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  1. Star Wars Rogue One: Now With Less Rouge

    At least the Gungans actually lost their battle and lost it hard. They only didn't all get shipped into presumed slavery because Anakin is the luckiest luck to ever luck. The Ewoks beat the best troops the Empire had to offer in the Galaxy with sticks and stones.
  2. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    Yeah I just bought 30 packs with gold. I have had 10 copies of a couple commons lol
  3. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    The expansion pack doesn't show up for me yet. I can't buy new cards.
  4. Star Wars Rogue One: Now With Less Rouge

    I don't understand you people who want the father character to live. It is 1000% certain he is going to die. He will be the reluctant scientist who feels remorse at what he's done and sacrifices himself to save some (daughter) of the others. Like I can guess at other aspects of the plot but I can say he will die with as much certainty as I can say they will get the plans to the Blockade Runner. (Even if Vader actually sends the plans just to track down higher up rebels.)
  5. That was legitimately one of the worst episodes of this series. Why? Why was it written and aired? EDIT: Two more things. 1) I recognize that the actor who plays Tara was pregnant but Jesus couldn't they hide it any better? They did a great job doing that with Sasha earlier in the series, kind of baffling that it was so obvious here. 2) Is Tara a racist? I mean she sees a black zombie with dreads and immediately assumes it's Heath you know despite those people having different body types and genders and looking nothing alike beyond those two things.
  6. Considering they are taking most of his dialogue right from the comic, I guess he's boring in that too? Nevermind the fact that he's been in 3 episodes and one of those for 10 mins at most. You must have a really, really short attention span.
  7. Why Tolkien is not coddling his readers, why Tolkien is awesome

    I'm not sure how to break up quotes and this board doesn't like being fucked with (I've had multiple posts eaten just cause) so forgive me for kind of responding in a bunch. Eru isn't "good". Eru is God. Eru is everything, good, bad, grey. Eru allows Melkor to warp the music, and doesn't just start over. He allows Melkor/Morgoth to do everything he does. At any point Eru could have blown up Beleriand or all of Arda like he did to Numenor. Eru honestly doesn't intervene with what goes on in Arda except in one instance. Eru does come in when the Valar tell him they want to stop the Numenoreans but know that if they fight them in Valinor, Valinor will likely be destroyed by their power like Utumno and Beleriand previously, So they plea to Eru, and Eru essentially says "You fucked up but sure" but then changes their plans, sinks Numenor, and removes Valinor from the world, breaks and remakes the world (It's not just valinor and numenor being gone that gets changed) killing untold numbers of men, dwarves, Elves, Orcs, Trolls, Ents, whatever that aren't Numenorean and have nothing to do with the Rebellion. Eru doesn't give a shit about details like that because he's not good. He's essentially old testament God. You have pointed out some things in the past from LOTR and the Hobbit as Ex Machina that supposedly come from Eru. That seems doubtful, more likely it's Manwe, Ulmo, or Varda because the Valar have changed how they operate. In the first age they actively do nothing but essentially party in Valinor because they are portrayed as pretty petty dickheads; they then save the world because a neutral party enters the fray which they feel pity for. In the Second Age they don't want to police the world, so they give the Edain the tools to do that for them, kind of. By kind of, they tell them that they are the best of the new world and are gifted and are awesome, but "don't even dare think about coming west cause you ain't shit compared to us." That in the end is what makes the Numenoreans turn against them. Eru then takes Valinor away from the rest of Earth so they try something different this time. They try to inspire things from the various peoples and most of the time get the faithful rewarded when they show it. Whether it be in miracles, timely interventions, etc even if their vessal may get destroyed (such as Gandalf). In the third age they are essentially New Testament God/Jesus. So to go back to what you said, Manwe is the disputed King of Arda (Melkor also claims this and Eru doesn't say no). He's not really an agent of Eru because Eru gave them free will to do what they want; Eru doesn't interfere. You make the statement that if Manwe was King of the World he should care about the rest of the world. But to go back to my previous statement in the first age he's like a Greek God. Zeus was also King of the world. Zeus also didn't give a rat's ass about anything besides where he was at. You also make the statement that Manwe doesn't understand evil which is accurate but of course evil and good are two sides of the same coin. If you don't understand one, how can you understand the other? So at the time of Melkors release, Manwe isn't good or bad, he just is. He later changes his perspective and becomes good because he by that point knows evil.
  8. Guy Gavriel Kay

