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  1. The lugging around part? Seriously? That 5 pounds is oh so taxing. The 5 pounds that fits easily into a knapsack or grocery bag plus two cords and a controller. My god what a struggle that is to move around. You are right the switch has less to carry around than that. (It doesn't)
  2. Did you miss the part where I said the Switch was a bigger gameboy and the PS4 wasn't? My point with the PS4 was that when using a TV the PS4 is just as easy as a switch to be bring to a friends place or a hotel or whatever. The PS4 (Or Xbone) isn't a gameboy so you miss out on the gimmick of playing it not on a tv, in return you have a much more powerful system that plays games that aren't made worse for being on a switch. I'm not saying the Switch is bad. It isn't. It is a gameboy. That's it.
  3. I can easily take my ps4 around though for example. It weighs maybe 5 pounds and all you need is an hdmi port and an outlet, I think people wildly overestimate how hard it is to move a console around, The gimmick of the Switch is that you can play the switch like a bigger gameboy. Nice I guess. But just a gimmick. As for the those saying the first party games are what makes it.... they did for the Wii too.
  4. Why do you think people are underestimating it? I'd say people are properly estimating it. It is the only thing that the Switch does. It is worse in every other possible way than the other systems at all things. It's a gimmick, much like the Wii.
  5. Well that was a savage beatdown the Raps put on the Cavs tonight. Sure it likely was cause LeBron decided to open Drake's new club the night before but whatever. I also know that's likely not the result of a series but I do think the Raps have a much better chance against them this year. One big reason? Isiah Thomas. I like IT alot and he is really good, but he is not good against the Raps particularly when Lowry is out. Why? Then he gets smothered by Delon Wright. Wright may not be a superstar in the league but he is really quick on D and is legit a foot taller than IT at the PG position. IT couldn't do jack shit whenever Delon was on the floor.
  6. Interestingly the fact that they even showed Lu Bu vs Guan Yu and Zhang Fei would point to them going more towards the novel than history which is fine, it is the popular version. However the way it's done in the novel would be new for Total War. Basically the armies line up and the generals go taunt and duel each other in between the armies. This could work in the Deployment phase actually now that I think of it, I'd guess they would have two kinds of generals then, fighter types (winning the duels would help morale and such) and then the strategist types who don't get in duels and actually effect the battle as the generals do currently.
  7. More historical records plus of course the fact that Romance of the Three Kingdoms is one of the most famous novels on the planet. Especially the latter given the trailer quotes its opening and ending lines and shows one of its most famous scenes. Trailer didn't give away much other than as usual despite calling itself a Three Kingdoms game it won't be set in the Three Kingdoms Era proper. Which is smart as there can be more than 5 factions that way. As for expansion..... Warring states is a possibility although more likely would be an Alexander style for Qin Shi Huangdi. I could see a Liu Bang vs Xiang Yu for the start of the Han. An Lushan is also a possibility. I very, very much doubt a mongol invasion one, I would assume that will be left for med 3. EDIT: Also seemed weird that at least in the trailer they are noting the Romance style Generals fight each other in the field but then do so on foot which never happens in the novel. I'm curious how they are going to do that dynamic, or if they tone it back and its more historical so that shit just doesn't happen.
  8. I liked the link, particularly San Tulkas. Although weirdly the wikipedia page for Maglor in there says he cast himself into the sea based on the Lay of Leithian but the Silmarillion doesn't say he died at all.
  9. Nothing in that article remotely counters what Mark Hamill said, if that is what you are referring to. Or do you actually think people have latched onto his comments because Luke died? Just baffling. I legitimately have no idea why you think this is some big revelation. The article is amusing though. Didn't they supposedly toss Lucas's idea after they got it? Guess not if that's the case,
  10. Popcorn for what? Lucas has used a guide archetype dying in the first film in two trilogies already. Given his obvious cares for thematic parellells between trilogies, no doubt the same was going to happen there. Luke dying isn't the problem.
  11. Is that possible as a counter? Sure. But the Empire would have to devote a lot of resources just to capture someone as long as the rebel player chooses Chewbacca and then leaves him open for counters. (Leia would be a good pull but why was she in imperial territory to start with to be captured in your game?) Then they actually have to pass on the Lure to the dark side card which can be hard depending on rebel leaders. Compared to the "I got the Han card now and get an extra free character and you can't stop it" it pales in comparison.
  12. Coruscant isn't destroyed. It just isn't the capital anymore for.... reasons. It was a Coruscant lookalike that was destroyed in Ep7 called Hosnian Prime or somesuch.
  13. I love John williams but he's been mentioned loads. One that hasn't and it's a shame is Basil Poledouris's score for Conan the Barbarian. Also the best score in the last 10 years IMO is Daft Punk's from Tron Legacy.
  14. So based on what I've read on these threads over time and my love for Tie Fighter I "splurged" on Elite: Dangerous due to the steam sale. For those Elitists out there, I'm going to guess strongly that I should get a joystick for it? Also picked up the early access for They are Billions. Looks like fun.
  15. Mostly agree with the review, but it is much harder to play as the imperials if both sides are of equal experience. And if the Rebels pull the Han card which will also get them either Chewie or Lando in the first two turns the game is over regardless.