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  1. Why is the show "really torture porn"? I'm honestly curious. I have plenty of issues with Walking Dead but that just seems.... arbitrary. It's torture porn because it is violent? What is your definition of torture porn?
  2. Not sure if you are a gamer but that also is Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V, Steven Ogg.
  3. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    You want your cities next to fresh water pretty much always in 6. It's quite a change,
  4. See that's the thing, we know what would have happened. They would have killed one person and forced the others to a shitty deal. They explicitly said that in the episode where Jesus "hired" Rick and Crew to kill them. (The Rick and Crew did the exact same thing to Jesus's people which was amusing)
  5. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    The picture from yesterday confirmed it was pre RDR. Marsden is in the picture.
  6. HBO's "Westworld" [Spoilers!]

    I'm of the opinion "Arnold" is Ford.
  7. HBO's "Westworld" [Spoilers!]

    What i took from that article is simple, I want to break into their office and steal their player piano.
  8. HBO's "Westworld" [Spoilers!]

    What is there to speculate about? I assume that was part of the "storyline" to bring in hosts who had been updated.
  9. HBO's "Westworld" [Spoilers!]

    Yeah I really liked the player piano version of Black Hole Sun
  10. HBO's "Westworld" [Spoilers!]

    So that was utterly fantastic. Is Ed Harris a guest as implied? Or something different?
  11. HBO's "Westworld" [Spoilers!]

    If you've seen Jurassic Park and its sequels, you've seen Westworld. Crichton copied himself and added dinosaurs and kids to make it more sellable.
  12. Video Games: No Man's Pie

    I also had been thinking of trying out WoW again but I can't bear to go through Panderia again levelling (I got one character through and it made me quit). Such a shitty, shitty, mindless, boring, expansion.
  13. Video Games: No Man's Pie

    Such as when? I'm curious.
  14. Suicide Squad: Real Life or Just a Fantasy?

    Go on for days. I'm calling you out on your pathetic bullshit. Which women got beaten?
  15. Stranger Things (Netflix) [Spoiler Thread]

    I thought it was pretty obvious and they showed/spelled it out with the flashbacks. Eleven was going to spy on/assassinate Ruskies from the alternate dimension.