven for the faithful and how the King's Men stay away from there and use Umbar and havens further south. Presumably Arnor is the same way in that in order to get there you need to go through the Elves which the King's Men weren't doing. (Tharbad wasn't a major center until after the advent of the two Kingdoms) span data-node-flag="true">
  5. He did have a performance like that in an elimination game. He supposedly had a good reason for it (Delonte West banging his Mom) but he most certainly had a terrible close out game against the Celtics in.... either 09 or 10. Who knows maybe Delonte West struck again and thats why the Beard was so out of it.
  6. Cavs will crush either the Wizards or Celtics just as they are the Raps. The Wiz and Celts don't play defense. That means Cleveland is likely to beat them by 30 every game if LeBron wants to.
  7. Was that what Holt and Terry were talking about? All I could hear was Margo blathering on.
  8. I have no idea if this will be a good movie or not, I have my doubts on whether they can fit really anything coherently in with all that they have presented. But still I want to see any and all nods to Kings works...... stuff like McConaughey walking past while tapping on graffiti that says "All Hail the Crimson King", the Pennywise amusement park with the balloons just so, the Overlook hotel photo, Jake having drawn a picture of a structure I presume to be the breaker prison, the Man in black caressing what I assume to be Black 13, Taheen. The movie could and very well will be terrible but I'll still go over it with a fine tooth comb looking for stuff.
  9. Single. There are multiple descriptions of the various people fanning the hammer and such,
  10. Based on what?
  11. So only the second game 6 won by the Raps.. .ever. But I'm glad we put them away even if we blew a lead.
  12. I'm a big board games person these days, I have two groups I regularly board game with. Let's see some good bigger ones: Some of the European style (essentially no dice) Agricola, Dominant Species, Fury of Dracula, Francis Drake, Lancaster, Game of Thrones (6 players, less is less fun), Battlestar Galactica, Shogun (battle tower is amazingly fun system for fighting) North American Style (with dice) Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Dead of Winter, Mare Nostrum, Twilight Imperium, good ol' Axis and Allies, Britannia and its subset like Maharajah and Italia etc, War of 1812, Twilight Struggle Smaller games: King of Tokyo/King of New York, Chinatown, Sherriff of Nottingham
  13. The best chance of beating the Cavs is Toronto but hey keep plugging Espn. They avoid the Raps like a plague. If the Celtics go against the Raps in round two they are out in 4 or 5 games. They legitimately have no shot vs Toronto. Toronto has no shot really against the Wiz oddly. I think It will be the Wiz or the Raps that gets swept by Golden State.
  14. Thank you for this. I wasn't sure on Mass Effect but I thought DA:I was fucking intolerable, so mechanically ME:A being DA:I with a skin means it's a no buy for me.
  15. I doubt there will be any "sun" until Superman comes back. It's very obvious imagery. There was quite a lot of sun in MoS, not much in BvS. Again, imagery.