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  1. He gets told about some aspects of what has gone on and responds with, "Inconceivable! That sounds like a story read to a sick kid"
  2. When the Raps are hitting their threes they score a lot. Not sure what the Wizards can do anymore. They go big and Valanciunas kills them, they go small and DeRozan does. I don't really know what Scotty Brooks can do lineup wise that he hasn't already done. Effectively the switch at the half of game 1 of putting Lowry on Beal and either Anunuoby or Wright on Wall has kind of flummoxed Beal.
  3. Well the Raps finally got the game 1 monkey off their back. I don't think this will be a long series as the jitters were pretty obviously still there today for at least the first half but they dominated the fourth. Except for Anunoby and Delon who played well all game. Similarly I'm quite sure Philly is going to sweep Miami. Simmons, Reddick, Bellinelli, Ilyasovic, Saric looks so hard to guard. Side note: I'm not much of a Drake fan but I did like that he wore a Humboldt Broncos jersey at the game today.
  4. I badly want Bloodborne 2 or whatever that game is Fromsoft has been teasing the last year or so that looks like it could be Bloodborne 2.
  5. Quite frankly the new movies need him or someone like him to inject something more into the movies. Themes, actual ideas, something that ties together with previous stories. Hell just have someone study Campbell for a few months. Someone with a plan. If it is him just keep him away from directing or dialogue.
  6. While I hope they do go forward with this as I am a big fan of the books. I would also be fascinated if somehow and someway they switched back to the original premise of Tam the beaten down war veteran being in the Rand spot.
  7. I'm curious because I've heard the 2 battle Royales and the cruiserweights are confirmed preshow. Is the preshow available to watch on WWE Network or just not?
  8. It's not but the references are a problem I think. I mean, who is the movie for? There's all kinds of modern video game references the pace and action scenes are made for a younger audience, but then there's the Shining scene and various other older references and how 95% of the movies score (Soundtrack and Orchestra stuff) is taken from 80's bands and 80's movies that nobody under like 30 cares about. Buckaroo Bonzaii being the most notable of that to me.
  9. It's a very Spielbergian Spielberg movie. Everything will work out if you are just young at heart! I honestly had more fun looking for various references though. There was an absolute ton of Batman shit (besides just Batman, who was also in it) all over the place from characters to vehicles and symbols. I am curious if Disney just flat out said no to them for any visual references (there is the one Falcon dialog). I was also fully expecting the winning atari game to be ET.
  10. I always found McGrady to Orlando weird. He has said that at the time he wanted his own team(get away from Vince's star at the time) then goes to Orlando to be with Hill. Weird. Especially weird and bitter to long time Raptor fans as over the past few years he has publicly stated many, many, times that he never should have left the T-Dot and regrets it.
  11. I think the key for transitioning to Bloodborne from Dark Souls is to realize: Don't play like Dark Souls. BLoodborne is all about being 100% aggressive. If in doubt, move in and attack always.
  12. If you want that platinum this is the time to do it when there will be lots of people co-opping at least for the defiled chalices. (The Watch Dog and Amygdala in there are the 2nd and 3rd hardest bosses in the game for my money). Queen Yahrnam is a fun fight for the plat but not particularly hard.
  13. Umm I'm pretty sure you are wrong with how the "Active virus" is transmitted. It isn't. What kills you from a walker bite/blood on knife is infection. Then you rise as a zombie because everyone is already a zombie waiting to happen.
  14. The only video about Last Jedi that should be posted.