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  1. Fargo Season 2: you betcha!

    I'm sorry if this doesn't work for you, you have no soul:
  2. Funny thing is if you've been watching the Cavs-Raps series there already is a significant amount of ref assistance, particularly in game 3. However if the Raps somehow pull off a miracle and like force a game 7 I don't think the Refs will be too biased. The NBA can't afford something like the 2002 Lakers-Kings in this day and age.
  3. I've watched Bhullar quite a bit on the Raptors 905 he just doesn't have the endurance to play meaningful minutes. He's actually quite good in very short spurts (3-4 times down the court) but then gets tired out very quickly.
  4. Why not extend it to the East as well? You could add, Scola, Biyombo, Valanciunas, Mozgov, and a canadian in Tristan Thompson for some regularness.
  5. Warcraft movie: There might be spoilers from books and the games.

    I'd assume any sequel will just be Thrall's story, no need to do full WC3 yet. Just have him raised in slavery/whatever then bust out at the end possibly have him gather the orcs to sail west. That would save a lot of unneccessary plot stuff for a WC3 movie, and then as said split WC3 into 2 with the first being Arthas's fall. The second would then pick up with Thrall getting to Kalimdor and then the shenanigans there.
  6. That's pretty awesome.
  7. Say what you will about it (and I will as it's easily the shittiest of the 7 movies) Attack of the Clones is not a bland title. Regardless it seems real to me.. why? Disney has set out to make Star Wars as bland as it can.
  8. So would the Raptors in that scenario.
  9. So yeah this boards quote system is fucked up. Regardless brian which metrics are you referring to in which Love is better than Wiggins right now? I'ts certainly not scoring or shooting percentage. It has nothing to do remotely with defense as Love is one of the worst defenders in the league. So I have to assume your "metrics" is rebounding? In all other ways Wiggins is better than Love right now.
  10. NBA 2016 Playoffs Edition: Farewell, Kobe!

    What? Thatstatement is based upon what exactly?
  11. Dr Seward is Dr Seward. Just as Renfeld is Renfeld. By that i mean I doubt the characters will change all that much from what they are in Dracula;yes Dr Seward is a woman and isn't courting a Lucy but she still will end up hitting the same character beats. I've loved the first two episodes, although the Sweet reveal was a little too easy. i was kind of hoping with all the Nemo talk and him not being the whitest guy around that he was going to BE CaptainNemo. Alas that's probably stepping on LoEG's toes way too much.
  12. NBA 2016 Playoffs Edition: Farewell, Kobe!

    I'm down on the Raps, but I don't care about that anymore. Here's a clip from Dwayne Wade during the Canadian National Anthem: What a classy guy. I hope they lose badly now.
  13. Video Games: 'Does Not Open From This Side' Edition

    It's strangely deserted because it should be tough to make a fun video game out of it. Is Battlefield 1 going to make you sit in mud in a trench being bombarded by mortar firefor 12 hours then have you suicidally charge through barbwire to get cut down by machine guns? If not, then it's not really WW1.
  14. NBA 2016 Playoffs Edition: Farewell, Kobe!

    Dwayne Casey is a terrible coach when it comes to offense and to top it off DeRozan doesn't pass the ball. It's why even though the Raps are in the second round I'm not enjoying the playoffs. I know Casey won't be fired now and even though he has played like utter shit I have no doubt they will throw the max at DeRozan. It's kind of a particular hell for me, I didn't watch the game live yesterday as I just didn't want to watch that shit unless they were going to win. EDIT: I forgot to say the one thing that is positive: JV is awesome, JV is love.