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  1. Thankfully EA paid attention to reddits most downvoted comment ever (about Luke and Vader's price) and cut the price for them and all other heroes you pay for by 75%.
  2. There is going to be a lot of teams that regret passing up on OG Anunoby. Is he a big time scorer yet? Nope but he will be in a couple years. Already an awesome defender with a high bb IQ. Plus short shorts.
  3. Yay a time period they have already done twice before. How exciting.
  4. I don't think Silmarillion would be that hard to film as a tv series other than insane cost of good CGI. Just keep it the 3 mains stories of Beren and Luthien, Children of Hurin, Tuor and the Fall of Gondolin, and then you essentially get to make up most of the War of Wrath since Tolkien never did a complete version anyways. Tv would allow you to go into the backstory of the elves pretty easily without front loading them. Ie have Barahir discuss the Silmarils with Beren when they are outlaws, etc. Fall of Numenor would also be a great season of a show though I admit.
  5. League of Legends has been doing it for a long time too. However their latest update has essentially made it pay to win for new players. They've completely changed how you get champions and it is basically entirely luck now.
  6. The actress who plays Kali is 24. Their record on kids is intact.
  7. It probably is, but that's like saying it's a slightly better shade of poop. Congrats you beat Rome 2 and Attila: two massively dumbed down strategy games.
  8. Maybe the "historical purists" have seen this fantasy version and then realized it is worse in every single way to a fan made mod for a TW game that came out in 2006?
  9. This is the comic spoiler thread right? Shiva dies exactly the same way in exactly the same spot timewise in the comics. While yes it obviously was good for their shoddy CGI budget; that one was coming whenever they were going to do this episode. (Given that it's pretty key for the Ezekiel character) Too bad it wasn't a very good storyline in the comics anyways and whatever director they had for this episode decided to mail it in. That might have been the worst directed episode I've seen on this show, and that's saying something. That is unless they were going for a bad 80's action movie vibe. Still wasn't even good at that that but would at least make some of the choices more acceptable in hindsight.
  10. Or you know, maybe she did. Blind hatred of people you see for a total of maybe 20 minutes on a tv show is a smart thing.
  11. To be fair Valkryie is supposed to play the straight man role next to hulk and Thors lunacy.
  12. Well Finn Wolfhard clearly can't, or dance lol but whatever awesome actor!
  13. Listen to Reys lines and then Lukes with that in mind in the newest trailer.