    I'll second his high fantasy Fionavar Tapestry. It's true the starting premise is pretty silly and it is kind of uneven in that their are some definite lows but when he hits the highs, my God does he ever hit the fucking highs. I've read most of his other stuff and I can say pretty confidently that the high points in Fionavar pretty much eclipse everything else he's written, and quite frankly eclipse most of what I've read in the fantasy genre as a whole.
  9. Why Tolkien is not coddling his readers, why Tolkien is awesome

    You seem to be of the assumption that the Valar are "good". They aren't. They are fickle just like the Gods in Norse stories or Greek Mythology. You ask why the Valar shut out the Sindar and the Atani. For the Sindar they refused to come to Valinor when they had the chance, and now they are helping the Noldor so to put it bluntly Fuck them. As for the Atani, Men are not allowed in Valinor period, and they had already tried to steer Men; Orome went out there but the majority rather listened to Morgoth. So fuck them too. The only one that actively tries to help the Edain and Sindar and the like is Ulmo and he breaks the rules to do this. As to why they don't go kick out Morgoth: To do so means they will smash at least part of the world putting their power down and they don't like doing that. It happened after the lamps and it happened when they destroyed Utumno, (also happens to Beleriand obviously when the decide to move). They smashed Utumno in order for the Elves to be free, they couldn't do the same for the Atani because there were Elves living there already. Earendil's story is necessary because the Valar were perfectly fine with Morgoth crushing, humiliating, and destroying the Noldor and their allies. For the Elves it's probably a bit of "who cares, they are coming the Mandos when they die regardless, so fuck Middle Earth" and as stated already Men had seemingly been corrupted. But Earendil then comes and tells them about the heroics of the Edain(for those who likely wouldn't know them or care such as Tulkas, Mandos, Yavenna) and that's what moves them to action. If they do nothing the Edain will be wiped out, and their sacrifices to try and fight Morgoth showed them worthy. Earendil isn't a messenger but rather a pilgrim supplicating for mercy for the Edain.
  10. Survivor: MvGX

    I would guess that is the plan. They now have the numbers to do at least a 4-4 split and I think there's 12 left so a 5-4. The problem that could have come up last week in regards to splitting on taylor and jay is that it isn't inconceivable that the 4 could have swung someone and then guess the idol correctly which meant one of the bigger group is gone. Now if they swing one person, it's irrelevant. They made the right play to take out Michelle.
  11. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    Weird. I usually get one or two like that and the rest upgrade. I tend to find the ones that don't upgrade are the ones with hundreds (slight exag) of units.
  12. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    Try playing at a higher difficulty.
  13. It's official. Benedict Cumberbatch is Strange. The Doctor.

    So I just got back from seeing it. Cumberbatch was ok, I laughed a bit at the cloak, the inception stuff was neat to look at, and the resolution to act 3 was somewhat different in that for once in a superhero movie it didn't come down to punching; but otherwise it continues the streak of Disney just putting out the bland. Just the same thing over and over. It was great in Ironman, it's not so great what... 10-15 movies later? As to Tilda Swinton, she's a fine actor and I like her in a lot of other films but in this she's just..... kind of there. I don't and haven't read the Dr Strange comics, was the ancient one a white woman in them? If not this was a pretty egregious whitewashing. If so they should have changed it to make it seem like it wasn't a whitewashing. Also ancient sorcerer thousands of years ago decides to make 3 important sanctums in empty land that will become London, New York, and Hong Kong? Give me a fucking break. So fucking stupid. EDIT:
  14. Hey thanks for the subtle dig at the Raptors! I don't understand how the Wiz aren't better but then again I don't watch them when they aren't playing the Raps. Like John Wall is always amazing against us. Is it a morale drain because they have a zombie playing shooting guard? Does John Wall not like Beal because he watches a lot of Walking Dead and so wants to end him?
  15. No it's Wonder Woman's theme. It was used significantly in BvS.